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WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role
Debra FAQ/Movelist
Written by James Maxwell 
Copyright 2002

Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Bio
4. Move List
5. Unlocking Debra
6. Credits/Thanks
7. Copyright

Version History
1.0	- Probably all the stuff that will be needed
1.1 - Fixed the error on Debra's real name.

I created this FAQ for one simple reason; I want to see FAQ's for every 
Smackdown! 2 character, and I want to help make it happen. If you notice 
any mistakes, or you think I should add something, contact me at

Debra Bio
Real Name: Deborah Williams

Career Highlights: WWF Women's Championship
			 Wife of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Has managed: Jeff Jarrett, Steve McMichael, Owen Hart, The Rock

From Prima's Official Strategy Guide:
Debra is a thing of beauty. She has a figure to die for, long flowing 
blonde hair, and legs that never end, which is why male superstars will 
do just about anything to have her in their corner. At ringside, her 
biggest asset is her ability to make her man's competition become less 
interested in the match and more interested in her. In her pursuit to 
distract the competition, Debra isn't above unbuttoning a few crucial 
buttons on her blouse.

Believe it or not, looking pretty at ringside isn't Debra's only claim 
to fame. In fact, the lovely Superstar is a former Women's Champion. She 
won the championship in an ever-popular Evening Gown Match and managed 
to hold onto it for one month before finally being upended.

Debra's Move List
Debra's Slap - X
Middle Kick - Down + X
Low Kick - Down/Left + X or Down/Right + X
Austin Punches - Left + X
Snap Jab - Up/Left + X or Up/Right + X
Double Axe Handle - Up + Left
Chop - Right + X

Facing the opponent
Irish Whip - O
Club to Neck - Down + O
Snapmare - Left + O
Eye Rake - Up + O
Standing Crossface - Right + O

Facing a groggy opponent
Irish Whip - O
Club to Neck - Down + O
Snapmare - Left + O
Eye Rake - Up + O
Standing Crossface - Right + O

Behind the opponent
Irish Whip - O
Reverse Pin - Down + O
Turn Facing Front - Left + O
Sleeper Hold - Up + O
School Boy - Right + O

Opponent on mat
Upper Body
Raise the Opponent Up - O
Pin - Down + O
Knee Smash - Left + O
Mounted Punching - Up + Right
Sleeper Hold - Right + O

Lower Body
Raise the Opponent Up - O
Pin - Down + O
Kick to Leg - Left + O
Knee Stomp - Up + O
Kick to Groin - Right + O

Angry Stomp - X
(This is all Debra can do for ground strikes)

Opponent groggy against the ropes
Guillotine - O

Turnbuckle Moves
Irish Whip - O
Shoulder Thrust - Down + O or Up + O
Choke - Left + O or Right + O

Opponent facing turnbuckle
Irish Whip - O
Beat Head - Any directional button + O

Opponent down in turnbuckle
Raise the Opponent Up - O
Foot Choke - Any directional button + O

Running at opponent who is down in the turnbuckle
Knee Attack - X

Diving Attacks
Knee Drop - X
Elbow Drop - Down + X
Double Axe Handle - Left + X
Knee Drop - Up + X
Double Axe Handle - Right + X

Running Attacks
Shoulder Block - X
(This is the only running strike Debra can do)

Neckbreaker - O
(This is the only running grapple Debra can do)

Running at the opponents back
School Boy - O

Counter attacks (Opponent running at you)
Monkey Toss - O
Shoulder Back Toss - Any directional button + O

Double team attacks (with the opponent in your team's corner)
Irish Whip - O
Elbow Drop - Down + O
Mudhole Stomping - Left + O
Hip Throw - Up + O
Body Splash and Whip - Right + O

Special Move (must fill up Smackdown! Meter)
Women's Special Slap - L1 facing a groggy opponent

Unlocking Debra
To unlock Debra, play Season Mode and get to the Raw after the Royal 
Rumble. There will be a comeback event and you can then play as Debra!

Credits and Thanks
- Much thanks to CJayC ( for taking the time to 
post my FAQ.
- Thanks to Prima ( for Debra's Bio from their 
official strategy guide.

You may not re-use, edit, or use this FAQ for you own profit without my 

Copyright 2002 James Maxwell