Bull Buchanan by Chilly McFreeze

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WWF Smackdown 2 for Sony Playstation
Bull Buchanan Character FAQ
By Mason the Mutilator (supersonic_723@yahoo.com)
Created: 8/6/01
Last Updated: 8/6/01
Version: 1.0 

Copyright info: This guide ("Bull Buchanan Character FAQ") is copyright 
2001 Joe Bowgett.  This guide may be distributed freely as long as it 
is not in anyway edited and is NOT charged for.  No profit must be made 
from this guide.  However the only sites it may be published on are 
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    1: Bio
    2: Moves
    3: Tactics
    4: Acknowledgements


    Name: Bull Buchanan
    Real Name: Barry Buchanan
    Weight: 275 lbs.
    Height: 6'7"
    Finishing Move: Scissors Kick
    Career Highlights:  Tag Team Champion


     Big Boot: Down + X
     Toe Kick: Down-Left/Down-Right +X
     Austin Punches: Left + X
     Double Axe Handle: Up-Left/Up-Right + X
     Clothesline: Up + X
     Body Punch: Right + X
          Manhattan Drop: Down + O
          Arm Drag: Left + O
          Elbow To Back Of Head: Up + O
          Side Buster: Right + O
     Front, Opponent Groggy:
          Jacknife Powerbomb 1: Down + O
          Rib Breaker: Left + O
          Bear Hug: Up + O
          Shoulder Breaker 1: Right + O
          Atomic Drop: Down + O
          Back Drop: Left + O
          Sleeper Hold 1: Up + O
          Reverse DDT: Right + O

Opponent On Ground:
          Angry Stomp: X
          Elbow Drop: Up/Down + X
          Leg Drop: Left/Right + X
          At Head:
               Camel Clutch: Left + O
               Reverse Chin Lock: Right + O
          At Feet:
               Kick To Groin: Left + O
               Toss: Right + O

Opponent In Turnbuckle:
               Back Elbow Strike 2: Down/Up + O
               Body Strikes: Left/Right + O
               Super Back Drop: any direction + O
          Choke: Any direction + O
     Run To Lower:
          Knee Attack: X

Opponent Caught In Ropes: Throw To Rope: Any direction and O

Opponent Outside, Player at Ropes: Vaulting Body Press: Hold towards
ropes, quickly press Triangle followed by X

Opponent Outside, Player Running: Baseball Slide: Square followed by X
before you reach the ropes.

Aerial Moves:
     Opponent Standing:
          Diving Fame Asser: Left + X
          Flying Clothesline: Right + X
     Opponent Down:
          Diving Leg Drop: X
          Elbow Drop: Down + X
          Diving Elbow: Up + X

          Clothesline 2: X
          Back Elbow Attack: Any direction + X
          Neckbreaker: O
          Rolling Clutch Pin: Any direction + O
          Bulldog: O (from behind)

Opponent Running:
     Back Flip To Pancake 1: O
     Spine Buster: Any direction + O

Special Move: Scissors Kick: L1 to a groggy opponent



Bull Buchanan doesn't have the best moveset in the game, but its not the
worst either.  His best grapples are the Jacknife Powerbomb and Shoulder
Breaker.  His Diving Fame Asser from the turnbuckle is a good move if 
you can hit it.


www.wwf.com for providing biographical infomation of Bull Buchanan.