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Wild Arms II - Location Guide
Version 1.01
Done By: Tricrokra    (Tricrokra@hotmail.com)

Data of Wild Arms II version I played.
System: PS ONE (Normal Playstation 1 in smaller form)
Region: NTSC USA/Canada

Legal Notics.
You're free to download and copy this FAQ to anyone you know as long as it's
unprofitable and this FAQ is unmodified.
When uploading this FAQ to please let me know. In most cases it won't be a 
problem if you do.
(C) Copyright JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricrorka), 2001, All rights reserved

-.-- 08-15-2001 - The date I started playing the game to write this FAQ
1.00 08-25-2001 - The date I finished the first release!
1.01 06-25-2002 - Added "Good Luck Zone", "Wind Tiger's Den" and
                  "Meteor Crater"


If you try to finish the game without a walktrough you may sometimes be stuck
forver in finding the locations on the worldmap. Some are extreemly hard to find
and that "search" option, makes things even worse. It's one of the very few 
negative points of the game. Searching the map may sometimes eat more time and
makes the game boring. That's a pity.

That's why I wrote this special guide for it. You play the game without a 
walktrough but save yourself the boring time of searching the whole map, but the 
rest of the puzzles won't be explained here so you still got the challenge of
finishing the game without a walktrough.

Using my FAQ is supposed to take much frustration away....

*** NOTES ***
1 - I played the American version so if I use names it will always be the 
    English names. So Riruka will be called Lilka for example...
2 - I'm sure a lot of optional locations will be missing here. Don't flame me
    about it, but tell me how to find them so I can improove this FAQ. If you do
    please tell me if you want to be credited for it.
3 - It won't make sense to search for a location if you don't fit the 
    "requirement".... It simply won't be there! So be sure to check the 
    requirement before searching a location. If the requirement is "none" then
    the requirement is simply that you must be able to reach the place first,
    which will mostly not be until you need to be there.
4 - To be able to enter a location you must use the "Search" feature (unless the
    location is marked with a "*" in this guide). If you "Search" and you're 
    close enough to the location and you fit its requirements it will appear on
    the map. The "Search" button is the same as the "Tools" button in dungeons.
    Default is Square if I haven't mistaken (I usually use a other controller
5 - If I note a location has a (optional) boss, it might be that you don't
    encounter it right away. In most of the cases it will, however. Most of the
    optional bosses won't be encountered right away, but are locked in pyramids
    that are activated by "My Mike". I'm not going into detail about that in 
    this guide.
6 - Spots with "(Disappear)" behind it will disappear after visiting and you'll
    never be able to get back there.
7 - At some spots I left out the bosses or some of the bosses. Don't flame me
    about it, I know they are there. I did it in order not to spoil the game.
8 - Halfway the game you'll get the Bionic Eye. Very helpfull in spotting 

*** Introduction Locations ***

The introduction locations are the locations where Ashley, Brad and Lilka will 
have a personal dungeon first before the game really starts. You'll get there
automaticly. Still I'd like to discuss them a little

Into-Location 1: Withered Ruins *
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          Kalivos
Optional Bosses: None
You get here automaticly, and basically you don't ever have to come back again.
But you can do it in order to find Hyulkontons (Tim's force divide on Gagisons).
If you want to do so, it's located all the way to the south of the city of 
Meria. Can't miss it. Searching not required

Intro-Location 2: Green Hell *
Requirement:      None
Bosses:           Gremalkin
Optional Bosses:  None
Get here automaticly. You will need to come back here later. I'll discuss then
how to get here

Intro-Location 3: Palace Village
Requirement:      None
Bosses:           Olivier
Optional Bosses:  None
Palace village is the only place that will disappear after visiting it so you'll
need to "search" for it again later. But until you reach the second CD you don't
have to worry about getting back here, because you won't.

*** Normal Locations ***

*** DISC 1 ***

Location 1:      T'Bok Village
Requirement:     You must have read the sign you see when leaving Green Hell 
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
As soon as Brad has defeated his first boss you'll be on the world map. Brad is
the only one who'll be there during his introduction part. Go straight forward
and walk past the mountain to the left of Brad. The area behind here is the 
place to search. It's in the middle of this area

Location 2:      Sword Cathedral
Requirement:     Ashley must have heard he's assigned to be a member of a new
                 special Squad
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
From Meria keep going West until you see a beach. From the beach head north.
Search here and you'll find it!

Location 3:      Valeria Chateau
Requirement:     Lilka must have joined the party
Bosses:          You won't meet them all at once, but throughout the entire 
                 game. Aphael, Antenora (1), Judecca (1), Blastadon, Grauswein.
                 Don't worry about it now
Optional Bosses: None
A spot where you'll get much :)
South of Meria you'll see a higher plateau. You can get on it by walking around
it. Valeria Chateau is located on top of it.

Location 4:      Under Traffic
Requirement:     Brad must have joined the party
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
From Meria head South until you can't go further. Head West until the mountain
"wall" is going a little bit to the North. Search here.

Location 5:      Damzen
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
After leaving under traffic head South West. You'll see a green spot on the
ground. Can't miss it. Damzen is located right on it.

Location 6:      Telepath Tower
Requirement:     You must have heard about the people who invaded the tower by
                 some people in Damzen. If you got that information Irrving 
                 should call you.
Bosses:          Vagesta
Optional Bosses: None
From Damzen head South until a mountain blocks your way. Search here. If you 
can't find it right away, go a tiny little bit East and try it again.

Location 7:      Mount Chug-Chug
Requirement:     You must have encountered Marievel after the Telepath Tower.
                 You must have been able to give her a name.
Bosses:          Ptolomea (1)
Optional Bosses: Zyclus & Zetrim
Keep on heading East from Damzen. There are some higher pateaus. Get on them 
until you can't go no further, not even with walking around. Search here

Location 8:      Life Reflector
Requirement:     Ashley must have brought the empathite he found to Marina
Bosses:          Elebart
Optional Bosses: None
You must have seen the forest southwest of Valeria Chateau. If not you should
check your eyes. It's located in the middle of it.

Location 9:      Sylvaland Castle
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
If you leave the life reflector you see a forest. It's right in the middle.

Location 10:     Halmetz
Requirement:     Speak to the Queen of Sylvaland first
Bosses:          Trask (1)
Optional Bosses: Titanius
From Sylvaland Castle keep going east. If you can't go further you are very 

Location 11:     Golghotta Prison *
Requirement:     Defeat Trask at Halmetz
Bosses:          Trask (2)
Optional Bosses: Angolmois
You'll get here automaticly. You can come back here after you got "My Mike" if 
you want to fight Angolmois (WARNING: He's tough)... It's located on the beach
between Halmetz and Sylvaland Castle

Note location 12 and 13 can be taken in random order

Location 12:     Holst
Requirement:     Golghotta must be finished
Bosses:          Judecca (2), but that comes MUCH later
Optional bosses: None, but the entrance to the dungeon that hides Ragu O Ragula
                 is here.
Open the red path in the life reflector. After teleporting leave the reflector
and head south until you can't get any further. Go West now until the second big
rock. Search here.

Location 13:     Raline Observatory
Requirement:     See 12
Bosses:          Undiness
Optional Bosses: None
Teleport with the life reflector using the yellow path. Leave the reflector.
Go North until you can't go further. Go East

Location 14:     Baskar
Requirement:     You must have beaten Aphael
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
Valeria Chateau can fly now. Auto-pilot it to Baskar (After this mission is 
completed the Auto-pilot will only work to Meria Boule). Leave the Chateau and
answer the call. HEad North until you can't go further. Search here.

Location 15:     Hidden Trial Arena
Requirement:     Tim must have joined the party
Bosses:          Reguleus, Gehanna Neros
Optional Bosses: None
South-East of Baskar. Near the giant rock

HHH:             Hovercraft *
Requirement:     Available after taking downt he Varukisas
It's initially on the beach west of Meria, near the Sword Cathedral
Searching is NOT required

Data tablets:  (This is the order I took them)

Tablet 2
From Meria beach keep following North Coast until you reach a beach. Search here.

Tablet 3
From the beach where you found tablet 2 head East following the coast until you
see another beach and search here

Tablet 1
Near the gigantic peninsula in the middle is an island. NEar it's beach is 
tablet 1

Location 16:     Sielje Region
Requirement:     Must have done second part of Mt. Chug-Chug. (Need a boss
                 symbol from Damzen)
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
After leaving Mt Chug-chug head south and go West A.S.A.P.
Keep searching while going West and you can't miss it.

Location 17:     Gate Bridge *
Requirement:     On the map by default, but you need the gate key from Sielje to
                 enter it
Bosses:          Liz & Ard (2), Trask 2.0
In spite of what they say in the game you'll need to go east once you leave 
Sielje Region. As soon as you can go south. You'll be leaded to the west.
Follow this way and you'll reach the gate bridge

Location 18:     Green Hell *
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          None, this time. There was one when you got here before, 
Optional Bosses: None
From the gate bridge, head North-West. It's marked with two pillars. You can't
miss it. You don't even have to search.

Location 19:     Quartly
Requirement:     Dog at T'Bok must have brought the Teleport Orb
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Meria. Go to the Hovercraft. Go to the west of the sea. Go South. If you
see a river go into it. If you see a beach by a forest, ignore that one, but 
turn into the sideway to the right here (west). You'll see a beach at a desert.
Dock here and enter the desert. Keep going North until you reach a gorge. Go 
west following the line of the Gorge. Quartly is a bridge over this gorge so 
you may search this whole gorge. However the game makers were so friendly to
mark the spot the search with a darker spot.

Location 20:     Slayheim Castle
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          Wait and see!
Optional Bosses: Xenon
Leave Quartly throught eh north gate (if you are a salt plain and not in a 
desert you've taken the right one). Keep going north until you reach the sea.
Go east. If you found a beach you are close. The castle is south-east of the 
beach. Very close to it!

Location 21:     Alchemic Plant (Disappearing)
Requirement:     After completing Slayheim Castle go back to Quartly to receive
                 a call from Irving.
Bosses:          Antenora (2)
Optional Bosses: None
Leave Quartly from the South Side (Desert side). The Plant is South East at the
edge of the Desert. Hard to spot. :(

Location 22:     Urartu Station
Requirement:     After completing Alchemic Plant
Bosses:          Caina (1), Kanon (2)
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Quarly and leave it through the North Gate (Salt Plain). Head West until
sea. Follow Coast to North until you path is blocked by a mountain. Search here.

Location 23:     Guild Galad
Requirement:     None
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
Keep going North till you reach the beach. North East of that is a small 
peninsula. That's the place to search.

Location 24:     Abanoned Mine Shaft
Requirement:     First you must have spoken with the Guild Galad Master. Then
                 to the man at the entrance of the mine in Holst
Bosses:          Kanon (3)
Optional Bosses: Kobold King
Warp to Holst and then warp to the Hovercraft. Go around the Island you are now
until you reach a beach at the North side. Search the North-East of this Island
near the coast. 

NOTE!!! From now on you'll have the Bionic Eye. Searching will be MUCH easier 

Location 25:     Coffin of 100 eyes
Requirement:     Beat Judecca at Holst
Bosses:          Liz & Ard (3), Arms Killer
Optional Bosses: None
South East of Quartly. Easy to spot with the Bionic Eye.

NOTE!!! The diablo pillars can be accessed in random order. To reach Judecca's
        pillar you'll need to complete Archheimm first.

Location 26:     Diablo Pillar Caina
Requirement:     Coffin 100 eyes completed
Bosses:          Drawdo, Caina (2)
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Valeria Chateau and board it. At the South-West Of Guild Galad (if you
have the map scope, for god's sake use it to spot guild-Galad easier), is a 
landing path. Beam down here and search the area. Easy to spot with Bionic Eye

Location 27:     Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
Requirement:     Coffin 100 eyes completed
Bosses:          Belleclaire, Ptolomea (3)
Warp to Sielje.
Warp to Hovercraft.
To the east a dark spot in the ocean (it's green on the mapscope). Search this
dark area.

Location 28:     Lost City Archheim
Requirement:     Coffin 100 eyes completed
Bosses:          Jasoul
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Quartly and leave it into the Salt Plains (North). It's hard to explain
in directions but you can see it on the Bionic Eye. It's that green dot. Try
to use the eye to spot it.

Location 29:     Diablo Pillar Judecca
Requirement:     Coffin 100 eyes completed. Archheim completed.
Bosses:          Magmalizer, Judecca (3)
Optional Bosses: None
After beating Jasoul you'll reach a life reflector warping you to Snake Road.
If you follow the road here you'll find the pillar at the end.

Location 30:     Diablo Piller Antenora
Requirement:     Coffin 100 eyes completed
Bosses:          Prisnum, Antenora (3)
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Damzen and warp to the hovercraft (Meria won't work any more) :(
Cross the sea to the west and go South searching for the river (just like 
Quartly). Enter the river and dock at the beach in the forest. Search this 

Location 31:     Heimdall Gazzo * (Disappearing)
Requirement:     Completed All Diablo Pillars
Bosses:          Vinsfeld (1), Vinsfeld (2)
Optional Bosses: None
No "search" button required, but it's still HELL to find this one! }:(
Use Valeria Chateau to reach this one. It's above the sea south of Sielje. Keep
searching. Patience will get you there. It's not on the bionic eye, so that 
makes it even more difficult. A shadow in the sea may tell it's location. My
experience told me that when you use the Chateau and go to the island south-east
of Sielje, the Heimdall Gazzo is right to the South of it.

*** END OF DISC 1 ***

*** DISC 2 ***

Location 32:     Grotto Of Lourdes
Requirement:     Available as soon as you you reach the worldmap on Disc 2
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Sielje and warp to the Hovercraft
Go to the island to the south. Search the spot at the South of this Island.

Location 33:     Sacrificial Altar
Requirement:     Once having Ashley back and going to Baskar, you must have 
                 spoken to a guy (THE CHIEF WON'T WORK) who tells that the altar
                 is in the Urartu mountains
Bosses:          None
Optional Bosses: None
Warp to Guild Galad and take the Hovercraft from here. Go east and keep 
following the shore to the South. Dock at the second beach you find here (it's
in a small inlet. On the mapscope you'll see that it's close to the Island 
Outpost). SEarch this area.

Location 34:     Lost Garden
Requirement:     Lourdes and Sacrificial Altar completed.
Bosses:          Caina (3)
Optional Bosses: None
Remark:          This is the place where to get Marievel's tool My Mike, once
                 she joined the party later in the game.
Warp to Damzen and take the Hovercraft. Go to the Island right to the North
of the giant peninsula. (It's where you found Data Tablet 1 earlier in the 

Location 35:      Sleeping Volcano
Requirement:      Grauswein must be DEAD!!!
Bosses:           Lombardia
Optional Bosses:  None
From Valeria Chateau head to the Life reflector. Open the yellow path and 
teleport. Leave the reflector and go North to the mountain and walk past it
by the west side. Take the road to the North-West. Search at the dead end.

NOTE!!! The four ray-points can be taken in random order. For the Raypoint
        muse you'll need Tim's Wind Cloak to reach it, which is located in
        Ray-point Wing.

Location 36:      Raypoint Wing *
Requirement:      Lombardia
Bosses:           Wing Knight
Optional Bosses:  None
Warp to Sylvaland Castle and board Lombardia. Bring Lombardia exactly above
the castle and keep flying to the West and you'll see it. Can't miss it.
Adjust your height to be able to enter it.

Location 37:      Raypoint Muse
Requirement:      Lombardia, Tim's Mist Cloak
Bosses:           Muse Knight
Optional Bosses:  None
Warp to Sielje and use Lombardia to go to the gate bridge and land on the
Green Hell Side (You can also go on foot, but this is much faster) :)
Enter the bridge. Use Tim's Mist Cloak to get by the panel and open the 
bridge. Leave the bridge and warp to the Hovercraft. Go to the brigde and 
you can get past it at the open spot. Go to the North and dock at the beach
and search here.

Location 38:      Raypoint Flam & Palace Village
Requirement:      Lombardia
Bosses:           Flam Knight
Optional Bosses:  None
Palace Village is optional, but nice to buy the best weapons you can buy in
a store. Palace Village is soooo close to Raypoint Flam that I discuss it
in one location. 
Warp to Meria. Fly to the big island to the North (Ignore the smaller island)
If you can find Judecca's Diablo Pillar here, you got the right island.
From the Diablo pillar cross the mountain and land at the wide open spot here.
From here you can use the bionic eye to pinpoint Palace Village and Raypoint

Location 39:      Raypoint Geo
Requirement:      Lombardia
Bosses:           Geo Knight
Optional Bosses:  None
Warping to Guild Galad is a nice option to start with. Use Lombardia to
go a little to the east and you might see a nice round island on the map
scope, to the south. Fly to there and land on the peak of the mountain 
here. Search here and voila.

Location 40:      Trapezohedron (Disappearing)
Requirement:      Completed all the 4 Raypoints
Bosses:           Larva
Optional Bosses:  None
Warp to Quartly. Board Lombardia and fly to the salt plains to the north.
It's located in these plains. Use the bionic eye to pinpoint its exact

Location 41:      Fiery Wreckage
Requirement:      Completed Trapezohedron
Bosses:           None
Optional Bosses:  Ghost of Vinsfeld
Warp to Halmetz. Board Lombardia and head directly to the East.
At the beach land and search at the edge of the beach.

Location 42:      Spiral Tower  * Final Location *
Requirement:      Fiery Wreckage Completed
Bosses:           Grodine, Manufestu, First Root, Second Root, Third Root
                  Kuiper Core and the Final Boss 
                  (The first two are in the Spiral Tower, the rest 
                  is Glaive Le Gable which is accessed from the
                  Spiral Tower)
Optional Bosses:  None
The Spiral Tower is easy to spot. It's on the giant peninsula in the
middle of the inner sea. At's at the peak of its mountain. Problem is
Lombardia can't land close to it. :(
Fly to the Peninsula with Lombardia and go south and go east as soon as the
peninsula connects to the land and here you'll find a place to land. Now
you must go to the mountain on the peninsula and go to its peak and search

Optional Locations:

Optional Location 1: Thunder Lion Cage
Requirement:         None
Reward:              Noua Shax (Thunder Guardian)
Optional Bosses:     None
Go to the beach west of the inner sea with the Hovercraft (Where you found 
tablet 3). From the beach head a little North-West and search here.

Optional Location 2: Island Outpost
Requirement:         I'll take that in more detail in my description below
Reward:              Level 2 magic. And the possiblity to learn "Extend" (Later)
Optional Bosses:     None
Once the dog in T'Bok village brought you the Teleport Orb, warp back to Sielje.
Speak to someone named Karayan who is in the libarary. Read a book here about 
Teleport Orbs and leave Sielje. Put Lilka in the lead and use the Teleport Orb 
to warp to a location at random and she'll mess up and land on a small island.
Search here. You'll meet Day who'll teach you level 2 magic.
ABOUT EXTEND! This is not the right FAQ to talk about it, but I got too many 
              questions about it, and it came to my attention that there are 
              too many FAQs wrong about this topic. After you got level 2 magic
              you may encounter Karayan in the Sielje Library (don't know 
              exactly from which moment. I checked when I went for the Diablo
              Pillars, but you can come back later, as well). Talk to Karayan
              who'll say to be tired of spreading higher magic around the world.
              Now warp to the Island Outpost and Day will teach you Extend 
              (Lilka must be in the lead)
              From that moment you'll have no more business at the island 
              outpost. Normal magic guilds will now teach you level 1 and 2 
              spells... So that's said.

Optional Location 3: Dark Reason
Requirement:         None
Reward:              Leita Salk, Guardian Of Darkness
Optional Bosses:     None
The same way at the abadoned mine shaft (Location 24). This one is in the middle
of this island.

Optional Location 4: Crimson Castle
Requirement:         Lombardia
Reward:              Secret Party Member: Marievel. As a party member pretty
                     worthless, but she's your ticket to some bonusses and nearly
                     all the optional bosses.
Optional Bosses:     None
Warp to Guild Galad and use Lombardia to go South-West. Once over the mountain
land Lombardia. Use the bionic eye to pinpoint its exact location and search

Optional Location 5: Odd Headquaters
Requirement:         Marievel, it seems. And drinking milk in Damzen
Reward:              - Change names of partymembers
                     - View the cards of which monsters you defeated
                     - Shop that sells heal berries, big berries and stuff
                     - Puzzle that brings you a Teddy Bear
Optional Bosses:     None
Go to Damzen and drink a milk in the pub. The owner will tell you
about a strange building to the NE. Leave Damzen and head North-East.
YOu'll find it easily witht the bionic eye.

Optional Location 6: Promised Catacombs
Requirement:         Marievel. And doing things I'll describe below
Reward:              Wind-Up key, needed to get My Mike. And it seems
                     you can get Marievel's second force here.
Optional Bosses:     None
At the library of Meria castle is a book called "Crimson Noble
Sancturary". Only Marievel can read it. Read it. Now leave Meria and
board Lombardia. Put the map-scope on for quicker pinpointing the location
by pressing "Select" twice.
Go to the island SouthWest on the map. It's completely forest with a
clearing where Lombardia can land. On this island walk to the South
East of this Island and Search here.

Optional Location 7: Pirate's Warren
Requiremnts:         Lombardia
Reward:              Servel bonusses.
Optional bosses:     Gatlorg
Warp to Sielje. Go to the east (with Lombardia) over the dark spot 
in the ocean (Where Ptolomea's Diablo Pillar is located as well). 
Go to the east of this dark spot and you'll see and island. Land 
here and search this spot to find the Pirate's Warren.

Optional Location 8: Fab Lab
Requirements:        Marivel must have spoken to Luka. A girl in
                     the Pub of Damzen. If the name Luka doesn't
                     appear, you've spoken to the wrong person.
Reward:              Marivel's 3rd force "Lucifer" and 4th force
                     "Asgrad 2".
Optional Bosses:     Bulkogidon (Very hard and required to complete
                                 this optional dungeon).
Warp to Sylvaland Castle and Board Lombardia. Fly to the South and
there's a spot across the sea where Lombardia can land (not reachable
with the Hovercraft) Land here and search this area.

Optional Location 9: Good Luck Zone
Requirements:        Trapezohedron Completed
Reward:              Chappapanga, luck guardian
Optional Bosses:     -

Go to T'Bok and let Brad talk to Merril in the house to the north.
Then leave T'Bok and go all the way east, close to the sea you may
find it.

Optional Location 10: Wind Tiger's Den
Requirements:         Flying Valeria Chateau or Lombardia
Reward:               Fengalon, wind guardian
Optional Bosses:      Zolinge

Follow the north coast of the inner sea with anything that can fly.
You may find it there somewhere (there's a landing pad nearby).

Optional Location 11: Meteor Crater
Requirements:         Lombardia
Reward:               Rigdrobrite, star guardian
Optional Bosses:      Zavorg

South of the map is an island with a bit crater, that's the place
to search.

More optional locations will be listed in updates of this guide....

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