FAQ/Walkthrough by APolizzi

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 - [ W I L D  A R M S  2  -  F A Q  A N D  W A L K T H R O U G H ] - 

Walkthrough Version 2.0
Game - Wild ARMs 2
System - Sony Playstation
Walkthrough Copyright  - Anthony Polizzi

Table Of Contents
  1. Basic Information
  2. Characters
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Dungeon Maps
  5. FAQs
  6. Game Tips and Secrets
  7. Credits


     This walkthrough is made just for Wild ARMs 2. Do not put this 
walkthrough on your site with out my permission. Wild ARMs 2 is the 
sequel to Sony's hit RPG Wild ARMs. Although Wild ARMs 2 has much better 
graphics it still brings back many features from the original, like the 
music for example has the same tune to it, and the menu screen is also 
very similar to the original. An added bonus is that you may now have up 
to 6 party members instead of just 3. I won't say to much but from where 
I am in the game, it looks like there are some returning characters, 
even though the game takes place 1000's of years after the original. 

Email me at Signcother@aol.com, do not send me any chain letters or 
Instant Message me.

      Ashley Winchester

     Information: This is the main character of the game. Ashley is a 
male, although his name suggest different. He resembles Rudy, the main 
character of the original Wild Arms game.


	  Class: Gun Warrior
	    Age: 19       
       Height: 5'8''
   Birthplace: Town of Meria
Favorite Hero: Anything Crimson

     Lilka Eleniak

     Information: Lilka is the spell caster of the group. She fills the 
place of Cecilia from the first game. She is a very important character 
due to her ability to heal the party.


	  Class: Crest Sorceress
	    Age: 14       
       Height: 5'
   Birthplace: Sielje Region
Favorite Food: Jelly Rolls

     Brad Evans

     Information: Brad was a war hero, after the war ended he was called 
a murderer and thrown in prison. He is the "Jack" of this game. Very 
powerful physical attacks. You must break him out of prison before he 
joins your fighting party.


	    Class: Prisoner No. 666
	      Age: 32       
         Height: 6'6''
     Birthplace: Slayheim
Favorite Insect: Beetle

     Tim Rhymeless

     Information: Tim is one of Tony's friends. He gives Ashley his 
first medium. He is also a member of the young ARMs, later he joins the 
fighting team. He has the special power of communicating with the 


          Class: Zoa Priest
	      Age: 12    
         Height: ??
     Birthplace: Baskar


     Information: Kanon is a female merc who has mechanical arms, and 
other body parts. She is a descendent of the "Sword Magess". She wants 
to kill Ashley because of the demon living inside of him.


          Class: ??
	      Age: ??   
         Height: ??
     Birthplace: ??


     Information: "Anastasia is the legendary heroine known as the 
"Sword Magess." She vanished together with the "Blaze of Disaster" who 
had attacked the land of Filgaia."


          Class: ??
	      Age: ??   
         Height: ??
     Birthplace: ??


     Information: "Lucied is the Guardian of Desire. He is said to have 
cooperated with the "Sword Magess" in the battle against the "Blaze of 
Disaster."" Those of you who played the first Wild ARMs game will 
remember him next to Boomerang's side.


          Class: Guardian of Desire
	      Age: ??   
         Height: ??
     Birthplace: ??


This walkthrough starts with you turning on your Playstation and 
starting a NEW game. You will then get to choose between three different 
characters and play through their introduction story. It doesn't matter 
which one you pick first because you HAVE to play them all anyway.

     If you pick Ashley the game starts with a green army truck driving 
down a dirt road. You are inside that truck. You soon find out that you 
are part of a military group called the musketeers, and that you are on 
a mission to save a kidnapped boy.

     You soon find yourself at the "Withered Runes". This is where the 
boy is being kept. When you walk into the runes you will see three 
doors; one to your left, one to your right, and one straight in front of 
you. The doors to your right and left have treasure in them and the door 
straight ahead is where you must go.

     If you keep going straight you will see a man standing next to a 
hole. Talk to him and he will say that a comrade of yours fell down 
there. Be a hero and jump down to his rescue. You will find him laying 
wounded on the ground, talk to him and he will open a door that leads to 
a heal berry and give you your first TOOL the HURL KNIFE!

     Now that you got the hurl knife go up the stairs to your right. You 
will find yourself back at the place where you jumped. Don't jump again, 
instead throw the knife at the switch to open the door to the left. Go 
through the door and continue through the runes for awhile. It should be 
very easy. Eventually you will find the kidnappers. After a short scene 
the boy, Tony, will jump on a switch releasing the first boss. After 
another short scene you will fight it.


Level: 5   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     This boss is very easy. For you first move just attack him with 
your sword. Make sure you attack his CLAWS first! Doing this gives you 
extra experience!
     Once he attacks you for the first time you should have enough FP to 
use your ARM. You should be able to kill one claw every two attacks with 
the ARM. *Remember to heal you character when your HP gets lower than 
     After you have destroyed both of Kalivos's claws go for it's main 
body. This shouldn't take too long.


100 exp points and 250 gella

     If you picked Lilka you will find your character accidently 
teleported to the middle of an important meeting. You find out that the 
villagers are having a problem with monsters and are trying to get the 
help of "Mercs".
     After this scene you find yourself eating downstairs. They have 
taken you in for awhile! In the middle of your meal you have a flash 
back. You are now in the "Millenium Puzzle". Here you must hit all the 
four switches with your fire wand. This part is really easy, just keep 
walking towards the crystals and teleporting until you are at another 
switch then repeat! Use Freeze against the Golms and Flame against the 
Blue books.
     At the end you will find four different colored towers. They all 
start flat on the ground but rise when you stand on them. Stand on the 
BLUE pillar until it gets 3 squares tall. Stand on the ORANGE one until 
it is one square tall. Stand on the GREEN one until it is 3 squares 
tall, and stand on the YELLOW one until it is 2 squares tall. Now 
procede to the last switch.
     Now you are back at the village and find out about the monster that 
comes at night. You tell them that you will kill the monster for them. 
The first thing you want to do is save your game. Then go talk to the 
person at the entrance of the village. Now go and talk to everyone you 
can. You can't go inside the houses. Once you are done talking to 
everyone go back to the guy by a table on a hill and the moster will 
come. Go to the northest part of town.


Level: 4   HP: ????   Weakness: Fire   Resistant: None

     This guy is really easy. Just Attack the legs with Freeze and the 
main body with Flame. He will be gone in a few turns. *Remember to heal 
when your HP gets low!


100 exp points and 250 gella

     If you start your game as Brad you will find your self in a forest. 
There are 2 paths, one to the left and one to the right. Take the one to 
the right. Keep heading right and you will come to the edge of a cliff, 
jump off it making sure you land where the chest is. If you go straight 
ahead a little puppy will come up to you, he will follow you through the 
rest of the forest.
     Now you should be at a split in the road, take the right route and 
you will find an abandoned house. Inside the house is Brad's first TOOL 
the KICK BOOTS. You can use them to kick down the gate on the right side 
of the house which will allow you to get a chest. Now go back the way 
you came and take the left path.

     At the end of the path you will find an old support column. Kick it 
and your character will automatically jump on it and procede on. Keep 
going up the path and you will see a short scene. Now it's time for the 


Level: 5   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     Again this is a very easy boss. Use your Bazooka to blast away his 
belly first, then attack his main body. You should have no problem with 
this fight.


100 exp points and 250 gella


     After you complete all of the main characters stories you will 
yourself playing as Ashley in the town of Meria. He is still confined to 
quarters from his last adventure. Name his friend Marina and head down 
the stairs and outside.

     Out side the house is Tony and two of his friends, Tim and Scott. 
They will ask you to help them get a treasure of theirs back from a cat 
who stole it and ran up on the roof. Go back up to the second floor of 
the bakery and up the ladder. This part is kind of tricky so be careful. 
Everytime you chase the cat around the roofs in the town it will jump 
across a light pole and get away. There is no way to catch it like this, 
instead talk to the man fixing the hole in his roof. He will tell you to 
chase the cat back around his way. Do as he says and the cat will be 
yours in no time!

     Walk out side with the treasure and Tony and his friends will be 
waiting for you. When you give him the treasure he gives it right back 
to you. You got a CREST CAP! After that Tim walks up to you and gives 
you a Medium!

     After a short scene you will be assigned to the new "special" group 
forming. Head to the SWORD CATHEDRAL, it is located east of Meria.


     You find yourself in a knight ceromony. Every new knight has to try 
to pull the sword out of the stone, when somebody does(which hasn't 
happened yet) a new hero is born. There are eight members of the new 
ARMs, all of who try to pull the sword(including Ashley). No one pulls 
it out.This is where the game really starts. The credits role by.
     After the ceromony there is a huge feast, in which you are free to 
walk around. Go talk to everyone then go talk to the commander. When you 
are done talking to him the room will start shaking and fellow ARMs 
members start to turn into monsters! Escape through the only door in the 
room. You and the other survivers soon find out that you are traped in 
the cathedral, then you too turn into a demon.

     *Fight* every battle you possible can! To fight a battle simply 
walk up to a demon. They give good exp points. Continue to walk through 
the cathedral fighting all the battles you can until you reach the room 
with the Guardian Blade. Walk over to it and pull it out of the stone. 
There will be a short scene then you will meet IRVING. He says that him 
meeting you is fate. There is another short scene in which 2 men are 
talking. You find your self back in Meria.


     When you walk out of the bakery you will find Lilka. She is very 
hungry, so you bring her inside and feed her. You soon learn that she is 
going to the Valeria Chateau, the same place you must go to thank 
Irving, so you both go together.


     The Valeria Chateau is located on the cliff outside of Meria. Once 
you walk inside you will automatically be sent to the room where you 
will meet Irving. He will tell you that he has choosen both of you to be 
in the new ARMs. Your first mission is to get the next member of ARMs, 
but before you can do anything Irving frames you and you are sent off to 


     Once you get to the prison Lilka says that she is going to go and 
explain everything to the Warden. Before Lilka can leave there is a 
large crash. Lilka is now going to get Ashley's weapons. You take 
controll of her. Head to the machine to your right. Activate it and 
choose the top choice, kill it. This will open a door even farther to 
the right. Go inside that room. There is a Heal Berry and a Cute Ribbon 
in the lockers. Note that you can destroy the machine gun with your Fire 
Rod TOOL. Exit the room and head down the stairs. Walk across the thin 
floor, destroy the machine guns along the wall with your Fire Rod. At 
the other end there is a machine. Read the message displayed to learn 
that guard creatures have been sent out. Enter the door to your left. 
Walk striaght pass the door in the middle and right to the door on the 
other side. Enter the door and read the message on the machine. It 
mentions the guard creatures and something about inmates. Now you have a 
pretty good idea of whats happenning. Continue across the long narrow 
walkway destroying machine guns as you go. Walk up the stairs at the 
end. You will now be in an area similar to the one you left Ashley in. 
Go to the machine and choose the top choice again. This will open the 
door by the stairs. Enter it. Destroy the two machine guns and kill the 
machine again. The locked door will now open. Enter it. Save at the save 
point. Check the second locker for a heal berry and the last one for 
Ashley's equipment. Retrace your steps to Ashley. Use the Jail Card on 
the door to let Ashley out. Now Ashley is back in your party. Head back 
to the room before the second narrow walkway and enter the middle door. 
Stand so that you are facing the guard below and throw Ashley's hurl 
knife to the wall directly over him. The guard will be knocked out. Now 
you can move one. Head down the stairs to where the gaurd is. Enter the 
door he was guarding. Head down the pathway and destroy the machine 
guns. Enter the door at the end. Destroy the machine gun and walk to the 
other side of the room. Destroy the machine gun and enter the door. Read 
the message on the machine to learn that two armed men have entered the 
prison and are attacking. Walk down the narrow path just as before. Walk 
up the stairs.


     As you walk over to the machine you see Brad inside a jail cell. 
Use the Jail card on the door to let Brad out! Now Brad is part of the 

Illsveil Prison Continued

     Now that Brad is on your team go to the machine outside his cell. 
Use his TOOL the kick boots on it. The machine will babble then open up 
the door. Proceed on. Enter the room that just opened and search the 
lockers for a mini carrot, a SOR apple and a heal berry. Exit the room 
and head back to the door that wouldn't open before. Stand in front of 
it and use Brad's TOOL the kick boots to kick it down. Enter the door. 
You will now be in a room with the warden. Do not talk to him yet! 
Instead enter the door by the lockers. Get the chest in there and then 
go talk to the warden. He seems really mad and unleashes the first real 


     Since NIM is the first boss you fight with 3 party members it is 
very easy. Have Ash and Brad attack with their ARMs and have Lilka heal 
or attack with Magic. Make sure to attack the right claw first.

     NIM's attacks are weak. His hammer swing does very little damage to 
one party member and his normal attack is even weaker. Chew up is his 
strongest attack, and can injure Lilka pretty bad.


If defeated with right claw
450 exp. points and 900 gella


NOTE: Ashley gets his ARM MULTIBLAST here.

     After Illsveil Prison you will be given your first assignment as a 
team, go to Under Traffic and investigate a cave in. Under Traffic is 
located south of the Valeria Chateau.

     Enter Under Traffic. Walk straight until you reach a box that has a 
skull and bones on it next to a large boulder. Use Lilka's TOOL fire rod 
on the box. It will explode and blow up the boulder. Enter the door. 
Walk over to the other explosive box. Use Brad to kick it until it 
touches the boulder that is blocking your way. Use Lilka's fire rod on 
it. Continue through the door. Use Brad's kick boots to move the crate 
so that it touches two of the boulders, then use Lilka's fire rod. 
Continue doing this until you can get through. If you mess up then exit 
the room and reenter. In the next room you will notice that a boulder is 
blocking your way, but there is no way to destroy it. Enter the door 
next to the boulder. This room is filled with water. You will see a raft 
on the edge of the land on which you are standing. Get on it and use 
Brad to kick the wall. This should push you and the raft to the island 
in the middle. Now hop on the raft to the north and kick the rock. You 
will be pushed over to the land area where Ashley's Multiblast is. After 
you get the Multiblast get back on the raft and kick over to the small 
island agian. This time get on the other raft that you have'nt been on 
before. Kick over to the door and enter it. Use the fire rod to blow up 
the boulder. Follow the crystals to the next door. Enter it. As soon as 
you enter you should notice a boulder blocking a doorway. It is pretty 
well hidden. Kick the crate over to it and use the fire rod on it. Doing 
this will unlock a hidden room. Inside is a Moonstone, which nullifies 
poisons and a crest graph. Now go back to the crate and kick it in front 
of the boulder blocking your way. Use the fire rod to blow it up. In the 
next room do the same thing to get a chest containing the MAP SCOPE. Now 
exit the room and reenter. Kick the crate that is the closest to the 
side over first then kick the other one so that you can walk across them 
to the other side. Enter the room with the save point. Save your game. 
Continue to the next room. Walk alittle ways and you will see a man who 
has collapsed. Your party will start to wonder what to do. You will then 
here a beeping sound. It is the communicater that Irving gave you. Go to 
the menu and select CALL. Irving will instruct you to take the man to 
Damzen City which is located to the Southeast of Under Traffic.

     As soon as you enter Damzen City head straight for the back of the 
town. Enter the large building that has the words "Damzen City Clinic" 
over the door. Go through the door to your right. In that room you will 
see a man. Go talk to him. The docter will heal the injured man. The man 
will tell you that he is sure that the cave in wasn't an accident. Lilka 
will then ask you to use the communicater. Go to the menu and select 
CALL. You will now be introduced to Kate and Amy. After talking to 
Irving exit the clinic and head to the small house next to it. If you 
are in the right house then the people should tell you that they own the 
TELEPATH TOWER. After talking to everyone in the house(make sure you 
talk to the man downstairs twice) go out side. You will get another call 
from the Chateau. Irving will tell you to head for the TELEPATH TOWER. 
Save your game and freshen up at the INN, then head out.


NOTE: Ashley gets his second TOOL Booty Call here.
      Brad gets ARM pineapple here.      

     Telepath Tower is located west of Damzen City. In the first room 
there are three switches that you must hit with a box. Pick up a box and 
stand right infront of one of the switches hanging from the wall. Throw 
the box. Repeat for the switch onthe other side. Now pick up a box and 
throw it on the switch in the center. If done right all the switches 
will be red and the door will open. Continue on. Follow the path until 
you reach the door to the next room. Walk across the walkway and enter 
the next room. Once again follow the path until you reach the next door. 
You will now be in another room with gears. Once again walk right past 
everything and into the next room. Follow the path to the next door. 
Walk over to the end of the platform. Jump off so that you land on the 
platform where the switch is on. Pull the switch and then walk back up 
to the platform you just jumped off. Walk across it to the next room. 
Follow the walkway to the next door. You will now be in a room with a 
save point. Save your game. Enter the only open door in the room. Walk 
over to the right and pull the switch. Now walk up the stairs and get 
the chest. Now head back down the stairs and go back to the room you 
came from. Enter the white door that was locked before. Select the third 
floor. Walk over to the chest to get Ashley's TOOL the BOOTY CALL. Now 
head back to the elevator and choose the fith floor. As soon as you 
enter the room change the camera angle so that it is looking at your 
back. Go through the door to your left and grab the three chest. Now go 
back to the room and enter the door to the right of the elevator. Walk 
up the pathway until you reach the door at the end. Now you are in the 
infamous "switch room". 


     Hit the first switch. Then go hit the second switch. Hit the fith 
switch. Hit the third switch, then hit the second switch. Now go hit the 
fourth switch. Walk up and hit the sixth switch. Hit the seventh switch. 
Then hit the third switch. From here on you hit two many switches for me 
to record. It should be pretty easy though, just make it to the end and 
then exit and reenter the room to get the PINAPPLE.
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
     |   |  9  |  8  |         
     | * |_ _ _|_ _ _|       *= Brad's Pineapple ARM.
     |   |     |     |
     |   |  7  |  6  |
     |_ _|_ _ _|_ _ _|
     |   |     |     |
     | 5 |  3  |  4  |
     |_ _|_ _ _|_ _ _|
     |   |     |     |
     |   |  2  |  1  |
     |_ _|_ _ _|_ _ _|

     Exit the switch room and take the path to the next door. Enter it. 
Walk up the series of stairs and enter the door at the top. Your party 
will come out and look at the crystals, then they will all group up in 
the middle. Then the crystal will start to recieve a transmission from 
somewhere. The message is from a terrorist group called Odessa, who plan 
on taking over the world. After the long scene you will fight the boss.


     Have Ashley attack normally or use an ARM. Have Brad use Smash Hit, 
Moor Gualt's Custom command, or use and ARM. Have Lilka Heal or use 
attack magic. Make sure to take out the right and left claws.

     Vagesta attacks normally witch can inflict 100 damage to one party 
member. He also use a move called Distortion witch can make it almost 
impossible to hit him for that turn. Sometimes he also uses Desease 
cloud which will cause the status deseased. Once you destroy both of his 
claws he may use Life Returner witch heals a percentage of his HP.


1200 exp. points and 1200 gella


     After defeating Vegesta, Ashley suggest going back to Damzen and 
telling the owner of telepath tower what happened. When you get there go 
to the INN and then save the game. Now head to the ARMs place and 
reload. Now head to the north part of town and enter the house where the 
family that owns the telepath tower live. Talk to everyone in the house 
and then exit. You will be stopped by a strange women as you exit the 
house. She will call Ashley stupid for not knowing her name. Name her. 
She will then ask him again if he remembered. He will say "remember 
what?" and "how do you know my name?". She says that he doesn't remember 
and that she thought he wouldn't. She leaves and you get a call from 
Irving. He will tell you to go after Odessa. Don't leave yet though. Use 
the Booty call and search the town for treasure.


     Mt. Chug-Chung is located east of Damzen city, on the land that is 
colored different from the rest. When you first enter Mt. Chug-Chug you 
will notice three things. One, that there is a door to your right that 
you can not enter. Two there is a weird triangular shaped box floating 
in the center of the room. Three, that there is a door to your left that 
you can enter. Enter the door to your left.

     Follow the path and enter the door at the end. Go to your right and 
enter the door. Get the chest located at the oposite side of the room. 
Enter the door located towards the center of the room. Use Brad to kick 
the mine cart over the side. Jump in after it. Kick it once again to be 
hurled off over the gap. Walk over to the part of the computer that is 
blinking and hit the search button. You will find a piece of EMPATHITE, 
now pull the switch on the other side of the computer. The elevators 
will now start up. Jump on the elevator next to you and ride it to the 
walkway above you. Go back to the room where you first kicked the mine 
cart. Enter the door next to the hole. Walk over to the chest and get 
the CREST inside. Now walk over and enter the other door. Now you will 
notice that the road splits. You can take the road that leads to the 
hole and fall down it to continue or you can take the road that leads to 
the elevator and go back down.

     After going down the hole and up the elevator you will see a save 
point. Save your game. Follow the path and enter the door at the end. 
You will find yourself outside and in a fight with the One-Eyed Giant, 
now known as...


     Use the same tactics as before... these beginning bosses are really 
easy. Have Ashley and Brad use their ARMs and Lilka heal or use attack 

     Ptolomea is easy here, but he won't be forever so have a good time 
kicking his hide this time. Ptolomea's normal attacks are weaker then 
Vegesta's were. His attack Iron Saber is his strongest single attack, it 
can do over 200 damage in this fight. His strongest attack that affects 
all of your party members is Ptolomea Dynamite.


750 exp. points


     After your first encounter with the cocytus squad you are given a 
break by Irving. Exit the Valeria Chateau and head for the Town of 
Meria. As soon as you walk into town you will be surrounded by Tony and 
his two friends, Tim and Scott. Scott and Tony inform you that Tim is 
"head over heals" for some girl. Tim insist that he isn't and the group 
starts to argue. Ashley gets in the middle and breaks them up, then 
Scott realizes that Ashley is in a hurry to see Marina. Now Ashley gets 
in the argueing and says that he and Marina are not lovers. Ashley 
leaves mad and goes to see Marina. He gives the Empathite to her. Now 
leave Marina's room and head for the entrance of the town. As you are 
leaving Brad and Lilka walk into town looking for you. They tell you 
that your next mission has been decided. All three head off to the 


     Your next mission is to deliver a letter to the queen of Sylvaland. 
To do so you must use the live reflector. The reflector is located 
southwest of the Valeria Chateau.

     Enter the Live Reflector. Enter the door on the right wall. In the 
next room you will find Tony, Tim and Scott. Ashley will yell at them 
for being in such a dangerous place but then has no choice but to take 
them with him. Enter the door at the bottom. You will be in a room with 
just a single computer. Go up to it and activate it. When you go to 
start up the reflector it won't work. Then it lights up and a huge 
monster comes out of it.


     Do the same old procedure. Have Ashley and Brad use their strongest 
ARMs while Lilka heals everyone. Take out all of the claws for full 
experience points.

     Elebart attacks with lightning elemental attacks. Stun Gun Blow is 
an attack towards one party member. Elebart Corrada is a much stronger 
attack towards one party member. It is very important that you heal 
after each of these attacks.


2800 exp. points and 2800 gella
STR apple x2


     Syvaland Castle located in the middle of the forest you see right 
as you exit the Live Reflector. You will automatically be with the Queen 
as soon as you enter. After talking with the Queen a messenger comes in 
and tells you that the town of HALMETZ was attacked by the terrorist. 
Exit the Queen's chamber and head to the room directly across form it. 
You will notice a book sticking out of one of the bookshelves, if you 
push it in the table will go down. Walk on the table and use it as an 
elevator. Get all the chest in the room and then push the book in that 
is sticking out of the bookshelf. Step back on the table to be brought 
back up. Exit the room. Enter the door to the east and then enter the 
other door to the east. You will find a sleeping guard. Now go to the 
opposite side of the castle and ring the bell. The guard will come 
running in the room, now go back to where he was and get the chest. Exit 
the castle. Head east to Halmetz.


     When you get to Halmetz you discover that everything is fine... or 
is it? All the people seem to be missing. After searching the entire 
town you regroup to discover that there is no sign of people but there 
are signs of life. Then the bell rings. Lilka walks over to the building 
with the bell on it. Brad yells that it is a trap but it is too late. 
Luckily Ashley saved Lilka. Then Judecca appears on top of one of the 
houses. He sends out what he thinks is an unbeatable monster.


     Have Ashley and Brad use their ARMs. Have Lilka heal. Take out the 
Crystal first. If Lilka doesn't need to Heal then use FREEZE, it does 
777 damage.

     Trask's normal attack is weak, it only does about 100 damage. 
Sometimes he will counter attack. Another one of his attacks is poison 
breath, this doesn't do any damage but it may poison all of your party 


2250 exp. points


     You wake up in a prison cell, Brad is already up but Lilka is still 
unconscious. Shortly after you wake up so will Lilka. Now you must 
escape from your prison cell. It is impossible to get out the door, 
instead kick the rock that Lilka was sitting by, then pull it out. Jump 
down the hole. Push out the rock at the end of the path. Walk over the 
narrow passage and take a right. Grab the lucky card inside the chest. 
Now go back and take the left path. Enter the door at the end. Walk 
across the spikes and pull the switch to open the door. Enter it. Run 
across the areas with the holes in the wall. Get the heal berry in the 
chest. Exit through the door. Follow the path, run as much as you can to 
avoid getting hit by the spears. Enter the door at the end. Run to the 
end of the walkway, make sure you don't fall off the side. Throw a knife 
at the switch. Return to the door at the center, enter it. There is a 
save point, save your game. Walk through the door and then walk across 
the next room and enter the door. Open the third door from the front to 
get a Crest. Enter the second to the last door. Read the rock, it says 
"Just because it happened twice doesn't mean there'll be a third". Walk 
over to the wood plank and kick it back and forth three times. The door 
will open, enter it. Read the stone. It will say "The candlestick light 
will open closed roads." Use Lilka's fire rod to shoot through the 
spears and hit the torch at the end. Enter the door. Get the tiny 
crystals then enter the next door. Talk to the man. Keep pressing the X 
button to on the lever to open the door. Enter the room with the 
villagers. Ashley volunteers to run ahead and make sure everything is 
safe. Enter the door that the man was blocking. Enter the next door. You 
cannot walk where spikes come out of the ground, so walk around until 
you find the door. Enter the door directly across from where you come 
out. You will see Odessa soldiers in a class room. You cannot go through 
the other door so head back. Run up the series of stairs and go outside. 
Judecca will confront you, he has Lilka and Brad captured. Judecca will 
send out Trask.


     Trask will start to attack Ashley... then his inner voice starts up 
again. It tells Ashley to take hold of his inner self. A strange light 
then surrouds Ashley. Jedecca then orders Brad and Lilka to be killed, 
but they were released by Marivel. Ashley is transformed into a demon 
like creature. He is very strong and beating Trask is a breeze. Use the 
lucky card you got from before to get double exp. points.


2250 exp. points 
mini carrot


     Go to the live reflector outside of the chateau. For your 
desination choose the red symbol, Sylvaland Control - Ruins Mine.
Use the reflector to go to that area. Walk around until you find the 
town of HOLST.


NOTE: Brad gets TOOL BOMBS here.

     Go to the INN and walk up to the second floor. Use Ashley's TOOL 
the booty call to pin point the coordinates of the BOMBS. Get Brad's 
TOOL BOMBS. Exit the INN. Go to the left side of town and buy new 
equipment and get new personal skills. When you are ready head into the 
mine in the North side of town.

     Once you get of the train you will find yourself in the Emulator 
Zone. The Emulator Zone is a "space" in time/space made by Caina's 
magical key. This level is really just a big maze, check out the MAP 
section of this guide for easy beating.


Level: 28   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     This is the first time you fight Caina. She uses her magical key 
Randolf to preform space/time attacks. She might be a little hard to 
beat since you don't have Brad aanymore, so be careful. 

     Have Ashley attack with his ARMs until he gets enough FP to use 
Access. If you have Tim's skill, First Aid, then use that to heal your 
party every turn. It might also be a good idea to use combine with Lilka 
once or twice.


3700 exp. points  Can steal a War Respite


     After you defeat Caina, you will come to a room with hexagon shaped 
floors. The point of this place is to knock out the Emulator Zone's 
source of power. Walk on a teleporter on a red hexagon that is on the 
out side of the rest. If you do this right you should open a door to 
where the power source is located(Your characters come out and talk), in 
this room you must knock the boxs over the side with Tim's second TOOL. 
There is a different door at each corner of the heagon room.


     Kanon is tough here so be ready for a hard fight. Let out all of 
your must powerful attacks with Ashley. Have Lilka and Tim heal when 
needed. If you have to, use a heal berry or a big berry, just win this 
fight! Kanon should will eventually loose.


     Once the whole mess with the emulator zone is over you will find 
yourself at Guild Galad. There you find out that Odessa was after a 
nuclear weapon that was on the train, not Noel. Now exit Guild Galad and 
call the chateau. They will tell you that Odessa is going after a mine. 
There are two mining towns, Holst and Damzen City. Head to Holst.


     Talk to people at Holst. One of them will mention a mine that has 
been closed for quite a while. Get in your hovercraft and go to the 
other side of the island. You will find another beach to the NW of 
Holst. Get off at this beach and head as far north as you can. search 
around to find the abandoned mine shaft.


     You find out from Irving that the Alchemic plant was sending power 
to this place. Irving thinks that Odessa is using lost technology and 
must be stopped. You shouldn't have any trouble finding it since you now 
have Kanon on your team.

     This place is pretty straight foward. Just use the Wire Hook to get 
across long gaps. Soon you will come to a room where there is a switch 
surrounded by those small pillars that the Wire hook catches on to. 
Simply throw Ashley's Knife through a gap in them to hit the switch.

     When you get to the room with the gaint gears simply throw Ashley's 
knife at the switches until they are all red. Very, very simple level. 
After this part take the route that goes straight. It will take you to a 
room where you can use the Wire hook to get some chest.


Level: 32   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None
Level: 32   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     Once again you will have to fight Liz and Ard. Beware though, they 
aren't the wimps they were before. Have Ashley use his ARMs and Kanon 
attack with her most powerful skills. Make sure Lilka heals your party 
members when needed and these guys shouldn't be much of a problem.


4500 exp. points and 4500 gella
May drop tiny flower x2.

Level: 32   HP: ????   Weakness: Darkness   Resistant: Light

     After you defeat Liz and Ard they send out this guy. He's mean so 
be careful. Have Ashley attack regular until he can use access. Have 
Kanon attack until she can use her most powerful skill. Have Lilka heal 
every turn.

     Once Ashley is turned into Knight Blazer, go all out. He should 
fall in no time at all. Also now is a good time to get Phalanx with 
Kanon. To get it keep using Drive Cut until it sparks.


5000 exp. points and 5000 gella


     Before you can get to Judecca's Diablo Pillar you must first 
complete the Lost City Archheim. The city is located in the salt plains 
north of Qaurtly. You should have no problem finding it if you use 
Kanon's radar at the bottom left hand corner. As soon as you walk into 
the city go to the building to the left. Go to the left of that building 
and change the camera angle until you can see the wall that can be blown 
up. Use Brad's bombs to blow it up. Inside that house you will find a 
new guardian GE RAMTOS. Exit the house and enter one of the houses to 
the north. Break all the boxes until you find the first CONDUCTER. Now 
head for the biggest house, it is at the very north part of the city. Go 
inside the house and take the left path. There should be a room with a 
chest and some boxes. There is no way for you to walk in there right now 
but you can still get the chest using POOKA. The chest holds the second 
and last CONDUCTER. Use the conducter on the weird looking thing in the 
center of the house. There are two switches down there, hit both of 
them. Now go to the house that is east of this house. As soon as you 
walk in you should see stairs. Go up the stairs and onto the roof. Use 
the Wire Hook until you get to the little house in the middle of the 
city. Walk over a dark spot on the roof to fall through. Hit the switch 
then use the conducter on the elevater thing. Now you will go down and 
fight Jasoul.


Level: 33   HP: ????   Weakness: light   Resistant: None

     Jasoul can be deadly if you don't do the right things. First of all 
don't let your HP fall below 1500. If it does heal right away or his 
Caloric Nova could easily finish you. Beside that he isn't to hard. 
Hammer away at his right and left claws until they are both destroyed, 
then go for the main body. If you attack regular with Brad make sure to 
use Smash Hit which is a Custom Command with the guardian MOOR GAULT. 
Have Ashley use access and Lilka heal.


10000 exp. points and 10000 gella
SOR apple x2


     After Jasoul the path takes you to the live reflecter. Use the live 
reflecter to teleport to snake road. Walk on snake road until you can go 
no farther, use the search command to uncover Diablo P. Judecca.


     This is the easiest Diablo Pillar in my mind so I will list it 
first here. Remember once you enter a Diablo Pillar you CAN NOT LEAVE!
It would be a good idea to creat a second save file before you even 
think of entering any of the Pillars. The reason I say this is because 
if you save at the save point inside the Diablo Pillar then the only way 
to progress through the game is to beat the boss at the end, and if your 
characters are to weak or you don't have enough recovery items to beat 
the boss then you are stuck there! You will most likely have to start 
the game all over! So please listen to me and make a spare save file. 
You can always delete after the Diablo Pillars.

     When you enter the diablo pillars it will always be the same basic 
structure, a spiral walkway with a crystal at the end. Walk up the 
walkway and touch the crystal to move on. You will then have to walk on 
a platform and move side to side as the platform moves forwards to avoid 
hitting spikes. Very easy.


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: Water, Wind, Ice   Resistant: None

     This boss is very easy. He uses fire spells that at most do 700 
damage to your party. Do not use Knight Blazer for this battle, his fire 
attacks will heal this boss. Instead have Brad and Ashley use their ARMs 
and Lilka heal or use Aqua.


5000 exp. points and 5000 gella


    Continue through the pillar. It is the same as before very easy, 
with just a platform part where you must move from side to side to avoid 
getting knocked of the side. The last one is a little tricky.


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     Judecca is a very easy boss. Have Ashley use access and then attack 
with Hot Fencer. Have Brad empty out his bullets. Lilka should heal all 
of your characters.
     Judecca attacks with side winder which can take 600+ damage off of 
your entire party. Miriam is one of his stonger attacks that can do some 
serious damage. Just make sure Lilka doesn't die, she is the only thing 
that can heal your other characters. After beating Judecca he spits 
blood then kills himself. That's one down three to go!


7000 exp. points and 7000 gella
War Respite


     Enter the pillar and walk up to the first crystal. The first puzzle 
is a room with squares on the floor. When ever you walk on one it rises. 
The object of this is to get all the squares up and end up at the finish 
area. Here is a small map:

        end  |   |
        |    |   |
        |   _|   |
        |__|  ___|    

     Once you get to the end spot cross over the square there diagnolly 
so that it doesn't rise. Then touch the square to the right of it and 
when it rises go back to the other square and continue.

     Now walk up the spiral to the next crystal. You will be at a new 
puzzle where Antenora will test your memory. Here is an other map to 
help you, just wait until you know this order comes up, and trust me it 

            8 2 5
            4 7 6
            3 9 1

     The order is 1 is the first then 2 is the second, and so on. Touch 
the crystal and proceed on.

     Again walk up the spiral to the next crystal. This time you will be 
at the midway boss.


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: Darkness   Resistant: None

     This is a pretty tough boss. The main thing you have to worry about 
is his TIDAL WAVE attack. Go all out and attack his chest. Have Ashley 
use access, I think that Prisnum is weak against him in that form. Lilka 
will be healing most of the time, try using mystic with Big Berries to 
heal your whole party. If there is a time when she doesn't need to heal 
use HI-SPARK. He should fall in a short time.


5000 exp. points and 5000 gella
Azure Vest


     After beating Prisnum head forward and touch the crystal. Once 
again proceed up the spiral walkway until you come to another crystal, 
touch it. You will now be at the save point. Continue on after saving 
and touch the crystal to proceed, there is another spiral you must walk 
up then another crystal, touch it. Now you will be at the trickiest 
puzzle of the pillar. You must hit switches without hitting the one that 
is wrong. There are eight switches, one is bad. This is not much I can 
do to help you because the wrong switch always changes but here is what 
I can tell you. Keep hitting all of the switches except for the bottom 
one by where the exit will be. Eventually it will be right. Once you 
beat the puzzle touch the crystal to continue on. Now walk up the very 
last spiral and touch the crystal. You will now face Antenora.


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     Have Ashley attack until he brings up his FP to 100, then have him 
use access. Brad should use LOCK ON with his rail gun until the bullets 
are all out. Lilka should heal and cast attack spells like HI-SPARK.

     Antenora will attack with shock wave that can do 800+ damage to the 
entire party. She will also use Ephemeron which attacks one party member 
and might cause some status abnormalties, like poison.


7000 exp. points and 7000 gella
War Respite


     Caina's Diablo Pillar is near Guild Galad. You must use the Valeria 
Chateau to get there.

     Enter the pillar and walk up the first spiral walkway and touch the 
crystal at the end. Walk up the next spiral walkway until you get to the 
crystal at the end. Now you will find yourself in a room with a switch 
floating with three blockers in front of it. Throw the hurl knife 
through the spaces between the blockers until you hit the switch three 
times. A walkway will then appear. Walk over and touch the crystal then 
walk up the spiral stairway and touch the crystal at the end. You will 
now be in a room where three switches and nine blockers surround you. 
Throw the hurl knife at the switches. If you miss and hit a blocker you 
must jump off the side and start over. Walk over and touch the crystal 
to go on. There is yet another spiral stairway for you to walk up. Touch 
the crystal at the end and be teleported to the midway boss.


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: Fire and Earth   Resistant: Darkness

     Drawdo has three heads. You must attack and kill all three of them 
for full experience points. If you want you could just attack the center 
head(Drawdo). Drawdo attacks by walking up to a party member and hitting 
him with one of his heads, it only does 600 damage. Optochemical bomb is 
his strongest attack and that is only because it confuses you.

     You don't need anything fancy for this half-baked boss. Physical 
attacks are just fine. If Ashley gets enough FP you could use access and 
finish Drawdo off alittle faster. Have Lilka heal when needed.


For all three heads:
10000 exp. points and 10000 gella

Just the main head:
5000 exp. points and 5000 gella

Item dropped:
Blue Wind


     After defeating Drawdo walk forward and touch the crystal. Walk up 
the spiral stairs until you reach the crystal. Touch it to be teleported 
to a save point. After the save point you will be at another set of 
spiral stairs. Walk up them and touch the crystal. You will now be in a 
room where the lights turn on and off. Step on a floor panel that is lit 
up and the lights will turn on. The key is to find your way to the 
crystal at the end and touch it. Now you are at the last spiral stairs. 
Get to the top and use the crystal to teleport to the top of the Diablo 
Pillar and Caina!


Level: 36   HP: ????   Weakness: None   Resistant: None

     Caina is fairly easy. She does some physical attacks with her key 
most of the time(which doesn't do to much damage), and 4D hypo blast 
very rarely.

     Use Lock on with the rail gun for Brad and Access with Ashley. Have 
Lilka heal. That's about all you need to do, this is too easy!


7000 exp. points and 7000 gella


     Ptolomea's Diablo Pillar is in the sea east of the Sielje Region. 
You must go there on your hovercraft. Eneter it and walk up the stairs 
and around to the crystal. Touch it to proceed. Now walk up the spiral 
walkway and touch the crystal at the end. You will now be in a room 
filled with large cubes that roll over on to your. Use Brad's TOOL the 
bombs to blow them up. Put down more then one bomb at a time. Make sure 
you place the bombs a good ways infront of the cubes so that they roll 
on to them. Repeat until all of the cubes are gone. Touch the crystal at 
the end to teleport to the next part of the stage. Walk up the spiral 
walkway and touch the crystal at the end. You are now surrounded by a 
few cubes. You are on a square walkway with a platform in the middle. 
The platform can't be reached until you have blown up all of the cubes. 
Blow them up then walk over to the crystal. Touch it to move on. Walk up 
the spiral walkway and touch the crystal at the end, you are now at the 
midway boss.


     Watch out for this things drill! It can kill Lilka in one hit! Have 
Lilka heal and the rest do physical attacks. If you have to, just attack 
the main body for a quick kill.

     Belleclaire will attack with a nasty drill attack that can do major 
damage to your party. That's about it for this boss.


5000 exp. points and 5000 gella
Best Vest


     After you beat the crystal walk up to the crystal and touch it. 
Walk up the spiral staircase and touch the crystal at the top. Now you 
are in a huge rectangular room filled with rows of the huge cubes. Throw 
as many of Brad's bombs at those things as you can! I don't care how but 
blow a way through those cubes! Keep in mind that only one cube in each 
row will blow up. Touch the crystal at the end and continue on. Walk up 
the spiral walkway and touch the crystal at the end. You are now at 


     Have Lilka keep your party at full life. If you have to choose 
between who to heal always pick Lilka. Have Ashley use access and Brad 
unload all of his ammo.

     Ptolomea is a very strong attacker. His Ptolomea Dynamite does 
damage to your whole party and his Iron Saber does major damage to one 
party member. The High spell really help here!


7000 exp. points and 7000 gella
War Respite


     Now you must head to the Heimdal Gazzo. It is located south of the 
Sielje Region. Use the Valeria Chateau to get there. Enter the Heimdal 
and go through the blue door. Go down the walkway and enter the next 
blue door. Now go through the blue door and turn on the computer. Switch 
it to green. Enter the red door on the far right. Then enter the red 
door in the next room. It will take you to a dark room. Walk around 
until you find a big computer. Activate it to turn on the lights. Now 
walk over to the teleporter on the ground. Teleport to the other 
teleporter which is next to a door. Go through the door and activate the 
computer, switch to blue. Now go back to the room with the three doors. 
Enter the middle red door. Enter the green door. Now you will be in an 
area where you have to teleport around in order to get to the next room. 
Go through the red door to the right. Enter the top teleporter. Enter 
the teleporter closer to the center of the room. You will be up on a 
high platform. Jump off to the side close to the wall. Walk over to the 
teleporter next to the switch. Now walk on the teleporter closest to the 
wall. Now you should be at the switch. Activate it. Now jump off the 
switch platform to the space in the direct opposite direction as the 
switch. Keep walking that direction and step on the green teleporter. 
Now go on the teleporter diagnol from where you are. Now walk over to 
the teleporter, walk through the blue door. There is a room with a save 
point and a teleporter that can take you back to the start. Save and 
continue on. Hit the red switch. Walk through the green door. Walk 
forward and battle  Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus.


     Vinsfeld's normal attack is weak. Sometimes he attacks with 4D hypo 
blast which attacks one party member, it inflicts 800 damage. Incur My 
Wrath is his strongest attack, it does 1000 damage to every party 

     Have Brad use Lock On with the rail gun and attack normally while 
he is building up FP. Have Ashley use his most powerful ARM until he 
builds up enough FP to use acess. Once he is Knight Blazer have him 
attack with Hot Fencer. Have Lilka use Hi-Heal on the party member with 
the least HP.


10000 exp. points


     After you defeat Vinsfeld the Heimdal will begin to rise into 
space. You must excape before it blows! Going back is not an option. 
Instead got forward and over to the side door. This will take you to the 
excape pod area. Ashley volunteers to stay behind until the rest of the 
team gets to the pods. Now you must control each character seperately. 
Start with Lilka.


     Walk down to the box next to a blue switch. Push the box onto the 
switch. No go back up and over to the other path. Walk down to the blue 
door. Go through the blue door. Go through the other blue door to get 
some gaint crystals. Now head to the blue switch. Activate it. Go 
through the red door. Now switch to Tim.


     Go through the red door. Step on the blue switch and walk over to 
the red door. Go through the red door. Walk over to the green door and 
go through it. Now go through the green door to the right. Step on the 
blue switch and use your TOOL Air Ballet to it the box on the other blue 
switch. Switch back to Lilka.


     Now have Lilka walk on the wall that went down. Switch to Tim.


     Now have Tim hit the box off the switch with the Air Ballet. This 
should raise Lilka up. Switch to Lilka.


     Walk straight and turn left. Go through the green door. Step on the 
blue switch. Switch to Kanon.


     Go through the red door. Step on the blue switch. Switch to Brad.


     Go through the red door. Walk over to the blue switch and stand on 
it. Switch to Kanon.


     Walk over to the red door and go through it. Step on the blue 
switch and run across before the wall can rise again. Go through the 
green door. Walk to the right and through the red door. Step on the blue 
switch. Switch to Tim.


     Go back through the green door. Walk to the center and use the TOOL 
pooka on the green switch. Switch over. Now go through the blue door. 
Walk to the left and go through the blue door at the end. Switch to 


     Go through the blue door. Move the block back then push it forward. 
Now push it onto the switch. Walk through the blue door. Step on the 
switch and walk onto the wall. When it rises get off and go through the 
blue door. Now push the block to the middle of the wall that falls and 
rises. Now go stand on the switch. Switch to Tim.


     Use the TOOL Air Ballet to hit the block over and onto the switch. 
Now switch to Brad.


     Walk over and step on the blue switch. Change to Tim.


     Have Tim walk through the red door. Stand right next to the red 
switch. Change to Kanon.


     Walk through the red door. Go through the blue door. Walk around to 
the side of the block. Push and pull it around until it is between the 
moving wall and the place you need to get to. Step on the switch and 
then step onto the wall. Walk over and stand on the blue switch. Change 
to Tim.


     Activate the red computer. Go through the green door. Tim is DONE!


     Walk through the green door. Brad is DONE!


     Go through the green door. Go through the blue door. Lilka is DONE!


     Go through the green door. Kanon is DONE!


     Ashley is back where you left him. He is ready to leave when 
Vinsfeld comes up behind him! It's not over yet!

Ashley VS Vinsfeld

     This is a very easy fight. Use normal attacks until your FP is up 
to 100, then use acess. Attack with Hot Fencer until Vinsfeld falls. Use 
healing items when needed.

     Vinsfeld uses all his same attacks from before. This time he heals 
him self with a move called Life Returner.


10000 exp. points



     You awake to find yourself alive but in a different world, a world 
between life and death. This is Anastasia's world. Anastasia will take 
you to a huge a temple.


     As soon as you enter memory maze Lucied, the guardian of desire, 
comes and joins the party. Walk straight and into the next room. Now go 
straight until you see a switch, throw your hurl knife at it. A young 
girl will appear. She has a familiar voice... Anastasia says that this 
meeting is concidered the past... who was it again that said remember me 
when you first met her? :) Go through the door. Go around the two 
pillars then in between the next two. Enter the next room. Go up to the 
crystal and see a short scene. Walk forward weeving in and out of the 
pillars. In the next room you can find the mysterious girl behind a 
pillar. Talk to her. Hit the switch  to remove the barrier blocking your 
way. Continue through the door. Hit the two switches to break the 
barrier. Walk around the next two pillars. Go through the door and touch 
the crystal to see another short scene. Now take the left path. Hit the 
switch at the end to continue. In the next room you will see the young 
girl on the top of one of the pillars. Wait until she is on the part 
that drops then hit the switch. She will fall down, talk to her. 
Continue through the door. Walk straight and hit all the switches. Go 
back and walk along the side of the wall and go through the door. Walk 
up to the crystal and touch it. In the next room hit the switch, then 
turn diagnol and hit the other switch. Walk to the next room. Continue 
to hit the switches as you go. You will see the girl at the end. Walk to 
the next room. Hit the two switches and get the crystals. Touch the huge 
crystal at the end.


     After the Memory maze you will be playing as Brad, Lilka, Tim and 
Kanon. They are looking for Ashley. You will automatically be at the 
second Millenium Puzzle. Enter the Crystal to the south and save your 
game. Enter the other crystal. You will be at a room similar to the one 
in the first Millenium Puzzle when you had to stand on the pillars until 
they rose to a certain extent. Stand on the yellow pillar until it is 
four blocks high. Stand on the red pillar until it is three blocks high. 
Stand on the blue pillar until it is one block high. Stand on the green 
pillar until it is two blocks high. The blocks blocking your way will 
fall and let you through. Touch the crystal to continue. Follow the 
walkway and enter the crystal. Use your fire rod to hit the switch. Now 
go and touch the crystal to the left(it is slanted diagnol). Stand on 
the block that is in between the other two(it is at a corner) and hit 
the block with the fire rod. Touch the crystal. In the next room there 
will be two blocks that are moving back and forth. Use your freeze rod 
to freeze one of the blocks in order for you to walk across onto the 
next one. Touch the crystal at the end. Follow the walkway and touch the 
crystal at the end. Walk straight to the next crystal. Walk around the 
red pillar and touch the crystal at the end. Use your fire rod to hit 
the switch. Now enter the crystal to the north. Walk across the blocks 
until you get to the crystal at the end. Touch it. Walk on the path then 
jump down onto the floor under you. Touch the crystal. Walk across the 
bridge and hit the two switches at the other end with Lilka's fire rod. 
Walk back to the middle of the bridge and jump down. Use the fire rod to 
hit the block and get to the crystal closest to the one you just came 
from. Jump of the side and enter the crystal to the left. Walk around 
the blue pillar and touch the crystal at the end. Use Lilka's rod to hit 
the block. Enter the crystal directly across from the one you were just 
at. Face diagnol and use the fire rod to hit the blocks which will lower 
the walls. When the middle wall goes down stand on it and hit the switch 
again. Jump off it and enter the crystal on the other side. Use the fire 
rod to hit the blocks and ride the other ones until you get the crystal. 
Walk to the crystal on the same level as you. Hit the blocks and ride 
the other ones until you get completly around to the other side of which 
you came and enter the crystal. Walk around the yellow pillar and enter 
the crystal. Hit the block with the fire rod. Go to the last crystal. 
Step on the blocks when they touch the side. Touch the crystal at the 
end. Walk to the left side of the square. Jump of onto the square under 
it. Stay to the left and then fall to the square that the crystal is on. 
Touch the crystal. Continue on and finish the level.


     These are simple maps to help you get through some of the confusing 
dungeons in the game. Believe me they help a lot more then you might 
think, especially in places like Glaive Le Gable that can get very 
tricky. If you want a map of a dungeon you are having trouble with email 
me.(see beginning of walkthrough)

Greenhell Forest

start  _____        _____        _______
		|      /     \      |  ___  |
       ___  |_____/       \_____| |   |_|
          |_______         _____  |                   ____
                  \       /     | |__________________/    \____ cont.
                   \_____/      |____________________      ____ below

                    _________              ____________________ cont.
                   /         \            |  __________________ below
	 ___________/           \___________| |
       ___________             ___________  |
                  \           /           | |
                   \_________/            | |
                                          | |
                                     _____| |_____
                                    |             |
                                    |    house    |
                                    |    here     |

                                ___                ___
                        _______/   \              /   \_________
                _______|  _____    |--------------|    ______   |
              _/ ________|     \___/              \___/      |  |______
		_/ _/                                            |_________
          _/ _/                                                  
        _/ _/                                                       end

Glaive Le Gable

     | S = statue  |
     | C = chest   |
      -------------                          end
                                          ____  ____
                                        C ___ || ___ C
                                        ____ |||| ____
                                      C ___ |||||| ___ C
                                      ___  ||||||||  ___
                                    C __ |_||||||||_| __ C
                       S                |_____  _____|
                       ||                     \/
                       ||                     ||
                  _____||________________     ||
                 | ____  _______________ |    ||
                 ||    ||               ||    ||
                 ||    ||               ||    ||
         ________||____||      _________||____||________
       S ________  _____|     | ________  ____  ________ S
                 ||           ||        ||    ||
                 ||           ||        ||    ||
                 ||___________||________||    ||
                 |____________  _________|    S
               S _____________  _____________ S

Emulator Zone

     How this map works: from the start A leads to the A directly facing 
it. After that all other A's lead back to the start. Follow A to A, B to 
B and so on. The letters stand for doorways. * represents a TOOL.

                                                 |    |_______
          ____      _A _     _A _      ____ _ _ _|    |__     |Finish 
         |    |    |    |   |    |    |    |_ _ ______|  |____|to rest
        A     B    B    |   |    G    G    |_ _ ______         of Zone
         |_A _|    |_C _|   |_E _|    |____|_ _ _     | 
                                                 |    |
          _A _      _C _     _E _          _E _  |____|
         |    |    |    |   |    |        |    |
         |_  _|   A     D   D    A     *  |    |
           ||      |____|   |_F _|        |____|
           ||                _F _
          start             |    |          


     These FAQs are listed in the order in which they appear in the 

      Q: Where is Ashley's TOOL the booty call?
      A: It is on the third floor of the Telepath Tower, use the    
elevator to get there.

      Q: What is the password to the door in the Alchemic Plant?
      A: ISK

      Q: How do I record the voice on the recorder in the Alchemic              
      A: Find the person who is talking to Anterra and use the recorder     
as Lilka.

      Q: Where do I get Marivel in disk 2?
      A: She is in Crimson Castle which is south of Guild Galad. Use the 
flying dragon to get there.

      Q: How do I get to the Black Market?
      A: First you must find the Odd Headquarters which is around Damzen 
city. The black market is in the basement of the Odd Headquarters. You 
need Marivels first tool to jolt the robot out of the stairs way to get 


No Random Battles
     This is a little something I picked up while I was playing through 
the game. Simply press the square button when you see a white 
explanation mark above your characters head. This will stop the battle 
before it begins. In a dungeon this will use a tool and on the world map 
it will search for something.

Find Hidden Items
     Press the square button on the world map to conduct a search. 
Sometimes you will find rare items like lucky cards!

Merivel's Skills

     This is a complete table of Merival's skills. 

Name of Skill |Enemy learned from |Location of Enemy
-------------  ------------------  -----------------
    Absolute 0      Gigafrost          Raypoint Muse 
  Air Slash       Briareos           Raypoint Wing 
  Anti-Magic       Humpty           Island east of  Prom. Cat. 
  Aport            Bockle           Area south of Crimson Castle 
  Armageddon       Dumpty           Island east of  Prom. Cat. 
  Booster          Agion            Around Spiral Tower 
  Canceller        Aamon            Area south of Crimson Castle 
  Cremation        Efreet            Raypoint Flam 
  Def Down         Elbucky           Spiral Tower 
  Demonangle      Black Sabbath      Werewolf's Den 
  Erg Phasor       Buckbaird         Coffin of 100 Eyes 
  Esc Down         Potatohead        Southwest Island 
  Firebolt         Urchin Bug       1st island after rising gatebridge  
  Frigid           Fluerety          Outside Sielje Region 
  GellaCrazy       Melchom           Outside Fiery Wreckage 
  Geyser           Cuttlefish           Inner Sea 
  Guillotine       Hope Diamond       Promised Catacombs 
  Inspire          Furfur              Diablo P. Caina 
  Megaton          Nybbas            Outside Pirate's Warren 
  Powersealed      Earth Figure      Plateau near Holst 
  Rock Gazer       Alligatiger          Raypoint Geo 
  Sacrifice        Will-o'-Wisp      Glaive le Gable 
  Shadowbolt       Twin Tail         Desert south of Quartly 
  Sleep            Man Trap          Outside Sylvaland region 
  Status Lok       Skid Lancer       In the Black part of Ocean  
  Tera Break       Myremecoliothe    Island next to raypoint wing          
  Thunderbolt      Thunderdrake      Thunder Lion's Cage 
  Twister          Gargoyle          Wind Tiger's Den 
  Wild Card        Balloon             Outside Meria 
  ????             Bepar                   ???? 

Level 2 spell early on

     Did you know that you can get level 2 spells as soon as you get to 
Seilje Region? Heres how:
1. Enter the biggest building in the town.
2. Go past the first room and into the second.
3. Go to the room to your right, it should be a librairy.
4. Talk to the man there, he will tell you about Dr. Day.
5. Search the bookshelves for the book on teleporting orbs.
6. Read it.
7. Exit the town to the world map and switch to Lilka.
8. Use the teleport orb.
9. It will take you to the island out post!
10. Get the book from Day and take it the the man in the Librairy.

Now you can go back to the island outpost to get level 2 spells!

Get Mega Experience early on

     Are you the kind of RPGer that likes gaining levels before a boss 
or before you go to a hard part of a game? Well if you are heres how to 
gain lots of levels at the beginning of the game!

     You must be able to go to Holst in order to do this. And you must 
be in Holst, so go there. Go inside the mine and fight battles until you 
come across a black fly. Kill it. I'm ussually not a violent person but 
right now I am telling you to kill these flys, and kill them fast 
because they kill themselves after the first turn.

     These little flys give you 2500 exp. points. And I'm telling you 
right now that you will never get more then that from any ONE or GROUP 
of monsters you fight(besides bosses and those aliens) and this is just 
at the start of the game!


     I'll like to give credit to Sony for making this great game and 
providing character information. They did a great job! I can't wait for 
Wild Arms 3! 

My brother Vincent

     I will like to thank him for playing through the game after me, so 
that I could write the walkthrough.

Loopy, Devil and any others

     Thanks to all of you who put together information on Marivel's 
skills. Loopy has a great web site at www.loopyweb.com.


     Thanks Game FAQs for posting my walkthrough!