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Asked: 5 years ago


i get some items for digivolve to Kaminarimon or weregarurumon from gameshark, but when i used it, it didn't work? Somebody can help me? (sorry for my bad english)

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From: DragonNeos 5 years ago

It's not possible to use the digivolution items to digivolve to either WereGarurumon or Kaminarimon. Using either digivolution item will have no effect on the present Digimon. The Moon Mirror DOES NOT have any effect on any Digimon, especially Garurumon.

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WereGarurumon's Digivolution item only has a Digivolving effect on Gaurumon, and it's only a partial change. Kaminarimon's item doesn't Digivolve any Digimon.

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Kaminarimon, AKA, Thunderballmon, AKA Thundermon is a champion level Digimon. So you must give the Electro Ring (His digivolution item) to a rookie Digimon.

WereGarurumon's item is Moon Mirror and he is an Ultimate level Digimon. So you must give his item to a Champion level Digimon. Such as Kaminarimon. xD

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