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How do I get Phoenixmon?

I heard that Angemon digivolves into Phoenixmon, but I don't know what the stat conditions are.


KaiTenSatsuma answered:

Stat conditions are ridiculously high, but very attainable: try training your Angemon to have stats that don't *quite* meet the stats of Andromon from one of the guides. Also: Having Beetleland makes training for Ultimate Digimon muuuuch easier.
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lady0uroboros answered:

Actually, If you're able to digivolve to birdramon, just maintain it's body weight with no care mistakes HP and MP was 4,000 and try reaching all stats to around least brains is 250+...I got my Phoenixmon on the 12th day old.
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ravezon answered:

Well the easiest way is train its speeds...keep it until it evolve to be phoenixmon...i think...haha
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jhs0525 answered:

You could digivolve Birdramon but I think its way easier to digivolve Kokatorimon because phoenixmon uses more air techniques than fire
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digitalhuman answered:

I got it via airdramon bonus condition. My seadramon slept at its 12th day with zero tiredness, full happiness and dicipline. When waked up, it suddenly digivolved to an airdramon. Just after that, it digivolved again to phoenixmon! I was surprised myself. I did the same thing that the digivolving guide in this faqs told me. The weird thing is, my stats was not even reach 3 forenumber.
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tgwolf answered:

Pheonixmon? all you have to do is fight enough phnxmn in order to get the necessary data to convert, that or maybe it was another stage of the same. pretty sure that I just fought enough of them, and that they were phnxmn, which was actually a bit disappointing since it was one of those "broken link" dgmn which doesn't have any in-training and no other variations or branches of evolution other than that one. I hate those...but yeah, just go and pound them in the sky palace place.
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tgwolf answered:

oops! I thought you were talking about Dgmn Wrld DS! Disregard
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Jered_Cain answered:

The requirements for Phoenixmon are: HP and MP at 4000, Speed at 400, Brains at 600. Care Mistakes must be at 3 or below, and Weight must be 30 pounds, give or take 5. To make it easier to evolve to Phoenixmon, you can also fulfill one (or more) of the following conditions: Maximum Discipline, 40 Techniques learned, or 0 battles fought.
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PheonixKingZero answered:

Phoenixmon is easier than the other two it takes around 400-500 stat points around a weight 20 around 3000-5000 HP with a proper chance % to it occur the chances raise the stronger the digimon Hercules Kabuterimon is the same way with the two insect digimon while air digimon want phoenixmon MegaSeadramon is utmost the hardest to attain of the 3 but keep trying with bird digimon like Airdramon/Birdramon/Kokatorimon oddly enough ppl moslty get phoenixmon by utter mistake in a double digivolution of Birdramon to Airdramon then to Phoenixmon my most common way of gaining it which is awkward and finda funny Tamer level of course effects the chances
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nyraa777 answered:

pheonixmoon from my airdramon 3500 hp 4500mp 400-450 off 250def 400 speed 300 brains 0 care mistakes 30 wg guaranteed with theese stats even though i find at the start it is very and i mean VERY difficult unless you can gather most of the hp mp and all the chips from the bosses you verse.
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clavier141 answered:

I digivolved into Phoenixmon from Angemon with the following stats:
HP: 2000
MP: 4000
Offense: 200
Defense: 300
Speed: 200
Brains: 400
Care Mistakes: 0
Weight: 30
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clavier141 answered:

P.S. I was trying to digivolve into Andromon when he digivolved after a training hour.
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mk33 answered:

From Birdramon, Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Angemon e Unimon with the red ruby. You get it winning the tournament VO.
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Snarguffle answered:

This is taken from my evolution guide on the message board.
Active: 4:00 AM -- 7:00 PM (Morning)
It can evolve from Birdramon, Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Angemon, or Unimon.
Parameters: HP 2500, MP 4000, Offens 450, Defense 250, Speed 400, Brains 250
Care Mistakes: 0
Body Weight: 20 G
Special: Your digimon is a Birdramon.
Finishing Move: Crimson Flare
Difficulty: 1600
Hope this helps.
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Kyuubi_rose answered:

I have achieved pheonixmon twice in a row, just raise a normal birdramon or seadramon and get the happiness and discipline full and sleep, I got airdramom and the next day it digivolved, I hope this helps
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