Low Level FAQ/Walkthrough by Goro123

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                        Based on the FF Origins Re-Make

                     Low Level Walkthrough/FAQ Version 2.0
                         Written by Goro123 (Adam Gora) 
                            Updated: Aug 30th, 2004

Hello there! Welcome to my Low Level Game Guide! This is my first ever guide 
and is STRICTLY for use with the Playstation (PSX) version of Final Fantasy 
found on Final Fantasy Origins. It has been most recently updated and now 
contains a walkthrough and strategy for not only Easy Mode players, but Normal 
Mode players as well. This guide assumes that you are already knowledgeable 
about this game and are currently replaying it solely for a greater challenge.


Guide Contents

Section 1: Legal Briefs
Section 2: Version History
Section 3: So What IS This?
Section 4: LLG Rules and Regulations
Section 5: Required and Optional Fights
Section 6: The Party Breakdown
Section 7: LLG Walkthrough

      7.1: Off to Slay Garland! Back in 10!
      7.2: WOW! Pirates Play LLG's, too!
      7.3: Major Preparations
      7.4: The Mysterious Crown
      7.5: Mystic Key Looting
      7.6: I Want to Suck your Blood!
      7.7: A Greater Evil Emerges...
      7.8a: The 4 Fiends of Chaos
      7.8b: The Quest for a Rat's Tail
      7.9: 20 Gil Says No Way a Ship Flies!
      7.10: Titles Worthy of Heroes
      7.11: Marilith is HOT... Literally!
      7.12: Tiamat and the Lufenians 
      7.13: Let's get Kraken!!!
      7.14: Without Balance, Comes Chaos

Section 8: Ending Credits and Thanks


Section 1 - Legal Briefs

This guide is copyrighted (c) by Adam Gora and is not to be reproduced and/or 
copied on any other websites without my knowledge and acceptance of it first. 
GameFAQ's is the only site allowed to produce this guide and it's work as of 
this date. Any site found to have whole or part of this guide on it will see 
fit to receive legal action. In all, don't be copying my work without the 
proper credit and permission first. That is all.


Section 2 - Version History

August 30th, 2004 - Version 2.0 is released, with a complete overhaul. The 
                    LLG guide now covers the LLG in both Easy and in Normal 
                    games. Players break their controllers at a record pace.

June 19th, 2004 - Version 1.1 is released, with some eye-candy improvements 
                  and other corrections to spelling and such. Players continue 
                  to throw their controllers at their TV in frustration 
                  fighting Lich2.

April 19th, 2004 - Version 1.0 of the LLG is created. Players now required 
                   to use Memo save like never before inside of dungeons. 


Section 3 - So What IS This?

This is an LLG (Low Level Game) guide for Final Fantasy. It is made for both 
Easy and Normal Mode players of the re-make version, found in Final Fantasy 
Origins for the Sony Playstation (PSX). The goal is to beat the game with the 
lowest possible levelled party possible. From my experiences, the lowest 
possible level is 13 on Easy Mode, and 9 on Normal. This guide will assume 
that you have already beaten the game before and are familiar with the 
progression of gameplay and story. If you are looking for a fully detailed 
walkthrough, from beginning to end (with fancy monster charts and item lists 
etc.), feel free to check some of the many FF1 guides found at GameFAQ's.


Section 4 - LLG Rules and Regulations

- First off, while you play through the game, you MUST keep your characters 
alive for required fights. So when you get into a battle with let's say 
Astos, all 4 of your characters must be alive (before AND after the fight). 
The reason for this is to share the experience equally between all 4 
characters so that not 1 character is left out. This makes sense since every 
character starts off with 0 experience and starts off from scratch at Level 
1. Having one character at Level 15, and the rest at 5 doesn't cut it. If 
that were the case, all Solo Quests would be considered LLG's since one 
character is at Level 50, the rest dead at 1. Not in this guide. The party 
lives together and the party dies together. BALANCE!!!

- Memo Saving will be your new best friend. Carry all the Sleeping Bags, 
Tents, and Cottages you want, ultimately Memo filing will be the way to get 
past some dungeons. You may considerate it cheap, I consider it smart. No way 
am I going through the Terra Cavern only to get surrounded by a bunch of 
Piscodemons that I can't run from on the final floor before Lich. Go reset 
and start over from outside, I got other things to do. 

- On the topic of Memo saving, remember to do soft resets using L1L2R1R1, 
Start, and Select on the controller when needed (Squaresoft's now 
SquareEnix's infamous "soft" reset from many games past). This way, you don't 
inadvertently erase your data on the Memo file.

- Run from anything and everything!!! From Goblins at the beginning, to 
various Golem monsters at the end, if it isn't a required battle, don't 
FIGHT! Don't even attempt getting treasure from non-run able enemies unless I 
say so!!! Further down you will find a list of all required battles (pretty 
much all bosses) that need to be fought, with a few optional ones in there 
for good measure. In fact, you have quite a bit of left over EXP that can be 
absorbed in the end, which means the optional Class Upgrade CAN be attempted 
without adding to your final Levels! Wahoo!!!

- Since you won't be making much money through fighting, attempt to gather 
every treasure chest you can find. Horde cash like there's no tomorrow and 
sell any excess weapons or armour not needed anymore (but do save equipment 
with special effects in battle IE Gauntlets, etc.). In fact, get used to 
playing 15 Puzzle, the mini game found by pressing "circle" 55 times while 
holding down "X" on the controller. If you can get consistently under 2 
minutes, hording cash is simple. I find waiting for the time to get close to 
1:58, and then solving the puzzle in a final move can help keep the fastest 
score as close to best as possible. This way 10,000 Gil a shot becomes easy.


Section 5 - Required and Optional Fights

Required LLG Fights (in the order dealt with):

9 Pirates 
2 Piscodemons (MUST!) 
Evil Eye
Blue Dragon
Death Eye

In Easy Mode, your 4 characters should be at Level 13 and with 2206 EXP 
left to absorb after all these battles. Armed with that knowledge, there are 
some optional places that can be completed.


***Optional - These battles can be avoided but EXP can be absorbed***

Citadel of Trials (Class Upgrade Side Quest): 1 Dragon Zombie (MUST!) - 582 

- I played through this LLG on Easy and completely skipped getting the Rat 
Tail and ended up getting to Chaos with that leftover EXP to absorb. So after 
squeaking out a win, I went back to my last save on Memory Card (outside 
Cornelia) and went to go get the Tail. Make sure you fight only 1 Dragon 
Zombie. Memo save file first and retry. In the end, it is best to go get the 
Rat Tail as soon as you get the Canoe.

Mt. Gulg (2 Missing Chests): 1 Pyros (MUST!) - 405 EXP
                             1 Pyros (MUST!) - 405 EXP

- On the second floor upon entering Mt. Gulg, you will find 2 chests with Pyro 
enemies in front of them (they are there in that massive room that zigzags a 
bit). You'll know which ones I mean, as they are the only chests with only 
one entryway to get at them. These chests can be collected but only after 
defeating a lone Pyros first. Can't be 2 or you screw too much with the EXP. 1 
is safe, Memo file and retry. In the end, you can grab these chests (Claymore 
Sword and about 1520 Gil) after the Class Upgrade and before meeting 

Terra Cavern (3 Missing Chests Room): 1 Gnoma (IN) - 384 EXP
                                      1 Gnoma (OUT) - 384 EXP

- Upon completing the Class Upgrade, head back anytime to the Terra Cavern 
(where you fought Vampire and Lich) and head down to the 2nd floor. Swing 
around to the southern end to reach a room guarded by a Gnoma. Defeat it and 
grab the Leather Shield, and 5575 total Gil there. Then, defeat the Gnoma 
again to get out of the room. 

When all is said and done, Level 13 and with 46 EXP left!!!

Ultimately, you will only be able to get 99% Item Collection through Easy Mode 
(Missing 1 Chest - Marsh Cave last floor, far lowest right room). It is 
guarded by Piscodemons which if defeated would spill over your EXP into Level 
14, whereas 13 is the absolute minimum. 

You could get greedy and get that 1020 Gil, but you ruin the LLG experience.

In Normal Mode, ALL chests can be collected for a 100% collection and the 
party still remains at Level 9. This includes class upgrading as well, but 
note that 2 Piscodemons MUST be fought to obtain that one guarded chest.


Section 6 - The Party Breakdown

So you're officially pumped to play, eh? Well, now it's time to introduce to 
you, your 4 crystal bearers!

Easy Mode Players: 3 Warriors and 1 Red Mage
Normal Mode Players: 2 Warriors and 2 Red Mages

Yes, you will need at least 2 of these Battle tanks, Lumberjacks, what 
ever you want to call them in your party. The Red Mage is there for a magical 
touch, but 2 can be just as good (IE double the magic for a little loss of 
strong offence and defence). Either party formation is good; this guide 
will strictly follow the above 2 parties in their respective game skills. 

For the most part, you will not have to worry too much about buying weapons 
and armour for the group. Early on, you will need to play 15 Puzzle to obtain 
most of the equipment, but really from Melmond on you'll never play it again. 
Even magic won't be much of a problem, as the Red Mage(s) will NEVER have any 
MP charges above LVL 4. That's right freaking 4!!! So pretty much from Melmond 
on, magic shops go out of business. Not even a Red Wizard upgrade solves the 
problem. That also means no Warp magic to use at all.

It doesn't end there either. Your Knights will never receive any magic charges 
despite their knowledge for low level White magic. Which absolutely sucks. So 
an upgrade just provides better equipment to be usable.

Enough with the preparation! Let us begin!!!


Section 7 - LLG Walkthrough


Section 7.1 - Off to Slay Garland! Back in 10!

Castle/Village Cornelia
Party Level: 1 (Easy) / 1 (Normal)
Items: None

No, seriously. That is about how fast you will be done this section it's so 
ridiculously simple. Start off with your party alignment (3W, 1RM or 2W, 2RM), 
and go talk to the King. Once you know your mission, exit the castle and head 
to the village. With 400 Gil available, proceed to buy 4 Rapiers and 4 Chain 
Mail outfits for your characters. The Red Mage should also get spells Cure1 
and a choice between Fire1/Bolt1. Both are rather weak, I'd take the Fire1 
spell. There is no need to fill in the 3rd slot. In fact, later after the 
optional Class Upgrade, you'll want to come back and pick up the spell Blink 
for use. 

NOTE: Normal mode players should just buy equipment and leave magic for later. 
You will not be able to afford any right now.

Equip and march off to the Temple of Chaos, running from everything. Memo file 
outside to save game.


Temple of Chaos
Party Level: 1 (Easy) / 1 (Normal)
Items: Leather Cap, Potion, and Tent

Run around collecting items on the left side of the temple. Equip the Leather 
Cap on your leading Warrior (I hope you have your Red Mage(s) positioned at 
the bottom). Get back to the entrance to take on Garland in the above room.


Total HP: 106
Weakness: None
EXP: 32 Gil: 250

Easy Mode: Hack and slash your way to victory. Attack magic isn't necessary 
and your Warriors will barely get scratched. Use a Cure1 if necessary but 
Garland will soon fall anyways. You will instantly level up after battle. 
Remember, all total experience gets split 4 ways. So everybody gets 32 EXP 
points each.

Normal Mode: Same as above, although you won't have magic as backup for use. 
Plus you REMAIN at level 1 afterwards.


Section 7.2 - WOW! Pirates Play LLG's, too!

Castle/Village Cornelia
Party Level: 2 (Easy) / 1 (Normal)
Items: Lute (Key Item)

The scene shifts back to Cornelia where the King orders a bridge to be built 
north of the castle. Talk to Princess Sarah to receive the Lute. You will 
need it MUCH later in the game. As you exit the castle, a cut-scene takes 
place with workers completing the bridge. 

NOTE: Normal mode players will now have enough to buy 2 spells for their Red 
Mages. Proceed to buy Cure1 for both characters. Attack magic can wait.

Stop at the Inn, cross the bridge and enjoy the music. Forget Matoya's Cave 
for now and journey eastward to Pravoca, running away from all fights.


Party Level: 2 (Easy) / 1 (Normal)
Items: None

Head straight to the Inn and save your game. No need to buy stuff just yet, 
just have a friendly chat with Bikke the Pirate. He explains that LLG's are 
fun but instead of playing with 4 characters, he prefers 9 instead. He then 
offers a demonstration of how it works.


Total HP: 6 each
Weakness: None
EXP: 90 Gil: 360 (Combined)

Easy Mode: Bikke has equipped his 9 buddies with butter knifes or something, 
because quite frankly, they suck. Honestly, just hack and slash. Maybe the Inn 
really WASN'T necessary... Believe it or not, you actually gain a level here.

Normal Mode: Same as above.

Having been defeated, Bikke hands over his Ship. Now go show him how to play 
15 Puzzle. Go outside into your new Ship and while holding down 'X' on the 
controller, press 'Circle' 55 times.

The game itself isn't real difficult. In fact, it's harder just to describe a 
strategy than it is to go out and play the darned thing. Just remember that 
to fill in the top row 1,2,3,4, you will need to bunch the numbers and make 
them slide in 1 at a time. Usually I go for 1,2 first, than 3,4, 5,6 and than 
7,8. For the remaining 2 rows, just focus on getting 9 and 13 to the far left 
and work from there. Once you get the hang of it, mastering it is easy. Try 
to get less than 2 minutes each time (with just a few seconds faster each 
time) to accumulate Gil. 10,000 bunches are HUGE at this point of the game. 
Remember, no fighting!!

For right now in Pravoca, make sure you get enough Gil to buy 4 Leather Gloves 
and spells Silence, Ice1, and Steel. The total price tag is 950 Gil (1 play of 
15 Puzzle will do it). Normal mode players will need to invest 2840 Gil (due 
to 2 Red Mages).

NOTE: Normal mode players can also head back to Cornelia to pick up those 
Fire1/Bolt1 spells for the Red Mages now (200 Gil for 1 spell x 2).

Now hop on your Ship and set sail southwest to Elfheim.


Section 7.3 - Major Preparations

Castle/Village Elfheim
Party Level: 3 (Easy) / 2 (Normal)
Items: None

Entering the castle will produce nothing but information for your next 
mission. It appears that the Prince has fallen under a sleep spell, which only 
Matoya can cure, but her Crystal Eye was stolen and who will likely not co-
operate. What to do?

Well, head to the village. You will be doing a lot of shopping. First off, you 
will NEED 4 Mythril Swords. These babies are a must and will be your best 
weapons for a good portion to come. Warriors gain 2-hit ability at Level 4, 
Red Mages at Level 6. 

Now, remove the Leather Cap from Warrior #1 and give it to a Red Mage. Proceed 
to buy 3 Helmets, 3 Steel Plates, and 3 Iron Shields for your Warriors (2 
Helmets, 1 Leather Cap, 2 Steel Plates, and 2 Iron Shields for Normal mode 

Total cost of equipment alone is 15200 Gil (18080 Gil in Normal mode!!). Make 
sure to sell off your Rapiers and Chain Mails.

Spells are optional at this point (since you don't have any Level 3 or 4 
charges yet), but I HIGHLY recommend picking them up now. 

For Level 3, you will need Cure2, Bolt2, and Bind (that's right Bind). Fire2 
may make your mouth water, but the fact remains that Boss Fights need to be 
dealt with and with Bind you will expose a boss weakness further on. Besides, 
I barely used attack magic in this game anyways. Total price tag of 3000 Gil.

NOTE: Normal mode players should opt to have one Red Mage with Bind, the other 
with Fire2. The price tag is 9000 Gil.

For Level 4, you will need Esuna, Ice2, and Haste. Haste will be needed much 
later on in the game, and will become ultimately THEE spell that saves your 
bacon. That combined with Steel will help you out greatly. Esuna is kind of a 
backup to Antidote and Ice2 is attack magic to help out. You will barely get 
any charges for this level of magic, so use wisely. Total price tag of 7500 

NOTE: Normal mode players NEVER receive charges greater than Level 3. That's 
right, no Haste for you! So don't buy any Level 4 spells, it's a waste.

Plus you will need 99 Potions from here on out, so that's roughly 4000 Gil 
right there (6000 Gil Normal mode). In all: 

-Grand total of 29700 Gil EASY MODE (three 1st place finishes in 15 Puzzle). 

-Grand total of 33080 Gil NORMAL MODE (four 1st place finishes in 15 Puzzle).

Buy as many Antidotes as you can as well (I try to max out at 99 since you 
WILL get poisoned a whole lot in this game). This will likely spill over into 
a 4th/5th first place finish. Good luck with hoarding the cash. It really 
isn't difficult, just keep practicing and you'll get the Gil to afford it all. 

Remember, no fighting!!!


Equipment: All Characters - 4 Mythril Swords, 4 Leather Gloves
           3(2) Warriors - 3(2) Iron Shields, 3(2) Helmets, 3(2) Steel Plates
           1(2) Red Mage - 1(2) Leather Cap, 1(2) Chain Mail

Magic: Level 1 - Cure1, Fire1
       Level 2 - Silence, Ice1, Steel
       Level 3 - Cure2, Bolt2, Bind/Fire2
       Level 4 - Esuna, Ice2, Haste (Easy mode only)

Items: 99 Potions, 99 Antidotes, anything else non-equipment (Tents, etc.)

When all is said and done, travel east than north to the Western Keep. Run 
from everything.


Section 7.4 - The Mysterious Crown

Western Keep
Party Level: 3 (Easy) / 2 (Normal)
Items: None

Upon entering the Keep, you will notice it to be rundown and falling apart. 
Talk to the King there and he will mention how a man named Astos has stolen 
everything that belonged to the Kingdom and left a Crown in the Marsh Cave to 
the south. He then asks for your assistance to retrieve the Crown for him. Get 
to it!


Marsh Cave
Party Level: 3 (Easy) / 2 (Normal)
Items: Broadsword, Dagger, Steel Plate, Copper Armlet, Cottage, 1980 Total 
       Gil, and Crown (Key Item)

Use the Memo file upon entry and head north to the 2nd basement. Here you will 
find a Broadsword, Dagger, and 1300 Gil total. Return back to the entrance and 
down the southern passage. Get to the next floor, and head south again, going 
eastwards through one room to reach the stairs down to the 3rd basement. Here 
you will find a large room with a 4 by 4 pattern of mini-rooms in it. The 
bottom 4 rooms are not reachable right now, so go collecting in the other 3 
rows. You should find a Steel Plate, Copper Armlet, a Cottage, and about 680 
Gil. When looting is done, head to the 3rd row, 2nd from the left room to 
fight for the Crown. Memo save first before fighting, it's VERY important!!!


Total HP: 84 each
Weakness: None
EXP: 138 Gil: 600 (Combined)

Easy Mode: You MUST fight 2 Piscodemons here. If you get 3 or 4, use the reset 
trick (L1L2R1R1, Start, and Select) and try again. Once 2 show up, proceed to 
hack and slash. Magic should be reserved for healing (Cure1) as these guys 
pack a wallop. You will gain yet another level for their defeat, it's that 

Normal Mode: Same as above.

Grab the Crown from the chest there, and get the heck out of the cave. Travel 
back to the Western Keep, and use that newly found Cottage there. Hard save 
and heal up to max (your Magic should be restored), and go talk to the King.

Western Keep
Party Level: 4 (Easy) / 3 (Normal)
Items: Crystal Eye (Key Item)

Head straight to the throne and prepare for a showdown. The King reveals 
himself as Astos, the Dark Elf. He thanks you for the Crown and as thanks, 
prepares to send you to the Underworld himself.


Total HP: 168
Weakness: Silence
EXP: 562 Gil: 2000

Easy Mode: He will use Reaper as his first round attack. If it connects, 
reset. You CANNOT have any characters dead at the end of fights as per the 
shared experience rule. Have your Warriors hack and slash, while the Red Mage 
casts Silence. If it works, you can nullify Reaper and other magic that Astos 
uses, greatly increasing your chances of victory. In any case, heal when 
necessary and chop away. You will gain not 1 but 2 levels after this fight. 

Normal Mode: Same as above but you have 2 Red Mages. Designate one as healer 
in case the HP gets low. You'll have less than 100 HP to work with! You also 
gain only 1 level here.

You will obtain Matoya's Crystal Eye as a reward, plus you maintain hold of 
the Crown. Head out of there, and travel to Matoya's Cave located north of 
Cornelia Castle.


Section 7.5 - Mystic Key Looting

Matoya's Cave
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Antidote, 2 Potions, and Jolt Tonic (Key Item)

Here you will find Matoya tripping over furniture, looking for her Crystal 
Eye. Give it to her and in exchange, she will give you the Jolt Tonic. Pick up 
the Antidote and 2 Potions here, talk to some brooms for info on getting to 
the World Map screen, and exit the cave. Back to Elfheim we go!


Castle/Village Elfheim
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, 730 Total Gil, and Mystic Key (Key Item)

Give the Jolt Tonic to the caretaker of the Prince in Elfheim castle and he 
will awake to the sight of the Legendary Warriors. In gratitude he gives your 
party the Mystic Key. Now you can open all those locked doors you ran into 
before. Leave the room and scale the outside of the castle to reach a back 
room, which contain a Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, and some Gil. Equip the 
Bronze Gloves onto Warrior #2 in the party. Warrior #1 will be getting 
something better soon. Exit and head to the Western Keep again.


Western Keep
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Falchion, Power Staff, and Steel Gloves

Go circle around the castle and head into the room that was locked before. 
Careful while inside, as the spots in front of the chests contain enemies. Run 
away if necessary. Opening from the side is the way to go. A Falchion, Power 
Staff, and Steel Gloves are your rewards here. Equip those Steel Gloves on 
Warrior #1. Now, head back to the Marsh Cave.


Marsh Cave
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Mythril Knife, and Silver Armlet

Go all the way to the bottom of the 4 by 4 set of rooms, and Memo file right 
away. The reason? There are Piscodemons on spots here that you CANNOT run 
from. Since you can't run, you must fight and that's bad for us here. So as a 
pre-caution, Memo Save before entering. Anacondas are fine, and can be run 
from. The far left room houses a Silver Armlet, which your Red Mage equips. 
The next room over contains a Mythril Knife. Escape the cave and never return.

NOTE: There is a chest that contains 1020 Gil at the far right of this 4 by 4 
room. You will not be able to get it as it is guarded by Piscodemons. The 
experience will mess your levels up if you go grab this chest, thus ruining 
your perfect LLG. This is the one chest that cannot be obtained in the game 
(Easy mode players), and hence will leave you stuck at a maximum of 99% Item 
Collection (for those into that stuff).

NOTE: Normal mode players CAN pick up this chest and fight the Piscodemons 
without fear. By games end, you'll have plenty of room for absorbed EXP. Just 
remember to fight 2, so Memo save beforehand and soft reset accordingly. This 
guide will assume that you went for this chest.

Just leave and head back all the way to Cornelia Castle.


Castle/Village Cornelia
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Crosier, Mythril Knife, Saber, Iron Shield, Steel Plate, and Nitro 
       Powder (Key Item)

Swing around back of the castle, scaling the inner walls to find the treasure 
vault. Here you'll find a Crosier, Mythril Knife, Saber, Iron Shield, and 
Steel Plate. The Nitro Powder found here as well would be key to unlocking the 
games next area. Now one last place to visit again: the Temple of Chaos.


Temple of Chaos
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Rune Blade, Werebane, and Gold Needle

This time around, you'll be looting the rooms on the right side of the temple. 
Up for collection are a Rune Blade, Werebane, and a Gold Needle. Gargoyles 
guard each room, but they are easily escapable. Once all is said and done, 
head back to the ship and follow the coast west of Cornelia to a port. Dock 
here, and travel on foot to Mt. Duergar in the western mountains.


Mt. Duergar
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Mythril Knife, Wyrmkiller, Grand Helm, Helmet, Mythril Mail, Cottage, 
       Tent, and 1600 Total Gil.

Welcome to the village of Dwarfs! Head north to a room to grab some Gil. A 
blacksmith will be looking for some Adamantite later on, but you have nothing 
for him now. Head west then south to reach a huge treasure stash containing a 
Mythril Knife, Wyrmkiller, Grand Helm, Helmet, Mythril Mail, Cottage, and a 
Tent. More Gil can be found as well. Equip the Grand Helmet on Warrior #1, 
while the Red Mage gets equipped with the Mythril Mail (Normal mode players 
give this to Red Mage #1 and pass down the Silver Armlet to #2). Give the 
Nitro Powder to the Dwarf standing outside the treasure room and he will 
proceed to open up a canal by blowing up the landmass connecting the two 

From here, exit the cave and head back to the ship. Before heading any 
further, stop on by Cornelia to stock up on Potions and Antidotes. Make sure 
to sell all junk that has accumulated over the Mystic Key looting. You will 
have a ton of Gil by now to work with (no more 15 Puzzle). Once done, hop in 
the Ship and head west through the canal to the village of Melmond.


Section 7.6 - I Want to Suck your Blood!

Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: None

The town has fallen to the waste side, having been attacked by a Vampire. 
Fearing for their lives, the townspeople will ask you to defeat the Vampire 
and free the village from his evil. Hey, it's no problem, but first let's go 

First off, magic. Don't buy anything. That's right, magic is no longer 
required since your Red Mage(s) will NEVER get Level 5 charges. I know it 
sucks, but well what can you do. That's the perk of LLG's, got to work with 
what you have. There is also no need to buy any weapons; Mythril Swords are 
still the best around. The only things needed are 2 Grand Helms and 2 Steel 
Gloves for your 2 Warriors deprived of the best upgrades found during the 
Mystic Key looting. Sell their old junk.

NOTE: Normal mode players only need to buy 1 Grand Helm and 1 Steel Gloves for 
their Warriors.

DO NOT BUY Knight's Armor!!! It is a complete waste of money to buy this. If 
you intend to upgrade your characters later on, than better stuff can be 
found. If however, you want to beat the LLG without an upgrade, then buy at 
least 1 suit for now (as Ice and Fire equipment is right around the corner). 
You will need to play 15 Puzzle to accomplish this. 

Once done, you should be ready to go to the Terra Cavern, home of the Vampire. 
It is located west and south of Melmond (the first place you can go south; 
it's a triangular section of land sticking outward).


Terra Cavern
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 4 (Normal)
Items: Coral Sword, Antidote, 2 Potions, Sleeping Bag, Tent, 8400 Total Gil, 
       and Star Ruby (Key Item) 

For some reason, I don't like this dungeon. Maybe it's the fact you have to go 
through it twice. Immediately go right down the passage to the 2nd basement. 
You will loot the 1st basement floor on the way out. On the 2nd basement, 
proceed to hug the northern walls while moving eastwards until you come to a 
treasure room. Inside, collect the Coral Sword, Tent, and 330 Gil. Leave the 
room and head southward to find the stairs. 

NOTE: There is a room on the southern part of this floor that contains 
treasure guarded by a Gnoma (you cannot Flee from them). This is an optional 
battle that I don't recommend doing right now until after the Class Upgrade 
has taken place. 

NOTE: Normal mode players SHOULD obtain this treasure now and fight those 
Gnomas. It may be a little difficult, but in the end you'll get an experience 
boost that will up you to level 5 for the Vampire.

On B3, be careful and Memo Save now. There are random encounters with 
Piscodemons here. All other random fights are escapable, but these guys will 
not allow it and can screw you up big time. I recommend walking and then Memo 
saving after each fight (IE, run away, then save outside battle). This way you 
can avoid having to circle all around this floor reaching the Vampire's room, 
only to get screwed and having to reset again. While going through this floor, 
you will find (in order) a Sleeping Bag, Potion, and 4420 Total Gil. The last 
chest containing Gil has a Gnoma in front of it, but can be obtained by moving 
to the left or right side of the chest instead of straight up. You can avoid 
the fight this way. 

Head to the Vampire's chamber and you will find a Bat that claims that the 
land shall rot thanks to the seal of the Earth Crystal being broken. He than 
reveals his true form as that of the Vampire you have come to slay. Save your 
game to the Memo file before approaching the Bat.


Total HP: 156
Weakness: Fire1
EXP: 300 Gil: 2000

Easy Mode: This fight is really easy to win. Hack and slash your way to 
victory while using Cure1 when needed, since the Vampire's attacks ARE quite 
strong. The worst it will likely do is paralyze one of your characters. After 
a quick battle, you will NOT gain a level here. That's right, you remain at 
Level 6.

Normal Mode: Same as above, but you remain at Level 5.

Grab the Star Ruby from the chest there and Memo Save again to record your 
win. Then hightail it out of that floor, taking into consideration that 
Piscodemons are still lurking here. Memo file whenever it is applicable. Once 
you get back to B2 you'll be fine. 

Head back up to B1 and complete the treasure looting by going north to grab 
1975 Gil, and heading south down 2 separate branches to find rooms containing 
880 Gil/Potion, and 795 Gil/Antidote respectively. Be careful while obtaining 
the treasures on this floor. Gnomas lurk near every chest, so take precautions 
and Memo save first before heading next to any treasure. Once done here, 
travel all the way back to Melmond. Unfortunately, the Vampire was correct 
about the Earth Crystal as the land continues to decay. Rest up at the Inn, 
and head all the way westward on the map and than south to reach Titan's Cave. 


Section 7.7 - A Greater Evil Emerges...

Titan's Cave
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 5 (Normal)
Items: Great Axe, Mythril Helm, and 1070 Total Gil

Head in and talk to Titan (one can assume that's who it is by the name of the 
place) who is guarding the exit out. He'll see the Star Ruby and allows you to 
pass but only after eating the ruby first. He than marches off, unblocking the 
path back outside. Before heading out, go south to collect some items. Most 
notable is the Mythril Helm; equip this on your leading Warrior. Exit the cave 
and follow the path that leads to another cave surrounded by mountains.


Sage's Cave
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 5 (Normal)
Items: Earth Rod (Key Item)

There are no fights here, so relax and take a breather. Go find the Sage 
inside who tells you that there is indeed a greater evil deeper down in the 
Terra Cavern. He then gives you the Earth Rod, which will allow access deeper 
down past the Vampire's chamber. With the Rod in hand, go back all the way to 
Cornelia to stock up on Potions and Antidotes. Sell off all old equipment and 
return to Melmond to rest and hard save at the Inn again. It is time to get to 
the bottom of this.


Terra Cavern
Party Level: 6 (Easy) / 5 (Normal)
Items: Staff, Mythril Shield, Tent, and 13075 Total Gil

CONSERVE YOUR MAGIC!!! You will need as much charges of your spells as 
possible. Lich will become the biggest headache of this game thus far and will 
likely take you down if ill prepared. He IS beatable at Level 5/6 though, it 
will just take some patience.

Go straight through all the way back into the Vampire's chamber, and back into 
where a stone plate blocks the stairs down to B4. Use the Earth Rod (go into 
Key Items and select it) while standing next to the plate and it will be 
removed. Remember that Piscodemons will lurk around from floors B3 down, so 
Memo save often so resetting your game does not force you to backtrack too 

On B4, head north through some passages to reach a treasure room with a bunch 
of Gil and a worthless Staff. Backtrack out of there, and hug the southern 
portion of this floor until you get to a section that starts to wind upwards. 
You'll see another passage going south which leads to more treasures: a 
Mythril Shield, a Tent, and 1250 Gil. Equip the Mythril Shield on your leading 
Warrior. Once done, head practically straight up until you reach the stairs.

On B5, just head straight up and left, back down and left again until you get 
to the door leading to the Earth Crystal. Heal up your party to max HP and 
Memo save your game now. This may take a while. Approach the orb to find the 
true source of the earth decaying: Lich, the Earth Fiend.


Total HP: 800
Weakness: Fire1
EXP: 550 Gil: 3000

Easy Mode: Lich is your first true test of the LLG. He will likely throw an 
Ice2 spell right off the bat at you in the first round. If it kills any of 
your guys, reset. Don't panic if your HP drops low. Just focus on beating the 
crap out of him. Start off by having all Warriors attack and the Red Mage to 
cast Steel on Warrior #1. Continue using Steel on your leading Warrior to pump 
up his Attack Power (you will likely do this 3 times). Afterwards, the Red 
Mage cures with whatever spell charges are available (Cure2 1 charge, Cure1 8 
charges). All 3 Warriors continue to hack and slash and hopefully Lich goes 
down. Your leading Warrior should be doing upwards of around 200 HP damage a 
round. Lich will likely try to get fancy and use Sleep2 and Haste or just 
regular attacks; this will buy some much needed attack time. Never let up! It 
will likely then become a test of endurance, as all your characters MUST 
survive the fight. If any character dies in battle (likely from Bolt2 if they 
survive Ice2), reset and try again. You will gain a well-deserved Level Up for 
your efforts when Lich finally falls. Good luck here!!!

Normal Mode: Yikes, this will be rough. With 2 Red Mages, you're likely going 
to die from Ice2. Keep resetting if this happens. Eventually, ALL 4 characters 
will survive and this is what you want. 2 Red Mages = 6 casts of Steel. You 
have 2 Warriors, so 1st round cast Steel on both Warriors. Warriors ALWAYS 
attack. 2nd round do the same, as well as the 3rd. If a Warrior gets paralyzed 
or put to sleep, cast both Steels on the good-to-go Warrior. Once Steel magic 
is used up, use Cure1 to heal anybody who desperately needs it. Otherwise, 
this strategy is similar to the above, with your Warriors attacking. Good 

NOTE: Easy mode players, if you truly can't beat Lich here (it's not 
impossible; but after 25 retries I can understand your frustration), you CAN 
go back to that room guarded by the Gnoma on B2 and get those treasures. The 2 
fights with Gnoma will get you to Level 7 and add a small increase to HP on 
your characters. It may help, but this guide will assume that you can beat 
Lich at Level 6.

Once defeated, the Earth Crystal gets re-lit and the power of the Earth is 
allowed to flow normally. Go behind the altar to warp out of the Terra Cavern 
completely. Proceed to Melmond to heal and save at the Inn. Hop in your Ship 
and head south past the island housing the Terra Cavern and go due west out to 
the sea. You should be able to run into a dock for your Ship that sticks out 
from the mainland. Continue walking westward running from all fights. 
Eventually, you'll reach the town of Crescent Lake.


Section 7.8a - The 4 Fiends of Chaos

Crescent Lake
Party Level: 7 (Easy) / 6 (Normal)
Items: Canoe (Key Item)

Not much will be happening in this new town. First, re-stock on Potions and 
Antidotes. Second, buy 3 Mythril Gloves, 2 Mythril Helms, 2 Mythril Shields, 
and a Buckler (Price tag of 16000 Gil). Finally, sell all junk in your 
inventory. Equip as necessary on your characters.

NOTE: Normal Mode players only need 2 Mythril Gloves, 1 Mythril Helm, 1 
Mythril Shield, 2 Bucklers, and 1 Mythril Mail (Total cost of 22500 Gil).

There is no need for magic obviously, and the weapons here suck. Sure, the 
Mythril Axe does slightly more damage than the Mythril Sword BUT their 
accuracy is piss poor and so too are your levels. Not a good combo. Stick with 
the swords; you'll thank me later. 

Go to the east side of town to find the Twelve Sages. Each has a story to 
tell, with prophecies of 4 Crystal Warriors coming to save the world when 
heroes are needed. The 4 Fiends of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind have emerged 
and the time is now to stop their destruction of the world. One sage will give 
you a Canoe for defeating Lich and tells you that the Fire Fiend Marilith has 
awaken earlier than expected. 

Hey, that's great, we're not going to Mt. Gulg yet. In fact, you will be 
making a pit stop up north. Right now, you need experience, and more 
importantly "wings".


Section 7.8b - The Quest for a Rat's Tail

NOTE: This section is completely optional. It helps by giving experience now 
and allows you to upgrade your characters later on in the game. The guide will 
follow this side quest as part of the LLG since EXP earned here will NOT screw 
up your final levels. You will still be able to end at Level 13 as promised 
(or 9 if playing Normal mode).

Hop in your Ship waiting at the dock, and travel due north while hugging the 
coastline. Once you get to the peninsula near Pravoca (you know the infamous 
one), go west a bit and then back up north while staying close to the northern 
continents. Continue heading westward and eventually, you'll run across a 
castle with a river mouth north of it. Circle your ship around the side and 
park in that river mouth. Canoe out and walk the rest of the way into the 
Citadel of Trials.


Citadel of Trials
Party Level: 7 (Easy) / 6 (Normal)
Items: Healing Staff, Ice Brand, Gauntlets, Ruby Armlet, Steel Gloves, 
       Cottage, 8795 Total Gil, and Rat's Tail (Key Item)

The old man at the entrance will let you in since you possess the Crown you 
found earlier for Astos. He than disappears, telling you to use the throne in 
the back to enter beforehand. Do so, but only before Memo saving since once 
you enter you can't leave until you have defeated the Dragon Zombie.

Actually you'll WANT to Memo save in here regardless. Necrotaurs are the one 
enemy in here that you CAN'T flee from. Also be on the look out for 
Mindflayers. These guys will let you escape, but their hits can kill off a 
character regardless of the damage done. They are just as bad as forced 
battles, IMO. 

Once inside, use the warps to teleport and get around. Always take the lowest 
one on the screen to get around the place. Eventually, you'll get to a room 
with a chest inside, guarded by Clay Golem monsters. Easily escapable, you'll 
pick up the Gauntlets. These cast Bolt2 in battle and are re-usable. Never 
sell them! Actually, never sell any equipment that has an effect in battle.

Go down south to the lowest portal to find the stairs. Now head north and 
you'll run into Nightmares. Escape, grab the Healing Staff nearby (Heal1 in 
battle), and then run away from the Nightmares again. Go left all the way to 
pick up an Ice Brand, Ruby Armlet, and Steel Gloves. Equip the Ice Brand on 
Warrior #1, and the Ruby Armlet on a Red Mage. Further down, you will find a 
bunch of Gil and a Cottage. To the right is the Rat's Tail, needed to prove 
ones courage (for some reason or another). Heal up and Memo save now!!!! 
Attempt to leave the floor by moving onto the throne.


Total HP: 268
Weakness: Fire1
EXP: 582 Gil: 999

Easy Mode: You MUST fight 1 Dragon Zombie here. If you get 2, use the reset 
trick (L1L2R1R1, Start, and Select) and try again. Proceed to hack and slash. 
This fight is almost identical to the fight with Vampire. The worst Dragon 
Zombie can do to you is paralyze after hitting. You will gain a level for his 

Normal Mode: Same as above, without gaining a level though.

Exit the Citadel completely, go back to the Ship, and set sail back to 
Crescent Lake. Re-stock on items, sell the old junk, and prepare for your next 
mission: Ice Cavern.


Section 7.9 - 20 Gil Says No Way a Ship Flies!

Ice Cavern
Party Level: 8 (Easy) / 6 (Normal)
Items: Flame Sword, Ice Armor, Ice Shield, Mythril Gloves, Shirt, Potion, 
       Sleeping Bag, 50784 Total Gil, and Levistone (Key Item)

To get here, take the Ship a little further north of where it's currently 
docked to find a river mouth and another port. Use the river mouth to canoe on 
the river and follow this river up north and then west when you can't go north 
any more. When the river splits, take the lower path along. Eventually, you'll 
disembark and walk along a path leading to the Ice Cavern. Save using some 
save method and go in.

Piscodemons will annoy the hell out of you again, so constantly Memo filing 
will be necessary. Mindflayers also lurk around with their instant kill 
attacks (hey, these guys ARE related too). Throw in some Cockatrice who can 
stone using regular attacks and you have one heck of a dungeon to run around 
in. Another enemy Ice Gigas will not let you escape either, so this dungeon is 
arguably the hardest dungeon of the game to get through.

Follow the linear path along B1 until you reach B2. Either direction will take 
you to B3 from here. Back in B2, circle around the area to reach a room with 
cracks in the floor and a giant stone lying smack in the middle. Going for the 
right chest will lead to a fight with Dark Wizards. RUN!!! They will kill you 
with the greatest of ease. The chest only contains a useless Shirt anyways. 
The left chest contains the Fire Sword. Equip this bad boy on Warrior #2. Now 
fall down a hole.

You will get attacked by a bunch of undead enemies, easily escapable. Go left 
through the HP draining patches of ice, and Memo save at the door. Inside is a 
battle with White Dragons. Hope for an easy escape, and collect the Ice Armor 
and Mythril Gloves. Save the Mythril Gloves for a Red Mage (they can equip 
them upon Class Upgrading), while the Ice Armor goes on Warrior #1. Exit this 
room (flee from White Dragons again), and head all the way south to a room 
containing a boatload of Gil. Backtrack to the right and take the stairs 
leading back up.

Enter the room, grab the Potion and swing around southwards to pick up a 10000 
Gil bonus. Go out and to the right and enter the long room containing 3 
chests. Equip the Ice Shield you find there on Warrior #1. Now fall down the 
lone crack.

Heal up to max HP, and Memo file immediately, as in 2 steps you will confront 
the boss guarding the Levistone: Evil Eye.


Total HP: 162
Weakness: Silence
EXP: 806 Gil: 3225

Easy Mode: Warriors hack and slash while the Red Mage can try to Silence Evil 
Eye before it can unleash some of its more powerful spells. It will typically 
use various Gaze attacks, along with Bolt2 and instant killing Doom (a no-no). 
It should be relatively easy though to chip away his HP. You could even go as 
far as casting Steel on your leading Warrior, but the fight will likely not 
last long anyways. You will now be up to Level 9 after this fight.

Normal Mode: Same as above, but you will be at Level 7 now.

Grab the Levistone, and fall back down the cracking floor. Backtrack to where 
you initially found that 3 chest long room, and take the stairs above that 
room to get the heck out of that hellish dungeon for good. Stagger all the way 
back to your Ship and set sail to Lykion Desert, located south of Crescent 

Here in the desert, make sure to use the Levistone (Go to Key Items and select 
it). A cut-scene takes place with your party raising the Levistone as the land 
opens up revealing a buried Airship underneath. The ground closes up again, 
with the Airship free at your disposal. YAY!!! Hop in and give it a spin.


Section 7.10 - Titles Worthy of Heroes

Dragon Caves
Party Level: 9 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Cottage, Gold Needle, Tent, and 21220 Total Gil

Fly around to the northern continents and look for a bunch of small islands 
bunched close to each other. Land on each island and search the caves for 
loot. The Dragons here won't mind, they will tell you about King Bahamut and 
how he accepts those who can prove their courage and valour to him. Go find 
Bahamut and talk to him and if you have the Rat's Tail, he will upgrade your 
job classes!!! 

NOTE: Unless you went and got the Rat's Tail before, talking to Bahamut will 
NOT upgrade your characters. You can still raid the caves for loot, but unless 
you choose to do the optional side quest, looting is all you can really do 

So your party now consists of 3 Knights and a Red Wizard (or 2 Knights and 2 
Red Wizards). Equip those Mythril Gloves you were saving on a Red Wizard. 
Leave the caves and fly back to Cornelia. Sell all junk and go buy Blink magic 
for your Red Wizard(s).

Remember to stock up on Potions and/or Antidotes again. Oh, and rest and save 
at an Inn. With all the sudden hoopla, you probably forgot to before.

NOTE: Normal mode players may want to head back to Crescent Lake and pick up a 
second pair of Mythril Gloves for their other Red Wizard.

Now, with all that done. Hop in the Airship and fly back to the islands you 
were just visiting. Fly westward past the town of Onlak and land the Airship 
nearby the large desert there. Proceed to the small patch of desert separate 
from the others next to some trees in the northern section.


Desert Caravan
Party Level: 9 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Bottled Faerie (Key Item) 

Inside, you'll find a merchant who is selling a Bottled Faerie for 40000 Gil 
(50000 Gil in Normal mode). No problem, you can swing it. Heck, you have no 
choice in the matter. Pay the man and leave, and head over to the river 
leading up to a waterfall. That's right, the waterfall is your next 


Waterfall Cavern
Party Level: 9 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Defender, Spellbinder, Ribbon, 24850 Total Gil and Warp Cube (Key Item) 

The waterfall is a fairly straightforward area. Just hug the left side of this 
place as you weave through many small openings. Eventually, you'll reach an 
area where a path going south can be found. Follow this path down all the way 
to a room containing a robot and a bunch of treasures. Ransack the place and 
talk to the robot that tells you to go and defeat Tiamat, Fiend of Wind. He 
will also give you the Warp Cube, which allows entrance to the Flying 
Fortress. Put it on your to do list, and get out of there. Make sure to equip 
the Defender (Blink in battle) on your leading Knight. Knight #2 gets the Ice 
Brand; Knight #3/Red Wizard #1 gets the Flame Sword. Give your Ribbon to a Red 
Wizard, and make sure to keep Spellbinder (Muddle in battle). Your next 
destination is Gaia, found further south of Crescent Lake past Lykion Desert.


Party Level: 9 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Oxyale (Key Item)

Again, not much will be happening here right now. Make sure to buy 4 Protect 
Rings (Total cost of 64000 Gil/80000 Gil). You can afford it, plus re-stock up 
on items. Sell garbage, you know the normal stuff. No better weapons here and 
magic you don't need. Don't worry about an extra Ruby Armlet for your 2nd Red 
Mage. Better armour is coming.

Head north of the town to an area where a little pond can be found. Stand next 
to it and select the Bottled Faerie you bought (select from Key Items) to 
release it from the bottle. In thanks, the Faerie retrieves some Oxyale for 
you from the bottom of the pond. This will allow you access to the Sunken 
Shrine in Onlak. So with that all done, rest at the Inn and save your game. 
It's time to visit Marilith in Mt. Gulg.

NOTE: Easy mode players should go back and get those treasures you skipped in 
the Terra Cavern before (Leather Shield, 5575 Total Gil). You will have to 
fight a Gnoma twice, once in and once out, but will gain a level in the 
process. This actually works out to your advantage. Although this is optional, 
you will FINALLY get your first spell charge of Level 4 magic for your Red 
Wizard!! The guide will assume that you went back to get those treasures and 
fought the 2 Gnomas accordingly.


Section 7.11 - Marilith is HOT... Literally!

Mt. Gulg
Party Level: 10 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Claymore, Ice Brand, Staff, Flame Armor, Flame Shield, Mythril Axe, 
       Mythril Gloves, 2 Mythril Helms, Mythril Shield, 2 Antidotes, Cottage, 
       Gold Needle, 2 Potions, Tent, and 28550 Total Gil

BTW, you're over half way through the LLG. Felt I needed to say that in case 
you were starting to get overwhelmed or something. Head down to B2 and go 
through the 2nd door you see. Go through and you will enter a massive room 
with a bunch of treasures scattered around. A Pyros now guards the one chest 
closest to you. Memo save before attempting battle as it may come along with 
another Pyros. You want only 1, this is one of those optional fights I talked 
about earlier. After defeating him, pick up the 1520 Gil stash. Work your way 
up and open another chest containing a Mythril Helm. Up further and you will 
see another chest through a winding path. Again guarded by Pyros, Memo save 
before attempting. Defeat the LONE Pyros to get the Claymore. Notice how after 
2 fights you did not gain a level? Yes, it's getting harder now to level up, 
which is good.

Anyways, the rest of the chests can be obtained without initiating fights 
against Pyros, so Memo often and hope that Pyros don't show up. You are no 
longer allowed to fight them and they can't be escaped from. So work your way 
through this section to receive a bunch of money and items. Most everything is 
garbage on this floor anyways. 

Again, just fly through the next 3 floors, as they contain no chests. Heal 
often with Potions; the lava will slowly eat away at your health with each 
step. Eventually, you'll get to a floor with doors. The closest contains a 
Gold Needle and 2750 Gil. Follow the path for another 1760 Gil, then head left 
and up. Here you'll find 5 treasures. Equip the Ice Brand on Knight #3/Red 
Wizard #1 and give the lone/other Red Wizard the Flame Sword. The Flame Shield 
goes on Knight #2. Backtrack to the junction and go south. Another room there 
with 165 Total Gil. Go right and up for a Cottage and 2000 more Gil. Finally, 
return to the new junction again and head south for a Staff and 1250 Gil. Then 
run to the stairs.

On this final floor, head left and enter the room to find a chest containing 
Flame Mail. Be careful and Memo Save before attempting retrieval. There's a 
Fire Lizard and Fire Dragon guarding it. Equip on Knight #2 when done. Exit 
the room and go down the southwest path to find the alter housing the Fire 
Crystal. Marilith, the Fiend of Fire, will awaken and attempt to burn you for 
trying to obtain the Crystal's power. Memo save your game beforehand, just in 


Total HP: 1200
Weakness: Bind
EXP: 618 Gil: 3000

Easy Mode: You will likely have no problems defeating Marilith here. Opening 
round, have your Knights attack and the Red Wizard cast Bind. If it succeeds, 
Marilith will be paralyzed and unable to attack for at least 2 turns. Once 
paralyzed, the Red Wizard then proceeds to cast Haste (that 1 charge) on your 
leading Knight. Continue to hack and slash, while Red Wizard either casts 
Saber to up the leading Knight's Attack or re-casting Bind to keep Marilith 
from attacking. In all, you will gain a level here. Child's play compared to 

Normal Mode: First 2 rounds Knights attack, one Red Wizard uses Bind, the 
other casts Steel on Warrior #1. From there, either cast Steel to up both 
Knight's attack, or have them cast Cure1 to heal the party. No level gain 

Once the Crystal's power is restored, exit via the warp in back. Proceed to 
Onlak; we're going to get the Rosetta Stone.


Section 7.12 - Tiamat and the Lufenians

Village Onlak (Sunken Shrine)
Party Level: 11 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Light Axe, Mage's Staff, DiamondArmlet, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, 
       Diamond Helm, Diamond Shield, Antidote, 56940 Total Gil, and Rosetta 
       Stone (Key Item)

Not much in this town either. Just re-stock on the essentials (you'll likely 
have NOTHING left of Potions after Mt. Gulg) and sell all the junk you have 
accumulated. Rest at the Inn and save the game. Afterwards, head east where 
you will find a mermaid next to a barrel. She tells you to save her people 
from the Water Fiend, Kraken. She then disappears mysteriously. Uh, okay. Hop 
in the barrel and go underwater.

Go north a bit, then right to find a treasure room containing 2000 Gil. 
Backtrack out and head left this time then up. Enter the room here for 9900 
Gil. Exit the room and head right and up. Continue going right to find stairs 
leading upwards.

On this floor you will find a bunch of treasures. Be careful though and Memo 
save accordingly. Ghosts can wipe you out fast, while Sahagin Princes cannot 
be run from (in my experiences at least). It too with Aquos, but if they 
appear with other enemies, kill them off first and you'll be able to run. 
Travel down and left until you get to a backwards 'C' room containing 20 Gil. 
Head north from here to find a room containing powerful Diamond Armor. Equip 
this on your leading Knight, and equip the Ice Armor on Knight #3. Backtrack 
down all the way and to the left to find a room with a Light Axe in it (casts 
Dia2 in battle). Further right, you will come to a room containing a Mage's 
Staff (Fire2 in battle). Go down to the lower path here and to a room with 
12350 Gil. Then just take the stairs up.

No fights on this floor, just lots of treasure and lots of mermaids. Have fun. 
The complete Diamond equipment collection can be found here. All of it goes on 
Knight #1 except for the DiamondArmlet, which the Red Wizard takes (give the 
Ruby Armlet to Red Wizard #2 - normal mode). Leave the Diamond Gloves off, as 
the Protect Ring is better. Give the Ice Armor to Knight #3. Find the Rosetta 
Stone by heading up north and then west through the screen where magically 
you'll appear back on the other side (top right corner room). Grab the chests 
and make like a thief in the night, leaving this whole area completely. Return 
back to Onlak via the barrel. Re-stock, sell junk, rest at the Inn, then fly 
to Melmond.

Talk to Dr. Unne (funny looking guy in the top-right corner of the village) 
and he will teach you the Lufenian language. Once done, fly back to Gaia and 
land the Airship on a small patch of grass south of there. Memo save, the trek 
is long to Lufenia and Necrotaurs wander around here. They can't be run from. 
Eventually, you'll reach the primitive village.


Party Level: 11 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Bell (Key Item)

The Lufenians (or Sky People) will talk about how they once lived in the 
Flying Fortress and how Tiamat, the Wind Fiend, had took over the place and 
threw them out. They also explain that they sent 5 warriors in search of the 
true source of evil but they never returned. In any case, talk to one of the 
guys on the right side of the village to receive the Bell. This item will 
allow you to go enter the Mirage Tower. Backtrack all the way to the Airship, 
fly to Gaia for a rest at the Inn, then fly south of the large desert, land, 
memo save, and head for the Mirage Tower.


Mirage Tower
Party Level: 11 (Easy) / 7 (Normal)
Items: Sunblade, Thor's Hammer, Vorpal Sword, Aegis Shield, Dragon Mail, 
       Healing Helm, Cottage, Tent, and 82945 Total Gil

Get to the centre of the floor to find a bunch of chests there. Equip the 
Aegis Shield on Knight #3 (or #2 if on Normal), and save the Healing Helm 
(casts Heal1 in battle). Exit the tower and return to Gaia if you have wasted 
a lot of Potions already. You will need as many as you can for the Sky 
Fortress. Return and head off to the second floor.

Circle all the way around counter-clockwise and weave your way into the centre 
where again, a bunch of chests await. Equip the Dragon Mail on Knight #2 and 
the Sunblade on Knight #1. The Red Wizard(s) get the Ice Brand sword(s). 
Thor's Hammer will be your back-up Bolt2 item. Exit the room and head back up 
to the stairs with the robot nearby. On the third floor, circle around to the 
front of the door and Memo save and heal now. There's a fight coming up. Now 
remember, this fight is on an encounter point. So therefore, you CANNOT leave 
once the dragon is defeated. So if you feel like you're not ready, run back 
out and re-stock, etc. If you feel good, go and good luck!!


Total HP: 454
Weakness: None
EXP: 818 Gil: 2000

Easy Mode: Hack and slash here. Worst the dragon will likely do here is use 
Thunderbolt. It will likely kill you if he casts it twice, but he'll be dead 
before he gets the second one in anyways. You will not gain a level here and 
there is only 2 more bosses left before the Final Dungeon. 

Normal Mode: Same as above, although you WILL gain a level.

Keep going straight up to reach the portal. With the Warp Cube in hand, the 
party warps up to the Flying Fortress.


Flying Fortress
Party Level: 11 (Easy) / 8 (Normal)
Items: Sasuke, Venom Blade, Black Robe, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Shield, 
       Healing Helm, Mythril Helm, Protect Cloak, 2 Protect Rings, Ribbon, 
       Shirt, White Robe, Cottage, 2 Gold Needles, 2 Potions, 93765 Total Gil, 
       and Adamantite (Key Item) 

Be careful and Memo file appropriately. Evil Eye is now a random monster 
battle here and can easily screw you up. All other monsters are escapable 
except for groups of Aeros with no other enemies with them. If an Aeros is 
with a Spirit Naga, proceed to kill the Aeros first before attempting to flee. 
It's best to Memo after every battle to play it safe.

The first floor is in a simple + shape. First, go down to get the Venom Blade 
(casts Poison in battle). This weapon is CRUCIAL for success so never throw it 
away!!! The right side contains a Healing Helm (another) and a Protect Ring 
(you got a bunch) plus Gil. The left side has a Potion and more Gil. The 
upward section has the warp to 2F.

Now this floor has 2 + signs criss-crossed. Go through each section for a 
bunch of loot, including the Adamantite that the Dwarf from Mt. Duergar 
wanted. Keep the White and Black Robes (Invis2 and Ice 2) and equip the 
Diamond Shield on Knight #2 (leave off if playing Normal mode). He also gets 
the Ribbon you find here (give the Ribbon to Red Wizard #2 if necessary). Warp 
up to the 3F.

Now go north to collect some Gil, another Potion and another Protect Ring. The 
right side of this floor has a Protect Cloak that should be equipped on a 
Red Wizard. The left side contains the Sasuke knife (useless for your party) 
and the warp to 4F.

A pretty simple floor is 4F. Move up 2 spaces, move left 2 spaces, that's all 
there is to it. On 5F, go straight up to Tiamat but Memo save first because 
Warmech lurks here. If you get into a fight with it, you're screwed instantly. 
Once next to the orb, heal up, Memo save, and prepare for a fight against 
Tiamat, Fiend of Wind.


Total HP: 2000
Weakness: Poison
EXP: 1374 Gil: 6000

Easy Mode: Believe it or not, you can hang with Tiamat. Sure he's got 2000 HP, 
but he can't stomach a little Poison! That's right, you will turn this guy to 
dust with a little break action. Every round, have 2 Knights attack, 1 Knight 
use White Robe (for Invis2 evasion), and the Red Wizard use Venom Blade (for 
Poison). I've connected twice in the first round with this combo. If it fails, 
keep trying and heal with Potions or magic. As long as someone is using the 
Venom Blade, you should be fine. Reset if somebody does die. You will gain a 
level after what could arguably be the easiest battle of the LLG.

Normal Mode: If the Venom Blade continues to fail, have Knight #1 use the 
Venom Blade, Knight #2 attack, Red Wizards both cast Steel on Knight #2. This 
will beef him up greatly after about 3 turns, and he'll be able to do massive 
damage of around 400 HP or so. Heal when appropriate. No level gains happen 

With the Wind Crystal relit, step behind the altar and warp out of the place. 
Walk back to the Airship and fly to Mt. Duergar. One last Fiend to go and we 
must prepare!


Section 7.13 - Let's get Kraken!!!

Mt. Duergar
Party Level: 12 (Easy) / 8 (Normal)
Items: Excalibur

Give the Adamantite to the Dwarven blacksmith and he will forge it into the 
powerful Excalibur, the second strongest weapon of the game. Equip this on 
Knight #1, the Sunblade on Knight #2, and the Defender on Knight #3/Red Wizard 
#1. Now proceed to Onlak.


Village Onlak (Sunken Shrine)
Party Level: 12 (Easy) / 8 (Normal)
Items: Light Axe, Giant's Glove, Ribbon, and 42200 Total Gil

While in town, unload all your junk and re-stock on items. You have so much 
Gil right now that you can literally buy 99 of every regular item right now. 
Not bad for an LLG!! Rest at the Inn, and go for the all-important save. Now 
ride the barrel back to the Sunken Shrine.

This time, take the stairs down, found on the opposite side of the floor. From 
here, just go up north until you reach some stairs. Stairs again. Then go 
around a room to some stairs. Eventually you'll find some treasures in a room 
and more stairs. Here you'll find 4 rooms with treasures. Go around and do 
some collecting (one contains the Giant's Glove, casts Saber) and another one 
has a Ribbon (Equip this on your leading Knight). Find the stairs to the last 

From here just go left, up, left, down, through the door, up, right, up, left, 
down and out, and follow up until you reach the altar room. Heal up your 
characters and Memo save now. Talk to the orb to take on Kraken, the Fiend of 


Total HP: 1600
Weakness: Bolt2, Poison
EXP: 1061 Gil: 5000

Easy Mode: Use the same strategy as before with Tiamat. It's that simple 
again. Poison is NOT his official weakness though, so you may have to take 
down Kraken the hard way if patience refuses to pay off. Have your first 2 
Knights attack or use Bolt2 (from Gauntlets, Thor's Hammer), 1 Knight use 
Invis2 constantly, and the Red Mage use the Venom Blade or Haste all 3 
Knights. Then go nuts, with the attacks. In either case, he'll go down. You'll 
gain your last level here (13).

Normal Mode: If the Venom Blade continues to fail, have Knight #1 attack, 
Knight #2 use the Venom Blade, Red Wizards both cast Steel on Knight #1. This 
will beef him up greatly after about 4 turns, and he'll be able to do massive 
damage of around 600 HP or so. Heal when appropriate. You'll gain your last 
level here (9).

The Water Crystal gets relit so warp out of there going behind the alter. Head 
over to Cornelia one last time for re-stocking items, selling junk, and 
resting and saving at the Inn.


Section 7.14 - Without Balance, Comes Chaos

Now, you have 5 more required fights left before Chaos. Death Eye whom only 
gives 1 EXP, and the 4 Fiends again, each gives 500 EXP. With that knowledge, 
take away that 2001 EXP from your 2047 remaining for each character and they 
will have 46 left to absorb (IE still remain at Level 13). Neat, huh?

Same goes for Normal Mode players. Take away that 2001 EXP from your 2469 
remaining for each character and they will have 468 left to absorb (IE still 
remain at Level 9).



Equipment (Per Character):

KNIGHT #1: Excalibur                     KNIGHT #2: Sunblade
           Diamond Shield                           Diamond Shield
           Ribbon                                   Ribbon
           Diamond Armor                            Dragon Mail
           Protect Ring                             Protect Ring

KNIGHT #3: Defender (Blink)             RED WIZARD: Ice Brand
           Aegis Shield                             Protect Cloak
           Diamond Helmet                           Ribbon
           Ice Armor                                DiamondArmlet
           Protect Ring                             Protect Ring

Magic: Level 1 (18 Charges) - Cure1, Fire1, Blink
       Level 2 (10 Charges) - Silence, Ice1, Steel
       Level 3 (9 Charges) - Cure2, Bolt2, Bind
       Level 4 (4 Charges) - Esuna, Ice2, Haste

Gil: Well over 300,000!!!

Items: 99 Potions        99 Antidotes 99 Gold Needles 
       99 Sleeping Bags  99 Tents     99 Cottages 

Special Effect Battle Items: 

Gauntlets (Bolt2)          Thor's Hammer (Bolt2) 
Mage's Staff (Fire2)       Black Robe (Ice2)
2 Light Axes (Dia2)        Venom Blade (Poison)
Giant's Glove (Saber)      White Robe (Invis2)
Healing Staff (Heal1)      2 Healing Helms (Heal1)
Spellbinder (Muddle)



Equipment (Per Character):

KNIGHT #1: Excalibur                     KNIGHT #2: Sunblade
           Diamond Shield                           Aegis Shield
           Ribbon                                   Diamond Helm
           Diamond Armor                            Dragon Mail
           Protect Ring                             Protect Ring

REDWIZ #1: Defender (Blink)              REDWIZ #2: Ice Brand
           Protect Cloak                            Buckler
           Ribbon                                   Ribbon
           DiamondArmlet                            Ruby Armlet
           Protect Ring                             Protect Ring

Magic: Level 1 (5 Charges) - Cure1, Fire1, Blink
       Level 2 (4 Charges) - Silence, Ice1, Steel
       Level 3 (3 Charges) - Cure2, Bolt2, Bind/Fire2
       Level 4 (0 Charges) - N/A

Gil: Well over 100,000!!!

Items: 99 Potions        99 Antidotes 99 Gold Needles 
       99 Sleeping Bags  99 Tents     99 Cottages 

Special Effect Battle Items: 

Gauntlets (Bolt2)          Thor's Hammer (Bolt2) 
Mage's Staff (Fire2)       Black Robe (Ice2)
2 Light Axes (Dia2)        Venom Blade (Poison)
Giant's Glove (Saber)      White Robe (Invis2)
Healing Staff (Heal1)      2 Healing Helms (Heal1)
Spellbinder (Muddle)

Done with about 7-8 hours or so of total in-game playing time under our belts.

Now off to the Temple of Chaos!


Temple of Chaos
Party Level: 13 (Easy) / 9 (Normal)
Items: None

Go in and straight to where you fought Garland before. The 5 bats here will 
talk to you and reveal themselves as the 5 Sky Warriors who came in search of 
the source of evil behind the Fiends. Turns out that a being named Chaos had 
sent the Fiends to the future from 2000 years in the past. By placing the 
relit crystals on the black orb, a portal opens up showing the way to this 
Fiend known as Chaos. Hop in and travel 2000 years back in time.


Temple of Chaos (PAST)
Party Level: 13 (Easy) / 9 (Normal)
Items: Masamune, Sasuke, Protect Cloak, Protect Ring, and 136000 Total Gil.

Make sure to Memo save right now. That way you don't have to reset and start 
again from Cornelia. Conserve your magic, as you will need every bit to get 
through here. 1F baddies to watch out for: Purple Worms can't be run on. Go 
right down the passage, to where the stairs are. 2F is no problem, just go up 
to 3F.

A real tough floor, you have to go all the way down, right, then up into the 
centre room. Green Dragons will not let you go easily and will wipe you out 
fast. Stop in front of the door, and heal up. Memo save and enter into the 


Total HP: 360
Weakness: Dia2
EXP: 1 Gil: 1

Easy Mode: This guy is a mere annoyance. If he kills off any of your guys, 
just reset. Hack and slash to an easy victory.

Normal Mode: Same as above.

Pick up the chests in the room, containing Gil, and stand in front of the 
plate in the room. Use the Lute you've been carrying for ages now, and the 
path will open up for you. Go down to 2F.

Go down, left, and back up all the way to reach the stairs. Ice Gigas and 
Dragon Zombies will give you a hard time here, and likely will call for a 
reset. Go down to 1F.

Watch out again for Purple Worms as you head far left to the stairs. Remember, 
Memo saving is your best friend for this dungeon. Go down to B1.

Here, you will face off against Earth elemental enemies. If you get attacked 
by a group of Gnomas, reset. Go up, right all the way, and back down to find 
the stairs. Make sure to heal up and Memo save beforehand; there's a boss 
fight directly next to those stairs.


Total HP: 1000
Weakness: Dia2
EXP: 500 Gil: 1

Easy Mode: If he casts Flare in the first round, you're dead. Reset if anybody 
dies. 1st round tactics should be to have all Knights attack while Red Wizard 
uses Haste on leading Knight. The main goal is to quickly kill off Lich before 
he uses that damn Flare of his. So if the first round goes smoothly without 
Flare used, follow-up by casting Steel on your leading Knight, while all 3 
plug away. If the fight goes to a third round with everybody still alive, you 
should have the win. Lich is the hardest Fiend of the LLG BOTH times around. 
Good luck!!!

Normal Mode: Opening round, Knights both attack, Red Wizards both cast Steel 
on each Knight. Make sure to only cast Steel twice in this battle (one per Red 
Wizard). You need to REALLY conserve magic for later on! It really sucks not 
having Haste. Second round, Knights attack, Red Wizards use Light Axes (for 
Dia2). If Lich hasn't used Flare yet, he's dust.

Save your game NOW!!! No way do you want to fight Lich again. Here on B2, you 
will face off against Fire elemental enemies. If you get attacked by a group 
of Pyros, reset. Go down, left, up, right, and down again to get to the other 
side where the stairs are located. If you're aiming to get all the chests, go 
right to get a Protect Cloak (for Red Wizard #2) and some Gil, go left to get 
a Sasuke and some more Gil. Make sure to heal up and Memo save before reaching 
those stairs; there's another boss fight directly next to those stairs.


Total HP: 1400
Weakness: Silence
EXP: 500 Gil: 1

Easy Mode: Marilith once again is an easy battle to deal with. First round, 
Knights attack while Red Wizard casts Silence. If she gets muted right away, 
all she can do is attack physically. To counter this, use White Robe (Invis2 
each round) while your Knights hack and slash away (no need to waste magic 
here). She'll drop in no time.

Normal Mode: First 2 rounds, leading Knight uses Giant's Glove (Saber), 
Knight #2 and Red Wizard #1 either attack or use healing items, Red Wizard #2 
uses White Robe (Invis2). Afterwards, leading Knight always attacks, the rest 
of the party either attacks or back-ups with healing items. Don't use Silence 
since you will only have 6 charges left of Steel, needed for the last boss.

Down the stairs to B3 we go. Water elemental enemies are here now, along with 
Aquos, which cannot be run from. Weave your way in and out of rooms on the 
left side to eventually make it to the lower right of this floor. It's kind of 
hard to describe except hugging the left rooms will lead you there. Heal and 
save once again before getting close to the long hall before the stairs. Yes, 
another Fiend waits. 


Total HP: 1800
Weakness: None
EXP: 500 Gil: 1

Easy Mode: Be conservative here since Kraken's biggest threat is his physical 
attacks. For the first 3 rounds, have Knight #1 use Giant's Glove (Saber), 
Knight #2 uses White Robe (Invis2), Knight #3 uses Defender (his equip for 
Blink), and Red Wizard uses Blink magic. Hope that he wastes his turns using 
Ink or even Bolt2. If you're physically attacked, immediately heal with Red 
Wizard's Cure2 and Knight #3 should backup with a Potion. If anyone dies, 
reset. After 3 rounds, Knight #1 attacks, Knight #2 continues using the White 
Robe, Knight #3 some type of healing item (Healing Helm/Potion), and Red 
Wizard either Cure1, Cure2, Potion, or adds some Steel to Knight #1's attack. 
In all, it's a test of endurance and Kraken should go down before you do, just 
let Knight #1 swing away with Excalibur.

Normal Mode: Same as above, although never use Steel magic in this battle. 
Knight #3 is basically your first Red Wizard.

Take the stairs down to B4. Wind elemental enemies and some odd ones are down 
here. You can't run Aeros or Purple Worms, so reset if that happens. Memo save 
every once and awhile, you know it's available. Work your way down and to the 
right and keep doing that until you get to a long stretch that leads to a 
treasure. Equip the all-powerful Masamune on your leading Knight. Move the 
Excalibur down to Knight #2, the Sunblade to Knight #3/Red Wizard #1, and the 
Defender to the Red Wizard for use.

Backtrack all the way to where you first entered the floor. Memo save and head 
over to the right side of the area and through that small passage. Another 
Fiend awaits his re-match.


Total HP: 2200
Weakness: None
EXP: 500 Gil: 1

Easy Mode: Very similar strategy here like with Kraken. For the first 3 
rounds, have Knight #1 use Giant's Glove (Saber), Knight #2 uses White Robe 
(Invis2), Knight #3 uses a healing item (Healing Helm/Potion), and Red Wizard 
either Cure1, Cure2, Potion, whatever to keep the HP high. After 3 rounds, 
have Knight #1 attack, Knight #2 heal, Knight #3 heal, and Red Wizard cast 
Haste on Knight #1. From here, just keep the HP up and your leading Knight 
attack happy, doing roughly 1000 HP damage per round. He is your main go to 
guy. Good luck here, this is the last fight of the LLG that you need to keep 
all your guys alive.

Normal Mode: Same as above accept that with no Haste, Red Wizards should heal 
as well every round with a healing item.

After the fight, Memo as usual and get to those blasted stairs!! On B5, there 
are no enemies except the last boss. Swing around and enter the room. Make 
sure to heal and save beforehand. You will likely have hardly any Potions 
left, so use up all your Cure magic (1 and 2) that you have. All characters 
pretty much NEED to be at max health to beat Chaos. 

Inside, you run into... GARLAND!! Yeah, he says he came back to the past 
thanks to the Fiends, revived and all, and it was he who later sends them to 
the future to cause CHAOS. The cycle exists, the time loop has been 
discovered. Garland, the very first boss of the game, IS the one behind this. 
He then shows you what power he truly possesses thanks to the Fiends.


Total HP: 4000
Weakness: None
EXP: 0 Gil: 0


Here we go. If somebody dies (and they will) forget about him. The goal is to 
have Knight #1 become a wrecking ball and smash Chaos down to nothing before 
he uses Cure 4. 

First 2 Rounds: Knight #1 uses Giant's Glove, Knight #2 uses White Robe, 
                Knight #3 uses Healing Helm, Red Wizard casts Steel on 
                Knight #1. 

Third Round: Knight #1 attacks, Knights #2 and #3 use Healing Helms, Red 
             Wizard casts Haste on Knight #1.

Final Rounds: Knight #1 always attacks, Knights #2 and #3 use Healing Helms, 
              Red Wizard either casts Steel on Knight #1 or uses Healing 

If at any time Knight #1 goes down, reset because you're screwed. Once Knight 
#1 gets set up in the third round, he's capable of doing upwards of 1000 HP 
damage. So you're looking at about 4 good swings of the Masamune to kill 
Chaos. I beat him twice playing through the LLG; both times my leading Knight 
was the lone survivor and with less than 50 HP remaining.



Here we go. If somebody dies (and they will) forget about him. The goal is to 
have Knight #1 become a wrecking ball and smash Chaos down to nothing before 
he uses Cure 4.

First Round: Knight #1 uses Giant's Glove, Knight #2 uses White Robe, both Red 
             Wizards use Steel on leading Knight.

Second Round: Knight #1 uses Giant's Glove, Knight #2 uses Healing Staff, both 
              Red Wizards use Steel on leading Knight.

Third Round: Knight #1 uses Giant's Glove, Knight #2 uses Healing Staff, both 
             Wizards either Cure 2 leading Knight, or use Healing Helms.

Final Rounds: Knight #1 always attacks, Knight #2 uses Healing Staff, Red 
              Wizards use Cure1, Cure2, or use Healing Helms.

If at any time Knight #1 goes down, reset because you're screwed. Never give 
up! Try innovative ways when the going gets tough. I got EXTREMELY lucky on my 
first defeat of Normal mode. My Knight delivered close to 4000 HP and he got 
wiped out by a Tsunami. I had only my Red Wizards left standing with less than 
50 HP each. Fearing the worst, I used Gauntlets and Mage's Staff (Bolt2/Fire2) 
as a Hail Mary tactic since Chaos would mop the floor with my guys in no time 

Sure enough, Fire2 delivers 26 HP damage and the kill. Un-frickin-believeable!


Congratulations on a job well done. You just beat the FF LLG!!!!!


Now proceed to brag about it. :)


Section 8 - Ending Credits and Thanks

I hope that you enjoyed reading my guide as much as I had writing and typing 
it. In the end, I wanted people to enjoy this game with a whole new challenge 
in mind and hopefully that's what this guide has accomplished.

Special thanks and credit goes out to: 

- Mark (VileKefka), for sending me an E-mail about his Level 10 LLG run which 
re-sparked my interest in attempting a Normal Mode LLG, walkthrough and all.

- Pepsi, for without that magical Elixir, I don't know HOW the heck I would 
get up each morning and to do stuff like write a guide like this.

- Squaresoft/SquareEnix for creating, re-mastering, and re-releasing one of 
the best games of all time and creating the greatest RPG series of all time. 
Truly the standard for all RPG's to follow.

- Brady Games FF Origins Strategy Guide, for info on HP values, enemy 
weaknesses, and item locations that I kept forgetting to remember.

- GameFAQ's, for producing one of the best sites out there. 

**All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

**FAQ Copyrighted (C) 2004 Adam Gora (Goro123)