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"A Game So Unplayable You'll DRIVE Back To The Store To Return It!"

The hardest thing about writing this review is to write 400 words about a game so bad and so unplayable that it was impossible to even get 10 seconds into the second mission.

Let's start with why I picked this game out for my birthday. I *LOVE* Grand Theft Auto 3 (for the Playstation 2) and I wanted a game that would be similar to it. I know that no game, except for possibly GTA4, could even come close to GTA3, but I still wanted ''more.'' From what I read about this game, it seemed like a poor man's GTA3. I had Driver 1 on the PC, but could never actually play the game itself because I could not pass that stupid driving test at the beginning of ''Undercover'' mode. When I read that Driver 2 did not have a driving test, that gave me even more reason to want it.


When I popped the game into my PS2, I immediately went into ''Free Ride'' mode so that I could get a feel for the controls and check out the scenery a bit. I didn't even move one inch when the cops were after me. Yes, that's right, I was STANDING STILL and the cops were on my butt. If the cops are going to be on me like white on rice, I'd at least like to know WHY. I gave the cops no resistance, allowing them the chance to come up to the car and pull me out (like real cops would, and those in GTA3), but they thought it would be best to just keep ramming me!?!

Since this game lacks the Police Bribes and the Pay And Spray of GTA3, the only way I could get the cops off my tail and reduce my felony meter (the equivalent of GTA3's Wanted stars meter) was to hitail it out of there in the hopes that I could lose them. Even though the game promises that you can wipe your felony meter clean by getting out of your vehicle and carjacking another one, since you can't get out of the car and switch vehicles while being wanted/chased, there's no practical use of this ''feature.''

I decided to try the main ''Undercover'' mode, hoping that it would be better. The first mission was simple enough. Get from point A to point B. The first time I tried it I failed it because I didn't get to the place on time (I was going the wrong way from the start). Once I figured out that all I had to do was make two lefts then go right every chance I could, I got to the destination with time to spare. Mission 1 Passed! Perhaps this game WOULD get better ... until Mission 2, that is!

Mission 2 involves you having to follow another car. The problem is, unless you're (at most) two car lengths behind him, the game will say that you lost him and thus failed the mission ... even though his car is clearly visible on the screen! After attempting this mission three or four more times, only to get as far as around the corner, I had enough punishment and immediately decided to bring the game back to the store with my Mom's receipt to get a different game. ANY game would be better, even Barney The Dinosaur!

Not even cheats codes could help make this game playable. I used two Game Shark codes to unlock the in-game Invincibility and Immunity (no felony) cheats. However, neither of these would help with mission 2. The Infinite Time Game Shark code would not work, otherwise I *might* have had a chance of barely playing the game ... the key words there are ''might'' and ''barely.''


This game has the WORST graphics ever seen in a video game of any age. Pong and Pac-Man look high-tech compared to this.

There is more pop-up in Driver 2 than in a marathon of Pop-Up Video on VH-1. You look ahead and see an open piece of land. You plan to cut across that land in order to make the turn at a high speed without having to slow down (or just to take a shortcut). Just as you get within a car's length of that land, a building pops up out of nowhere. BAM! You crashed and damaged your car. Repeat indefinitely and you've got the graphics of Driver 2.


In order to have replayability, a game must first have playability.



I wouldn't even give the CD to my dog as a chew toy.

If it were possible, I would have given this game a 0 rating. Then again, it kinda deserves the 1 because it has one redeeming quality: it makes a great coaster!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 07/27/02, Updated 07/27/02

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