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What are all the care mistakes?

I was aiming at getting a ninjamon by digivolving a palmon, but instead i got a Veggimon. I looked at the requirements and saw that it required many care mistakes. I know not taking them to a toilet is one, but what are all the care mistakes that can be done, and specifics for each (for example: complete one training session while your digimon is hungry/tired).

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tiomasta: I think there are still more, because only one of those mistakes actually occurred when starting from fresh to champion, and I still got a Veggimon (which requires multiple mistakes)

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Training while hungry/tired is not a care mistake.

The care mistakes, as said in the sticky topic in the boards, are:
-When your digimon asks for food, let its hunger go away on its own.
-Pooping on the ground instead of in a toilet or on a portable potty.
-Making it so tired that it sweats(water drop bubble).
-When it wants to sleep, don't let it sleep until it doesn't want to sleep anymore.
-Getting sick(or wounded).
-Losing a battle.

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my question about CM ever was what CM actually increase the virus gauge, cause not all of the known cm increase it.

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tiomasta is correct. There aren't any more care mistakes. While it's good to get the correct amount of care mistakes, it's not necessary when getting champions.

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I'm 100% sure the bubble is a care mistake, tiomasta you gave 2 answers on that in your post, to clarify for the rest.

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