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Eagle Shooting Hero (PS Version)
Genre:			RPG
Developer:		SCEI
Date Released:		November 30, 2000
Walkthrough Version:	1.55
Author:			The Viewer (liewjy@yahoo.com/macross_viewer@zdnetonebox.com)

Note 1:		
The English translation of the title is based on the original novel published
in the 70's.
Note 2:		
Some of the translations are not proper as they were in chinese so don't ask me
for those.
Note 3:
The suggested language used in encoding (before downloading) will be Chinese
Traditional, as the OS used is Chinese Windows. Therefore the formatting and
alignment of the text is a bit different and may affect the readability.

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Chapter 1	Mongolia	Shooting the Eagle

On wide Mongolian prairie, an old man tries to find somebody but he has seen
some villages were rampaged. He is the JiangNan QiGuai (Seven Odd of JiangNan).
At the other side of the prairie, a youth is practising martial arts whereas
the other sits there. They are Guo Jing and Chi LieDu. Guo suddenly falls down
and Chi teases him. A girl comes there, her name is Hua Zheng and she tells
them that the Jin troops are rampaiging their village just for some kind of
revenge. Guo immediately returns and wants Chi to take care of Hua. However,
Hua wants Chi to help Guo and she will stay there.

Mongolian Village
The Jin troops are robbing everything from the villagers and the leader,
HuangHe SiGui (Fourth Ghost of HuangHe) is questioning the elder of the village
who has killed his friends but the elder does not know anything. SiGui then
leaves him. Meanwhile, one Jin soldier is taking a horse belongs to the
merchant and Guo manages to stop him and battle against him.
This is a simple battle. Just select the proper battle tactic to have easy win.
Seeing Guo is a tough boy, the soldier leaves. Later, Li Ping, Guo's mother,
comes out to see whether Guo is all right or not. Knowing that the soldiers
have taken a knife that is very important, Guo decides to get it from the
soldiers. But Hua advises him that the Jin are large in number and he cannot
get the knife back and asks Chi to go alone with him. Chi however, unwilling to
go but Hua provokes him and Chi wants to go with Guo.

Go forward to the foothill and there are four caves, of which two of them lead
to chests containing items. After taking the items, select either the most left
cave or right cave to enter. Follow the path and the duo will meet a group of
three Jin soldiers. Guo stops them and orders them to return the knife but they
wants Guo to bow on Jin in order to have the knife back. However, Guo does not
want to bow and fights the soldiers.
It is not easy to beat the soldiers, as they use weapons once per two turns.
Guo must lose the battle so do not waste any herbs to heal.
Seeing Guo is defeated, the soldiers laugh at him. Someone then appears and
beat the soldier with ease. He is QiGuai brings Guo out from the cave and wait
Guo to wake. After Guo waits, he thanks QiGuai and they talk for a while.
QiGuai asks Guo come there at night.

Mongolian Village
The villagers are relieved that Guo is fine because Chi told them that Guo is
killed by the Jin soliders. After the explanation, return to Guo's tent to talk
with his mother. At night, Guo asks about the knife and his mother tells him
everything about his father. Guo wants to find Qiu ChuJi but his mother advises
as he is not strong enough. Guo then goes to find QiGuai at the entrance of the
caves and asks him to becomes his apprentice. QiGuai then accepts and teaches
him YueNue JianFa. Enter the cave and follow the path to a T-intersection.
To get all items inside various chests, follow the path to the right.
Make to the fourth lLevel of the cave and the duo will meet Mei ChaoFeng.
QiGuai mentions all the killings Mei has done in order to master JiuYin
BaiGuZhao and the battle begins
Mei ChaoFeng
Although Mei has 150 HP, Guo can be defeated as her attacks inflict at least 40
HP. So enough supply of herb can sustain the battle.
After defeating Mei ChaoFeng, she escapes and QiGuai is after her. Leave this
place and the sun has come out.

Mongolian Village~Bushes
Guo's disappearance make everyone worry of him. Guo tells them there is a
person who is good in martial arts will come here. After a while, QiGuai comes
and stays there temporarily. He teaches Guo new move called MiaoShou KongKong
where he can steal opponents' items besides attacking him. Seeing Guo's Qi is
not enough, QiGuai wants Guo to master mongolian's archery as a basis. Leave
QiGuai and buy bow and arrow from the merchant. Go to the bushes and there is
monglian. He will teach Guo the tecniques requried to master the archery and
wants to practice.
Mini Game: Leopard Hunting
Players are given one minute to hunt down all leopard in the bushes. If players
fail, the game can be retried. Look out some leopards that may attack Guo.
Once Guo succeeds, he will master the archery called LiuXing JianFa (Meteor
Archery). Meanwhile, someone is observing Guo and his name is Ma Yu. Return to
the village and go to Hua Zheng's tent. She tells Guo that there is a big black
eagle that threatens the white chicks at the cliff. Leave the village.

Follow the path to the end. Guo will see the black eagle is flying around the
nest. He uses the archery learned to shoot it down.
Mini Game: Eagle Shooting
Players are given only 20 arrows to shoot the eagle down but there is no time
Ma Yu sees everything from above and jumps down to bring Guo up. He wants Guo
to remember the words to master the basis well. After three days, Guo's agility
and Qi has improved and Ma Yu leaves. Jump up to the nest above and take the
LingZhi, then jump down to the path to exit.

Mongolian Village
Go to Hua's tent and she is not there. Go to QiGuai's tent and he wants to try
Guo's ability by attacking Guo. However, Guo's massive improvement makes QiGuai
suspects him and becomes unhappy by intensifying his attacks. Guo forced to
tell that Ma Yu (he does not know his name yet) and Ma Yu enters the tent,
explaining the truth. Before Ma leaves, Guo asks him where he can find Qiu but
Ma also does not where he is, as Qiu is like him, wondering around.
The two poeple sits down and talk. QiGuai then teaches Guo another move called
PanGuan ShuangBi. After that Guo has time to tell QiGuai that Hua is
disappeared. Suddenly there is a shocking sound. Guo goes to find Hua.

Go to the elder, where he stands on the sealed cave. He tells Guo reason why
the cave is sealed but now the mechanism has been operated, the elder suggests
he will go back to gather people here. Guo at first wants to do the reporting
but the elder insists he will do the reporting. Guo then gives LingZhi to elder
and in return, the elder gives his iron fan to Guo.

Follow the path to the fourth level where Mei ChaoFeng was before. Guo uses his
just-learned PanGuan ShuangBi to open the hidden entrance.

Secret Passage
Follow the path down, picking up items along the way until a cavern below.

Inside the cavern, it is HuangHe SiGui that kidnaps Hua Zheng and he wants to
lure Guo to come but Guo has come there unexpectedly. Guo does not afraid
SiGuai and his troops and fight to free Hua.
HuangHe SiGui and Jin Soldiers
This battle is much easier, as Guo has learned some moves that can inflict more
damage than before. Save those special moves that use Qi to beat SiGuai and use
physical special moves to beat those soldiers.
After defeating SiGui, he is embarassed of defeated by youngster and let Guo to
decide what to do on him. Guo gives him a chance and asks where Qiu is. After
knowing Qiu is around JiangNan, Guo operates the mechanism to open the cave.

Mongolian Village
At Hua's tent, Guo asks Hua to take care of the two chicks where he goes to
JiangNan. Go to QiGuai and he suggests Guo to get a horse to travel to
JiangNan. Go to merchant's horse and he will tell Guo that there is a legandary
horse that is red in color that is hanging around outside the village.

Outside the village, talk to the kid and the horse appears. Guo immediately
chase to tame the horse. However, when Guo manages to ride on it, the horse
rushes into the village.
Mini Game: Taming the Legandary Horse
The objective is to bring the horse out from the village. Follow the direction
given to move and jump over any obstacles. However, right timing is required to
jump over obstacles or else Guo will fall down from the horse.
After taming it, Guo takes the kid for a ride.

Mongolian Village
Go to the tent where QiGuai was stayed and he left a letter for Li Ping. Return
to the tent, Li Ping reads the letter and QiGuai explains why he wants to teach
Guo martial arts. After that, Guo wants to travel to JiangNan and his mother
lets him to go.

Chapter 2	YanJing	Battle for Marriage

The Zhang's
When Guo enters the area, someone asks him whether he has seen his lover
XiaoCui. Since he is from the prairie, Guo does not know a thing. Enter the
restaurant, there are three girls in white try to drag Guo's attention.
However, they seem to have something and leaves the restaurant. Go out the
restaurant and approach the fortuneteller. A beggar appears and gives the
fortuneteller "mantou". Guo and the little beggar introduce themselves. The
beggar is called HuangRong and she leaves (explanation on later). Back to the
restaurant, HuangRong is sitting at the corner. After some talking, HuangRong
wants Guo's red horse and he has no chioce. As HuangRong goes for test riding,
a person comes in. Talk to him to know that he sells horse and where XiaoCui
is. Head for the forest.

Go straight to stone bridge ahead and a person comes out for fee. Guo refuses
to pay and both guys start fighting.
Peng LianHu
It is not difficult to beat him. When he starts Qi type attack use agility type
attack to prevent him from attack and use Qi type attacks when he uses physical
attack. This makes Peng LianHu in being beaten situation without damaging Guo's
After defeating Peng, he tells that the girl Guo is looking maybe kidnapped by
those girls dressed in white. Proceed forward and go left when reaching a fork

East Side of YanJing
As Guo enters, there is a competition for marrying a girl. On the stage, a girl
is defeated with one of the shoes are dropped. The guy takes the shoes and
smells. His name is WanYan Kang whereas the girl is called Mu NianCi. Seeing
his daughter is defeated, Mu Yi (Mu's father) wants to discuss the marriage but
WanYan considers this as a child's play. Guo feels unfair and goes up.
WanYan Kang
Another battle that Guo must be defeated. Just playing around and do not waste
any of the herbs.
As WanYan wants to finish Guo, another person comes up the stage to stop
WanYan. He claims that he knows Qiu ChuJi and wants WanYan to watch out or else
he will tell to Qiu ChuJi. WanYan then leaves to avoid any more problems.
Later, Guo thanks the person and he wants Guo to go to the river outside the

On the stone bridge, the person introduces himself as Wang ChuYi. Wang is
impressed of Guo's martial arts and asks where Guo learned from. Guo tells him
all and Wang mentions shortly about competiting in JiaXing. Wang wants Guo to
show some of his abilities and Guo shows him KongShou Duo BaiRen. Wang then
corrects Guo to improve his ability. Wang leaves so return to YanJing.

East Side of YanJing
Go to TianYi Inn to rest (cheaper than LongMen) and the next day Wang ChuYi
comes with terrible harm. Although he has forced out the poison out from the
body, Wang needs SiWeiYao (Four Taste Medicine), that is consisted of TianQi,
XiongDan (bear's gall), XueJie and MouYao. Guo goes to the store but the
storekeeper tells him that someone has bought the medicine Guo wants and now
there are no more left. At the same time, HuangRong sees everything clearly at
the corner.
Return to the inn and there is a letter from HuangRong. The content of the
letter wants Guo to go to riverside.

At the stone bridge (again), a boat with a girl singing is nearby. Guo is
attracted to the song and the girl notices someone is on the bridge. Actually
the girl is HuangRong and she invites Guo to board the boat. Huang tells Guo
she wants him to come so that she can explain that she is a girl not a boy.
Later, as Huang begins to sing, Guo is desperate of searching the medicine and
explain the reason. Huang then suggests to go to ZhaoWang Residence because
only the people there did it.

East Side ~ West Side of YanJing
Go to the front door of the residence and head to the left corner of the wall
to jump across without being noticed by the guards.
ZhaoWang Residence
Approach the old house on the left opposite to guest room, Guo and Huang peep
through the window of the house. Inside the house is the mistress of ZhaoWang,
Bao XiRuo and WanYan Kang is her son. She blames him of making trouble on the
town but WanYan does not care about it. He instead tricked Mu's into jail to
prevent them from spreading this matter to other people. Just as Bao wants to
advise more, WanYan leaves by giving reason of serving father's guest.
Once WanYan Kang leaves, go to the guest room and Guo and Huang try peeping
inside. Inside the room, WanYan HongLie and some people are discussing
something. WanYan HongLie has an ambition to conquer Song and Mongolia with the
help of these poeple. Besides that, he has interest on book called JiuYin
ZhenJing where whoever possesses this book can learn the upmost of martial
arts. Liang ZiWeng, one of the guests, suggests that WanYan should ask OuYang
Feng to help. WanYan Kang then reminds his father about attacking Mongolia,
WanYan HongLie orders Duan TianDe to prepare attacking Mongolia whereas the
rest go to find the book with the assistance of OuYan Feng.
Outside of the room, Huang is distracted by the mistress and follows her but
Guo has to find medicine. The duo is split into two and meet at the garden.
Head towards the drug room on the right (facing the guest room)
Drug Room
Go to every corner to get all the medicines and go to the stove in the middle.
Guo then falls into the trap around the stove. Beneath the trap has a giant red
snake that is ready to attack Guo.
Although it is a big snake, it is slow so use Qi or agility type of attacks to
prevent it to attack.
After defeating the snake, Guo thinks it is safe now but the snake still has
strength to attack and coil around Guo. Guo tries to free himself by biting on
the snake. The snake cannot stand the pain and frees Guo. Guo then finishes it
for good and at the same time his Qi has increased due to the unintentionally
drank the snake's blood. Once climb up to the stove, the trap is closed. Guo
climbs up the stove to get the last herb above. Leave this room.
As Guo approaches the garden, he sees Huang and WanYan Kang are fighting and
stops them. Seeing Guo is here, WanYan wants to eliminate him for good but Mei
ChaoFeng comes out and drags Guo. Huang calls her Mei RuoHua (Mei's real name)
to move her attention from the killing intention. Huang fools Mei by saying
Huang YaoShi has come and Mei believes Huang Rong and runs away. At the same
time, Mu Yi has taken Bao XiRuo away from this residence and WanYan chases her
mother back. Leave ZhaoWang Residence.
TianYi Inn
Approach Wang ChuYi, after taking the medicine, he has recovered. Huang then
tells what she knew when peeping in the jail room. From her, Mu Yi is actually
called Yang TieXin and Bao XiRuo is his wife whereas WanYan HongLie is not
WanYan Kang's real father. Mu NianCi in the other hand, is an orphan raised by
Yang where Yang found when searching for his wife and son. After knowing the
truth, leave the town.
Before leaving the town, go to the pawn shop to get the medicine book.

When the couple arrives the stone bridge, WanYan Kang has managed to stop Yang
Tie Xin and his mother. In the scene includes Qiu ChuJi, WanYan's master. Bao
XiRuo does not want to hide the truth and tells everything to WanYan but WanYan
unable to accept the truth. Qiu as WanYan's master, wants him to accept Yang
TieXin as the father but WanYan does not want accept Qiu as his master (as he
has become Mei's apprentice). Seeing son becomes like that, Yang TieXin feels
it is enough to see his son grown up and stabs himself and Bao XiRuo does not
want to live alone then commits suicide. Before the couple goes, Yang hopes
that Qiu will take care of Mu whereas Bao gives WanYan Kang the knife carved
with the word Guo Jing. WanYan Kang knees down to see his mother last face
before returning to home.
After the burying, Wang ChuYi arrives and introduces Guo Jing to Qiu ChuJi. Guo
then asks Qiu who murdered his father. Qiu tells Guo everything from knowing
Guo XiaoTian and Yang TieXin until the incident 18 years ago. From him, the
murderer is Duan TianDe, a general. Guo then wants to find Duan for revenge but
before he goes, Qiu and Wang teaches Guo and Huang "TianGang BeiDouZhen".
Proceed forward to The Zhang's and somebody throws a snake head in front of Guo
and Huang. The person is Liang ZiWeng and he is angry with Guo sucks his
snake's blood before him. Now he wants to suck Guo's blood for more essence
from the snake.
Liang ZiWeng
Use the same old tactic, forcing him unable to fight back. However, TianGang
BeiDouZhen is more difficult for two persons successfully hit Liang in one
turn, as Liang's agility is quite high and changes move per fight, not turn.
Being defeated by two young people, Liang feels ashame and leave. Continue to
The Zhang's.

The Zhang's
Enter the horse merchant's house and seeing him is unhappy, Guo asks him. From
the merchant, his daughter is believed to be brought to HangZhou and Guo
promises he will bring his daughter. The merchant lets Guo to use the black
horse outside to travel to HangZhou.

Chapter 3	YiXing	The Disgrace of JingKang

YiXing Town
The town is like ghost town where no one wants to go out and open shops for
business. The couple approaches the fortuneteller that is appeared at The
Zhang's before and asks for fortunutelling. After that go to the ship owner's
house and the couple finds that the ship owner is terribly sick that he cannot
go out to sail. The medicine-man that tells the couple he needs a medicine book
to find the cure of the sickness and the couple also being told that recently
there is a robber came to this looking for something and everyone is scared of
him. Leave the house. Follow the hallway past the Save Point.

Outside YiXing
The couple discovers that the two guards are badly wounded and knows the robber
has learned some martial arts. Someone comes out from the building, threatening
to kill the child if the person does not want to give the Wu Mu YiShu (Wu Mu's
War of Will). Guo then stops him to save the child.
Hou TongHai
The old tactic still usable in this battle but Hou will use trick to prevent
the couple, especially Guo Jing to attack him.
Once he is defeated, Hou gives excuses to beg Guo to let him go and Guo lets
him go. However, Huang thinks Guo is too kind.

YuanZhen PiaoJu
After knowing everything is fine, Guo asks what has happened. The head of the
guard tells him that someone has spreaded rumors about WuMu's Will but do not
know why he is said to have the book.

Once the duo enters the temple, two robbers attack them. After finishing them,
Guo finds that the young man in Zhang's is here. Return to the town.
If players are desperate for level building, go to the harbor and hang around.

The stores are opened now. Go to the herb store and talk to the store keeper to
give the medicine book. Head to the house at the back of the town. The duo
meets a beggar called Hong QiGong that is eating and he throws the wine to Guo
without any drops of it fall to the ground. Seeing Hong is capable, Huang tries
to make Hong to teach Guo some of his martial arts but Hong ignores them.
However, Huang knows Hong like to eat so she decides to cook Beggar Chicken for
Go to the boat owner's house, he gives a chicken for Guo and Huang as a reply
for helping him. Huang uses this chicken to make Beggar Chicken while telling
the originate of this food. Once the chicken is ready, go outside the town.

Outside YiXing
As they approaches, Hong is attracted with the smell of the chicken and asks
for it. Seeing it is deal, Hong decides to teach Guo some martial arts. He
shows XiangLong ShiBa Zhang to Guo of its power and lets Guo to try.
Mini Game: Whamp the Tree
Players are given two minutes to make the tree fall apart. Pay attention on the
two meter bars. To cause maximum damage, wait Guo's strength is charged fully
(100 points) and release the button. The tree has 2000 HP.
Beside Guo learned XiangLong ShiBa Zhang, Huang also learned XiaoYaoYou.
Meanwhile OuYang Ke and his woman comes by. During the conversation, Hong
notices OuYang is OuYang Feng's nephew. After OuYang Ke has left, Hong
immediately leaves the temple to check whether OuYang Feng has come or not.
Head towards the harbor.

As Guo and Huang arrives, two condors approaches them with message from
Monggolia. After reading it, a boat arrives with Mu NianCi. She tells the duo
that WanYan Kang has been captured to GuiYun Zhuang and she is looking for
WanYan's master. The duo then travels to GuiYun Zhuang.

GuiYun Zhuang
Proceed forward and turn the mechnism there to make a passage leading to the
stairs. Talk to the guard and the duo can enter. Inside the guest room, Ma Yu
is inside while Huang observes the internal decorations. After hearing the news
from Guo about Wang ChuYi being ambushed, Ma immediately leaves to find him.
The resident Lu ChengFeng introduces Qiu QianRen to Guo and Huang and Qiu
suggests ways to eliminate Song but Huang disagrees. Both of them then engaged
in a battle.
Qiu QianRen
His attacks are mainly Qi type and physical type. So agility type attacks are
not suitable.
After beating Qiu, he gives reason of hungry to leave this place and wants
Huang to come to TieZhang Mount for the re-match. At the same time Lu feels
suspicious of Qiu. Go to the door on the right (right side from the main
entrance) to the jail.

The duo visits WanYan and he does not want them to be nice on him because his
master will to rescue him. Knowing WanYan's master is Mei ChaoFeng, the duo
quickly returns to tell Lu. Back to the guest room, Mei has arrived and
discussing with Lu. Seeing Guo is here, Mei wants to eliminate Guo.
Mei Chao Feng
Since Guo's abilities have improved, use any agility or Qi attacks will force
Mei unable to attack Guo.
When Guo approaches Mei, she suddenly scratches Guo to poison him. QiGuai
arrives and steals the antidote from Mei. At the same time Huang YaoShi (Huang
Rong's father) also arrives and dislikes the way Guo beat his apprentice. To
avoid further conflict, Huang Rong leaves the place and lets his father to
follow her. Mei then leaves. Lu then releases WanYan Kang and Duan TianDe as a
promise made from Mei. Guo accidentally finds Duan is here and wants him to
tell the truth. Duan says he was following order and WanYan HongLie was one who
behind this. WanYan then kills Duan and apologizes of what he has done for the
past 18 years. After that the duo leaves to YanJing to kill WanYan HongLie.

Leave the boat and go to LuoHua Room of YueLai Inn. Mu is inside and the trio
discusses. Yang Kang and Mu NianCi will go to Yan Jing first while Guo Jing
looks for Huang Rong before going to Yan Jing. Leave the inn and go to the
house at the end. Talk to the butler to know that Miss Cheng has been

Enter the temple and OuYang Ke is the one who did the job. Guo wants OuYang to
stop but he is unwilling and sends three women to deal with Guo.
Women in White
These women's attacks are agility type so use physical attacks or Qi attacks to
prevent them from attacking.
After beating these women, OuYang does not want waste time and goes to TaoHua
Isle for marriage. When the girls are untied, go to the guard to know that the
child is missing.

Approach the boat and someone calls Guo. It looks like Hou TongHai has brought
assistent and Guo will not allow them to harm the child.
Hou TongHai & Sha TongTian
Both of them uses different types of attacks so limit one type of attack per
The two guys are defeated and Guo still lets them go. Guo then asks the boat
owner to bring him to TaoHua Isle.

Chapter 4	TaoHua Isle	JiuYin ZhenJing

Follow the stairs to the doorway above. There are four rows of three character
blocks and step on them properly for a dish name. The solutions are
JiaoHuaZi Ji
BeiJing KaoYa
TangCu HuangYu
Once the correct answer is derieved, a platform with a chests appears but the
door in front cannot be opened yet.
Leave this area back to the harbor. Go to the right to the southeast side of
the isle. Go up to the tombstone and Guo pays a respect as the tombstone
belongs to Huang's mother. Head right to the northeast corner of the isle.
Follow the stairs down to the cave nearby. Someone then plays the flute with
irritating tone but Guo manages to counteract. Inside the cave is another
person but he seems like unable to control himself. Guo saves him and Huang
YaoShi (the one who played the flute) locked them for Guo disturbing his
Guo Jing tries to open the door but Zhou BoTong takes it easy. During the
period, Zhou BoTong tells lots of things about himself and outside world. In
order to get out, Guo has no choice but to become brothers for Zhou to teach
him new moves. After several days, Zhou teaches Guo KongMing Quan to push the
door but Guo is not strong enough. Another day has passed and the fire is
getting smaller. Zhou asks Guo to find something to burn and Guo takes out
papers that wrapped the anitdote. Zhou discovers that the papers are the part
two of JiuYin ZhenJing and wants Guo to learn.
The next day, Huang puts a message inside the food, telling Guo that the
OuYangs have arrived. Guo cannot wait anymore and Zhou gives him the hint to
open the door. Eventually Guo opens up the door with great strength.
Go back to southeast of the isle and then southwest. There is another similar
mechanism and the possible soltions are
MeiCai KouRou
QingJiao RouSi
MaPo TouFu
After taking items, approach the door and Guo beats the door to enter.
Guo finds the OuYangs have come and hides behind a boulder. Huang, together
with his daughter, appear and OuYang Feng gives a present. They start playing
music after some chatting and the music are irritating everyone, including Hong
QiGong who arrives later. Guo cannot stand anymore and his body bursts out with
power. The two players then stop.
Seeing QiGong and Guo, Huang YaoShi is impressed that QiGong has apprentice.
QiGong then asks Huang about the marriage but OuYang Feng feels unfair and
starts arguing. To avoid conflict, Huang decides to test Guo Jing and OuYang
Mini Game Part I: Martial Arts
This is to test who is capable of beating opponent twice within three rounds.
Mini Game Part II: Song Playing
This is a DDR style test except players cannot afford to miss one beat or else
surrender or retry.
Mini Game Part III: Writing
This test is to find out the people's ability to memorize thing.
Guo passed the test and OuYang Feng has no choice but to leave. Zhou BoTong
then comes out and screws up Guo and Huang's matter. He even destroys part II
of JiuYin ZhenJing. Huang YaoShi then brings her daughter leaves. The trio goes
to the boat to find Huang Rong but it was sunked. Zhou rides on a shark and
leaves whereas Hong and Guo later drift into a dark shore.

Undergraound Maze
Go up to the door above and enter.
Some monsters are guarding the door. Every time player enters the door, battle
begins. Moreover, these creatures are high in HP and use Qi or agility attacks.
In other side of the room, there are doors that lead you to the correct path,
lead to dead end or connect with other doors. Follow the correct door to the
hidden chamber and the duo sees the original script of JiuYin ZhenJing. After
that, go up the stairs and ride the boat back to mainland.

Chapter 5	HangZhou	Meditation inside Chamber

Enter XiMan Restaurant and go up stairs, Guo sees Yang drunken and leaves. Head
towards the east side of the town and Guo sees LingZhi Lama looking around then
enters the casino. When Guo enters, there is no sign of that Lama and he
leaves. Outside the casino, Guo sees Yang and he enters the casino too. Go to
HuangXin Inn and enter MuDan room, the bell girl comes up and forwards a
message to Guo where a teenager wants to meet him at NiuJia Village. Leave the
town via the gate near the harbor.

NiuJia Village
Once Guo Jing enters the village, a teenager enters a house. Grab all items
inside the chests and enter QuSan Restaurant. Seeing no one is there, move the
two statues to the tiles with marks and they are facing to each other. This
will open a secret passage where Huang Rong is the one wants to meet Guo. They
talk about the casino and Huang suggests they will sneak into casino at night.
During the night, the couple sneaks inside and operate the mechanism to open
the secret passage there (8 for left side, 4 at right side).

Underground Passage
Follow the path to a door and the couple tries to listen the conversation.
Behind the door are WanYan HongLie and son, OuYang Feng and nephew, Qiu
QianRen, and LingZhi Lama. They are discussing about the WuMu's Will and WanYan
HongLie says it is believed to be hidden in a cave with two trees beside. After
knowing the location, Huang suggests they should go and get it now before it
falls into WanYan's hands.

Outside HangZhou
Head towards the sealed cave with two trees besides. Guo and Huang stand in
each side to operate the mechanisms simultaneously to open the cave. Inside the
cave, they manage to get the box but there is no book inside. They leave the
cave but meet WanYan and his people. OuYang is a bit desperate and Guo fights
against him.
OuYang Feng
Another battle that Guo must be lose.
WanYan gets the box and leaves. QiGuai arrives and finds out that Guo not only
heavily wounded but being 'sealed' of his acupuncture points. Knowing that
Huang YaoShi can cure Guo, QiGuai goes to TaoHua Isle while Huang Rong brings
Guo to the hidden chamber in QuSan Restaurant.

NiuJia Village
After seven of curing, the poison is removed but the points cannot be 'opened'.
Moreover, QiGuai has not returned yet and Huang is losing patient. She goes

Go to the harbor and there is a mysterious man that knows everything in Huang's
mind. Huang is surprised and the man claims he has skill that may help Guo.
Feeling time is getting shorter, Huang promises him and learns TiZhenZhi. Go
back to the village.

NiuJia Village
Back to the chamber, Huang uses the skill and manages to 'open' up the points.
The couple goes out and it is dawn. Huang tells Guo the reason Qiu ChuJi
brought her here. Knowing this is his father's home village, Guo feels sad and
knees there. After Huang's advise, they go to the town.

Outside HangZhou
In the midway of the road, the couple stumbles with Qiu QianRen and Huang Rong
asks where Yang Kang is but he does not know who Yang Kang is. Huang is unhappy
and teaches him a lesson.
Qiu QianRen
The second fight between Huang and Qiu. Use physical attacks or Qi attacks to
beat him.
When Qiu is defeated, he says his stomach is painful as a reason but the couple
ignores him. Continue the journey.

HangZhou West~Bridge~East
Go to HuaXin Inn's BaiHe Room, the pawn guy tells the couple that the casino
has dim light although it is in the middle of the night. Leave the room and it
is dark now. Go to the casino and the two security guards is standing in front
of the door. The couple promises to sneak inside to open the door. However,
when they sneak in, LinZhi Lama and the two casino guys. Seeing the couple has
entered, the two guys reveal themselves as Jin Soldiers. Knowing that the
casino is opened by Jin, Guo immediately fights against them.
LinZhi Lama
This guy has two soldiers to assist him so use physical attacks to get rid of
them. Then use Qi or agility attacks (use alternatively) to force him unable to
When he is defeated, LinZhi Lama knows there is more things to learn in martial
arts of mainland and returns to Tibet to prepare himself. The guards then comes
in to ask what is happened but everything is fine. Go to the door at the side.
One of the guards helps Guo to open the lock. After getting back the items, the
couple only want the paint and leaves.
Approach the middle of the bridge and it starts raining. Run to XiMan
Restaurant and talk to the owner to go in. The couple wipes their clothes and
takes out the paint. The paint is soaked a bit and there are hidden words
appear. This indicates the location of WuMu's Will and the couple leaves. Once
they find the weather is clear, they go to TieZhang Mount.

Chapter 6	TieZhang Mount	WuMu's Will

LuXi Village
Leave this village after obtaining all items inside the chests.

TieZhang Mount
Those encounters on this mountain are consisted of the students of TieZhang
where they knows only physical attacks.
Enter the cave on the right side for some goodies. Then enter the cave on the
left side and follow the path while collecting items in the midway. Once on the
outside of the mountain, Guo Jing and Huang Rong peeps inside the house where
Qiu QianRen is improving himself and not the one they saw. Go to another house
and Yang Kang and Mu NianCi are inside. Mu urges Yang to get married but Yang
just giving excuses. However, Guo and Huang's peeping are discovered by Qiu.
Huang thinks Qiu is bluffing and goes one-on-one with him.
Qiu QianRen
This is a lesson given to Huang Rong so just lose the battle.
Seeing Huang is defeated terribly, Guo fights against Qiu and he discovers that
Qiu is tougher than he expected. He brings Huang away while Qiu calls his
students. Go to the cave behind the houses.
After putting Huang down, Guo feels strange that Qiu does not come in to get
them while there is another Qiu comes out from the staircase. Seeing Qiu is a
jeopardy, Guo protects Huang at all cost.
Qiu QianRen
Use Qi attacks or physical attacks to bring him down easily.
After defeating Qiu, Guo is suspicious of his ability and Qiu wants Guo to see
outside. Finding that there are two Qiu QianRen, the fake one tells the truth
whereby the real Qiu QianRen is outside and he is the twin brother called Qiu
QianZhang. Besides that Qiu tells Guo about this place whereby whoever enters
cannot leave here unless he is dead. Guo then forces Qiu to leave the cave and
Huang asks Guo to look around. Go up the stairs to the pedestal to get the
bookcase. Return to Huang and Guo reads the books inside. Guo discovers WuMu's
Will is really hidden here but Qiu QianRen and his students are putting fire to
burn the couple. Go up the stairs to the cave next to the pedestal. Outside the
cave (the summit of the mountain), Guo calls his condors to bring them away
from danger.

Pond of Black Dragon
The two condors bring the couple to a pond and Huang Rong is too weak to stand.
Guo Jing brings Huang Rong to the house in the middle of the pond. Follow the
platform in order (left, up,up, upper right, up, upper left, back, upper right)
to reach the house. After several asking, a woman finally answers the door.
Knowing the whole thing from Guo, the woman guarantees that the TieZhang unable
to enter this house and gives a medicine to relieve the pain but Huang is not
believing her and makes her angry. Guo wants to leave but the woman does not
allow him to go and Guo has no choice but to finish in the hard way.
Her attacks are mainly agility type. Use same type of attacks or physical
attacks to prevent her from attacking.
Knowing that Guo has some ability, YingGu tells Guo there is a person who can
cure Huang's wound, that is YiDeng. She also reminds Guo that YiDeng seldom
sees people and he has four apprentices guarding the place. Guo immediately
goes there.

Guo has to pass the four apprentices' challenge in order to see YiDeng, or else
he has to fights against them.
1. ZhongShenTong
2. Wawa Fish
3. JiaFanJiu
1. BaiHui
2. MaPi
3. Chicken
1. HangZhou
2. Hot
3. KongDe (Empty)
1. Black
2. LunYu
3. 324
Once every test has passed, Guo can see YiDeng. YiDeng knows Huang's wound and
helps her. She wants him to come to HuaShan but YiDeng is now a monk. However,
thinking of OuYang Feng winning the title and his special martial arts, YiDeng
decides to teach Guo YiYangZhi. After that, the couple wants to go to HangZhou.

Chapter 7	JiangNan	The Incident on the Island

Go to YiHongYuan and Guo wants the lady to free XiaoChui. At first she does not
want to do so but Guo willing to pay money and she will consider first. Go to
XiMan Restaurant and go upstairs, Qiu ChuJi, Wang ChuYi and Ma Yu are there.
They are worry of HuaShan Competition and then leave. Back to YiHongYuan, the
lady wants 2200 bucks for letting XiaoChui go. Go to the harbor, a boat is
approaching and Yang Kang is there. After knowing Yang cannot forget wealth and
fame, plus he wants Guo to give JiuYin ZhenJing and Wu Mu's Will, Guo is
disappointed with him.
Yang Kang
This is a easy battle where his attack pattern is physical, Qi and agility.
Guo still unable to kill Yang and lets him go. Huang has nothing to say. They
then discuss about Yang and feel something fishy. Enter the restaurant and Guo
asks the boat owner to sail to YiXing. The boat owner immediately promises as
there are other people wants to go to YinXing too. Go to the harbor and it is
DaQiang and his fiancee.

At the harbor, go to Cheng's and the couple discover that Mei ChaoFeng was
murdered. Go inside the house and two more corpses are found. Return to the
harbor, go to GuiYun Zhuang

GuiYun Zhuang
When Guo and Huang enter the living room, Lu ChengFeng is also murdered and the
weapon was a knife carved with "Guo Jing". Seeing this, the couple starts worry
of QiGuai. Head to TaoHua Isle.

TaoHua Isle
Go straight to the Dish Puzzle, to the middle area of the isle. Enter the
passageway to another puzzle area in front of the house. Using the moving
platform to get various items and the path beyond. Go to the pavilion and
QiGuai is dead. Before he dies, QiGuai left a uncomplete word, symbolizes the
word like "EAST". Guo thinks Huang YaoShi behind these and leaves. Huang unable
to say something. Guo approaches the harbor and asks the boat owner to bring
him to YanYu Lou.

Chapter 8 YanYu Lou		Truth and Fake, Good and Evil

YanYu Lou
Arrived at the harbor, Guo Jing looks up before continuing. Get all items
around the building before entering it.

Except Level 5 and 6, each level has its own key.
Level 1
Get the key "Human" and other items before going upstairs.

Level 2
Get the key "Earth" and other items, then approach the female corpse. Guo will
meet three women dressed in white so beat them. Seeing the corpse is Cheng
JiaYao, Guo Jing thinks of OuYang Ke who did this. Go up again.
Outside of building
Huang YaoShi arrives at YanYu Lou too.

Level 3
As Guo Jing reaches level 3, OuYang Ke welcomes him and Yang Kang and him join
hands to get JiuYin ZhenJing and Huang Rong. Seeing Yang Kang is too mean, Guo
challenges them.
OuYang Ke and Yang Kang
Both uses Qi to attack. The first turn use Agility attacks to attack OuYang
whereas use Qi to attack Yang because he starts with physical attack. The
remaining turns just use Agility attacks to defeat them.
After beating the two bad guys, OuYang Ke tries to say Yang Kang is the one who
murdered the whole family of Cheng but Yang kills OuYang to stop him from
saying. He then accuses OuYang did the killing. Meanwhile, Huang YaoShi comes
up and Guo Jing gets very mad then forgets Yang Kang. Yang then sneaks away.
When Yang is at level 2, OuYang Feng arrives and he does not like Yang very
much. Back to Guo and Huang, because of both persons does not want to explain,
a fight commences.
Huang YaoShi
Players are given ten turns to defeat Huang, which means quick fight. The
pattern for Huang is two turns of Qi attacks and then Agility. One turn for
After winning the fight, Huang Rong, Hong QiGong and Zhou BoTong arrive and
explains everything. It was OuYang Feng who behind these killings. At the same
time, Huang Rong tells Guo Jing that Yang Kang is dead and everyone suspects
OuYang Feng did that. Thinking of the power of OuYang's Toad martial art,
everyone goes to HuaShan, only Huang Rong leaves behind with Guo Jing.

Level 2
Apporach Yang's corpse, Guo feels a pity but it was too late. Yang left a key
beside and the couple takes it.

Level 1~Underground
Go behind the staircase, use the key ? to open the door and the couple thinks
Yang tried to hide in the room. Get the key "Matter" and go upstairs.

Level 4~Level 5
First get the last key on level 4 and items. Use the keys to unlock the door
with five locks to access level 5 of the building.
When the couple comes up, Qiu QianRen is having meal and seeing the couple has
come, he wants to get rid of the two.
Qiu QianRen
There are two ways to beat him: Use only TianGang BeiDou Zhen or a mixture of
various attacks. Qiu's attack pattern is physical, Qi so use counter-attacks to
have easy win.
Seeing the couple is not what he is expected, Qiu realizes it requires time to
defeat them but for the competition, he gives an excuse and leaves. Grab all
items in this floor before going up.

Level 6
As they come up, WanYan HongLie is impressed and Guo tells him he is here to
revenge his father's death whereas Huang Rong tries to defend Song and curse
WanYan as devil. WanYan tells them he is using devil spirit to conquer China
and transforms himself into a monster. Then the battle begins.
WanYan HongLie
He starts the attack with QiGong and change to agility. Although he has 900 HP,
if Guo and Huang's martial arts abilities are high enough can cause at least
200 HP damage to the opponent.
After defeating WanYan HongLie, Guo Jing uses Wu Mu's Will to eliminate him for
good. Later he thinks of return to Mongolian Village to see his mother and
invites Huang to go with him.

Final Chapter	HuaShan	HuaShan Competition

Mongolian Village
Go to the cliff in the woods and Hua Zheng is there. She tells Guo Jing that
his has passed away. He feels regret and blames himself and Huang Rong leaves
him alone. A mysterious man appears and tells Guo about the reason for learning
martial arts and the agenda at HuaShan. Seeing Guo's conduct, that man gives
him a book and vanishes. Return to the village and enter Hua Zheng's house, Guo
tells Huang that he needs to go to HuaShan to stop OuYang Feng from being the
champion and defend Song's land. Guo wants Huang go together.

Hua Shan
Take the goodies around before going to the stairs in front. The couple meet Mu
NianCi with a baby. The baby belongs to Mu NianCi and Yang Kang and Mu is
looking for Yang. Huang Rong has no choice but to tell her that Yang was
murdered by OuYang Feng. Knowing how Yang died, Mu gets sad and hopes the
couple to name the baby. Guo thinks Yang has done too much guilty things and
names the baby as Yang Guo.
After that, Zhou BoTong is being requested by the students of QuanZhen but he
does not want to return ChongYang Gong.

The Summit
At the summit, every master shows his mightiness of individual martial arts.
Qiu QianRen sees Guo Jing and tells him he is not qualified to compete but Guo
says Qiu is the one not qualified because he betrays Song. Qiu becomes mad and
fights Guo.
Qiu QianRen
One on one battle, use Qi attack in the first turn and the rest use Agility
Feels ashame after being defeated twice, Qiu commits suicide but rescued by
YiDeng. After some advising, Qiu willing to become monk and follows YiDeng. The
two people leaves and Hong QiGong and Huang YaoShi agrees that Guo becomes the
champion but OuYang Feng objects because Guo have not fight against him and
then challenges Guo.
OuYang Feng
HIs attacks start with Qi and change to Agility. Use agility attacks to ensure
After defeating OuYang, he transform into toad to show the mighty power of real
toad. The people discover that OuYang is actually a monster and warns Guo
whereas Huang YaoShi gives Guo a healing type herb.
After the transformation, OuYang's HP and Qi are gained tremendously but he
loses speed. Use only agility attacks to beat him.
When OuYang Feng is eliminated, Huang YaoShi and Hong QiGong feel they are old
and it is time to let the young one to do the job. The two then leave, Guo Jing
and Huang Rong can live happily together.


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