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------------------------------Digimon World-----------------------------
---------------------Digimon Techniques Learned FAQ---------------------
-------------------------------Version 1.1------------------------------

----------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

0 - Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
2 - List of techniques learned; by digimon
3 - List of techniques learned; by technique
4 - List of techniques
5 - Opinions
6 - FAQ version history
7 - Thanks
8 - Contact Information
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This FAQ, rather late in creation for a game that was released in the
year 2000 in the US, is a product of there being a lack of this list, at
least that I was able to find, around the internet.  I was trying to
fill out my technique chart and as such I was trying to guide my
digivolution towards digimon that could learn techniques that I had not
learned yet.  While some techniques, like Dynamite Kick, are fairly
ubiquitous and you have more trouble finding a digimon that CAN'T learn
the technique rather than one that can, some others, like Infinity Burn
are only learned by a few digimon total.  Add in that some moves can
only be learned from bosses or by brains training, and you can have 
some trouble finishing up that tech chart!Thus was born my desire to
create the list myself, for the general use of everyone.

So, what's the deal with techniques?

There are a total of 7 different technique types in the game.  These
are Fire, Battle, Air, Earth, Ice, Mech, and Filth in order.  Each 
digimon that you raise has access to 1, 2, or even 3 different types
of techniques, and frequently not even the whole row of 8 techniques
in each type.  As one of the many goals in this game is to fill out
the entire technique chart, which starts empty and must be filled in
by learning the techniques, you are forced to raise many digimon to
fill out the chart in its entirety.This guide will help in that
task by avoiding the guessing game if the digimon you are aiming for
will be able to learn the technique that you want it to.  This FAQ 
does not include a digivolution guide but that is generally easy 
enough to find on the internet.

Techniques can be learned in two ways.  The main way to learn techs
is to witness the tech being used in battle.You have to be able
to use the technique with the digimon you are using and even then it
isn't guaranteed that you will learn the technique after the battle.
There are two ways that you can improve the chance of learning the
technique in this way.  First of all, the more an enemy uses the 
tech in question, the greater your chance of learning it.  Secondly,
your digimon's brains stat generally improves the chance, with a 
higher score giving you a better chance.  The other way to learn
techniques is directly by brains training, either through the black
board in the green gym or by Cherrymon's lessons. However, you only
have a chance to learn a new, lernable technique when you pass a
multiple of 50 in brains, and this way of learning isn't guaranteed
either.  In general, if you are training brains from 0 to 950 you
will only learn a technique or two, and you will take a good deal
of your digimon's life to do it.You may not even learn a single
one!There is also a third way to learn techniques, directly from
NPCs as a gift of sorts, but this way is only available late in the
game and only a few ice techniques and a single earth technique are
available this way, so it isn't really worth discussing.

This FAQ has two main components.  First of all is a list of techs
learned sorted by the digimon that learns them.  It is sorted first
by level, Rookie, Champion, or Ultimate, and secondly alphabetically
within the digimon level.  This first list is useful if you are
curious about what a specific digimon you may want to digivolve to
learns.  For example, you may want to raise a Ninjamon because for
some reason you find him cool, consult this list, and realize that
he doesn't really learn a single strong move.  This information may
change your mind.  Perhaps you like digimon with a specific type of
technique, or even a specific technique that you find really useful.

The second main component lists the techniques out sorted by 
technique and listing every digimon that can learn that respective
tech.  This is a great help if you are towards the end of your tech
chart filling escapades and random digimon simply aren't getting you
anything new.  Some techniques are quite rare to see and you need to
plan to have a digimon that can learn them from a specific boss, or
simply know which digimon to aim for so you can brains train the
living daylights out of it.

Finally, a secondary component is a list of all of the techniques
and their pertinent information.  The reason this is secondary is
simply because everything can be found in the game by highlighting
the respective technique, and more in-depth technique FAQs are 
also widely available, with additional information like where they
can be learned, which, as of this version, I have chosen not to

-----------------List of techniques learned; by digimon-----------------

In this list I have used a shorthand for the techniques learned.  For 
example, Agumon is listed as follows:

Fire 1,3,4,5,6
Battle 2,4

This means that he can learn the techniques in the first, third, 
fourth, fifth, and sixth spots in the fire techniques row, as well as 
the ones in the second and fourth spots in the battle tech row.  This
isn't particularly useful information unless you can see the chart and
know what moves are in those spots, so in the list of techniques I have
included a search term to help you find them better.  Simply hit ctrl+F
and enter "Fire1" or "Battle4" and it will take you to that section and 
to the technique in question, so that you can see the first fire tech 
is Fire Tower and the fourth battle tech is Sonic Jab.

You can also simply refer to the technique chart in game, where every
technique is layed out very nicely.But that is neither here nor there
so, without further pause, the list!


Fire 1,3,4,5,6
Battle 2,4

Air 3,5
Ice 1,3,4,5,6

Fire 3,6
Air 2,3,6,7,8

Battle 2,5,6
Air 3,4,5,6

Fire 1,6
Battle 1,3,4,5,7

Air 3,4,5
Earth 1,3,6,7

Earth 1,3,5,6
Ice 5,6,8

Battle 3,4,5,8
Air 2,6,7

Earth 5,6
Ice 1,3,4,5,6


Fire 2,3,6
Air 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Battle, 2,5,6
Air 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Air 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Ice 1,3,6

Fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Air 2,6,8

Fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Battle 2,5,6

Earth 4,6,7
Ice 1,2,3,4,5,6,8

Battle 2,3,4,5,6,7
Air 1,2,3,4
Ice 1,2

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Earth 5,8

Battle 2,4
Ice 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fire 1,3,5
Battle 3,7,8
Ice 1,2,3,4,6

Fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Battle 2,5,6
Air 2,4

Fire 2,3,4
Air 6,8
Earth 1,3,5,6,7,8

Battle 1,3,5
Air 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Battle 2,4
Air 2,6
Earth 1,3,5,6,7,8

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Air 4,5

Fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Battle 3,5,6

Battle 5,7
Earth 3,8
Ice 1,3,4,5,6,7

Fire 2,3,4,6,8
Battle 1,6,7
Earth 3,4,8

Battle 5,6,7
Filth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Fire 1,5
Battle 3,4,5,6
Earth 1,3,5,7

Filth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fire 3,4,5
Battle 1,3,4,5,7,8
Earth 4,6

Fire 3,5
Earth 1,5,7
Ice 1,3,4,5,6,8

Earth 1,5
Ice 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Filth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fire 2,3,5
Battle 1,2,3,4,5,7,8

Battle 3,5,6
Air 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Earth 1,3,5,6,7,8
Ice 5,6

Earth 1,5
Ice 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


Battle 1,6,7,8
Air 4,5
Mech 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fire 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Air 1,2,4,7,8
Ice 6,8

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Air 1,2,4
Filth 7,8

Battle 7,8
Air 1,3,4
Mech 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Hercules Kabuterimon
Fire 2,4
Battle 2,6,7,8
Earth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Mech 1,3,4,7,8

Battle 5,7
Ice 1,2,3
Mech 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Air 6,7,8
Ice 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Metal Greymon
Fire 6,7,8
Battle 1,7,8
Mech 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Metal mamemon
Battle 1,3,4,5,6,7,8
Mech 2,3,4,5,8

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Air 1,3,4,5,7

Air 2,6,7,8
Earth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fire 2,4,5,8
Air 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Battle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Ice 1,2,3
Mech 2,4

Earth 2,5,8
Mech 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

----------------List of techniques learned; by technique----------------

Fire Skill 1 - Fire Tower - Agumon, Gabumon, Birdramon, Centaurumon, 
Garurumon, Greymon, Meramon, Ninjamon, Digitamamon

Fire Skill 2 - Prominence Beam - Airdramon, Birdramon, Centaurumon, 
Greymon, Kabuterimon, Meramon, Monochromon, Tyrannomon, Digitamamon, 
Hercules Kabuterimon

Fire Skill 3 - Spit fire - Agumon, Biyomon, Airdramon, Birdramon, 
Centaurumon, Garurumon, Greymon, Kabuterimon, Monochromon, Ogremon, 
Seadramon, Tyrannomon, Digitamamon

Fire Skill 4 - Red Inferno - Agumon, Birdramon, Centaurumon, Greymon, 
Kabuterimon, Meramon, Monochromon, Ogremon, Digitamamon, Hercules 
Kabuterimon, Phoenixmon

Fire Skill 5 - Magma Bomb - Agumon, Birdramon, Centaurumon, Garurumon, 
Greymon, Meramon, Ninjamon, Ogremon, Seadramon, Tyrannomon, Digitamamon,

Fire Skill 6 - Heat Laser - Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Airdramon, 
Birdramon, Centarumon, Greymon, Meramon, Monochromon, Digitamamon,
Metal Greymon

Fire Skill 7 - Infinity Burn - Meramon, Digitamamon, Metal Greymon

Fire Skill 8 - Meltdown - Birdramon, Centaurumon, Greymon, Monochromon,
Digitamamon, Metal Greymon, Phoenixmon


Battle Skill 1 - Tremar - Gabumon, Drimogemon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, 
Monochromon, Ogremon, Tyrannomon, Andromon, Etemon, Mamemon, Metal 
Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skullgreymon

Battle Skill 2 - Muscle Charge - Agumon, Elecmon, Angemon, Centaurumon, 
Devimon, Drimogemon, Frigimon, Greymon, Kuwagamon, Leomon, Tyrannomon,
Etemon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skull Greymon

Battle Skill 3 - War Cry - Gabumon, Patamon, Devimon, Drimogemon, 
Garurumon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Meramon, Ninjamon, Ogremon, Tyrannomon,
Unimon, Etemon, Mamemon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skull Greymon

Battle Skill 4 - Sonic Jab - Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Devimon, 
Drimogemon, Frigimon, Kuwagamon, Leomon, Ninjamon, Ogremon, Tyrannomon,
Etemon, Mamemon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skull Greymon

Battle Skill 5 - Dynamite Kick - Elecmon, Gabumon, Patamon, Angemon, 
Centaurumon, Devimon, Drimogemon, Greymon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Meramon,
Mojyamon, Nanimon, Ninjamon, Ogremon, Tyrannomon, Unimon, Etemon, 
Mamemon, Megadramon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skull Greymon

Battle Skill 6 - Counter - Elemon, Angemon, Centaurumon, Devimon, 
Drimogemon, Greymon, Leomon, Meramon, Monochromon, Nanimon, Ninjamon,
Unimon, Andromon, Etemon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Mamemon, Metal Mamemon,
Monzaemon, Skull Greymon

Battle Skill 7 - Megaton Punch - Gabumon, Devimon, Drimogemon, 
Garurumon, Leomon, Mojyamon, Monochromon, Nanimon, Ogremon, Tyrannomon, 
Andromon,Etemon, Giromon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Mamemon, Megadramon, 
Metal Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skullgreymon

Battle Skill 8 - Buster Dive - Patamon, Drimogemon, Garurumon, Leomon,
Ogremon, Tyrannomon, Andromon, Etemon, Giromon, Hercules Kabuterimon, 
Mamemon, Metal Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Monzaemon, Skullgreymon


Air Skill 1 - Thunder Justice - Bakemon, Devimon, Digitamamon, Etemon,
Giromon, Monzaemon, Phoenixmon

Air Skill 2 - Spinning Shot - Biyomon, Patamon, Airdramon, Angemon, 
Bakemon, Birdramon, Devimon, Greymon, Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, Unimon,
Digitamamon, Etemon, Piximon, Phoenixmon

Air Skill 3 - Electric Cloud - Betamon, Biyomon, Elecmon, Kunemon, 
Airdramon, Angemon, Bakemon, Devimon, Kokatorimon, Unimon, Giromon, 
Monzaemon, Piximon

Air Skill 4 - Megalo Spark - Elecmon, Kunemon, Airdramon, Angemon, 
Bakemon, Devimon, Greymon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Unimon, Andromon,
Digitamamon, Etemon, Giromon, Monzaemon, Phoenixmon

Air Skill 5 - Static Elec - Betamon, Elemon, Kunemon, Airdramon, 
Angemon, Bakemon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Unimon, Andromon, Monzaemon, 

Air Skill 6 - Wind Cutter - Biyomon, Elecmon, Patamon, Airdramon, 
Angemon, Bakemon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon, Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, 
Unimon, Megaseadramon, Piximon, Phoenixmon

Air Skill 7 - Confused Storm - Biyomon, Patamon, Airdramon, Angemon,
Kokatorimon, Unimon, Digitamamon, Megaeadramon, Monzaemon, Phoenixmon

Air Skill 8 - Hurricane - Airdramon, Angemon, Bakemon, Birdramon, 
Kabuterimon, Kokatorimon, Unimon, Digitamamon, Megaseadramon, 
Piximon, Phoenixmon


Earth Skill 1 - Poison Powder - Kunemon, Palmon, Coelamon, Kabuterimon, 
Kuwagamon, Ninjamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Vegiemon, Whamon, Hercules
Kabuterimon, Piximon

Earth Skill 2 - Bug - Hercules Kabuterimon, Piximon, Vademon

Earth Skill 3 - Mass Morph - Kunemon, Palmon, Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, 
Mojyamon, Monochromon, Ninjamon, Vegiemon, Hercules Kabuterimon,

Earth Skill 4 - Insect Plague - Coelamon, Monochromon, Ogremon, Hercules
Kabuterimon, Piximon

Earth Skill 5 - Charm Perfume - Palmon, Penguinmon, Drimogemon, 
Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, Ninjamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Vegiemon, Whamon,
Hercules Kabuterimon, Piximon, Vademon

Earth Skill 6 - Poison Claw - Kunemon, Palmon, Penguinmon, Coelamon, 
Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, Ogremon, Vegiemon, Hercules Kabuterimon, 

Earth Skill 7 - Danger Sting - Kunemon, Coelamon, Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon
Ninjamon, Seadramon, Vegiemon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Piximon

Earth Skill 8 - Green Trap - Drimogemon, Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, 
Mojyamon, Monochromon, Vegiemon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Piximon, Vademon


Ice Skill 1 - Giga Freeze - Betamon, Penguinmon, Bakemon, Coelamon, 
Devimon, Frigimon, Garurumon, Mojyamon, Searamon, Shellmon, Whamon,
Megadramon, Megaseadramon, Skullgreyon

Ice Skill 2 - Ice Statue - Coelamon, Devimon, Frigimon, Garurumon,
Shellmon, Whamon, Megadramon, Megaseadramon, Skullgreymon

Ice Skill 3 - Winter Blast - Betamon, Penguinmon, Bakemon, Coelamon,
Frigimon, Garurumon, Mojyamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Whamon, Megadramon,
Megaseadramon, Skullgreymon

Ice Skill 4 - Ice Needle - Betamon, Penguinmon, Coelamon, Frigimon, 
Garurumon, Mojyamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Whamon, Megaseadramon

Ice Skill 5 - Water Blitz - Betamon, Palmon, Penguinmon, Coelamon, 
Frigimon, Mojyamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Vegiemon, Whamon,

Ice SKill 6 - Aqua Magic - Betamon, Palmon, Penguinmon, Coelamon,
Frigimon, Garurumon, Mojyamon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Vegiemon, Whamon,
Digitamamon, Megaseadramon

Ice Skill 7 - Aurora Freeze - Frigimon, Mojyamon, Shellmon, Whamon,

Ice Skill 8 - Teardrop - Palmon, Coelamon, Frigimon, Seadramon, 
Shellmon, Whamon, Megaseadramon


Mech skill 1 - Power Crane - Andromon, Giromon, Mamemon, Megadramon, 
Metal Greymon, Vademon

Mech Skill 2 - All Range Beam - Andromon, Giromon, Megadramon, Metal
Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Skullgreymon, Vademon

Mech Skill 3 - Metal Sprinter - Andromon, Giromon, Mamemon, Megadramon,
Metal Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Vademon

Mech Skill 4 - Pulse Laser - Andromon, Giromon, Mamemon, Megadramon,
Metal Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Skullgreymon, Vademon

Mech Skill 5 - Delete Program - Andromon, Giromon, Megadramon, Metal 
Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Vademon

Mech Skill 6 - DG Dimension - Andromon, Giromon, Megadramon, Metal
Greymon, Vademon

Mech Skill 7 - Full Potential - Andromon, Giromon, Mamemon, Megadramon,
Metal Greymon, Vademon

Mech Skill 8 - Reverse Program - Andromon, Giromon, Mamemon, Megadramon,
Metal Greymon, Metal Mamemon, Vademon


Filth Skill 1 - Odor Spray - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 2 - Poop Speed Toss - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 3 - Big Poop Toss - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 4 - Big Random Toss - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 5 - Poop Random Toss - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 6 - Random Speed Toss - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Filth Skill 7 - Horizontal Kick - Nanimon, Numemon, Sukamon, Etemon

Filth Skill 8 - Ultimate Poop Hell - Numemon, Sukamon, Etemon

----------------------------List of Techniques--------------------------

Fire1: Fire Tower
Power: 155
MP: 81
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Fire2: Prominence Beam
Power: 444
MP: 183
Range: Long
Special: Flat

Fire3: Spit Fire
Power: 66
MP: 30
Range: Long
Special: None

Fire4: Red Inferno
Power: 210
MP: 171
Range: Wide
Special: None

Fire5: Magma Bomb
Power: 279
MP: 132
Range: Long
Special: Confuse

Fire6: Heat Laser
Power: 84
MP: 105
Range: Wide
Special: Flat

Frie7: Infinity Burn
Power: 488
MP: 264
Range: Wide
Special: Stun

Fire8: Meltdown
Power: 400
MP: 318
Range: Wide
Special: Stun


Battle1: Tremar
Power: 178
MP: 168
Range: Wide
Special: None

Battle2: Muscle Charge
Power: 0
MP: 66
Range: Self
Special: Boosts ATK 30%

Battle3: War Cry
Power: 0
MP: 42
Range: Self

Special: Boosts ATK 10%, DEF 5%, and SPD 10%

Battle4: Sonic Jab
Power: 52
MP: 18
Range: Short
Special: None

Battle5: Dynamite Kick
Power: 193
MP: 99
Range: Short
Special: Stun

Battle6: Counter
Power: 285
MP: 165
Range: Short
Special: Confuse

Battle7: Megaton Punch
Power: 320
MP: 186
Range: Short
Special: Stun

Battle8: Buster Dive
Power: 500
MP: 258
Range: Long
Special: Confuse


Air1: Thunder Justice
Power: 586
MP: 330
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Air2: Spinning Shot
Power: 389
MP: 150
Range: Long
Special: None

Air3: Electric Cloud
Power: 120
MP: 69
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Air4: Megalo Spark
Power: 382
MP: 174
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Air5: Static Elect
Power: 85
MP: 45
Range: Short
Special: Stun

Air6: Wind Cutter
Power: 178
MP: 93
Range: Long
Special: None

Air7: Confused Storm
Power: 225
MP: 216
Range: Wide
Special: Confuse

Air8: Hurricane
Power: 366
MP: 255
Range: Wide
Special: Confuse


Earth1: Poison Powder
Power: 117
MP: 171
Range: Wide
Special: Poison

Name: Bug
Power: 500
MP: 354
Range: Long
Special: Flat

Earth3: Mass Morph
Power: 0
MP Cost: 30
Range: Self
Special: Boosts DEF 20%, and SPD 10%

Earth4: Insect Plague
Power: 58
MP: 96
Range: Long
Special: Poison

Earth5: Charm Perfume
Power: 180
MP: 210
Range: Wide
Special: Confuse

Earth6: Poison Claw
Power: 62
MP: 51
Range: Short
Special: Poison

Earth7: Danger Sting
Power: 157
MP Cost: 102
Range: Short
Special: Flat

Earth8: Green Trap
Power: 310
MP: 147
Range: Long
Special: Stun


Ice1: Giga Freeze
Power: 264
MP: 120
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Ice2: Ice Statue
Power: 424
MP: 186
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Ice3: Winter Blast
Power: 120
MP Cost: 169
Range: Wide
Special: Stun

Ice4: Ice Needle
Power: 126
MP: 78
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Ice5: Water Blitz
Power: 211
MP: 102
Range: Long
Special: None

Ice6: Aqua Magic
Power: 0
MP: 36
Range: Self
Special: Boosts ATK 7%, DEF 7%, and SPD 7%

Ice7: Aurora Freeze
Power: 430
MP: 258
Range: Wide
Special: Flat

Ice8: Tear Drop
Power: 60
MP: 42
Range: Long
Special: Flat


Mech1: Power Crane
Power: 226
MP: 126
Range: Long
Special: None

Mech2: All Range Beam
Power: 573
MP: 330
Range: Wide
Special: None

Mech3: Metal Sprinter
Power: 150
MP: 165
Range: Wide
Special: None

Mech4: Pulse Laser
Power: 389
MP: 168
Range: Long
Special: None

Mech5: Delete Program
Power: 430
MP: 219
Range: Long
Special: Flat

Mech6: DG Dimension
Power: 722
MP: 420
Range: Wide
Special: None

Mech7: Full potential
Power: 0
MP: 99
Range: Self
Special: Boosts ATK 25%, DEF 15%, and SPD 15%

Mech8: Reverse Prog
Power: 256
MP: 297
Range: Long
Special: Flat


Filth1: Odor Spray
Power: 88
MP: 75
Range: Long
Special: Stun

Filth2: Poop Speed Toss
Power: 122
MP: 96
Range: Long
Special: Poison

Filth3: Big Poop Toss
Power: 211
MP: 192
Range: Long
Special: Confuse

Filth4: Big Random Toss
Power: 211
MP: 282
Range: Wide
Special: Confuse

Filth5: Poop Random Toss
Power: 75
MP: 120
Range: Wide
Special: Poison

Filth6: Random Speed Toss
Power: 122
MP: 216
Range: Wide
Special: Poison

Filth7: Horizontal Kick
Power: 53
MP: 24
Range: Short
Special: None

Filth8: Ultimate Poop Hell
Power: 333
MP: 333
Range: Wide
Special: Flat


Here is a section where I wax on the power of the moves.

First of all, since each digimon has 3 move slots at any given time to
use in battle, you need to diversify.  One mistake that a lot of people
make is simply to load up on the most powerful moves.  This really does
nothing since the moves are used in similar circumstances.  You end up
just wasting a move slot or two on a move that is rarely used, and when
it is, it is probably redundant to the other moves.

There are actually five main things to consider when picking your moves.
The first four, power, MP, range, and any special effects it may have
are stated simply on the move listing, but the fifth, startup time, you
generally need to figure out for yourself.  Some moves, like the stat 
raising moves and moves like All Range Beam have no startup time at all
and impossible to interrupt once started.  Some, like Meltdown and 
Buster Dive take FOREVER to startup and you may never get to use them
at all if the opponent digimon is fast enough.  Remember that startup
time isn't the same as animation, and some start fast with a long 
animation and some have a long startup with almost no animation.  
Startup time becomes INCREASINGLY important as the speed of opponent
digimon goes up through the game.

When designing your moveset, there are generally two strategies you can
use.  The first is to pick one strong move, one area move, and one stat
boosting move.  The second, similar, is only different in that you 
replace the area move with a quick move instead.  The general idea is
that you always want to use your strong move when possible, but there
are other situations out there when playing the game.  When there are
multiple opponents, often times your area move is the strongest one
you can use.  And the stat booster should be used as many times as
possible early on, unless you simply outclass the opponent by a large
margin.  You may want to replace the area move with a very quick move,
as sometimes you may encounter a digimon that has much higher speed, or,
even worse, about the exact same speed as you.  This causes the digimon
to attack at the same time as you and may end up interrupting your
move constantly, even if the startup time on your power move isn't very
long.  In these cases, a very very quick move that is only medium power
may be the best choice.  You can also use this in reverse and use the
very quick move to constantly interrupt the opponent so that they can
never do anything!  Moves like Ice Needle and Wind Cutter won't kill
fast but they do wonders at dominating the fight.  Early in the game
there is perhaps a fourth type of move you want to use, a cheap move,
but this overlaps with quick moves a lot of the time, and as soon as 
you can afford to spam MP recoveries of various sizes it doesn't matter
as much.  Some of the best moves in the game can fufill multiple roles.
Ice Statue is both quick and very powerful, and All Range Beam is
quick, powerful, AND area.  All Range Beam and Full Potential covers
all your bases in two moves, if your digimon can learn them!

One thing you may be tempted to do, if you are an avid RPG fan, is to
design your moveset with different technique types in mind, like
including both fire and ice moves if your digimon learn both.  There
is no reason to do this in this game!  Digimon have no "type" resists
whatsoever, and you may be hurting yourself for a silly reason.  If
all the moves you feel are best are a single type, don't be afraid
to use them all.  This may sound silly, but I found it really ingrained
in myself to use different types to be "diverse" and it took willpower
to resist it.

The status effects range from meh to basically detrimental to yourself!
You can and should use moves with stun as often as you can, as stun not
only shuts down the enemies offense, but, more importantly, lets you get
off your own attacks unimpeded for a time.  This is especially useful
when trying to use your finishing move, which if hit out of, won't be
back for sometime.  Poison can be useful in boss fights, but usually
doesn't do much damage in normal enemy fights.  It's main use is 
actually defensive in nature.  It will slow down the enemy to a walk
speed, and combined with the Distance tactic, you can avoid close
moves pretty much indefinitely.  Defense is never as good as offense
since you can spam recoveries if needed, but early on when this is
expensive, and in fights with digimon that are much stronger than you,
this slow can save your ass.  Flat is generally annoying.  You may stop
them from doing any real damage while they are so affected, but you hurt
your own offense too.  First of all, while they are changing and 
changing back, they are immune to all damage, and the animation really 
does take some time. You will generally miss one, or if unlucky, two 
attacks thanks to turning them flat.  This wastes MP and can throw off 
your timing.  Secondly, while flat their attack can't be interrupted!  
You may end up wasting a TON of moves simply because their pixel 
interrupts you. Do yourself a favor and try to avoid using flat moves 
if possible.  Finally there is confuse.  God help you if your move can
confuse the opponent digimon.  They will run around like crazy and fire
moves at random.  The problem is that if your move is close your digimon
will have a hell of a time trying to close with them, and then most 
likely missing as they keep running, and if it is long and doesn't track
then they will most likely dodge it and even wide area moves can miss as
they run out of range!  And if their moves are tracking they will STILL
hit you!  Confuse just plain sucks.

Here are, in my opinion, the best moves, listed by what role they suit:


Power - 
Prominence Beam: A bit slow to start, but one of the best MP/Power
                 ratios in the entire game.  It can miss if they are
                 running around, and worse yet, it can flatten the
                 enemy, but if it is your only choice for power, it
                 isn't horrible
Infinity Burn: Suffers from the statup time from hell, but has two
               main advantages some of these other power moves don't:
               first of all, it is wide and can hit multiple digimon,
               and secondly, and better yet, it can stun.  If you use
               this, you may end up "stun locking" the enemy into
               submission.  The downside?  Only 3 digimon learn it.
Thunder Justice: The second most powerful move in the game and can stun.
                 Need I say more?  Ok, how about it is one of the
                 coolest looking moves in the game!  The only downside
                 is that if the opponent is running around, it very
                 easily misses.  Unlike moves like prominence beam that
                 fly out towards them and thus can be ran into, Thunder
                 Justice comes from the top of the screen, meaning they
                 almost need to stand still.  Still, this move hits and
                 hits HARD.
Megalo Spark: One of the weaker power moves at only 382 power, it still
              offers enough advantages that it makes a great move to
              use without hesitation.  It flies out fast, hits from far,
              can stun, and the projectile is fairly large so not 
              tracking isn't as large a problem as it can be with some
              other techs.
Bug: Oh god, this move is probably the best move in the ENTIRE game! It
     literally only has a SINGLE downside in that it may flatten the
     enemy, but hell, maybe you like flat for it's defensive effects.
     What makes it so good?  Well, it is incredibly powerful, long
     range, tracking, and better yet it has MULTIPLE projectiles! This
     makes it one of the few moves in the game that can be used safely
     when the enemy is invulnerable, either due to flat or hit recovery
     as the chips you launch out have a delay where they attach to the
     enemy and before they explode.  And because there is more than one
     you can hit twice with one move, as well as damage them when they
     block the first part.  Again, however, only 3 digimon learn it.
Ice Statue: As mentioned above, Ice Statue is both powerful and quick.
            as a quick move, this is really hard to interrupt.  And it
            tracks!  And it stuns!  Simply put, if you can, use this
All Range Beam: Ok, this certainly gives Bug a run for it's money.
                One of the few literally un-interruptible moves in the
                game, if the MP gets used, it goes off, at least that
                I have seen.  It's wide area, and oh, it's the third
                most powerful move in the game.  This move will serve
                you well.
DG Dimension: The strongest move in the game, and by quite a bit.  It
              also hits all enemies on the entire screen with no miss
              chance (but can be blocked) and has an invulnerability
              phase in the animation when rising up and coming down
              that may save you sometimes from a hit.  On the downside
              it also has the longest charg eup time out of all these
              power moves, and if the opponent has a quick move you
              will NEVER pull this move off.  Usable, but I would
              pair this with a quick move just in case.


Area - 
Meltdown: Ok, it has a long startup time that can REALLY make it
          frustrating to pull off, especially in the environment that it
          was designed to be used in, namely against multiple digimon, 
          but it does have some advantages.  It's very powerful for one,
          and secondly it can stun.  I guess it depends on how 
          frustrated you get by wasted MP and time due to interruptions
          as to if you want to use this.  Or if it is your only option.
          Can suffice as a power move in a pinch too, but awfully 
          expensive for the power since it is area.
Confused Storm/Hurricane: Two moves that I list here as one simply
                          because they are so similar.  Both are wide
                          and cause confuse, but Hurricane is the more
                          powerful one and confused storm has a better
                          startup time.  Both are viable as your area
                          move, just chose which you prefer, power or
                          startup time.
Winter Blast: Very weak, I only list it here because it has an instant 
              startup time and it causes stun.  Oh, and it also hits
              all digimon on the screen and can't miss (although, again
              it can be blocked).  Won't kill fast, but being able to
              stun multiple digimon with no startup time definitely has
              it's uses.
Aurora Storm: OK, again, this suffers from startup.  One of the worse
              startup times, you are almost looking at DG dimension
              here.  The only reason it gets mentioned is it IS quite
              powerful and it hits all digimon on the screen. It is on
              the low end of area moves though.
All Range Beam: See above
DG Dimension: See above


Quick - 
Fire Tower: Actually a bit slow for a quick move, though fast compared
            to a lot of other moves, the only downside is I can barely
            classify this as a long move, as your digimon needs to get
            fairly close overall.  No travel time helps though.
Dynamite Kick: Quick to come out, but suffers from being a melee type
               short move.  Great on digimon that don't move though,
               and will still end up interrupting a lot of enemy moves.
Megalo Spark: See above
Wind Cutter: This really embodies the quick move.  Low to medium power,
             low MP cost, almost impossible to interrupt, and quick
             travel time for the projectile.  A great move to use if
             your goal is to interrupt enemy techs.
Ice Statue: See above.
Winter Blast: See above, and note that while you won't get interrupted
              using this move, it won't be very useful in interrupting
              enemies either, as it has a LONG animation before it hits
Ice Needle: Like Wind Cutter but even cheaper and even weaker.  It
            borders on being too weak to be used, but it still works
            as an interrupt.  Can also stun which is cool.
Power Crane: Another of the slower speedy moves, it is also actually
             the most powerful one.  It semi-tracks and will arc
             towards the enemy if they are moving, but isn't guaranteed
             to hit and will be dodged now and then.
All Range Beam: See above.

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