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Blade Walkthrough

Current Version: 1.0

Table of Contents

1.	Introduction
2.	Basic Controls
3.	Items
4.	Weapons
5.	Enemies
6.	Environment Props
7.	Basic Strategies
8.	Combat Strategies
9.	Walkthrough
10. Unlockables
11. Credits
    12. Version History
13. Legal Information


This game is based on the popular and highly recognized movie starring 
Wesley Snipes.  The game doesn't really follow the script of the movie, 
but it does its best to portray the characters and environment 
presented in the film and comics. Here are a few facts you should know 
before enduring the crazy world of Gothic City:

Fact 1: Blade is the coolest Vampire Hunter ever.
Fact 2: Everyone loves Blade.
Fact 3: Everyone wants to be Blade.

Understanding who is who in the game may help you to follow the 
storyline and better understand references throughout this guide.

Blade: 	The main character - You.  Born half-vampire half-human, 
this vampire hunter wields all the powers and strengths of 
the vampire brood, but none of their weaknesses.
Whistler:	Blade's weapons creator and supplier.  He lost his entire 
family to a vampire and now seeks revenge by providing 
Blade with the weapons needed to hunt vampires.

Basic Controls

Directional Pad: 	Move Blade
Left Analog:		Move Blade
Right Analog:		No function
Square:			Toggle fist/weapon
Circle:			Kick
X:			Action
Triangle:		Jump
R1:			Strafe
L1:			Select items (also pauses)
L2:			Select weapon (also Pauses)
R2:			Target enemy
Select:			No function
Start:			Menu


 - Single Use Items -

Item			Effect			Capacity	Walkthrough Key

Health Booster - 	restores 33% health	5		HB
Medi-Kit - 		restores 66% health	3		MK
Coagulant - 	restores 100% health	1		CO
Small Serum - 	restores 25% stamina*	8		SS
Large Serum - 	restores 50% stamina*	4		LS
Energy Drink - 	restores 100% stamina*	4		ED

*can turn stamina bar red, making Blade strafe and back up faster.

- Ammo -
Type					When Found	Capacity	Walkthrough Key

Standard Handgun Clip		+6		66		SHC
Carbon Handgun Clip		+6		66		CHC

Standard Machinepistol Clip	+20		200		SMC
Carbon Machinepistol Clip	+20		200		CMC
Silver Machinepistol clip	+20		200		SilMC

Standard Shotgun Shells		+5		55		SSS
Carbon Shotgun Shells		+5		55		CSS
Silver Nitrate Shotgun Shells	+5		55		SNS

Standard MultiLaucher Blades	+6		72		SBl
Silver MultiLaucher Blades	+6		72		SilBl
Standard MultiLaucher Bolts	+8		72		SMLB
Explosive MultiLaucher Bolts	+8		72		EMLB
UV Grenades				+2		72		UVG
Grenades				+3		72		GRD

Standard - 		affective vs. humans
Carbon - 		affective vs. monsters
Silver Nitrate - 	affective vs. vampires
Explosive -		affective vs. all

Money - used to buy ammo and supplies at the Resupply Points.

 - Inventory Items -
Key -		Used to open a locked door in the level.

Glyphs - 	There are a total of 14 glyphs throughout the game.  They 
are scattered throughout the game and usually hidden in 
hard-to-find areas.  Each glyph unlocks an option for the 
library menu that tells a bit more about the lore of Blade.  
(Refer to section 9 Unlockables for more information)

Parts -	Also hidden, though not as well and in less frequency, are 
pieces of weapons that Whistler can use to 
	Laser Transformer


Each weapon has a different 'Critical Hit speed'. This indicates how 
quickly the Target Gauge fills up, and thus how much faster your 
reflexes must be to perform a Critical hit.  However, a faster Critical 
Hit speed can result in more Criticals in a shorter time period.

	Critical Hit speed - N/A

	Critical Hit speed - normal
Machine pistol
	Critical Hit speed - slowest
	Critical Hit speed - fastest

	Critical Hit speed - N/A
UV Cannon
	Critical Hit speed - N/A


For most enemies there are two possible costumes that they will appear 
in.  However, this difference has no barring on the enemy's behavior.  
All enemies drop Money.  'Funds' indicates the amount they drop.  
Enemies are listed in order of appearance.

1.	Cop - easiest enemy in the game. Shoot them twice with the pistol 
and they're dead. They carry a pistol. Sword is very 
ineffective against them. 
    -Walkthrough reference: cop
    -Funds - $8
2.	Familiar - shoot them before they shoot you. Carry a submachine 

-Walkthrough reference: fam

	Blue body armor
	Green body armor

-Funds: $4

3.	Von Esper- this is the most basic vampire in the game.  He wields 
a small knife or hook.  They are easy enough to finish off with 
two to three slashes.  Use silver rounds as an alternative.

-Walkthrough reference: vamp

	Blue shirt
	White shirt
	Black shirt

       -Funds: $6

4.	Zombie - these guys take a lot of hits with any weapon.  Or blow 
off their head with a Critical Hit. You will know when they are 
dead once the large pool of blood begins to form. If you don't 
see a pool then they will get back up for a second bout. Zombies 
can eat other carcasses.  They carry a small knife.

    -Walkthrough reference: zomb
    	White shirt

    -Funds: $7

5.	Kobejitsu - these guys are recognized by their dual sword 
wielding and black clothing.  Use your sword to cut them up.  Try 
swinging early so as to get the first hit in.  Then just keep 
knocking them to the ground when they get up.  Silver is also 

-Walkthrough reference: Svamp

	Black ninja-looking gear

-Funds: $5

6.	Ligaroo - usually appear as bosses.  They run fast and have a 
lethal melee attack.  Use SNS or a lot of SilMC to take them 

-Funds: $86

7.	Cianteto - these are the furry monsters you first meet in the 
dungeons and catacombs.  They are fast and furious.  Go for 
criticals with your SNS and they will only take 2-3 hits, 
otherwise they can take up to 10.  Or just blow them away with 
your SilMC.

-Funds: $27

8.	Turret - can be found mounted on walls, ceilings, or on the 
ground.  They range in health, but are always susceptible to 
criticals.  Because they fire so rapidly it is best to take them 
down as quickly as possible.

9.	Tough Familiar - basically the same as regular familiars, but 
have about twice as much life.

-Walkthrough reference: Tfam

	Black body armor

-Funds: $6

10. Upier - are very fast and their melee attacks can kill you in      
only a couple hits.  It's best to kill them from as far away as 

-Walkthrough reference: TFV (tough fighting vampire)

	Green shirt
	Blue shirt

-Funds: $13

11. Faustinas - these are the spell-casting vampires that only 
appear twice in the game.  Strategies are explained in the 

12. Gun Vampires - identical to a Tough Familiar, but must be 
    finished off with silver or a critical hit.
    -Walkthrough reference: Svamp
    	Black body armor
    -Funds: $5

Environment Props

Save Point - after dying, Blade will return to the last previously used 
       Save Point.  Appears as a spinning blue circle on the ground.

Resupply Point - by using a Resupply point Blade will automatically 
spend funds to restock ammo, health items, and the like.  Appears 
as a spinning blue star on the ground.

Ladder - use the action button to climb up a ladder.

Button - use the action button to push a button.

Wall switch - use the action button to flip a switch.

Door - all doors will open automatically when walked against, assuming 
they can open at all.  A door that is locked requires a certain 
key before it will open.

Glass - shooting, punching, or stabbing can shatter certain windows.

Wooden boards - sometimes a passage may be blocked by wooden boards.  
       To clear the path, use your sword or fists.  

Explosive box and explosive barrel - shoot these to watch them explode.

Pots - sometimes pots contain items; smash them to get it.

Fire - don't touch, it'll hurt!

Basic strategies

1.	Strafing - a good technique for enclosed places is to "strafe" or 
move from side to side.

2.	Targeting - enables Blade to lock on to an enemy and track him as 
he moves. This allows Blade to accurately attack his opponent. 
While an enemy is targeted, Blade while automatically strafe when 

3.	Critical Hit - Blade is able to hit an enemy for greater damage 
or even an instant kill by timing his attack for just the right 
moment. Once an enemy is targeted, the Target Gauge in the top 
right corner of the screen will begin to fill up. Once it is 
full, it will become empty for a split second.  At this moment 
attack the enemy and a Critical Hit will be performed.  You will 
know if it is a Critical if the Target Gauge flashes will 
electricity.  For each weapon the Target Gauge fills up at a 
different speed.  The Multi-Launcher cannot perform a Critical 

4.	Save - there is rarely a reason not to save.  Use the blue 
spinning circles to save your game.  Assuming you are using this 
walkthrough you will never go the wrong way.

Combat Strategies

1.	Firing your weapon and activating a switch both use the Action 
button; so whenever Blade needs to hit a switch, button, or climb 
a ladder, make sure to holster your weapon before doing so.  This 
will prevent you from accidentally wasting ammo when performing 
such an action. 

2.	Strafing depletes stamina quickly, so only do so when coming 
around a corner. 

3.	After killing an enemy, quickly run to his corpse to get the item 
he's dropped. The item will disappear after 8-10 seconds.

4.	When facing an enemy with your sword, begin your attack before he 
is in range of your swing. This will ensure you get the first 

5.	As soon as you see the enemy hit L2 or L1. This automatically 
pauses the game and gives you time to think.

6.	Most enemies have particular patrol routes.  This means three 
things: 1, don't turn your back to an unexplored doorway, for an 
enemy may walk by and shoot you whilst your back is turned; two, 
by waiting with a gun pointed at an unexplored doorway you can 
advantage of an unassuming enemy; and three, once an enemy passes 
you on his route you can get behind him and take your time for a 
well aimed Critical.

7.	Camera tricks:

a.	Whenever Blade turns a corner, the camera must rotate to 
catch up with him.  This can result in an enemy spotting 
you before you spot them.  To solve this, simply watch your 
target gauge and hit R2 when you make the corner.  Even if 
you can't see the enemy, you know he's there - so shoot.
b.	The perspective of game play in Blade is third person, 
which allows you to see around corners that the actual 
Blade character cannot.  Position Blade so he is at the 
edge of a corner with his face planted against the wall.  
Now slowly turn Blade away from the direction of the 
corner, and the contents of the hall will be visible.  Now 
you will be prepared for whatever lies beyond every corner.

8.	Walking along narrow walkways can be tricky, especially when you 
are new to the controls.  Try clipping, or rubbing up against, 
walls as you walk along catwalks.  This will keep you from 
falling off.

9.	Using firearms in melee combat is very ineffective, and results 
in taking a lot of damage.  Instead, run away and then turn 
around to shoot, or simply switch to fists or your sword.

10. The sword is most effective against Vampires.

11. Always use height to your advantage.  If you are of a different 
altitude than an enemy it is far easier for you to target and 
shoot them than it is for them to hit you.  The down side of this 
is that it becomes far more difficult to retrieve the enemy's 
drop item.

12. Enemies will fight each other in certain situations.  In these 
cases, it is best to let them kill each other off before rushing 
in.  However, keep in mind that enemies such as vampires require 
silver to be killed, and thus no other enemy can actually kill 


As the walkthrough progresses, details that aid the player in specific 
skills such as strafing, jumping and basic combat will appear less 
frequently.  This is done to mesh with the player's learning curve and 
speed up the walkthrough as the game progresses.  It would be pointless 
to advise a player to strafe around a corner every time there is an 
enemy.  Once a player has honed these skills for himself, reading them 
over and over would result only in annoyance.  Therefore, I will 
indicate where every enemy is in a level, but not necessarily how to 
kill him.

In Blade, there are two different modes of play: Normal and Hard.  Yet, 
the versions are very similar.  So rather than writing two separate 
walkthroughs that will end up being 90% identical, the features of both 
modes will be included in the same one.  Any items, enemies, or 
sentences appearing square brackets [] will indicate a feature 
exclusive to the Hard mode of play.  Anything separated by slashes /\ 
indicates something that is only found in Normal mode.  Everything else 
can be found in both.
For ease of reading, please familiarize yourself with the 'Walkthrough 
Key' for each item and ammo type.

Walkthrough Guide Locator

1.0	Shipping Area
1.1	Warehouse
1.2	The Evil Crate
       1.2a	The Boat (right path)
       1.2b	The Office Floor (left path)
1.3	BOSS: Ligaroo

       2.0	Docks
2.1	China Town
2.2	MiniBoss: Dungeon
2.3	Buddhist Temple Garden
2.4	MiniBoss: HWG

3.0	Buddhist Temple
3.1	Sewers
3.2	Subway
3.3	Catacombs
3.4	Pallintine Boiler Room
3.5	Pallintine Building
3.6	Faustinas Ritual Area
3.7	BOSS: Faustinas Priestess

4.0	Garage

5.0	Museum
5.1	Museum Basement
5.2	BOSS: Faustinas Priestess 2

6.0	Storm Drains

7.0	City Limits
7.1a	City Limits: Night
7.1b	City Limits: Day
7.2	BOSS: Mannheim
7.3a	BOSS: NightBeast: Night
7.3b	BOSS: NightBeast: Day

8.0	End Game

1.0	Shipping Area

       (Cut Scene: Blade hangs from a news helicopter that is 
reporting on the current 'gang activity' in the area.  Blade 
jumps off, does some running, then talks to Whistler about 
investigating the current vampire activity at the docks.)
       First, go around the box in front of you to the right.  In 
the distance is a cop - target and shoot.  Head to your right and 
shoot the guy on top of the boxes.  Trust your targeting if you 
can't quite see him.  Now around the box to your left is another 
cop [and a fam].  Kill him and jump up to the area where the 
familiar was.  Use the smaller box as a step stool.  Through the 
broken window you can shoot a guy on the left side of the room or 
just jump in and then kill him.  Collect two Standard Handgun 
Clips(SHC), one of which is atop the shelf (use the ladder) <and 
a Medi-Kit(MK)>.  Exit and face away from the broken window.  You 
can see a moving crane in the distance.  Jump from one crate to 
the next and wait for the crane to come to you.  Jump on it, then 
hop off to the stone ledge once it stops.  <To the right is a 
SHC.>  Now jump down to the crate on the left side of the ledge 
to find a Carbon Handgun Clip(CHC).  From here, look along the 
wall perpendicular to the stone ledge for a large glass window.  
Now make a diagonal jump up to that ledge.  Shatter the window 
<and grab the SHC>.  Brake the wooden boards blocking the doorway 
with your sword, grab the Ashe Glyph within, and use the Save 
Point to save your game.  Jump down and run under the stone ledge 
you stood on earlier, and keep left.  Through the doorway is a 
cop by the vending machines.  Get MK.  In the next room, pull out 
your sword, hit the button, and quickly turn around.  (Cut Scene: 
door opens across from you) Slice the vampire that comes from the 
door behind you.  Head back the way you came heading left to the 
newly opened door.  Use Save Point.
       Proceed through corridors, but stop when you reach the 
orange lockers.  A familiar is on patrol here, so wait for him to 
appear.  Now switch to your blade and hack at the vamp.  Pick up 
the CHC <and the Health Booster(HB)> betwixt the lockers.  Head 
up the stairs and strafe around the rather humongous file cabinet 
to shoot a pair of fat cops.  (Refer to Combat Strategies 7a for 
help with confusing camera angles).  <MK here.>  A familiar waits 
in the next corridor.  The train garage has one fam on the far 
left wall patrolling.  Be careful as you run past the train, as 
the car door will slide open to reveal a large cop.  The next 
room has a button that needs power to work, so turn around and 
head through the next corridor.  A fam is hiding immediately to 
the right as you walk out of the corridor, so try strafing out 
diagonally to face him.  Get HB and MK <x2>.  Shoot cop on lower 
floor and get SHC.  Continue on [get the HB], turn the corner for 
two fams and then a vamp.  Get the <MK>[HB] and hit the switch.  
Head back and hit the button now that the power is on.  (Cut 
Scene: train spins on the turntable revealing 3 humans and 
allowing you passage) Shoot the humans and pick up the Energy 
Drink(ED) [plus SHC and CHC].  Shoot cop [, cop, and fam] through 
doorway.  The fence to the left can be leapt using the small 
wooden box beside it.  Find the SHC <and HB>.  Continue down the 
corridor to fight [3x] vampire guarding a Save Point.  Climb the 
stairs.  Be ready for a vamp to jump you in the office.  A fam 
patrols the next hallway, and then a vamp.  On the opposite side 
of the oversized filing cabinet is [a cop and] an open drawer, 
which you can use to jump to the cabinet top for a <MK>[HB].  
Jump through the broken window to reach the Alley Way.

1.1	Warehouse
       To your rear is a MK behind the stacked crates.  Now jump 
the crates ahead for a HB.  There is a vampire waiting behind the 
next box.  From this box it is possible to make the jump to the 
highly stacked crates ahead for a MK.  (Cut Scene: crane loads 
cargo on to a train and it rails away) Across the track is a pair 
of cops, and to the right is a SHC.  All the way over to the left 
is a switch that opens a door to reveal two vampires.  Back 
across the track is skinny cop.  [There is a MK to the left of 
him and another MK atop a couple boxes.]  Fight past the vamps, 
drop down the manhole, go straight, climb back up, and continue 
straight.  To the left is a [2x] vamp.  On top of the boxes in 
the middle of the room is a SHC.  [Get the CHC.]  <Immediately to 
the right of the next room is a SHC.>  Three vamps [and a fam] 
patrol this floor.  There is a fam in this room on upper walkway, 
but he's kind of tricky to shoot so just hurry through.  The next 
room contains one human and Silver Nitrate Shotgun Shells(SNS).  
Jump up to the catwalk and shoot the fam.  The stone wall at the 
end of the catwalk will explode to reveal a vampire.  Shoot the 
fam [and hack up the vamp].  Get the MK and the Laser 
Transformer, your first weapon part.  Take the narrow walkways to 
ascend up to the large warehouse room where three cops await: one 
immediately to your left, one across the room, and one down 
below.  Shoot the explosive crate to proceed through the conveyer 
hole to find a cop.  Climb the steep ramp for [2x] cop and a Save 
Point.  Weave through this large-crate filled room to find [a 
ground turret, vamp and] another fat cop.  When you see a stone 
wall ahead of you, the next crate to your left will open as you 
walk past revealing a vampire and MK.  Around this box is a cop 
and a MK.  Travel through the alleyway.
       (Cut Scene: Whistler tells Blade that he is almost there, 
and to watch out for Von Esper) Jump from box to box, shooting 
the dog hiding in the space between the two sets.  [There are two 
more dogs that appear from around the alley corner just ahead.]  
There is a fam to your right in the distance [plus 2x vamps].  
Continue the only way possible, making a U-turn around the boxes 
[to find a vamp].  When you reach a narrow squeeze between a 
wooden and a metal crate strafe out to your left to hit a fam and 
a cop.  Then another cop is around the next crate.  Get the ED.  
Hop down to see a vamp across the screen, then turn the corner to 
face [a turret and] a cop and receive a MK.  Once you turn past 
the green-metallic cargo crate, the next wooden crate will 
explode with a vamp [and dog], Large Serum(LS), and MK inside.  
The next area has a cop and a dog that is guarding the Resupply 
Point.  Climb the ladder on the left as you walk towards the 
tower.  There's a [2x] familiar waiting up top.  Head right and 
jump or walk down the ramp to fight a dog guarding a Save Point.  
Push the button in the elevator and ride up.  

1.2	The Evil Crate

       (Cut Scene: a pair of workers talk about 'evil in a box')
From this point there are two separate paths to take.  To the 
left you will find familiars, cops, and zombies.  To the right 
you fight zombies and a new sword-wielding vampire enemy.  The 
paths are about equal in length, but I recommend taking the right 
path as it is far easier, has more powerups, and contains the 
next glyph, while the left path does not.  Both paths lead to the 
same boss, but in different locations.  Save the SNS you pick up 
for the fight with him.  The paths rejoin at the beginning of the 
next level.

1.2a	The Boat (right path)

       Continue straight for quite a while.  [There's two Svamps 
heading for you once you reach the boat.]  Once you are walking 
along side the boat and hopping over boxes you will see a white-
shirted zombie hobbling about.  Because zombies move so slowly, 
take this opportunity to practice your Critical Hits.  Doing 
otherwise will result in the loss of much ammo or a tedious sword 
hacking session.  There are four [+1] zombies at the end of the 
ship as well as two <SHC>[SSS] and a MK.  Turn back around and 
enter the ship's cabin.  Pass the stairs and kill the two zombies 
in the engine room.  Here you find the Shotgun, MK, Standard 
Shotgun Shells(SSS), and a small switch located on the same wall 
that the door is.  Now that the "Generator [is] powered up" you 
can push a button up those stairs you passed earlier, so go there 
now.  There are four rooms as you ascend the stairs.  First: 2x 
Zombs and MK; second: a sword vampire attacks immediately from 
the left, a zomb, MK, SSS, and SHC; third: [a zomb,] sword 
vampire in stall and HB; fourth: Svamp, [SSS,] SHC, and the now-
pushable button.  Now go back down to the newly opened door.  You 
can simply run down this corridor to fight the boss if you choose 
so.  Along this corridor are three small rooms.  First: Svamp and 
zomb [+LS]; second: Svamp, Zomb, and Save Point; third: Svamp, 
SNS and Cianteto Glyph.
Skip ahead to Walkthrough section 1.3 for boss strategies 
on Ligaroo.

1.2b	The Office Floor (left path)

       Something has definitely gone terribly arye on this office 
floor.   You begin with two familiars in front of you.  There is 
a zombie and the Shotgun on the other side of the glass to your 
left.  Now head to the first door on the right, which contains [a 
cop,] a zombie <and a HB>.  The next door on the right contains a 
cop and SSS.  Enter the room to the left and a zombie falls 
through the ceiling to the ground.  Get the SHC in the hall.  The 
next two rooms to the left have a [2x] zomb, fam, and cop.  <Get 
SHC around the desk.>  Go through the broken door.  Oh, and yes - 
that is blood you're standing ankle deep in.  Another zombie will 
fall through the ceiling as you move around the room.  The doors 
are all jammed so brake through the window to the right.  Two 
zombies and a key are in here.  Note the locked safe. Now head 
back to the hall where the first zombie fell through the ceiling 
and open the locked door.  Kill the two cops and look to the 
right of the projected screen for four blood-written numbers.  
Once it tells you they look like a combination go back and open 
the safe to receive another key and SNS.  Unlock the door 
opposite to the safe.

1.3	BOSS: Ligaroo

       Equip your Shotgun with the Silver Nitrate Shells, make 
sure you have at least 75% health and proceed through either the 
hallway (right path) or doorway (left path).  (Cut Scene (right 
path): Blade jumps down to the cargo floor and Ligaroo explodes 
out of some boxes and rushes toward him) (Cut Scene (left path): 
Ligaroo smashes a control panel and runs towards you)
       This boss is really easy as long as you keep moving.  
Immediately run past him.  When you reach the other side of the 
room quickly turn around and shoot.  Now run to the opposite side 
of the room while he is stunned.  Try executing Critical Hits.  
Bosses are an excellent chance to exploit your Critical Hit 
skills.  Repeat until he is dead.  It should only take 5-7 shots.  
You'll find a LS if you took the left path, or a MK if you took 
the right.  Grab his Key after he's dead (left path).
       (Cut Scene (right path): Blade elevators back up to find a 
henchman planting an explosive device on the ship.  Blade runs 
and jumps out of the exploding boat.)

2.0	Docks

       (Cut Scene: Blade asks Whistler to look up information 
regarding the Pallintine vampire tribe and their involvement in 
the shipment of the 'evil box') 
       There are two [+1] cops in the first alleyway, then three 
familiars around the corner.  Walk up the ramp for a Save Point 
inside the room, along with a MK up the ladder.  Continue down 
the alley and climb the boxes in the corner when the path takes a 
right.  A familiar patrols the right corner so be watchful as you 
climb.  Brake the glass and pick up SMC and the Machine Pistol.  
Jump down and take the corner.  Another fam is immediately to the 
next left.  Amongst the boxes ahead you will find two fams <and 
three SSS>.  [Ahead in the distance is another fam.]  Opposite 
these boxes you'll find [a fam and] a garage containing two vamps 
[plus a fam] and a MK nearby.  Continue.  Two more fams, then two 
cops.  Amongst this crate ridden area you'll find two [+1] vamps, 
two [+3] Svamps, a cop, SSS, Key, and a door that requires a key.  
Immediately to the right is a Svamp, [SMC,] and MK.  Outside is a 
cop.  Hit the switch to open the garage door.  Through the little 
maze you will find a Svamp and a split in the path.  Head left 
first.  Drop down the hole for two SMC and the Faustinas Glyph.  
Now take the right path for two cops.  Climb the ramp and take 
down the three Svamps down below.  Down the hole is a pair [+1] 
of vamps.  (Cut Scene: Blade enters the subway.  Whistler warns 
Blade of a set up, and the train crashes.) Ascend the escalator 
to fight a cop.  To the right is a small semi-hidden area with 
another cop.  (Cut Scene: Mannheim kidnaps Whistler and tells 
Blade to kill Dragonetti for him back.)

2.1	China Town
       There is an Svamp behind the car.  Take a right [, Svamp 
here,] and climb the fallen steel support construct and fall down 
to fight a Svamp and get a Key.  Exit through the door and head 
right for a Svamp, Save Point, and Key.  Now head past the Buddha 
statue to the left.  A zombie lurks in the cardboard box room and 
two [+2] more in the antiques room.  Proceed, [2x] zombie <and 
MK>.  Between the dining tables are MultiLauncher Blades(MLB).  
Exit to the streets, kill [2x] zombie and cop.  Take a right and 
go through doorway on the right.  <Grab MK, then> [2x] Svamp and 
MK outside.  Svamp <and CHC> around the corner.  Go left to the 
wreaked diner <and get MK and UV Grenades(UVG)>.  <LS in next 
room.>  Jump the fence for Save Point, then two [+1] Svamps in 
street.  Open the door with the red light above it across the 
street.  Down the pit are two [+1] zombs, the Kobejitsu Glyph, 
and a ladder to climb out.  Zombie, Key <and MK> in adjacent 
room.  Outside a cop shoots you from afar.  By the dumpsters to 
the left is a zombie.  Drop down the pit on top of a cop.  These 
sewers also contain two [+1] zombies further along.  Climb the 
ladder.  <Atop the boxes are Explosive Shotgun Shells(ESS).>  
[Right to the right is a cop.]  The bar to the right has a pair 
of cops, CMC, and SMC.  Now take the left path to get LS.  
Continue through the box room and you will appear back on the 
street with the smashed diner on it.  Head back through the level 
until you reach the collapsed pillars to your right.  Behind the 
fence in front of you is a locked door for which you now have the 
key.  A zombie is right in front of you when you open the door.  
[Grab the MK and] ride the elevator.

2.2	MiniBoss: Dungeon

       Use the Save Point and proceed through the double doors to 
fight a zombie.  Equip your SNS and make a left to head down the 
catacombs, but be careful as you approach the right turn, for a 
horrible beast will emerge from his hiding.  [Another appears 
simultaneously from the path a little ahead.]
       This furry claw beast may appear scary, but is still a 
vampire at heart.  Repeat the Ligaroo hit and run strategy, but 
be wary, as this fight is a little tougher.  The obstacles in the 
room make running back and forth difficult and the enemy is far 
quicker this time, so if you clip something on your run don't 
turn around until you are sure he is far enough away to make a 
successful attack.  Criticals with SNS will cripple his health by 
       Retrieve the MultiLauncher and Key that the monster was 
guarding.  Don't bother with the left path, just head through the 
gate.  As you do so, the left brick wall will burst open sending 
another furry beast after you.  This arena is far more suitable 
than the last.  The only problem here is that a zombie wants some 
attention too.  If you inadvertently target him, ditch the attack 
and try running again.  [Grab the MK and] jump over the instant-
death pit to find an [LS and] elevator in the next room.  
Alternatively, this pit can be used to kill the monster and zomb.
2.3	Buddhist Temple Garden

       A zombie is right in front of you and down the hall are two 
more.  The first left has a save spot.  The second right has a 
Resupply Point.  Through the first right you enter the garden 
area and two zombies attack.  Grab the Machine Pistol in case you 
missed it at the beginning of the level.  Shoot the zomb across 
the screen in the next water garden, run and jump to fetch the 
drop item, then turn around to shoot the other zomb you ran past.

2.4	Boss: HWG

       This boss is much harder in Hard mode.  In both cases, just 
whip out your Machine Pistol with carbons or standard.  Turn the 
corner, open the door, and meet the Heavy Weapons Guy.  
Immediately run up to him and stand as close as possible to him, 
firing all the while.  By doing this he won't fire his instant-
kill grenades at you.  Now simply hold down the trigger button 
and watch his life drain.  He should take around 50 rounds to 
finish off.  Turn around to the left and shoot a familiar, who is 
apparently sitting atop the building wall.  Enter the temple.  
(Cut Scene: a projection of Dragonetti tells Blade of the 
Pallintine's plans to release an ancient evil upon the city, and 
advises Blade on a solution.)

3.0	Buddhist Temple

       Two Svamps immediately attack you from both sides.  Atop 
the benches ahead are SilMC and CMC.  Take the right path to face 
a Svamp in the hall, then a zomb, then a Svamp through the 
doorway.  In each little room to the left and right(slides open 
when approached) is a Svamp.  <Left room contains HB and MK.> The 
right contains LS, Save Point, and a switch to make a Buddha 
statue somewhere slide back.  Smash the pot in the room with the 
candle to find the Lemure Glyph.  Now back track and take the 
path to the left of the huge Buddha statue.  Kill the zombie.  
Pick up the ESS behind the first pillar in the room where the 
Buddha slid back.  Drop down the hole.

3.1	Sewers

       Shoot the zombie across from the sewer pipe that you exit 
from.  Right after the turn, a zombie will emerge from beneath 
the water, and then two more will do the same in the next pool of 
water.  There is <SHC on the left and> SSS on the right.  
Immediately on the next left is a vampire [and dog], then there's 
a zombie [and MK].  Now go back and take the right path for three 
[+2] zombs, and a vamp.  Head upstairs to fight two [+1] more 
zombies and a vamp.  Hit the switch across from the entrance to 
unlock the downstairs door.  Note the locked fence gate up here.  
So, go down through the now-unlocked door.  Kill two zombs 
[+vamp], head right and kill the zomb on the walkway, then head 
downstairs for a Key [+vamp] and a switch that will drain the 
water from the storage tank.  Now use this key to unlock that 
gate I told you to remember.  The switch button behind this gate 
causes three tanks to explode taking out a wall with them.  Head 
back to get the now-exposed [2x zombs,] [2x] SMC, [MK,] and SSS.  
Now go to the empty water drains, making a left at the rusty 
drainage tubes to get there.  Once you're there, the wall to the 
left bursts open to reveal a vamp, two zombs, CMC, and SSS.  Fall 
down the hole.  Ahead is a zomb [+dog], <CMC>[ESS], and a Save 
Point.  Try to stay conscious of where you're going here, as the 
sewers can get pretty confusing.  Shoot the two dogs ahead, and 
take the right path.  After the zombie [and SSS] take a right to 
fight a dog [+vamp] and get the Laser Coil in the dead end.  Now 
go back and take the left passage.  Down here are two dogs.  Then 
two zombs, <ESS, SMC> and MK behind the exploding wall after the 
turn.  The next left is a shortcut to one of the level exits.  To 
the right connects to the right path you were on earlier.  
Continuing straight will take you to more enemies and items 
before taking you to the exit.  So, continue straight to be faced 
with a left and right path.  First go left to face 2 zombs that 
burst out of the left wall.  Get the SSS and CHC in the wall.  
Shoot the [2x] dog and zomb down the hall.  To the left is an 
exit, but take a right and kill the vamp.  Now go back to the 
right path mentioned earlier.  Take this path to face two zombs 
and a vamp.  <Get SMC.>  Before you is the Subway exit.  This 
exit takes you to one more area, which includes a Glyph, before 
connecting in with where the other exit begins.

3.2	Subway

       Climb the long ladder to find SSS and HB at the top [plus a 
cop].  <At the top of the stairs is a cop.>  To the right is a 
zombie and the Shotgun.  To the left are two [+1] vampires, then 
two [+1] fams.  <To the right, around the corner is a HB.>  Go to 
the left passage.  Down the escalator you will find two cops 
[+zomb], then two [+1] fams on either side of you.  To the right, 
one of the subway doors opens to reveal a fam, a Key, and a Save 
Point.  Head back the way you came and go up the escalator in the 
main room to face a cop, a fam, and a wall turret.  Destroying 
the turret will blow open the door below it.  [Destroy the turret 
then] Collect the Ligaroo Glyph and continue around the corridor.  
There is a cop [+turret] here, then a vamp and fam [+2cops] 
through the gate.  Around the left corridor, in the 'Lost 
Luggage' area is [2x] SS, HB, and SilMC.  There are two turrets 
mounted on the far wall in the Subway Depot room.  Enter the 
donut shop immediately to your right, collect the CMC up the 
stairs, then fight a fam and vamp [+cop].  Get the SNS, and Key 
Card behind the cash register.  Now go back down.  Head into the 
bathroom on the right side of the Subway Depot.  To the left is a 
cop.  To the right is a zomb and LS.  Open the door on the left 
side of the Subway Depot and use the Resupply Point.  This 
Resupply Point gives bolts, blades, and Uvs for the MultiLaucher.  
Go through the next door, descend the stairs, and open the door.  
(At this point the Sewer paths meet each other.)  Approach the 
zombies behind the wooden planks to make them break through.  Be 
careful as a Tough Fighting Vampire or 'Upier Vampire' may come 
out of the room to the right and waste you.  Kill him and the 
three zombs, and take the elevator down into the dungeon.

3.3	Pallintine Catacombs
       Well, we're back in the dungeons again, so expect much of 
the same.  Go straight head.  Behind the center object is SSS.  
The path to the right has explosive barrels, so shoot them from 
far away to destroy the wall, then head down to get the SHC.  
This hall has 'loose slabs' that sending you plummeting to your 
doom if stepped upon.  Jump over the noticeably depressed ground 
[+zombs].  In the next room, get the SHC by the barrels and the 
MK in the far right corner.  Now shoot the barrels to destroy 
another wall.  Continue straight down the corridors, through the 
skull doors to use the Save Point.  [A Cianteto may already be 
heading your way at this point.]  Head straight to face another 
one of those odd furry monsters.  Go through the skull doors, 
fight two zombies, and take a left.  Before you another pit 
awaits, as does a vamp beyond it.  Head right, then take the 
split left for a vamp and a Key.  Don't even bother with the door 
on the left, you will simply fall in the trap pit, besides it's 
locked anyway.  Go back and take the split straight to face 
another monster hiding in a little alcove to the right.  Proceed 
through the skull doors.  Another pit ahead, and a [3x] monster 
behind the locked gate.  [This is a very difficult battle unless 
you lure them into the pit.  However, they are smart and won't 
just fall in, so shoot them down as they stand around like 
idiots.]  Take a left to fight two [+1] zombs for the Key at the 
end of the coffin room.  This Key will open the Pallintine Boiler 
Room exit.  Go back and head through the skull doors.  To the 
left is a pit, then a zomb.  On the opposite side of the walkway 
are SBl.  Down the next corridor is a zomb.  A monster will burst 
through the left wall here.  Get the SSS and SNS <, then get the 
SHC further down the hall>.  Now take the path in front of you to 
get back to the elevator.

3.4	Pallintine Boiler Room
       Enter the room to the right where the Upier was, then 
proceed into the hallway.  Enter the room on the right side of 
the hallway to fight a zomb.  The right wall of this room is 
weak, so break it open to find the Frost Glyph.  Go in the left 
room to kill two more zombies.  Now exit the hallway by running 
downwards, or towards the screen.  Through this door is the 
boiler room, which is filled with three Tough Hooked Vampires.  
In the far left corner of the boiler room is a room with a THV 
and a Save Point.  The next two rooms each have zombie.  In the 
final room is the hole where the alternate Sewer exit begins this 
area, so don't bother going down as it is blocked.  Now take the 
door that exits you from the Pallintine Boiler room.

3.5	Pallintine Building

       Ascend the stairs to fight a fam [+cop] and a TFV.  Use the 
Save Point and take the left path around the corridor.  Hit the 
two cops across the screen before the TFV emerges from the alcove 
to the right.  Around the corner are two Svamps, and up the 
stairs is a fam on patrol.  Descend the stairs to face a TFV 
immediately around the corner, then a fam [+cop].  Up the next 
set of stairs you will find two fams [+cop].  Then in the room on 
the right are a [2x] cop, a fam, a ceiling turret, and SMC.  Be 
sure to hit the button on the control panel to release a glyph 
from its glass cage.  In the hallway to the left you will find 
four statues.  Touch the first one and you'll see the wall behind 
you begin to close in.  Quickly touch the other three to open the 
door at the end of the hallway.  Having narrowly escaped a wall 
of spikes, shoot the cop in front of you and the two fams hiding 
against the walls on either side of you.  Strafe over to the 
right corridor with your back against the wall.  Knock out the 
wall turret and a TFV should come running out.  Kill him and head 
over to the left corridor.  Kill the [2x] cop immediately to your 
right [and left].  Grab the Pallintine Glyph and HB.  Down the 
next corridor is a cop guarding a MK.  Quickly look into the next 
room as a TFV and Svamp may be headed your way.  Grab the TFV's 
Key <and the MK to the right>.  Open the door ahead and ascend 
the stairs.  These are the upper floors of the Pallintine 
Building.  In the first room you'll find a TFam, MK, SSS, LS, and 
SMC.  There's a TFam in the hallway.  At the opposite end of this 
hall there is a long room with a TFV that is best dealt with from 
afar.  TFV in next room.  As soon as you enter the blue-colored 
room [a TFV will attack you]<, turn to the left (or Blade's 
right) and head down this secretive hall to find a MK at its 
end>.  Now head back, and in the next room you'll find a Save 
Point.  Then the next hallway has two fams.  Continue around the 
corridors to find a Svamp, then two more fams, MK, SMC, and LS in 
the next room.  Activate the statue of the vampire and the wall 
beside it will slide back to reveal 2x LS and 2x MK.  Continue 
until you reach a large room with a huge pillar in the middle of 
it.  Now, if you look across the room to the left side you will 
see a TFV running back and forth.  Without dropping down or 
descending the stairs, take him out.  You'll notice that the 
pillar has four glass cases, which I can only assume are coffins, 
positioned around it.  As you approach each one, it will open up 
to release the TFV contained within.  Once you've dealt with all 
four of them pick up the SMC, LS, SSS, and MK along the edges of 
the room.  Enter the right passage.  At the end of the hall is a 
vamp and the Laser Battery.  Once you pick it up a wall a ways 
behind you will open revealing 2x Tfams, 2x MK, and 2x SSS.  Now 
take the left passage and ride the elevator up.
       You'll be faced with a TFV.  Take him out before he has a 
chance to jump over the receptionist desk.  Get the SSS to your 
right and the SMC to your left.  Note that you cannot take the 
left elevator until you get Whistler.  Open the door to the 
holding cells ahead and defeat two TFV.  Use the save in the cell 
to your left.  As you approach the last cell in the room, a 
Ligaroo will burst out of it and attack you.  Lure him out to the 
previous elevator room and defeat him there.  Return to his cell 
to receive 2x MK and 2x LS.  Continue through the hall, take the 
elevator down, and approach Whistler's cell.  (Cut Scene: Blade 
breaks Whistler free and they talk about Faustinas performing 
some weird stuff up stairs.)  Smash open the second cell door on 
the right to get COAG, SilMC, and UVG.  Now go back and take the 
elevator that you previously could not.
3.6	Faustinas' Ritual Area

       A TFV will immediately attack.  Head right.  Along this 
catwalk you'll find SSS, LS, and a button with the Faustinas' 
Glyph on it at the far end of the walk.  Pushing it will drain 
the blood bath below you.  Jump over the railing and drop down.  
Hit the button on the floor and climb the stairs out of the bath.  
Along the end of this room you will find two [+1] TFV, SilMC, 
<SNS,> and the Upier Glyph.  Exit out of the large room to find 
[2x] TFV, then LS <+SMC>.  Up the stairs you'll find a Resupply 
Point.  Once you reach the elevator that you came from, go 
through the newly opened door across from it.  Eventually, you 
will reach a larger room with 2x fams, 2x MK, 2x LS, SNS, SilMC, 
and a Save Point.  Through the next set of doors is the Faustinas 

3.7	BOSS: Faustinas Priestess
       When you enter, you will see a mystical Faustinas Priestess 
arise from her coffin.  Throughout this battle, make sure you 
stand behind the pillars to avoid damage.  This boss is not dealt 
with by conventional means.  However, the first action you must 
take is to shoot her.  After the first shot she is immune to all 
your weapons.  So, it is best to deliver the most damage possible 
in a single blow.  Try a SNS critical.  Since you now cannot hurt 
her, you must find another means to defeat her.  You will notice 
strange skinny creatures running between the pillars in the back 
of the arena.  Don't worry about this creature getting too close 
to you; it will always stay at the opposite side of the room.  
This little creature is the key to your victory.  Every time it 
runs out from behind a pillar it will hurl a bluish-green ball of 
energy directly at you.  The goal is to have these energy balls 
hit the Faustinas Priestess.  It all comes down to timing.  The 
strange creatures in the back will alternate the direction they 
run from behind the pillars.  You must run out from behind your 
pillar so as to have their energy ball collide with the Priestess 
standing between the two of you.  After the SNS critical, the 
Priestess will go down in five or so hits.  Once she is down, run 
to the other side of the room and kill the energy-launching 

4.0	Garage

-Whistler Rundown
       At this point in the game you are given control of 
Whistler.  The general mechanics of this character are comparable 
to that of Blade with a few minor differences.  Whistler can only 
use the shotgun and its three ammo types.  Whistler cannot jump, 
and instead will head butt, which is his only melee attack.  
Whistler can use any item, though he has unlimited stamina making 
many of them worthless.

       (Cut Scene: Blade is blown away by the Faustinas Priestess 
and Whistler pulls him into the elevator, which then crashes to 
the bottom floor.)  
       To the left is SSS.  To the right are 2x zombs.  Head 
around the corner<, grabbing the HB along the way>.  Shoot the 
fam.  Hit the control switch [+zomb and ESS] in the little booth.  
Head back and around the truck to kill a zombie and get HB.  
There are 2x fams along the path.  Continue up the stairs and 
around the large crate to fight a fam.  <Behind the last crate 
you will find a HB.>  Now, straight ahead and along the wall is a 
[2x] zombie <and HB>.  Go right, around the corner and use the 
Save Point [+HB].  Now turn around to shoot two fams [+zomb], 
then the explosive barrels.  Continue up the stairs.  Along this 
long and winding hallway, you will find 2x fams, 3x Tfams, 2x HB, 
and SSS.  Then right before a set of double glass doors is a new 
enemy: the Gun Vampire.  Through the doors you'll find 2x SNS, 
and HB.  You'll also notice a button on a console in here, but 
don't hit yet.  Exit this room, and just outside the glass doors 
you'll meet a Ligaroo.  Deal with him, then push the button.  Now 
run all the way back to where you entered this hallway and make a 
right into the now open room.  In this room, behind the hanging 
sacks of blood you will find 'Blood' (for Blade).  Now go through 
the door here to fight a Gvamp and get COAG.  Take the elevator 
down and fight the two zombies in the garage to the right.  Get 
the COAG in this garage and head back to the elevator where you 
left Blade.  Along the way you'll face 2x [+1] fams.

5.0	Museum

       (Cut Scene: Blade and Whistler speak about the vampire 
civil war between Pallintine and Dragonetti, and the contents of 
the 'evil box'.  Blade decides to go to the museum to find the 
curator, a Dragonetti familiar.  When Blade arrives the museum is 
already crawling.)
       To the left is a cop.  Ahead is a cop and 2x MK.  Ascend 
the ramp and kill the two zombs to the right, then go through the 
right door to kill another zombie and get CHC and SHC.  Now head 
through the door to the left and kill 5x [+1] zombs.  Smash the 
pots in the center of the room to get a Key Card (red).  Through 
the next hall is a split [+cop].  Take a left, kill the two 
zombs, and hit the button behind the first statue on your right.  
Get the 3x SHC in here, then head back up to the split.  Kill the 
2x [+1] zombs and get the Key Card (blue).  Return to the statue 
room and continue down the path to see the museum curator 
brutally slain by a Ligaroo.  Further along [+cop] and down the 
ramp are 2x SSS and a Shotgun.  In the darkness here are 2x cops.  
The switch behind you turns on the lights and opens the exhibit 
doors for you.  The first exhibit's glass to the left can be 
shattered.  Enter to find a Resupply Point, the dead curator and 
the Amulet.  Now enter the door straight ahead from the exhibit 
area.  Turn the right corner to find a stair way full of 6x 
zombies and then a cop at the top.  Get the MK and Key Card 
(green).  Use the Save Point and head back down to take the left 
passage.  Down this 'Employees Only' path take the first door on 
the right and get the book lying on the ground.  (Cut Scene: 
Blade reads the book, which tells of the NightBeast that the 
Pallintine have been transporting in the box.)  Get the SHC in 
here and follow the hall to face a cop around the corner and then 
another around the next one.  There is a Cianteto in the room to 
the right, along with SilMC.  In the room to the left is <LS>, 
<MK>, an elevator, and a [2x] Cianteto behind the boxes.  Don't 
take the elevator.  Continue down the hall for a zombie.  In the 
right room are 2x cops, 2x SMC, and MK.  Hit the computer to 
access the security terminal.  Go out [face a Cianteto] and 
through the now-open door.  Shoot the 3x zombs, then shoot the 
explosive barrels by the garage door to destroy it.  Outside, 
immediately to the left are 2x cops (whom the explosion may have 
killed).  In the room behind the crashed truck is the Von Esper 
Glyph.  Now go back to where you fought the pair of Ciantetos and 
take the elevator down.

5.1	Museum Basement

       Straight out of the elevator you'll face two [+2] 
Ciantetos.  Run behind the tank to get MK <and 2x SMC>.  Don't 
bother with the elevator to the left; it takes you back to the 
statue room in the museum.  Go down the passage to the left.  
Kill the zombies before you enter the room itself.  When you do, 
a Ligaroo will burst through the wall across the room and attack 
you.  This battle is a little tough if you didn't kill the two 
zombies already.
       Take the elevator down.  There's a Shotgun [+zomb] behind 
you.  Kill the 2x [+1] zombs, 2x [+1] Tfams.  Then 2x dogs 
[+zomb] and a Tfam in the next room.  2x zombs [+CHC] in the next 
room.  Then 3x zombs, SS, and SSS in the next.  Then 3x zombs and 
<LS>[SS and SSS] in the next.  4x zombs and LS in next room.  The 
filing cabinet room has three rows.  First: ESS; second: 
Dragonetti Glyph; third: zomb and MK.  In the next room is 4x 
dogs, SMC, and SNS.  Turn left from the hall to fight a Tfam and 
get CMC.  Down the narrow corridor you'll find a room with a [2x] 
zomb and 2x Tfams hiding against the walls on either side of you.  
The room to the right bares a zomb, as does the room to the left.  
Ahead are two doors.  Take the right one first to fight a zomb.  
Run up the stairs [+zomb] to hit the red button.  Now go back to 
the left room and kill the Tfam.  Go behind the moved bookshelf 
for 3x zombs.  Shoot the boxes from the corridor to get LS and 
Machine Pistol [+SS].  Now go to the right room, this time going 
in the passage beneath the stairs.  Kill the Tfam and the other 
one on the other side of the boxes.  Now quickly climb the boxes 
and shoot the Tfam [+zomb] on the other side of the railing.  
Jump over the railing and kill the dog up here.  Use the Save 
Point and enter the next room, killing the 2x zombs.  As you walk 
along the next hall, the ground will collapse bringing you face 
to face with a Faustinas Priestess.

5.2	BOSS: Faustinas Priestess 2

       As soon as you regain control of Blade target the Priestess 
and don't let go until she's dead.  Walk toward her positioning 
yourself behind the central pillar.  This enemy has a protective 
shield that only dissipates after she attacks with her crazy spin 
attack.  She will not unleash this attack if you are standing 
behind the pillar.  If you remain behind the pillar then she will 
launch a bubble that homes in on you and damages your health by 
at least one third.  It is best to simply expose yourself, 
prompting her attack.  When she is spinning and a little bit 
after, she is vulnerable.  Use this time to blow her away with 
your SilMC.  Doing this will kill her in a single period of 
vulnerability.  Using your SilMLB is not a bad idea as it damages 
her health by 50%, but they often will miss her.  After she is 
dead she will fly around the room crazily.  Eventually, she will 
explode destroying two walls.  One contains 2x COAGs, while the 
other contains an exit to the next area.

6.0	Storm Drains

	On either side of you is a zomb.  The left has LS, while 
the right has MK.  Proceed straight and drop down the hole.  (Cut 
Scene: Blade needs an out and Whistler has a boat ready for him.)  
Ahead are SSS, ESS, and SNS.  Around the right corner is a zomb 
and SSS.  Around the left path is a zomb and SHC.  Further ahead 
is a [2x] zomb, and then down the winding corridor you'll find 
MK, SNS and a zombie.  Up the stairs is another zombie and around 
the corner is a LS.  The first pit in front of you contains a 
monster who is best dealt with from your vantage point.  Then hop 
down.  Use the box here to jump over the wall [+dog] and use the 
Save Point.  Now jump over the wall to your right by first 
jumping over the wall ahead of you.  Shoot the zombie then follow 
the path to find another one, plus SNS.  Now head down the sewer 
drains.  On the right is a zombie, and on the left is a dog.  
Enter the door on the left.  Shoot the boxes to kill the dog and 
injure the Cianteto.  Finish him off and grab the MK and LS.  Hit 
the wall switch and go back down.  Grab the SHC by the right 
closed grating.  Then proceed through the open one on the left to 
its end.  Run out of the tube, spin around and kill the vamp 
hiding in the tube on the left.  Around the turn is a vamp, then 
another a little further.  To the left, behind some boxes are 
SSS, and SMC.  Along the wall to the right is a pair of LSs.  
Around the corner is a vamp and THV.  Destroy the boxes and climb 
the ladder to find a vamp and THV.  Grab the MK and SSS.  Before 
you get the Laser Lens refer to '7.0 City Limits', as it will 
affect the outcome of the game if you do so.  Either way, drop 
down the hole and continue until you reach a huge pit.  In the 
pit are 2x THV and a Cianteto whom are best killed from where you 
stand.  Once you jump down another Cianteto may decide to fall 
down from his perch on the upper left.  From the broken middle 
drainage tube you can jump to its other half to receive an ED.  
Now climb the left most drainage tube and climb the ladder that 
is tough to in front of the grating.  Up here is where the 
Cianteto mentioned earlier might still be.  Take the hanging 
walkway to climb a ladder, and then drop down through a grating.

7.0	City Limits

       This is the final area of the game.  Depending on if you 
got all the weapons parts, you will have two almost completely 
different levels.  If you got all the weapons parts you will wait 
until night to approach the City Limits.  If you did not, then 
you will attack during the day.  The night level is about a tenth 
the size of the day level.  Each path yields a different glyph, 
so to get all of them you may wish to copy your game from your 
last Save Point, and then play each path.  Both paths lead to the 
same final boss, but he is defeated in completely different ways.
       (Cut Scene: both paths have similar dialogue.  Whistler and 
Blade converse about confronting the NightBeast.)

7.1a	City Limits: Night	(all weapons parts)

       Blast through the wall.  Get the 2x CHC.  Around the corner 
is a dog and fam, then a zomb.  Then another dog and fam around 
the corner to the right.  Down the left alley is a Gvamp, then a 
fam, and then a Tfam.  The next alley will have a turret and MK 
to the left and a Save Point to the right.  By running down the 
left path the gate you passed by earlier will open.  Head over 
there and defeat the two dogs.  Get the Key Card, HB, and 
Shotgun.  Now return to the street to face 2x Gvamps and get the 
Machine Pistol behind the van.  Use the Key Card on the access 
panel to open the garage door.  Through it is a HWG.  Don't 
approach him, just hit him with 3 SilBl.  Get his Key Card.  To 
the right, behind the boxes and the van are UVG.  Proceed through 
the doors that the HWG was blocking, grabbing the MK along the 
       Kill the fam, then head left to fight two Gvamps.  Now use 
the Resupply Point.  Proceed through the sliding doors.  Kill the 
Tfam [+turret] on the far side of the room.  Now hit each of the 
three blue control panels to overload the power, opening the next 
door.  Kill the [2x] Tfam in the next room.  Straight ahead in 
the hallway is a turret, then a Gvamp [+Tfam] and turret around 
the corner to the right.  Grab the [2x] MK.  Now climb the stairs 
to the left from where you walked in.  In the conference room is 
a [2x] Svamp <and MK>.  Now take the hallway to the right.  The 
next room has a Tfam to the right.  The object of this area its 
to activate the four generators in their proper sequence, which 
is 1342.  But to actually discover this you must journey down the 
hallway where you fight a Gvamp and a [4x] Tfam.  The first room 
along the hall to the right contains a Save Point and Gvamp.  Hit 
the switch to allow the door here to open, which is pretty much 
pointless.  Anyway, continue down the hallway to the next room, 
which has a MK and the 'generator start-up procedure' written on 
the wall.  Now go back to the generator room, and climb the 
ladder to input the sequence.  Messing up will cause you to start 
the sequence over again.  Once that's done, follow the hallway to 
the little copy room.  Here you'll find a Machine Pistol, 2x MK, 
2x SilMC and SNS.  Exit to the airframe room for a little chat 
with Mannheim.  (Cut Scene: Mannheim tells Blade he has played 
their game perfectly.  The NightBeast will create eternal night 
causing all sorts of mayhem.)  Refer to 7.2 for boss strategies 
on Mannheim.  After Mannheim is down, get the SNS and hit the 
switch on the wall by the lift to activate them.  Ride the lift 
up, go through the doors, use the Save Point, and continue 
straight.  Skip ahead to section 7.3a for boss strategies on 

7.1b	City Limits: Day		(not all weapons parts)

       Blast through the wall.  Around the corner is a CHC [+fam] 
and - for some strange reason - 4 dollars.  The street area has 
3x [+1] fams.  Down the alleyway ahead you'll find a Tfam [+HB], 
then a [2x] fam around the corner.  Proceed down the alley to 
find a Resupply Point, SMC, and SS to the right.  To the left is 
a Tfam potentially behind the first box down the alley.  Go 
behind the second box to get SilMC and open a garage.  There are 
two dogs, a Machine Pistol and SSS in the boxes.  Right here is a 
fam and 4x zombs.  Up ahead are two zombies who are lying down 
only to arise when you approach them.  Around the corner is a fam 
and Tfam.  Climb the ladder to the rooftop where you will fight a 
fam, 2x [+2] Tfams, and 2x [+1] turrets.  Now jump down through 
the open window.  
       Now fall down one of the holes here to face 2x fams and get 
a MK.  Enter one of the open doors in this room to get LS.  
You'll notice that railing here can be leapt.  Do so now to face 
3x Gvamps in the room below.  Get the SSS, <MK,> and Key Card in 
this room.  Exit [to find a HB by the stairs] and climb the 
stairs.  Fight two Gvamps in the hall.  Take the door on the 
right to find 2x Gvamps, SilBl, and SilMC.  Continue past the 
next two doors to kill a fam, and take the right door up the 
stairs.  Kill the 2x fams <+MK>, then continue up the stairs for 
SNS and a Resupply Point.  Now take the hallway to the Research 
and Development area.
       Kill the 2x fams in here, then continue straight across 
into a room with 2x fams and a dog.  Over the desk is SNS.  Note 
the locked door here, but head through the left door.  From the 
tiny room, take the door to the right.  Shoot the Tfam and get 
the HB.  Take the stairs and hit the red button.  Go back to the 
tiny room and shoot the picture of Blade.  The wall will open 
revealing a Gvamp, then a TFV, <MK, SMC,> and Key Card up the 
stairs.  Now open the door to your left as you enter the tiny 
room.  Face 2x Gvamps, a fam, and a dog.  Open the door in the 
corner to find SSS and a Save Point.  Now go back to locked door.  
In the first room to the right along this hallway is a TFV <and 
SNS>.  Blow away the barrels on the left and enter the exposed 
room.  Get the <LS,> HB, and Erebus Glyph within.  The next door 
on the right has a fam.  When you enter the 'T' intersection a 
part of the wall on either side will blow open revealing a Gvamp 
each.  The left hole contains a MK.  During this time a TFV may 
come out of the left elevator room and attack you, if not, take 
care of him now.  Now head right through the door to get a MK.  
Proceed through some doors to fight a shirtless TFV<, and get 
SilMC>.  Go through the next door to fight a cop.  Hit the red 
button to blow the pressure hatch and enter the next room.  Once 
you reach the next room use the boxes to climb over the fence.  
On the other side is a cop and 2x Tfams.  Climb the ladder 
against the wall to face a Tfam and cop at its top.  Use the Save 
Point.  Upon the next platform you will find a Tfam and a HWG.  
The HWG likes his grenades, so be sure to run up to him as close 
as possible blowing him away with your SMC/CMC.  You can also 
just stand behind the railing and shoot him.  Grab his Key, <a 
Machine Pistol,> and a MK that are also up here.  Use this key to 
open the skylight to the right.  
       Back into the hole and shoot the cop who's right in your 
face.  Then kill the fam lurking outside the room.  Turn around 
to face a console with three buttons.  Either keep messing with 
the buttons until all three pieces of the airplane are at the 
bottom, or hit the sequence as follows: RLRLMM.  Now head down to 
the plane.  Turn around to kill the fam after the stairs.  Get 
his Key and continue towards the plane.  Enter the plane to make 
it across the tank of toxic dipping.  Break, then jump through 
the glass ahead, turning to your right to fight a TFV as you do 
so.  Activate the bookshelf to the left to reveal LS <and SNS> 
inside.  Through the door on the right are 2x fams.  <Through the 
next door and down the stairs is a UVG.>  Down further are 2x 
fams, a shirtless TFV<, and MK>.
       In the next area you'll find 2x fams, then a 2x TFV[, then 
2x fams past them].  <Next is a room with 2x MK and 2x SMC.>  
Then a dog through the next door.  Up the stairs in the first 
room is a dog, fam, and 2x SSS.  <Then up the stairs in the top 
room are 2x SHC.>  Through the next door is Mannheim.  (Cut 
Scene: Blade knows Mannheim is have trouble controlling the 
NightBeast.  Mannheim tells Blade the NightBeast will create 
eternal night causing all sorts of mayhem.)  Refer to 7.2 for 
BOSS strategies on Mannheim.  Grab Mannheim's Key Card take the 
elevator down to face the NightBeast.  Skip ahead to section 7.3b 
for boss strategies on NightBeast.

7.2	BOSS: Mannheim

       Each path faces Mannheim in a different arena.  The night 
path will also have a fam in the arena.  Mannheim is like the 
Ligaroo bosses only stronger.  The easiest way to defeat him is 
by knocking him over with your SilMLB.  Once he starts to get 
back up knock him down again.  The blades will rapidly deplete 
his health, killing him in no more than eight shots.  A critical 
with SNS will have the same effect.

7.3a	BOSS: NightBeast: Night
       (Cut Scene: The NightBeast arrives, but Blade is unable to 
defeat it with his pistol.  Whistler arrives on the scene with 
the UV Cannon.)
       Now that you have the UV Cannon, you can defeat the 
NightBeast.  Use the same hit and run tactics you've been using 
for bosses.  However, be sure to run perpendicular to the 
NightBeast as much as possible to better avoid his rockets.  
Before you finish off the NightBeast, be sure to find Whistler.  
Climb the broken ramp at one end of the arena.  Inside the room 
you will find Whistler unconscious.  Next to him is the Ultima 
Glyph.  Once the NightBeast is defeated, the game is over.  (Cut 
Scene: Whistler and Blade further their love-hate relationship as 
they celebrate their victory.)

7.3b	BOSS: NightBeast: Day

       To defeat the NightBeast you must run around pushing all 
four terminal buttons in the proper sequence.  Do your best to 
avoid the beast's rockets by running perpendicular to him.  The 
first panel that you must activate is located up the stairwell to 
the left of where you enter the arena.  The second is on the 
ground floor in the far back corner.  The third is on the 
opposite side of the room.  The final console is up the other set 
of stairs.  Once all the consoles have been activated the 
NightBeast is finished.  (Cut Scene: the bay doors open and the 
NightBeast is fried in the sunlight.)

8.0	End Game

       The credits roll.  (Cut Scene: The camera pans to a vampire 
sucking a girl dry when Blade shows up.  The vampire looks to 
Blade and says "DayWalker".  Blade replies as he unsheathes his 
sword, "My name is Blade".)

The End


The Library menu can be accessed from the main title screen.  It is 
full of different facts and information regarding the lore of vampires 
and Blades role, as well information on the special items you find 
throughout the game.  The Library menu has three subcategories: 
Character Files, Vampire Files, and Special Files.  To be able to read 
about all of these, you must first play through the game and find all 
of the glyphs and special items.  You start out with information about 
Blade, Whistler, and The House of Erebus.

Three Glyphs reveal cheat codes.  The Ultima, Erebus, and Frost Glyph 
will each unlock a cheat option.  Quickly input the code listed under 
the Glyph when looking at the main screen.  If you did it successfully, 
you will here the 'cancellation' sound.  Then, when you're playing the 
game, push START and a new CHEAT MENU option will be available.  Turn 
each of the cheats on to enjoy wholesome goodness of cheating.

Here is a full copy of all the Library's listings:

Note: this list is verbatim, meaning all spelling and grammatical 
errors are (indeed) found in the game (as well).

Character Files

       - Blade 
       Blade is the DayWalker, a half-vampire half-human hybrid 
who has inherited the strength of the undead, but not their 
weakness to sunlight.  Unfortunately he also suffers from the 
vampire thirst for blood, a craving only assuaged by regular 
doses of serum, a chemical substitute provided by his mentor and 
friend Abraham Whistler.  Blade has a sworn oath to kill all 
vampires in retribution for the fate inflicted on him when his 
pregnant mother was vampirized by Deacon Frost.

	- Whistler
       Abraham Whistler is Blade's partner in the ongoing war 
against the undead.  Whistler lost his family to a vampire attack 
many years previously and has since waged his own vendetta 
against them.  He first met Blade as a confused adolescent 
feeding off derelicts, seeing a possible ally Whistler took him 
in and taught him the ways of the vampire hunter.

       - Mannheim
       Leader of the Pallintine tribe.  One of the richest and 
most powerful dynasties in the House of Erebus.  The Pallintine 
cultivate an image of businesslike affluence and respectability 
in order to blend into human society.  In reality they are 
ruthless racketeers and gangsters, driven by a will to power 
ethos that has served them well since their origins as warlords 
and robber barons in mediaeval Europe.
	- Deacon Frost
       Blade's progenitor and arch-nemesis.  Frost disguised as a 
doctor fed upon Blade's mother while she was heavily pregnant.  
The stock of his attentions included labor and imbued the unborn 
child with vampiric powers and needs.

Vampire Files

       - The House of Erebus
       The ruling council of the vampire nation, the House of 
Erebus encompasses all 11 pureblood tribes of the undead.  
Presided over by the wise and ancient Dragonetti, the House 
provides guidance and government to all vampires on Earth.

	- Dragonetti
       The Dragonetti are the leaders of the House of Erebus.  
They are aristocratic and aloof, taking little interest in the 
affairs of the human world.  They number amongst their ranks the 
oldest and most historically noteworthy of all the undead.  Their 
lineage stretches back to Julius Caesar, and the heights of the 
Roman Empire.
	- Ashe
       Members of The Ashe Tribe are extremely fragile, their pale 
bodies vulnerable to UV rays, sunlight, silver and garlic.

	- Cianteto
       The Cianteto tribe hails from Mexico: they are fierce 
warriors with the strength of many men and the ability to 
regenerate limbs severed in combat!

	- Faustinas
       The Faustinas are black magicians: they have gained their 
pureblood status by the practice of Santeria.  The Faustinas are 
the only tribe to have two places in the ruling council of the 
House of Erebus: this is because they are always represented by 
identical female twins.

	- Kobejitsu
       The Kobejitsu are more often referred to as the 'Death 
Ninjas', for obvious reasons.  Identify these ferocious assassins 
by the their red-glowing eyes.

	- Lemure
       The Lemure are the descendents of evil Roman spirits that 
possessed the dead and turned them into vampires.  Often 
beautiful, the Lemure lure their prey with their seductive 

	- Ligaroo
       The Ligaroo have the power to shed their skin and transform 
into a ball of flame!  These French fiends are also the only 
tribe known to store blood for later use.
	- Pallintine
       One of the richest and most powerful dynasties in the House 
of Erebus.  The Pallintine cultivate an image of businesslike 
affluence and respectability in order to blend into human 
society.  Originally from the Baltic region the Pallintine are 
ruthless in their pursuit of power.

	- Upier
       Member of the Upier tribe are born with the ability to hunt 
and feed.  This precocious nature makes them amongst the most 
feared of all of the undead.

	- Von Esper
       The Von Espers are the most violent and bloodthirsty of all 
the vampire tribes.  Their ruthless, brutal nature makes them 
ideal recruits to do the evil bidding of others. 

Special Files

	- Amulet of Asiron
       An antique object forged from a bright mysterious metal.  
The word Asiron is engraved on the back.  Believed to grant the 
wearer immunity from dark forces.

       - Frost Glyph
       This is not a true Glyph.  Just Deacon Frost mythologizing 
himself and his followers.
       Code: DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, L2, L1, R2, R1
       Unlocks: INFINITE WEAPONS

	- Erebus Glyph
       The secret symbol of the Vampire Nation.  This object has a 
		Code: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, L2, L1, R2, R1
	- Ultima Glyph
       The most sacred icon of the Vampire Nation.  Believed lost 
a thousand years ago, this Glyph offers unlimited powers to he 
who holds it!
       	Code: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, L2, L2, R2, R2
       	Unlocks: ALL ITEMS
       - Sapphire Lens
       A powerful lens, manufactured for industrial use.  Whistler 
can use this object.
	- Giga-Volt Transformer
       Can massively increase the output power from a mobile 
source.  Whistler can use this object.

	- IAMC Laser Coil
       The primary light emitting component of an industrial 
laser.  Whistler can use this object.

	- Micro-Battery Pack
       A tiny yet powerful battery pack.  Whistler can use this 


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Special Thanks

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including Blade.

Activision	Maker of Blade for Playstation, and other 
quality software.

Jesse Castro   Gavin	Found the first secret of the game: dubbed the 
moving crane secret.  Also helped with testing.

Version History

Version 1.0 - Listing of Items, Ammo, Weapons, Inventory and the names, 
functions, and capacities thereof.  Includes complete 
walkthrough and unlockables.  Enemy listing, basic and 
combat strategies.

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