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Author: Jesse Ray
E-mail: n64gamer85@hotmail.com
Last Edited: Jan 21 2002



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1.)	Updates
2.)	Introduction
3.)	How To Get The Secret Cars
4.)	Driving Tips
5.)	Walkthrough
6.)	Tips/Hints/Secret Stuff
7.)	Gameplay Cheats
8.)	Acknowledgments

1. Updates

Wrote this FAQ, DUH!

Changed the city's names in Da Walkthrough.

Revised some of the missions. And erased some spelling mistakes.

Received a hint from Danny Tompkins for the Chicago level, which got me 
to thinking of adding a Tips/Hints/Secret Stuff section. Thanx Danny!

Added a Tailed #3 in the Driving Tips section.

Put the Updates as #1, and the Introduction as #2.

Finishing it up by putting in some more Tips/Hints/Secret Stuff and 
rewrote the mission "Steal The Ambulance". And added some more stuff to 
the bottom of this FAQ.


2. Introduction
I wrote this Strategy Guide for the purpose of helping you get past the 
Undercover missions, plus along with some Hints and Tips, and a Secret 
Car guide. This strategy guide is for Driver 2 for the PSX 

Read "ATTENTION" at the top. 

This walkthrough is in the way I completed the missions, and got the 
cars, and what not. I wrote this on my own explaining it in the best 
way I could. 

3. How To Get The Secret Cars

  =Yellow With Black Stripes Camero= This car has some speed in it; the 
only thing this car is poor at is turning at high speeds.

How To Get It:
  Start out in Chicago and look at your map and find a place called 
Wrigleyville. Go up there to the baseball stadium and go around to the 
back of it to where some Ticket booths are and get out of your car and 
walk up to the one that has TICKETS wrote above it and press triangle, 
and now the front gate is open, so go around to the front and drive 
through the gate and go to your left and get out of your car and walk 
up the ramp that is there and take a right when at the top of the ramp, 
and go forward and walk until you come to a corner, go around the 
corner and get in he car and drive to the right and out of the field. 
And now the car is in your possession. 

Now to keep it, exit the level and go into the Options menu and select 
Save Settings and save it to a file, do this for every car, but you 
don't have to save every car to a separate file. 

  =Pink And White Mini=This car is very fast, but also not good at 
turning. A good getaway car, but not great for an area with sharp 

=How To Get It=
  Start out in Havana and look at your map and go to the place that's 
on the left side and follow the road up to it, when you get to the door 
take a right and follow the wall and keep a sharp look out on your 
right for a switch, when you find it, get out of your car and press it, 
get back in your car, and go through the gate and follow the road 
around to the right, and on underground, the left turns, and take the 
right one and the end, follow this tunnel until you get to a large 
room, when you do go forward and fall off the ledge and go up the ramp 
on your left, and when at the top take a left and go in the tunnel that 
is straight ahead, and follow this to the secret car. When you get 
there press the button on the far wall and the thing will lower and now 
just get in your new car and it will hoist you up to the top and now 
just drive off into the sunset or something. Remember to save.

Las Vegas:
  =Blue Low-rider 4x4= This truck is slow and bad about turning, but 
the only good thing this truck is for is to thump around in, but not 
the thing you would want to go have a police chase in.

=How To Get It=
  Well this is the best as I can explain it. Look on your map and you 
will see two roads up by the airport that are side-by-side, well up and 
around the beginning of these two roads that are side-by-side there are 
some fences on the opposite side of where the two roads start, press 
the switch where the fence is on the right and that will open the fence 
that is on the left, go through the gate and you will be granted 
entrance to the trucks hiding place which is at the back. And as always 
remember to save, because believe me, you don't want to have to truck 
all the way back up here again.

  =Semi Truck= This semi is low and bad at turning, but as long as you 
don't smash into anything it is good to attack the cops with. But the 
thing that gripes me is that it gets pushed around by a small and 
idiotic cop car, stupid if you ask me!

=How To Get It=
  Look at your map and at the very top of it there is a road that looks 
like this: 
                        =                  =
      ====[========]===                       ===============

The brackets are where the gate is which is next to a building, and the 
switch is on the right side edge of the building, so when you get there 
press the switch and go in the gate and follow the right side railing 
thing and kept going straight and you will find it sitting there ripe 
for the plucking. Get in it and drive it out and just have fun with 
your new cars and trucks. And I bet you know what I going to say next--
-Re---well I'm sure you can guess!

4. Driving Tips

Driver 2 is a game that requires 2 things: Skill and Luck. These are 
Driving Tips to help you get through the upcoming Undercover missions 
or if your playing with a friend, but be warned racing with your 
friends isn't like racing with the cops, it's a little different.
Your friends are more skilled than the cops.

     =Scraping The Opponent= This is a method to use when you are 
trying to damage an opponent, just run up beside them and GENTLY scrap 
them on the side, don't just run up there and slam into them broadside 
unless you'd like to become airborne.

     =Pushing The Opponent= This is very easy unless your opponent is 
fast, but just run up behind him and thump him in the rear to hopefully 
send him off-course, but I wouldn't recommended it because it doesn't 
do very much damage, unless you run him into a tree or something.

     =The Pit Maneuver= This method is where you run up beside an 
opponent just before he turns a corner and slam into the side of him 
hard, usually damaging him good, and also sending you flipping 
backwards. But be warned this is a LAST minute method; use this only 
when he is badly damaged.

Being Pursued-
     =Weaving Between Things= This is a very easy thing to do, just 
weave between cars or light poles, and hopefully the cop car(s) will 
smash into them, but just make sure you know where your going too, or 
you will be doing the same.

     =Tailed #1= If someone is pushing you, just drive very near a 
civilian car or light pole and turn hard and they will mostly if not 
always hit it.

     =Tailed #2= If that did not work, then the best thing to do is 
just slam on the binders, and let them smash into the back of you, but 
just make sure that there is nothing in-front of you when you do it.

     =Tailed #3= If those two did not work and your pursuer is still 
chasing you just whip it sideways and let him slam into the side of you 
which will probably cause you to start going into a barrel roll so you 
might want to use this as a last resort.

     =Passing Them= If you are coming upon a roadblock, look to the 
left or right and see if there are any openings, if there is then go 
for it, but if not then read the next tip.

     =Making Way= If you aren't able to do the above trick then this 
one is the one, when you come upon it, look for a gap in-between the 
cop cars and just zip on right through them, but if there isn't any 
then just barge right through the middle and hope your car doesn't get 
off track.

5. Da Walkthrough
Since INTERSECTION is a long word I'm going to call it INTERN(s). So 
remember what this word means when you see it. INTERN=INTERSECTION.
Here it goes:

   =Surveillance Tip Off= When you begin run to the car that is in      
front of you with the arrow above it, and press triangle to get in. Now 
you will need to get to where Jones is, go to your map and there will 
be a flashing white dot, this is where you need to go, pick your route 
and drive over there, when you get there hop out of your car, and into   
Jones' car.

   =Chase The Witness= The only thing that you do for this mission is 
just stay with the witnesses car and try not to get to far behind or 
you will lose him/her. Try not to smash into anything, because he is 
fast, and one little thingy could cost you the mission. And also don't 
get right upon his bumper and ride him because when he swerves he could 
be swerving out of the way of a car, and when his does guess where the 
car is going to end up-yep right in your face.

   =Follow The Train= After the cinema scene and when you gain control 
of the car, watch out and be careful of the dirt mounds when you go 
over them, just follow the train and like watch out for cars on the 
highway and when you turn the corners at the interns. When you get to 
the end, come to a complete stop, and run up the ramp and on to the 
platform, when on the platform just run to the red arrow and that's the 

   =Tailing The Drop= Just follow that Brazilian guy who is making the 
drop, this is basically an easy proximity mission just make sure you 
watch how close or how far you are away from him, and also the 
direction the guy goes. Make sure you're bar thing stays within the 
green area. Or he will leave you in the dust, or something.

  =Escape To Safe House= When you start off go forward until you get to 
the road and take a left and then take a right at the intern, follow 
this road that curves around to the right and then take a left at the 
intern, follow THIS road and then take a left and THIS intern. Follow 
this road all the way down, do not make any turns off this road, when 
you get to the end there should be a draw bridge, go right and go past 
two interns and take a left at the second one and jump the bridge, go 
down past four interns and take a right on the forth one, and then when 
at THAT intern, take a left and head up on to Tanners apartments. Man 
that is a lot of INTERNS.

  =Chase The Intruder= This mission is where you have to chase what's 
his face, because he was in your apartment and snuck up on you and gave 
you a good left hook, and then stepped on your face, so now you have to 
chase him. Run over, and get in the silver car and take off after him, 
do not take the Van because if you do, you will be eating Jericho's 
dust, er yeah. Jericho is fast and a good challenge. Just take the 
silver car and you should be alright, just watch out for cars and such. 

   =Caine's Compound= This mission confused me at the start, being as 
it seems if there is no way out, but don't panic, there is a way out.
Take either car, and drive around to the right, then turn left and then 
when your inside the warehouse take a right, then turn right and follow 
along here going in-between the few fans that show, and when you come 
to the road, don't turn to the left or right just keep going on over 
the road into the next warehouse area, take a left when going around 
the fence, and take the first right in-between the buildings, now you 
will have to turn left into the building because a Van has pulled up 
and blocked your path when you get past him you will come to a 
warehouse that leads you out onto the road, take it and turn left and 
follow this road until you get to the end, to lose the Van that is 
following you just weave in-between the poles on the road, turn right 
at the end of the long road, and then turn right into the building that 
is on the right follow along here to the road and on in the other 
warehouse, keep following along here until the end, and at the end, 
turn right into thankfully the last warehouse, and then turn left onto 
the road and jump the bridge, when you jump the bridge, just go 
straight and the game will soon take over. 

   =Leaving Chicago= Just look at your map and pick your best route to 
the end, the unmarked police cars shouldn't be that hard to evade, if 
you need a new car just hop out and steal another one. Be careful when 
turning at the interns, being as it is raining and the ground is wet 
which means less traction, and more sliding, not good.

   =Follow The Lead= This mission is another proximity bar thing; it is 
also a very easy mission. Just follow the guy and watch your bar and 
make sure your bar stays in the green area, and also the direction the 
guy goes.

   =Hijack The Truck= Whoa, this mission is difficult but nothing we 
can't do, just don't get mad, or throw your controller around, and such 
stuff. Just speed up to him and try to scrap him, but if that doesn't 
work just try and T-bone him whenever he turns a corner, or when he 
drives across the median. When he gives up the truck will stop, and now 
you can take over the escort, look at your map and choose the best 
route. When you get there, get out and press triangle at the switch, 
and then drive the truck in and get out and shut the door. And another 
because if you hit one, you probably won't be able to catch back up 
with the truck, because he will lose you very fast.

   =Stop The Truck= This mission is just about the same thing as the 
previous truck mission. Just follow the same rules, and watch out for 
the bombs that are coming out of the back of the truck, they don't call 
it a bomb truck for nothing. Remember WATCH OUT FOR OTHER CARS.

   =Find The Clue= They always take the same route, and the "File" is 
always in the last car, pretty stupid if you ask me. 
When you start out, get in the car and go straight and turn right and 
the first intern, and follow the road and you should be able to 
intercept him down the road apiece, when you do try to get at least a 
good head-on shot, the rest of the car's are pretty easy to get (and 
with a little luck), if you play it awhile, watch their pattern of 
driving and when you got it down in your head where there going to go 
(mainly the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th cars) try and get on the road that there 
on, in front and hopefully meet them in the middle.  

I know it's hard, but if I got past it, I know you can, just trust me, 
with a little time, and luck, you'll get past it when you least expect 
it. I did. 

   =Escape To Ferry= This is a rather easy mission compared to the last 
one. Look at your map and pick your route, when you have, use the car 
that you are in and hightail it to the ferry, when you get to the 
ferry, do not floor it and sit on the gas or you will be swimmin' with 
the fishes, or something. This is what you need to do, jump the ramp 
and just AFTER you come off the ramp, let off the gas and hold your 
brake, you should have landed in the middle of the ferry. But if not, 
then you'll have to do the mission again.

   =To The Docks= Go around to the beginning of the tunnel and look at 
your map and choose the best route possible, when you come out of the 
tunnel there will be a road block on the same road that you are on so 
be ready to take another route from there. And if you need to you can 
get out and take other cars. Watch out for police.

   =Back To Jones= Take the car that is behind you and go to where 
Jones is and watch out for the police when your driving down the 
winding road, when you get there hop out and get into Jones' car. If 
you have any time left and want to do something, when you get to where 
Jones is hop out of your car and get in Jericho's and move his car 
somewhere and then get out and hope into Jones, then watch the 
cutscene, it moves his car back automatically, nothing funny, but 
somethin' to do.

   =Tail Jericho= This is another one of those stupid proximity 
thingys. When you start DO NOT move or will be way to close. Follow him 
and stay within the green area (on your proximity bar) behind him, but 
be ready when he turns down some back streets that are full of traffic. 
Believe me, you don't want to get stuck behind a civilian car when your 
2/3's of the way done.

   =Pursue Jericho= OHHHH! A rather hard mission, just follow Jericho 
and smash and ram him when you can. Maybe you'll luck out and he'll get 
behind a civilian car and slow down, so you can get in a good hit. 
   =Escape The Brazilians= This mission is so simple, just cruise to 
the freeway at the top of the map, and then drive to the lockup, I'm 
sure you know how to get in the lockup. If you're trying to lose the 
eggheads that are following you just weave in-between the traffic or 
light poles.

!! You Will Need The Second CD-ROM At This Point !!

Guess what, you've unlocked a new city. Go and Save it in the Save 
Settings, save it under the same file that you saved your secret cars 
in, don't worry it won't erase nothin'.

   =Casino Getaway= There are two ways to do this mission. #One is 
faster, and the second takes off a couple of seconds. I like the second 
one, because of the truck. 

#1. Turn around and get into the Mustang that is behind you and speed 
off and pick up Caine's men, and then take off and just follow the 
Lower Strip all the way to the lock-up, when you get there you don't 
have to get out of your vehicle, just drive on in the garage. Watch out 
for police.

#2. Go across the street and get into the 4x4 that is comin' down the 
road and then drive and pick-up Caine's men and then drive to the lock-
up. Same rules of driving apply here too. It looks cooler picking them 
up in the truck I think.

   =Beat The Train= This is a medium/difficult mission. When you start 
out floor the gas and stay to the left of the train, because you have 
to make a jump up here and you don't want to have to be beside the 
train and then have to whip it over to the left and make the jump. 
After you make the jump through the gate, go back over and get in front 
of the train, and just all-out race to the bridge, do not stay with the 
train, leave it in the dust. When you get to the bridge stop and get 
out of the truck and hurry get in the car and drive to the red arrow on 
the left side of the bridge.

  =Car Bomb= This mission is easy, but the police make it a real 
hassle. Just go to your map and choose your best route and take it, 
when you get there, drive up to the arrow and stop, get out, and run 
in-between the two big buildings and then run to the red arrow.

  =Car Bomb Getaway= Another easy mission, just go forward and to the 
right, and you'll be able to choose from two vehicles: A red Mustang, 
and a White Limo. Take the red mustang being as it is the fastest, just 
follow the Lower Strips until you come to a left hand turn just after 
the lower strip. Then just drive to the red arrow. There are police in 
this mission but they shouldn't be that big of a deal.

  =Bank Job= For this mission you have to get Jericho out of a jam. 
First open the door, and then take the Mustang that is parked inside, 
and hightail it to where Jericho is. Watch out for civilian cars.

After you pick him up just go up and drive along the freeway, following 
it until you come to a highway off-ramp, go down the off-ramp and look 
at your map and decide your best route and take it, the police will 
back off when your nearing the end. The "safehouse" is down an alleyway 
so you'll have to drive down the alleyway to get to it. I'm sure you 
know how to open the door.

  =Steal The Ambulance= Oh boy, another one of these catch-me-if-you-
can missions. Just drive right across the dirt and pray that you can 
stay in front of the ambulance long enough to lower his health, try to 
get him out at the road under the word Tropicana and then take the 
Ambulance down to the safehouse at the bottom of the map. And also 
watch out for the police car that is following. When you get in the 
Ambulance it will be a smooth ride to the lock-up, since that cop was 
the only cop in the whole level. 

  =Stake Out= I wish the police in this level would go take flying leap 
at a galloping donut, man the police in this level make it a real 
hassle. So you need to get Jones to the airport, well just drive onto 
the strips and when you get on the strips look at your map and take the 
best route to the airport. If the police are still chasing you when you 
arrive at the airport, don't worry, they'll back off.

  =Steal The Keys= We finally get to have an easy mission. All you have 
to do is just wreck the car that is on the map, look at your map and 
take the best route to it. Now when I play this level and get him 
damaged to about halfway he starts acting drunk and stupid he'll run 
into things, go backwards, smash into cars, and walls, so you'll 
probably (if he does it on yours) get in some good hits when he starts 
this madness. When he's dead jump out of your car and into to his to 
complete the mission. I've also seen him turn around and come straight 
at me. And again watch out for the other cars driving.

  =C4 Deal= Take the car that is parked in the gas station and look at 
your map and choose the best route to the end. The police in this 
mission are a real hassle if you get stuck. So, don't get stuck. That's 
about all there is to do.

  =Destroy The Yard= For this medium mission take the car of your 
choice I would prefer the mustang, and drive straight out of the garage 
and turn to the RIGHT, and the ignoramus police while start to chase 
you, so turn RIGHT and the end of the street. Now you will be facing 

Now most people will say to follow this road to the freeway, and go up 
along way up there, and then come back down, but I beg to differ, I 
know of a way to shave of at the least 1 Minute and 30 seconds off of 
your mission time. When your following along that road, the road will 
start to bend to the right now keep a look out to the left were the 
buildings are and when the buildings stop there will a little dirt road 
to the left, RIGHT SAMCK DAB after the buildings stop, now the next 
part is confusing so listen up, take this little road and drive across 
the dirt and go through the little opening in the railing and take a 
LEFT AND GO STRAIGHT DOWN THE HIGHWAY, don't make any turns onto the 
highway on ramps, just go straight up to ghost town, go to the little 
building and plant the explosives. Oh yeah, and when it says to "get 
clear" that means get out of the building, don't plant the explosives 
and just stand there.

I think that's what this huge island is named. This level has some 
difficult missions in it like...oh well, I'll just let you find out for 
yourself. Remember to Save this in Save Settings.

  =Bus Crush= This is easy. Just choose one of the cars...hmmm... 
choices. Look at your map and drive to where the bus is. When you get 
to where the bus is jump out and get into the bus, now look at your map 
and choose the best route, when you arrive just back up and ram the 
five cars, just back and ram, back and ram, doesn't matter which one 
you do first, when your done causing havoc, get out of the bus and 
steal a car that is coming down the road. Why, because it will get you 
to your destination a lot faster than with the slow-moving bus. You can 
get there with the bus, but I like stealing another car. Just look at 
your map and pick the best route to the lock-up, when you arrive the 
lock-up will already be open so just drive on in.

  =Steal The Cop Car= This mission is so frustrating that you have to 
be careful not to break anything while playing this mission. Look at 
your map and pick your route, when you arrive you will be at the Police 
Impound Yard, get out and open the door and then open the garage door 
and get in the police car and take off, now look at your amp and choose 
your route and take it. Make sure you watch out for the cops. And be 
careful of the wet road conditions.

  =Caine's Cash= Drive the police car out of the lockup and stop the 
limo, hop out, and jump into the limo and now take the main highway and 
look at your map to decide where to get off. When you arrive at 
Vasquez's Mansion, drive up to the front and a cutscene will play, 
after the cutscene just use normal weaving skills to get back to the 
lockup. The rain will make it hard handling the limo, so be careful 
when turning.

  =Save Jones= When you start out just get into the yellow car across 
the road and look at your map and choose the best route, try and get in 
some good shots, and try to ram him into something. Whenever you have 
killed him the mission will be over. And Tanner saved Jones from 

  =Boat Jump= All you need to do in this mission is, first get off the 
island that you are on, to do that, just go forward and take a left and 
follow this road to the intern, when you get to the intern, take a 
right, and follow the twisting roadway and after you ramp the hump in 
the road take a right at the intern, and follow this road all the way 
to your destination, do not turn of any other roads this road will lead 
you right toward your destination. When you go past a name called 
Flemengo or something on your map, and you come two some twisting roads 
just go right across the grass you don't have to follow the road around 
every curve. When you get to the end, drive up on the boat and park 
your car at the back of the boat, jump out and plant the three 
explosives, get back in your car and hightail it off the boat by going 
up the ramp and taking a flying jump for dry land.

  =Jones In Trouble= First get out on the road and look at your map and 
decide on a route, when your on the highway and if you look at your map 
DO NOT TAKE THE LONG TWISTING ROAD that leads to it, instead take the 
next exit and when you arrive just jump out and run to the red arrow 
and the mission is in the bag.

  =Chase The Gunman= Whoa ho ho ho nelly. This mission is one that will 
make you so mad. Try very hard that you control your anger because you 
wouldn't want to break anything this far in the mission. The best that 
I can explain it is just pick the red car and gun it, and then pray 
that you get in front of him at the start and when you do just let him 
bump you, but stay on the gas. Don't just get in front of him and slow 
down or he will thump you off the road like there's no tomorrow. And you 
can also attack him on the winding roads if you're lucky. And watch out 
for the other cars driving on the roads.

  =Lenny Escaping= The first part of this mission is easy but the 
police...argh. Just use your weaving skills to get to Jericho, and 
after you get to Jericho turn left to get out of the alley then turn 
left to get on the next street. Now just look at your map and pick your 
route, and when you've found it DON'T FROGET IT. Because the cops are 
out and they want you bad.

  =Lenny Gets Caught= Yeah it's the last mission, this mission will 
test your driving skills, especially with the police. Just stay with 
the chopper the whole way and if you play this mission for a while it 
will become embedded in your head and you will notice that Lenny takes 
the EXACT same path every single time. And when you get to the "S" 
turns, in order to get past them you have to be in front of the chopper 
before you reach these turns or you will lose him. And that's that, 
watch the cutscene, Tanner gets out of his car and kicks Lenny's butt. 


6. Tips/Hints/Secret Stuff

  If you pick the fire truck as a car and start take a ride you can 
drive straight down the highway and the police won't come after you, 
just as long as you don't hit anything.

  I received this tip from Danny Tompkins:
"in driver 2 in chicago go to the baseball field and go behind the 
stadium and get out of your car. on the back it should have a booth 
that says tickets, click triangle to open the gate to the stadium. now 
go to the front and drive in the stadium and to the stairs. walk up the 
stairs and to the right and down the ramp and there should ba a yellow 
car with black stripes.get in it and go to the right to exit the 
stadium and see how fast it will go." That is his exact words.

  When you start out in Chicago in take a ride go straight down the 
highway and you'll come to a bridge that should be just raising, so 
what are you waiting for, go ramp it. Now this will jump will be cool 
in a replay. Doesn't work with the: Fire truck, Bus, or any other slow-
moving vehicle. But if you try it with the secret car than you will get 
there before it rises.

  In Havana there is a place where you can get major air if you have a 
fast car. Start in Havana and look at your map, go to a place called 
EAST HAVANA and go to the place that's named Fortalezza de San Carlos 
or something it's up in the top right-hand corner of your map. Well, go 
there and inside the fort you will find some ramps, run at these ramps 
in your car and ramp them and you will go pretty high. There are two of 

  Also in Havana there is a Ferry in which you can get on. But there is 
something cooler to do with your car if you don't want your car. When 
you start to get on the ferry, there will be a ramp. Well get back a 
good distance and head for that ramp when you jump it wait until your 
car is over the ferry and jump out, Tanner should've landed on the 
ferry on your car should've fallen off into the water. Nothin' that 
cool but somethin' to do.

  In the Undercover mission "Destroy The Yard" there is a shortcut you 
can take that will take of at least 1 min. and 30 sec. off of your 
mission time (as it says in my walkthrough). Or you can find it in take 
a ride, but I'm going to explain how to find it in the mission. When 
you start the mission drive straight out of the garage and turn to the 
RIGHT, and the police will start to chase you, so turn RIGHT and the 
end of the street. Now you should be facing north. Now I know that 
you've probably heard most people say to go up this road to the freeway 
at the top of the map, and go along way up there, and then come back 
down, but I beg to differ, my method will shave of at least 1 min. & 30 
sec. off your mission time. When your facing north go forward and the 
road will start to bend to the right now keep a look out to the left 
were the buildings are, and when the buildings stop there will a little 
dirt road to the left, RIGHT SAMCK DAB after the buildings stop, go on 
this little road and drive across the dirt and go through the little 
opening in the railing and you've just found the shortcut. This 
shortcut cuts right across to the freeway so you don't have to go all 
the way up there.

And that's all for Las Vegas that I can think of.

 When you start out in Rio go forward and take a right and then take a 
right at the next intern. Follow this road ALL the way to the end and 
when at the end look to your left just before the road starts around to 
the right and you will see a red barrier. Go over to this red barrier 
and go around it (I suggest using invincibility) and then you can look 
through the buildings and see the street, but don't go to far or else 
you'll fall off into oblivion.

7. Gameplay Cheats

These are the cheats you can get by going into the levels and getting 
them, so that they will be available in the Secret's Menu. And remember 
whenever you unlock these cheats always save them in a file.

Da Cheats:
  =Mountain Pass= You get this track by going into Rio and go to the 
Mountain Road entrance and just when you get to the entrance there will 
be white fences around the it, the switch will be around the entrance 
to the road, push it and then it will become available.

  =Race Track= Go to Rio and look at your map at a place that looks 
like a racetrack. And go over to this and you will see some gates with 
trees on either side, to open the gate go across the road and turn 
right walking along the buildings until you come to the end of the 
building and there the switch will be. Press it and go back through the 
gate and the Race Track will be unlocked.

  =Invincibility= Head down the Mid Strip area where it meets with 
Tropicana road and when you get there head to the north and when you 
reach a sigh that say's BINGO on it, go around to the left of this and 
you will be in front of a store where the switch is, press it and the 
cheat will become unlocked.              

  =Immunity= Go up to the Police Impound Lot, and when you reach it you 
will see some buildings that are closest to it go up to this building 
and press triangle at the left most door on the building when you have 
pressed it the cheat will become unlocked.

8. Acknowledgments 

I wish to thank the following people:

1.	Reflections and Infograms for making this great game.

2.	Danny Tompkins for sending in a cool hint for the Chicago level. 
Thanx again Danny! 

3.	You, for reading it 

4.	And ME, for taking the time to make it, and erase spelling 
mistakes and what not.

5.	And my cat that supported me when I fell off my bed laughing. At 
what, did you say? Well whom else. THE COPS of course, they are 
so dumb and ignorant. 

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And that's it, sports fans!
Happy Gaming!

N64gamer shall return. 
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