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How To Elvoling My Tyranomon ?.. :(

Please Tell Me How To Evolving my tyranomon, because my tyranomon is die in 13 age.......
WHY !! WHY !! WHY !!


XainasFZQ answered:

From: Tyrannomon
Class: Ultimate
Requirements: 300+ off, 300+ def, 300+ speed, 300+ Brains

From: Tyrannomon
Class: Ultimate
Requirements: HP-3000, MP-5000, Offense-500, Defense-300, Speed-400, Brains-400,
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HalfMillennium answered:

Tyrannomin's a difficult Digimon to Digivolve. You're better off going for something easier to Digivolve (like Centarumon) until you've got a decent Tamer Rank.
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