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 H  I  S  T  O  R  Y
06 Dec - New review, loads of extra stuff
04 Dec - Added loads of cheats secrets and all that stuff. Car
         section updated also.
01 Dec - WOW, nearly Christmas again ^_^
         Anyway huge updates now. Rumors and Tips sections added.
         Vegas guide created
         3 more missions done
         All the cheats added
25 Nov - Added more secrets, Car Guide updated
24 Nov - Added more Gameshark codes and FAQ questions
23 Nov - Released FAQ ^_^

 C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S
* = recently updated section
# = Unfinished section

1. Introduction
  1.1 Game Info
  1.2 Features

2. Reviews
  2.1 Zonet's Review
  2.2 Net Reviews
  2.3 AK-47x's Review

3. City Guide
  3.1 Chicago
  3.2 Havana
  3.3 Las Vegas *
  3.4 Rio De Janerio #

4. Car Guide

6. Mission Tips
  6.1 Introduction
  6.2 Getaway Missions
  6.3 GoTo Missions
  6.4 Chase Missions
  6.5 Tail Missions

7. Mission Walthroughs
  7.1 Introduction
  7.2 Chicago
  7.3 Havana
  7.4 Las Vegas # *
  7.5 Rio #

8. Secrets and Cheats
  8.1 Secret Areas & Secrets *
  8.2 Fun Game Bugs
  8.3 Gameshark Codes *

9. Rumors

10. FAQ *

11. Copyright

12. Final Note and Thanks Messages

1.   I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N

  1.1  G a m e   I n f o

Driver is the sequel to the massive Driver by newcastle-based
developer Reflections. The original Driver was the biggest selling 
game ever in the UK, so it's hardly surprising that it sprawned a
sequel. Once again you play Tanner, who quit his undercover cop job at
the end of Driver, so now you are working as a private agent trying to
sort out a war between Solomon Caine and (brazilian blokey) before a
huge war breaks out.

  1.2  F e a t u r e s

Driver 2 features:
 - 2 discs of action
 - Better storyline
 - Curved and layered roads
 - 4 new cities (see section 3 - city guide)
 - Ability to get out of the car and walk around and hijack other cars
 - More intelligent cop AI
 - Split-screen 2-player mode
 - More vehicles including buses, trucks etc.
 - Cool FMV
 - Decent story, new characters
 - Better pedestrian AI
 - More variety to the mission

2.   R  E  V  I  E  W  S

  2.1  Z o n e t ' s   R e v i e w

I loved Driver. It was a simply great game which was fun to play and
looked simply great. So when Iheard about a sequel to the best-selling
game, I was delighted. Eventually more details were announced like
curvy roads, on-ramps, multiplayer options, 2 discs, and a great
looking FMV and graphics. So how did Reflections get suck a good idea
so wrong?

Well lets start with the graphics. When you enter Driver 2 you straight
away notice that the menu screens are neater and more organized. It
all looks very professional at this point. But when you actually play
the game you see how rough everything is. The buildings look rough
and sometimes disappear if you go up close. The cars also seem to
have lost the clever lighting tricks from the first game. The cars
are smaller, which sometimes makes them hard to see, and the pop-up is
simply awful. It's worse than from the first game. It looks very much
like Reflections couldn't care about Driver 2. It looks amateurish. It
looks unfinished. Maybe this was becuase the Playstation doesn't have
the power to draw the game well, or maybe it is because the graphics
aren't that important, but whatever the reason, the looks of the game
is poor.

Gameplay wise, Driver 2 picks itself up quite a bit. The curved roads
definately add to the driving experience and are a welcome addition.
However the other 'improvements' seem to have been thrown in and not
properly tested. Multiplayer is fun, but you can only play from the
AWFUL in-car view. And the abiliaty to get out of the car was a good
idea, but controlling Taner on foot isn't exactly easy, and getting
into other cars is made stupidly hard (you have to walk right up to
the door).

Lets be fair though. There are 40(?) (see section 9) new missions
which are more varied than those in Driver. They have been tested
well although they do seem to be ridiculously hard at times.
There are now missions where you have to find your way out of a maze,
follow another car without it seeing you, or destroy the truck that
throws bombs at you. These are great fun and do make Driver 2 a better

There is no way you can accuse Driver 2 of not trying. Reflections
must have tried dearly to make Driver 2 a better game, seeing as there
wasn't much room for improvement after Driver and the limits of the
now ageing Playstation. But it seems their 2 steps forward has taken
them a step back.

I liked Driver a lot. It came out of nowhere to become one the biggest
selling game that the UK ever saw. It sold millions and launched
Relfections into stardom after numerous set-backs prior to its
release. I guess my expectation were high for Driver 2, but somehow
the game just doesn't work. The bugs that flaw the game aren't just
annoying, they ruin the game completely. I have had numerous
complaints about disc 2 of the game not working at all, so you only
see half the game. I'm sure Driver 2 will be a success and will sell
well, but with the Playstation 2 now out and games such as Gran
Turismo 3 approaching, Driver 2 looks stone-age in comparison. I
hope for better things with Driver 3, Reflections. Take note.

Graphics        Glitchy, pixelated                           6
Gameplay        Fun, but too hard at times, and too buggy    8
Sound & Music   Music is poor, sounds are fairly good        7
Lifespan        Long lived, multiplayer is cool too          9
Overall Score   A good idea, but let down by poor graphics  80%
                and too many bugs

  2.2  N e t   R e v i e w s

Here are some more reviews of Driver 2 found across the internet. Copy
and paste the address into your browser window.
 - http://www.totalgames.net/PSX/reviews/d-f/driver2B.html
 - http://www.zdnet.com/gamespot/stories/reviews/0,10867,2653202,00.html
 - http://psx.ign.com/reviews/14153.html
 - http://www.dailyradar.com/reviews/game_review_1048.html
 - http://www.tgn.com.au/playstation/reviews/driver2.html
 - http://www.psxextreme.com/scripts/reviews/review.asp?revID=170

  2.3  A K - 4 7 x ' s   R e v i e w s

Being a big fan of Driver, I came to have some expectations of what
Driver 2 would be like. I wasn't dissapointed. As far as gameplay
goes, Driver 2 rocks! The control is as tight as ever and the variety
of vehicles to choose from is awesome. I've seen and heard from other
sites and mags that Driver 2 suffers graphically and is a stepback
from Driver. That is not true, What is really going on is that the PSX
hardware is showing it's age, especially with the new PS2 already
selling out everywhere. It's not hard to see how people can start to
compare even if it's and unconsciously. So I think that with that in
mind people should see Driver 2 for what it is , a truly excellent
game. It's not perfect, but it's really good. The new additions that
Reflections were able to add make Driver 2 twice as rewarding as the
first one. Just the ability to wander around on foot makes it two games
in one. There are many secrets to be found just driving or walking
around town. The two player mode is ok, but I have to say that not
being able to switch out of the in car veiw was a real bummer. The
CG movies have improved over Driver and do a much better job of
telling the story . All of the added elements , 2 player, carjacking,
secret switches, etc, more than make up for a little slowdown here and
there. Overall I recomend Driver 2 to everyone. Go buy it! 


3.   C  I  T  Y     G  U  I  D  E

  3.1  C h i c a g o

Chicago is a nice city. It has a good road layout that is unconfusing
and the freeways on the outer area of the city really rule for some
high speed chasing. The missions here are easy mainly becauseof the
nice wide roads and easy going corners. There aren't many evil tricks
here like blind corners (you get those in Havana) which overall makes
Chicago a pleaseurable exeprience.

So far Chicago is my favourite city, but we will have to wait and see
what the other 2 are like...

  3.2  H a v a n a

Havana is definately a new experience for Driver gamers. It requires a
very different driving style to any other city in Driver 2. The
streets are narrow and very windy (the curved roads really come into
their own here - though they often become annoying aswell because they
are so difficult to drive around :) ) and also seem to be layed out in
a confusing maner. A lot of them come close together but don't
actually touch which is incredibly frustrating.

Still Havana is a unique experience, both in the game and in real
life. You drive some abysmal 1950's cars which look as bad as they
drive. The detail here is quite incredible. In the many back alleys
there are washing lines with clothes on, litter, boxes and so on which
are good fun to smash through. The tunnel in the northern area is a
good example of how the new curved roads increase the fun of driving

So overall Havana is a fair city. It's confusing and, at times,
frustrating but is still a different experience and
involves all your driving skills.

  3.3  L a s   V e g a s

It's back to America for the next city and we are out in the desert
of Nevada. In this city you really get to see what a difference the
curved roads make. They really improve the game and driving exprience
here. Most of the roads are diagonal and have lots of corners on them
so this is a nice area. Also in the far North-West there is an open
desert (where Beat the Train takes place - see section 7.4) with a
train line. This is great fun especially in Big Bird (the big yellow
pick-up). You must go and see that area. It's something totally new
that wasn't in Driver (unless you got rammed through the wall and
started driving on air ^_^).

So Vegas is a cool place. I still haven't worked out where The Strip
is but I am certain It's in there somewhere. Unfortunately you can
not go on that ride that's up in the air on top of that building.
As you can see my knowledge of Vegas is pretty poor :D

4.   C  A  R     G  U  I  D  E

There are lots of cars you come into contact with in Driver, and each
one is slightly different. The sports cars are pretty similar so I
will not deal with each of them in turn. But the bigger vehicles like
buses and trucks are very different.

  Buses       -   These are slow, probably the slowest vehicles in
                  the whole game. It's really not a good idea to
                  grab one of these unless you are looking for a
                  quick laugh driving around in a way oversized
  Trucks       -  These are slightly faster, but the same rules 
                  really apply as to the bus. They are slow and
                  pretty useless as getaway vehicles,
  Fire Trucks  -  These are slow, but they have an added
                  attraction - you can use the siren. Press R1 to
                  operate it. Unfortunately the other cars do not
                  get out of the way and the police still chase
                  you (you could be on the way to a fire :) )
  Sports Cars  -  OK, the massive american beasts that you drive in
                  Driver 2 aren't exactly sports cars, but these cars
                  are much faster. Despite being ridiculous, they are
                  your best bet for escaping from those mad cops (the
                  cops drive these cars aswell)
  Limos        -  The biggest load of shite I've ever driven in my
                  life. Big, boxy, crap handling, generally awful. And
                  you don't get to meet any stars :(
  Secret Cars  -  There are 3 secret cars in the game (see section 7)
                  and they are all very much like the sports cars,
                  except they are ultra cool. I love the Yellow and
                  Black car found in Chicago. Unfortunately it doesn't
                  look as good as it did on the back of the Driver
                  box :(
  Cop Cars     -  There are some areas where you can steal a cop car
                  parked at the side of the road. Also you sometimes
                  can steal them at roadblocks when they are all smashed
                  up. But they aren't very good. Nothing special, and are
                  often smashed when you get into them. When you steal a
                  cop car your Felony meter fills.
  Ambulances   -  There is an ambulance in Las Vegas. Go to the highway
                  near downtown and you can jump into an ambulance parked

5.  G  E  N  E  R  A  L     T  I  P  S

*coming very soon*

6.   M  I  S  S  I  O  N     T  I  P  S

  6.1  I n t r o d u c t i o n

There are 5 types of missions you find in Driver 2. They are as

   Getaway     -  Evade the cops. They are on your tail and you
                  have to lose them (and often get to a
                  destination aswell)
   Go To       -  Drive to a location, no cops chasing at the
   Chase       -  Follow (and possibly destroy) a car speeding
                  through town and trying to evade you
   Tail        -  Follow a driver from a safe distance. Get too
                  close or far away and you fail
  6.2  G e t a w a y

Of course this is the main point of Driver 2 - escpaing the cops. I
was surprised at the small number of missions that involve escaping
the cops. It is rather disappoiting. However there are some, so here
is how you get away.

The cops are seriously evil and do their best to smash you to pieces.
Most likely this is because you can get out of your car and get into
another. If you have a high Felony, if you manage to lose the tail,
press Up + Triangle to get out of the car, and into another one - you
lose all Felony and Damage and can drive cleanly. :)

Escaping the cops IS harder in Driver 2 than Driver. They are quite a
bit smarter. But there are still a couple of tricks that usually work.
The first is to gently top a civilian car. It will hopefully block the
cop's path allowing you to run off into the distance :)

It is once again possible to smash the cops to pieces. Stop and hit
the cop car as hard as you can in reverse. The harder you hit it, the
more damage is done. Do this 2 or 3 times and it will be disabled
(listen out for the siren fading out - and a "We lost him" from the
dumb copper). Then get out of your car and into another one.

  6.3  G o   T o

These missions are as plain as you can get, though there are some
twists. Most of the time you have to simply drive to somewhere (look
on the map to see where that is), get there within the time limit, and
park up. In Driver 2, unlike the original, there are several things
you might have to do after going to wherever it is you have to go. A
lot of the time you will have to open a door and park the car in the

  6.4  C h a s e

The chase missons are notoriously difficult, and I'm not sure why.
Basically the idea is simple - follow car trying to escape you and
smash it to pieces. The enemy car drives very well and will try
anything to escape from you including some simply evil tricks. Often it
will smash into other cars blocking your way (be very careful of this
in Havana), or turn into a corner at the very last minute. The best way
to win these missions is to follow the car, pull alongside it and then
ram it in the side as hard as you can. The harder you hit the person,
the more damage is done.

Also note that in several missions like this, you also have to drive the
vehicle you chased to a location (see GoTo mission help - section 6.3)

  6.5  T a i l

These missions are new in Driver 2 and are a welcome addition, however
they get dead boring after a while. They are so easy to do, follow
another car from a safe distance. Get too far away and you lose him,
too close and he sees you. So you have to stay the right distance
apart. See the Red and Green bar in the top-left corner. Try to keep
the black marker in the green. If it goes into the Red Tobias Jones
gives you a shout and you also get a message telling you to back off 
or speed up. If the line goes off the edge of the bar, you fail.

Even though you probably wont need it, here are a few pointers. When
the car stops at a junction or red light, stop well back. It is 
tempting to just pull up behind him, but then he sees you. And also
beware of him deciding to change his mind and turn around. Reverse as
fast as possible and stay well back, then pick him up once he's out of

7.   M  I  S  S  I  O  N     W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H

  7.1  I n t r o d u c t i o n

Finding a mission in Driver 2 hard? Want some help? Jiust want to
improve on a certain area of the game? Well you are in the right
place. We have created a huge Driver 2 Walkthrough here that includes
EVERY mission in Driver 2.

 * This section is currently unfinished due to the fact that I haven't
   actually reached every mission in Driver 2 yet. This place will be
   updated as often as possible so check back regularly for the latest
   on the Driver 2 scene.

  7.2  C h i c a g o

MISSION 01 - Surveillance Tip-Off
Time: 2:55   Type: GoTo

Drive out and go left, then left again, then right. At the junction
ahead go left then take the second right (not the immediate turning).
You should now be heading north on a long road. This road then bends
left. At the end of the bend go right, this road also bends left,
again go right at the exit of that bend. Finally make a left and
cruise upto your target. Look on the map to see exactly where you need
to go. Press Up + Triangle to get out of your car, walk up to Jones'
and press Triangle to get in. Easy.

MISSION 02 - Chase the witness
Time: 0:59   Type: Chase

You have to follow the blue car for a minute - not good fun. This
mission will test your driving to the limit. He doesn't always take
the same route so be alert. Do your best not to crash either. You
don't actually have to wreck the car, just follow it to the station,
so don't crash, and don't try to get clever with it. He just escapes
onto the train as you aproach.

MISSION 03 - Train Pursuit
Time: 2:00   Type: Chase

Follow the train. Very much like The Informant out of Driver. Anyway
you jump straight inot a rolling start from the movie so don't get
caught out by that. Fight through the sand hills trying to keep
control of your car, then bomb it under the train tracks. Where do the
tracks go? Well they are makred on your map as cream coloured lines so
follow them. Watch out though. Near the start he has the choice to go
either straight on or left. He always goes left here. Later on near
the end there is another junction. Look out for that aswell.

MISSION 04 - Tailing the Drop
Time: Varies   Type: Tail

This is the first of the new 'Tail' missions in Driver 2. There isn't
really any special trick to this mission. Just follow the insturctions
listed in section 5.5 above.

MISSION 05 - Escape to the Safehouse
Time: 3:40   Type: Getaway

Damn! The cops have cottoned on to you and Tobias and they want you,
and you alone! Noe you need to lose the cops. There is quite a cool
glitch you can exploit. Drive as quick as you can and lose the cops,
then get out of your car and into another one. The Damage and Felony
bars are reset to 0 and you can drive safely to the safehouse. You
need to hurry though as the timer is always counting down.

MISSION 06 - Chase the Intruder
Time: Varies   Type: Chase

Some git just smashed your face in, so you want to catch him. In the
alley, take the sports car (not the van) and speed out in chase.

MISSION 07 - Caine's Compound
Time: 2:50   Type: Other

Hmm, this is an interesting, and the first mission that actually makes
you think about what you have to do. Grab a car and smash your way 
out. Turn around and head South. Some vans now drive into your path
trying to block it. You have to choices. Either find a way around it, 
or ram the ass :) Keep heading South and eventually you will reach a
large  warehouse that leads onto the main road. Go out onto the main 
road (the yellow van start following you now) and turn left (North).
Go all the way as far north as you can and turn right at the end of the
road. Enter the warehouse area here too. Now head south like you did
before and eventually you will reach the end. Jump over the bridge and
it's job done. The time limit here is quite strict aswell, so you have
to hurry.

MISSION 08 - Leaving Chicago
Time: 3:30   Type: Getaway

This isn't a hard mission, but it is a night-time and rainy one. The
surface water makes your car slip and slide around a lot and cornering
can be tough. Look at the map and plan a route that uses as few turns
as possible, because it's on the corners that the cops really cane you
hard. There is plenty of time so don't be frightened of that.

  7.3  H a v a n a

MISSION 09 - Following Up the Lead
Time: Varies   Type: Tail

Another tail mission, and this one is rather longer. It is easy to
lose him in the narrow Havana streets, but as you can't get too close
check on the map to see where the driver went. He is shown as a
whiteish dot along the roads which are makred as red lines. Halfway
through he decides to change his mind and turns around. Reverse as
fast as you can, and stay well away. Then follow him again once he has
driven off the correct way. This mission shouldn't really be very hard
for you.

MISSION 10a - Hijack the Truck
Time: Varies   Type: Chase + Getaway

Oh, my! This mission is totally mad. You have to follow a truck and 
smash it up, while avoiding its protector car which is trying to 
destroy you! The easiest to do this is to get up on the inside of it
when it makes a turn and ram its inside as hard as you can. Keep doing
this a few times until the driver makes a run for it. Now destroy the
silver car by smashing into it recklessly several times. Get out of
your car and into the truck.

Time: Varies   Type: GoTo

OK, you have plenty of time to get this truck to a lockup. See the map
to see where it actually is. The truck is fo course completly wrecked
now almost, so watch your step when driving it. Don't crash into
anything. Find the back alley where the lockup is and get out. Look
for the building with a dodgy grey door, and a button next to it (that
is the lockup). Get out and push the button, park inside, and close
the door. Job done.

MISSION 11a - Stop the Truck
Time: Varies   Type: Chase

Sheesh! This is even worse than the last mission! You have to smash up
a truck while it throws bombs at you. Luckily it just drops bombs out
the back so you can pull out from behind the truck and pull alongisde
it. Once you've done that, smash its side as hard as you can. Then
repeat the process. Once you've done it 2 or 3 times, the driver will
run away.

Time: Varies   Type: GoTo

Now time to get this truck to safety. You have to go to the same
lockup as in Mission 10 and fortuinately it is practically straight
ahead as you. Keep going along the freeway avoiding crashing into
other cars. There is more than enough time for you to take this
bit easy, making sure you don't shake up the bombs too much cauing the
truck to explode. Park up the truck in the lockup like you did before
and then it's another truck safely away where it can't do damage. Good
work, Tanner!

MISSION 12 - Find the Clue
Time: 7:00   Type: Chase

Man, this is one tough mission. After the phone call turn around and
get into the brown car. Turn around and then make a left turn, you
should now be heading East. Hunt down the first car as quickly as you
can. Ram it as hard as you can cauing as much damage as possible. He
is a pretty crap driver so he should be pretty easy to smash up. Just
don't waste time, you need as much as possible later on. Once you have
him wrecked, get out of your car and into his. No clue. Get out of his
car and into either your old one, or steal someone elses because yours
is badly damaged. Now head backwards towards the second car. You
should get a good chance to cause a nasty head-on collision which
causes a lot of damage. Destroy this car like you did the first one.
Check his car. Still nothing. Now go after the third car. Once you
reach it, it is harder to destroy because he is a better driver.
Hopefully you still have around 4:00 left becuase you need all the
time you can get to smash up the last 2 cars. Wreck them like you did
the first 2 cars, and check them. Once you reach the last car you
will find the clue. It is a tough mission though because the time is
so tight.

MISSION 13 - Escape to the Ferry
Time: None   Type: GoTo

This is the easiest mission so far thanks to a very cool bug. Get out
of your car and run towards the ferry. Any nearby cops wont even
turn an eye at you and you can waltz straight past. When you get close
to the ferry port, steal someone's car, go flat out towards the port,
and launch onto the ferry. Remember to stop on it and not over-run it.

MISSION 14 - To the Docks
Time: 3:40   Type: GoTo

Here you have to basically get from one end of Havana to the other
quickly. Once the boat comes into port speed off. Get out onto the 
road and turn left. Here is a tricky bit. You have to find the tunnel
entrance which actually runs underneath the road you are on. Look
closely at the map and find the way in. Speed through the tunnel where
you will probably meet a few rozzers. Drive as fast as you can and
they will smash into the other drivers on the road! Once you get out
the other end, speed straight forwards. Up head a roadblock is set up.
Carefully go around it on the footpath, and then speed off. By now you
should have lost the cops. When this road ends, turn left, then take
second right, then first left. Now you have to follow this coastal
road around until the end. Drive into the warehouse area and then
find the slightly hidden arrow. If you manage to lose the cops
anywhere, switch cars and get a clean one. The cops are relentless

MISSION 15 - Back to Jones
Time: 2:30   Type: GoTo

The hardest thing about this mission is finding your way out of the
warehouse area. Drive forward past the big grey box, and then the
exit is on your left. Now you have to go out the way you came in.
Continue back up the coastal road and you will find Jones no
problem. Look on the map though and find where to go if you get lost.
This isn't a hard mission but it always helps not to attract too
much police attention.

MISSION 16 - Tail Jericho
Time: Varies   Type: Tail

Another Tail mission. Jist follow the instructions in section 5.5 and
this will be easy as pie. Just try not to lose him in the narrow
Havana streets.

MISSION 17 - Pursue Jericho
Time: Varies   Type: Chase

This is a harder mission. Jericho drives very well and smashing him up
the normal way would be very hard. But there is a small bug. First
get into any car (not the bus) and drive off as quick as you can. What
you must do is fly into the alley way really quickly and if you have
some luck you will get ahead of Jericho's car. All you have to do now
is slow down and block his path. Try to destroy his car by blocking it.
This is made easier by the alley way. You should do this mission within
a few seconds if you get it right. Good luck.

MISSION 18 - Escape the Brazilians
Time: None   Type: Getaway

This is tough. First change car and get a clean one. Then drive out in
the direction of your destination. After a while some normal looking
cars will start trying to ram you off the road. These are rivals of
yours. They drive better than the cops and can smash you up very
quickly. Keep the gas help down and go flat out, you wont out-run
them but you will be able to stay just ahead. To lose them, pass a
civilian car and weave infront of it. The chase car hopefully will hit
the civilian and slow down. This is a difficult mission and one i got
stuck on for some time.

  7.4   L a s   V e g a s

MISSION 19 - Casino Getaway
Time: 2:50   Type: GoTo

One of the easiest missions in the game. You are working for Caine now
and need to help him make a swift getaway from a casino hold up. Drive
in your 'big bird' pickup truck and get to the casino. Then go to the
lock up shaking the cops at once. You can drive just as fast as them
so go flat out and simply outrun them. Once you get to the lockup,
drive in. The door is even open for you. This couldn't be easier
though the night does make it harder.

MISSION 20 - Beat the Train
Time: 0:45   Type: Other

This is definately new. You have to beat a train and rescue someone
trapped in a car that's about to be struck by it ^_^ So anyway you
have to get a perfect run or you won't make it in time. Drive as fast
as possible. A bridge comes up quite soon so move left and go through
that fence. Now go as fast as possible until you are ahead of the
train. Now go onto the track and enter the rail tunnel/bridge type
thing. Stop infront of the car and get into it, then drive as fast out
and onto that arrow. You will just do it in time if you get it
perfect ^_^. Good luck. This mission also makes an effective replay

8.   C  H  E  A  T  S     &     B  U  G  S

  8.1  S e c r e t   C a r s

 - Chicago - Yellow Car
Do you remember the yellow car with the black stripes that was
supposed to be in driver 1? If you do, good, if not here's your chance
to get a look at it. When your in Chicago go to a place in the city
called Wrigley Town.( it will be at the top of the city) Around there
will be the Chicago Cubs Stadium (Wrigley Field) and at one of the
corners of the stadium will be a door with the word tickets at the top.
Then go up to it and press triangle. There are 4 doors so try them all.
When you get the right door the gate at the opposite corner will open
and you unlock a secret area and you can drive inside the stadium and
on the field! Get out of your car and there will be a set of stairs
that will lead you to a hallway. Follow that hallway and it will take
you to an underground garage where your new car will be! 

See www.limbo.com.br/yellowcar/ for an illustrated guide

 - Havana - Mini
You wanna see a very weird looking mini car that's pink and white and
small but fast. When you first start out in Havana press start and go
to the map. The tunnel nearest to you will have a road near it that
looks like it goes now where. Drive down that road and you should end
up at an underground garage. To open the gates the switch is to the
right near some trees. You unlock a secret area when the gates open.
Inside will be a road that leads underground. Go down there. When you're
down there, there will be three roads to your left, take the last one.
It will lead you to a big machine to your left. Then take a left then a
right and to your left will be one road that will lead to the mini.
Press the button on the wall in the back of the room and the platform
the car is on will lower, then get in and the platform will raise to
the surface with your new car. 

See www.limbo.com.br/littlecar/ for an illustrated guide

 - Las Vegas - Pickup Truck
Remember the truck in LA in Driver 1. Well, there's one like it in
Driver 2. It's a blue colored truck. When you start out in take a
drive get on Paradise Road and follow it down until you get to
Flamingo Road and take a right. Follow this road and take a left on
your first turn. Follow this road down and on your six road take a
left. Follow this road and stop when you have a choice of going
straight or right. Instead go left and you should be facing one
building with big gates on each side. The right gate is already open
and when you go in the switch is on the left. That switch opens the
left gate and the blue truck is behind the warehouse in front of you
(when you get the gate open you only unlock a hidden car not a hidden
area. I'll give you the code for that more farther down the page).

 - Rio - Semi-Truck
Wouldn't it be cool to drive a semi? Well, here's your chance. When
you're in Rio press the start button and go to the map and at the top
near the west there will be a little hump in the road. Go to the very
middle of that hump and there should be one building in front of you
with gates on each side. Get out of your car and to the right will be
the switch. It is in front of the building and kinda camouflaged so
look carefully. If you reach the gate you have gone to far. When you
find the switch and open the gate on the left side of the building go
in and turn left and keep going. You'll find the semi behind a

Have fun with these secret cars. They're pretty cool! 
  8.2   S e c r e t   T r a c k s

 - Rio - Mountain Pass Game
When you first start out in Rio (on take a drive) turn around. Keep
driving straight and on your 4th block take a right. Keep going
straight until you get to a place in the city called Santa Teresa.
You should be on the highway, if not start this again, if you are then
get off the highway. Press start and go to the map. There will be one
road that leads to a swirly circle, road, type thing. Keep driving
down that road until you get to a white gate. Stop exactly in front of
that gate and to your right (have to be facing north) there will be a
switch. Get out and go to that switch and press triangle. Then after
that the screen will say "You have unlocked a secret game." To go to
that secret game, exit out and you will be back at the main screen
again. Go to options, then gameplay, then go to secret and you'll see
Mountain Pass

 - Rio - Race Track
When you first start out in Rio (on take a drive) turn around. Keep
driving straight till you have to turn right. Then follow this road
and on your first turn go left, then right and go straight. Press
start and go to the map and look for what looks like a horse track
on your map. Go to the entrance with a little road that leads to a
gate with three trees surrounded on both sides. Get out of your car
and go across the street. Go to your right and you should find a
switch not to far away. Get out and go to that switch and press
triangle. Then after that the screen will say "You have unlocked a
secret game." To go to that secret game, exit out and you will be
back at the main screen again. Go to options, then gameplay, then
go to secret and you'll see Race Track

  8.3   S e c r e t   A r e a s

 - Chicago - Wrigleyville
 - Havana - Secret Garage
 - Las Vegas - Construction site
 - Rio - The area where you get the semi-truck

  8.4   O t h e r   S e c r e t s

 - Rio - Invulnerability
The Invincibility cheat is in Las Vegas. To get it, go to the corner
of Tropicana and the Mid Strip. If you have know idea what I just
wrote about, go to the MGM Grand Casino (The one with the big lion in
front). When you get there, drive north and look to your right. Down
the block should be a long black and blue building with lights across
the top and middle. Also you should see a big sign that says bingo,
go to the left of that sign and there will be a switch between two
black doors

 - Rio - Immunity
The Immunity cheat is in Rio. To get it turn around and keep driving
striaght and on your 4th block take a right. Follow this road and
then on your 4th block take a left, and to your right should be a
big building with a smaller building with barb wire around the top 
near it. Go to the smaller building with the barb wire and there
should be a door. Go up to the door and press triangle and the door
will open. Go in and to your right will be a garage door. Open the
garage door and go out. You should be facing the big building, now
go to the door on the far left and press triangle and you'll unlock
the Immunity cheat. 

 - All the cheats
When you finish the game all the cheats are enabled. So thats good
reason to hurry up and finish!

 - All the cars
When you finish the game you get all the cars to select. See section
4 for all the info on the cars.

 - Secret mansion in Vegas
When you start out in Vegas, in take a drive, there are two roads
near you to get to a place in the city called Lake Side, take the
freeway. When you are off the freeway keep driving straight and on
your first turn take a right, follow this road and then take another
right, follow this road and then on your second turn take a left.
Then you have a choice of turning left or right, go right. Then as
you're driving down that road look to your right and you should see
a big masion that is white with black on the bottom (on your left is
the lake). Go to the front of that house and you can open the garage.
If you go up to the door and press triangle the doorbell rings. No one
answers though. They're probably off gambling.

- Outdoor garage in Vegas
When you first start out in Rio turn around and keep driving striaght
and on your 4th block take a right. Follow this road and then on your
4th block take a left, and to your right should be a big building with
a smaller building with barb wire around the top near it. Go to the
smaller building with the barb wire and thats the outdoor garage. What
I do is get a whole bunch of cars and put them in there and then close
off all the doors, get in a car and wreck all the others, or if you
want the cops to try and wreck you, open the garage door first, go find
a cop and do a felony in front of him get a whole bunch of other cops 
to follow, then go in the garage and have some fun. Its like being in a
Destruction Derby. 

  - Secret Missions(?)
Reflections marketed the game as having 40 new missions, but you only
play 37. Are there any hidden ones? See section 9 for more info on 
the rumours. If anyone knows please e-mail me at

Thanks a lot to Rocker12687 for the extra chaets, secrets and bugs.

  8.5  B u g s

 - Watch the world.
Go up to a seat or a bench and press Triangle. Tanner might set down
and watch the world. However this deosn't always work and you can end
up going through a wall

 - Get out of a flying car
This is one wierdo bug. It works best in Chicago. As one of the
bridges is going up go full speed at it and take off. Then press 
Up + Triangle and hopefully Tanner will get out of the car. He should
land safely but the car will fly off and sometimes melt into the

  8.6  G a m e s h a r k   C o d e s

Joker Command (See Note 1 underneath) 
D00AA674 ???? 

                           GENERAL CODES
Infinite Time (See Note 5 underneath)
800D77B4 A8C8
800D77B6 0112
800DA490 A8C8
800DA492 0112 

Skip All BS Intro Screens/FMVs 
D005B170 1289
8005B160 0006
D005B170 1289
8005B162 1000 

Infinite Health 
D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043 

Infinite Health & Other Cars Die In 1-Hit 
D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043
D001CDBC 0003
8001CDBE 1000 

Always No Felony (See Note 2 underneath) 
D004C270 92B0
8004C27A A4A0
D004C888 92B0
8004C892 A4A0 

Press L1+R1+L2+R2 To Instantly Complete Mission 
D00AA674 000F
800AA194 0001
D00AA674 000F
800AAA6C 0004 

Unlock All Cities 
D01C1308 F809
801C130C 0000
Cant Die From Flipping Your Car & You Can Get Out Of A Fully Damaged
D0063878 0058
8006387A 1000
Stop Traffic 
D0053D88 5A1F
80053D8A 2400

Able To Leave Any Car While Being Chased (Including Cop Cars) 
D005589C 000A
8005589E 1000 

Able To Get In Cop Cars 
D0071E54 2021
80071E5A 2400 

Walk Thru Walls (See Note 3 underneath) 
D00639FC 0028
800639FE 1000
D006F244 0003
8006F246 1000
D001D868 0249
8001D86A 1000 

                       TAKE A RIDE CODES
Allow Selection Of Vegas
D01C6E9C 0300
801C6E9C 0103 

Allow Selection Of Rio 
D01C6ED8 0300
801C6ED8 0103 

Allow Selection Of Vegas 
D01C8184 0300
801C8184 0103 

Allow Selection Of Rio 
D01C81C0 0300
801C81C0 0103 

                           CHECKPOINT CODES 
Allow Selection Of Vegas 
D01C7DBC 0300
801C7DBC 0103 

Allow Selection Of Rio 
D01C7DF8 0300
801C7DF8 0103 

 Multi-Player Take A Ride Codes 
Allow Selection Of Vegas 
D01CAD00 0300
801CAD00 0103 

Allow Selection Of Rio 
D01CAD3C 0300
801CAD3C 0103 

                          CAPTURE THE FLAG CODES 
Allow Selection Of Vegas 
D01C8EC0 0300
801C8EC0 0103 

Allow Selection Of Rio 
D01C8EFC 0300
801C8EFC 0103 

Ultimate Levitation Code (See Note 4 underneath) 
D0056894 1903
8005689C 1D80
D0056894 1903
8005689E 0C00
80007600 FFFF
80007602 2403
80007604 000B
80007606 3C01
80007608 A674
8000760A 8C21
8000760C 0004
8000760E 8CC2
80007610 000C
80007612 3021
80007614 000C
80007616 2404
80007618 000D
8000761A 1020
8000761E 2400
80007620 0007
80007622 1024
80007624 0008
80007626 3024
80007628 0003
8000762A 1480
8000762C 5026
8000762E 0069
80007630 0007
80007632 1540
80007634 0001
80007636 340A
80007638 0005
8000763A 1140
8000763E 2400
80007640 0002
80007642 1069
80007644 0300
80007646 2442
80007648 0300
8000764A 2442
8000764C 0004
8000764E ACC2
80007650 0008
80007652 03E0
80007656 2400

Much thanks goes to the Game Software Code Creators Club at
They have many more Gameshark Codes available for other games too, so
go pay them a visit.

                        MORE CODES
Enter / Leave Vehicle Anytime 

Infinite Damage 

All Cities Available 

Able to Jack Police Cars 

Other Vehicles Destroyed Easily 

Thanks goes to 
(28 codes in total)

NOTE 1: For a quick guide to how the Joker command works, go to
NOTE 2: With this code, if you steal a car with a Felony, to make your
        Felony bar go back to zero, all you have to do is get another
NOTE 3: This code is best used with the Ultimate
        Levitation code and the Can't Die From Flipping code & You
        Can Get Out Of A Fully Wrecked Car code. This was you can
        drive into some water and then levitate and hopefully get out. 
NOTE 4: This code is fun. Press L1 and your car levitates. Press R1 and
        all cars except yours levitates. Press L1+R1 and every car
        levitates. Very good fun.
NOTE 5: If you are on a mission that requires you to blow something up,
        it will not work with this code on.

9.   R  U  M  O  U  R  S

P = Possible   U = Unlikely, but still possible   N = No way

 - Get into a plane in Chicago and Havana (N)
This is utter bull. The game is called Driver 2 not Flyer 2.

 - Newcastle is once again included as a secret city (U)
Hmm, this is an odd one. I heard this rumours and it doesn't seem
impossible seeing as there was a secret city in Driver. BUT
I know people who have completed the game and they do not mention
a secret city.

 - Secret missions (P)
The back of the box says that there are 40 missions, yet you only
play 37. Are there any secret ones? Well I don't reckon so, but you
never know...

10.   F  A  Q

Q. On multiplayer, can I only have the in-car view?
A. Unfortunately yes. This is really annoying.

Q. Im stuck on this mission and I can't get past. Can you help?
A. All our help is posted above. If you still find one of the missions
   hard, you have to keep trying I'm afraid. You can always cheat but
   that takes away from the enjoyment of tha game.

Q. Why doesn't Disc 2 work on my Playstation?
A. I have got no idea whatsoever. Always check to see if the disc is
   scratched, smudged or dirty. If so, clean it with a dry cloth.
   Also try running the game with the Playstation upside-down. This
   sometimes gets games running. If it still doesn't work, I would
   ask the shop that you bought it from for a copy that works. It
   seems that Reflections managed to include a bug that stops the
   second disc from working properly

Q. My car is too slow, can I make it faster?
A. You might be driving one of the slower vehicles (bus, truck, van
   etc.), but otherwise you need to imporve your driving skills :)

Q. Are there any secret missions?
A. We are unsure. The game was marketed as having 40 new missions,
   but you only play 37. So maybe there are soms secret ones...

Q. Why don't Las Vegas and Rio work in Take A Ride mode and in the
   driving games?
A. They do work, but they are only selectable after you have got to
   that city in the Undercover mode of the game

Q. I'm stuck on a mission, is there a way to skip it?
A. Not that I am aware of. The Invincibility and Immunity cheats are
   only available in Las Vegas and Rio, so if you sre stuck in Havana
   or Chicago you will have to use this mission guide to help you out.
   Aren't I a kind person :)

Q. Are there any type in codes for Driver 2 like there were in Driver?
A. Not as far as we know. Sorry.

Q. Can you edit the cars or cities?
A. NO! Don't even ask.

Q. What's the chances of a Driver 2 on PC?
A. Not good. And even if it was on the PC, the conversion would
   probably be fluffed like Driver was. Still we have heard word that
   a company outside Reflections and Infogrames will handle a PC
   Driver 2 game. So you never know...

Q. Any news on Driver 3?
A. Yes, it will be on PS2, and released some time in 2002. Check
   www.driverplanet.net for the latest on all the Driver games.

Got any burning questions? Send them to webmaster@driverplanet.net and
we will answer them.

11.   C  O  P  Y  R  I  G  H  T

The Ultimate Driver 2 Guide was written by zonet and edited by
ZombieX. The majority of this material is original, however I have
credited anything that hasn't been created by Driver Planet.

You may use this guide on your site, however you
must keep the copyright notice at thetop, and all sections must
be intact. Removing of the copyright or taking any section of this
guide without displaying some sort of acknowledgement is stealing and
we can take you to court for theft. You have been warned.

12.   T  H  A  N  K    Y  O  U

I would just like to say a quick thnak you to everyone who helped me
compile this guide. There are so many people who helped out when
writing this guide:

  MasterOU for the Cop Car info
  Smith for extra Gameshark codes
  Aaron Vinson for some extra info on the cheats and cop car
  Rocker12687 and adidas006 for all the cheats, tips and bugs
    (thanks a lot)
  Everyone who mailed about driving the cop cars
  Everyone who mailed me about the secret car in Havana (you
    know who you are)

But finally I would like to thank - you, the reader for taking the
time to go through all this. The best way to help is to go visit
the Driver Planet site at www.driverplanet.net and have a look
round. There is some real cool stuff in there.

Peace out.
The Driver Planet Team