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                     WWF Smackdown! 2 Basic Entrance FAQ
                                 Version 1.0
                              By Will Brewster
                           Last Updated: 12/05/00

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Table of Contents

1.0	Introduction

2.0	The Individual Entrances

3.0	The Stable Entrances

4.0	Closing

1.0 Introduction 

Hey there, this is my first FAQ, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest. It 
doesn’t have the superstar entrances in it as anyone worth their salt as a 
wrestling fan, knows what the entrances are, but it does contain all the 
other non superstar entrances so that you can browse through the info and 
just choose the entrance you want to use instead of spending the 2+hours 
that I did to look at all of the non superstar related intros. Hope this 
helps if not, oh well what can you do?

2.0 The Individual Entrances 

Accident note-all of the accident intros have you come out on your bike 
where you stop to rev your bike a couple of times and nod your head and then 
proceed down the ramp towards the ring, where first it’s a facing camera 
angle of you leaning to steer your bike, then behind or to the side of your 
bike and then finally behind as you crash and end up in a heap on the ground 
by your bike with your legs twitching and all.

Accident 1-happens on a black bike.

Accident 2-happens on a green bike

Accident 3-happens on a light orange/peach colored bike.

Accident 4-happens on a red bike.

Accident 5-happens on a blue bike with orange flame detailing.

Accident 6-happens on a pink bike.

Aiming A Camera-just like it says you look around for a few seconds until 
you find the camera and then stare at it until the angle changes and then 
you repeat this process from the side, behind, in front, etc.

Average-arms at side as you walk down, turns around to face Oval/TitanTron 
screen and then walks down ramp towards camera.

Ballet-come out with arms in ballerina pose twirling in circles and then you 
take a short run to do a graceful ballet type jump through air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!-walk down ramp then face Tron screen making Cactus Jack 
derived hand in gun shape shots at it followed by turning around flexing 
muscles and then raising your arms up.

Booing-cans and water bottles being thrown throughout entrance causing some 
to hit you in the head until the end where somehow, someone shoots a rocket 
at you and it hits your stomach, flying you through the air away from the 

Car Driver-driving what looks like an shuttle car like you see inside 
airports (or a golf cart like vehicle without the top if you prefer) down 
the ramp waving and before the camera fade, moving your head side to side 
like you’ve found your own groove.

Cossack Dance-come out and raise your arms a couple of times and then squat 
down into the dance where you lift one leg forward and stand on the other 
and then lift the opposite leg all while remaining in the squatting 

Injured-crouched down with hands over knees breathing heavily and then 
getting up and walking around weaving like you are drunk and then back to 
the kneeling tired position.

Karate-arms form an x in front of you and then a few karate straight punches 
and then your walk down the ramp continues.

Kung Fu-kicks then a few fast punches ending in fist in a palm Sunday 
matinee Kung Fu type pose and concluding with the walk down the ramp.

Launching-you are running down the ramp but a rocket catches up with you 
ramming you in the back where you contort like a cartoon character with you 
body making almost a c shape and the rocket in the middle of that c, as the 
rocket hurtles you forward.

Lift Car-drive out in a fork lift and just like in Car Driver, you waive and 
move your head side to side as you roll on down to the ring.

Motorcycle note-These intros are the same as accident except you stay on the 
bike and stop before you reach the ring, to get off bike and then the camera 
zooms up from your torso to your face and you walk to the ring from there.

Motorcycle 1-happens on a red bike.

Motorcycle 2-happens on an orange/peach bike.

Motorcycle 3-happens on a green bike.

Motorcycle 4-happens on a blue bike with orange flame detailing.

Motorcycle 5-happens on pink bike.

Mysterious-regular arms at sides walk towards ring, but shadows obscure you 
except for lights and camera flashes during the intro.

Powerful-walking with fists clutched at side and then stop for a Triple H 
head down head raise which leads to more walking.

Relax-sitting on ground with legs stretched out and leaning back on arms 
then a hop up and that damn annoying glove/wrist band adjustment that the 
wrestlers do in the cutscenes (even when they have no gloves or wrist bands 
to adjust!) as you walk on down.

Rhythmical-walk out holding chair and looking like somewhat of a tough guy 
until you stop to play air guitar with the chair-geez!

Robot-just like it sounds it takes like 2 seconds in-between every movement 
of raising arm and waving and walking down to the stage.

Rolling-a few arm waves and then you tuck into a ball and roll down towards 
the ring like you were a blue hedgehog.

Rough-walking down with arms at sides and then raising arms a moment to 
showcase your muscles and then running to ring.

Run and Fall Down-running to ring, trip, look around to see who saw (only a 
few million wrestling fans) and then a dust off and walk to ring.

Shadow Boxing-bouncing up and down like a boxer and then throws jabs and a 
few punches concluded with arms raised like you won a belt or something in 
boxingland and then down to the ring.

Shadowman note-These are superstar entrances and are exactly like the 
regular superstar entrances with the exception of the dark lighting like in 
the Mysterious entrance.

Shadowman 1-Stone Colds walk to ring and then both fists raised on one 
turnbuckle and walking to other turnbuckle to repeat process.

Shadowman 2-Rock walks down takes a moment to smell the cooking, gets in the 
ring and up on the turnbuckle with one fist raised and another cooking smell 

Shadowman 3-Undertaker on black bike riding down to ring like any of the non 
accident motorcycle entrances with the dark lighting of course.

Shadowman 4-X-Pac and all of his high jumpin’ crotch choppin’ antics.

Shadowman 5-Road Dogg with his oh you didn’t know rinse now spit for the 
dentist intro.

Shadowman 6-Tazz with his tough black towel on head intro.

Shadowman 7-Matt Hardy with his gun fingers and then his ending atop the 

Shadowman 8-Jeff Hardy with his more excitable gun fingers and his on the 
turbuckle off the turnbuckle displays.

Shadowman 9-Blackman and his martial arts punch punch walk to ring routine.

Shadowman 10-Shawn Michaels with the groove walk, muscle flex, and attempted 
pyro in the background of the invisible ring.

Shadowman 11-Grand Master Sexay and his running man funky white boy son of 
Lawler dancing.

Shadowman 12-Scotty 2 Hotty in his funkadelic friend of Grand Master cut the 
rug techniques.

Shout 1-if you’ve seen Goldberg’s entrance, this is it. Otherwise guy jumps 
up and down on ramp and then walks down screaming and punching himself in 
the head.

Shouting 2-walk toward ring glove/wb a arms up and down but no real 
shouting-curious indeed!

Speedy-another curiosity as a regular walk to ring shot at a back and front 
and side angle, but no speed whatsoever.

Stranger-arms at sides but camera does not show face only upper and lower 
body. Only head shot is from behind.

Sumo-if you’ve played that game at the arcade that is almost like “Road 
Fighter,” then you will probably remember E. Japanese car for a last name’s, 
leg up and down squat position. This is what this intro is. Leg up and down 
for each leg and then walk to ring.

Technical-another question mark as no technical moves shown-this should’ve 
been Speedy as wrestler walks it on down and then starts to run to ring.

With Anatomy-same as Al Snow’s entrance except instead of mannequin head, 
you are carrying a skull! A skull! Perfect intro for those Jeffery Dahmer 
CAWs out there!

With Missile-You show Saddam up as you say not only to I have the nootz to 
buy a missle, I have the grapefruits to hoist it over my shoulder, walk down 
to the ring, raise it above my head to show the millions, and then back over 
the shoulder to walk down to the ring leaving the millions to wonder, if 
it’s armed.

3.0 The Stable Entrances
|Stable Entrance note-A lot of these entrances are similar to the 
individuals except for the addition of the extra person,  but I’ll note what 
differences there are in any case.

Aiming A Camera-the same except 2 attention starved idiots trying to find 
that camera.

Ballet-Tested this one with The Acoloytes, and laughed my ass off-same as 
Ballet individual but at the end for the big finish, each player from the 
opposite side of the screen jumps towards the other with their ballet 
jumping legs outstretched pose-If nothing else at least once, put this on 
The Acolytes and you will have a tender moment with The APA!

Big Two-When Kane and Undertaker are not fighting, in the ring they’ve done 
this quite a bit. One player kneels on one knee and lifts his arm up ala 
Undertaker while the other just like Kane, lifts both arms up and drops them 
for the turnbuckle explosion poses.

Happening-both players walk out while one player lifts his arm up knocking 
down and out the other player. The player turns to see the partner on the 
ground and then turns around and keeps on walking-feel the love!

Karate-same as individual-very Danielson Mr. Miyagi like!

Kossack Dance-same as individual.

Kung Fu-same Sunday matinee madness!

Launching-same but this time as one player is having their body flown 
forward and getting a very painful back cramp, their partner is holding on 
to the end of the rocket and flapping their legs up and down.

Lift Car-same but the partner stands on the lift portion with arms crossed 
as the driver who’s getting’ their groove on raises and lowers lift.

Motorcycle Note-these are the accident intros with the addition of the 
second party riding either on back of bike or driving it and at the end of 
the crash as one person is on the ground with legs twitching, the second is 
laying on top of them looking up at the sky with a back cramp starting from 
the position.

Motorcycle 1-black bike.

Motorcycle 2-red bike.

Motorcycle 3-orange/peach bike

Motorcycle 4-green bike.

Motorcycle 5-blue with orange flame detailing.

Motorcycle 6-pink bike.

Normal 1-both players look around and then walk it down.

Normal 2-one player is faced towards screen and does Jericho cross position 
turn around walking routine, while other flexes his muscles like Shawn 
Michaels in his almost doing the splits with one leg position.

Normal 3-looks like a Hardy Boyz intro but on gun fingers to head, there is 
only one finger lifted on each hand while the other partner lifts his one 
finger up hands into the air.

Normal 4-a lot like Normal 3 with one player lifting his one hand up fingers 
to the sky while the other make the one finger motion but keeps hands at the 
sides and then walks down with fingers pointing.

Robot-same as individual but 2 bots walkin’ it down.

Roll-same but with two 4th grade gymnastic rolling somersault champs doing 
their blue hedgehog impersonation.

Runaway-one player running away from something unseen (you start to think 
missile) when the unseen is revealed as the other player! The partner 
chasing you runs like a girl (like the 3rd or 4th contestant in the beauty 
contest runs to ring) and then before fade, jumps up in the air like a 
certain jumping tiger out there in kidmovieland, and is about to pounce on 
the first player when the camera fades away.

Note-The Shadowtags are just the tag team regular entrances with the 
darkened light/camera and lights flashing effects if you don’t know what the 
entrances look like normally, you can fight an exhibition against the tag 
team to see their entrance in the light.

ShadowTag 1-Hardys finger guns blazin’ ring runnin’ turnbuckle climbin’ fun!

ShadowTag 2-Dudleys with their 3D throwin’ signs and tough guy entrances

ShadowTag3-Too Cool’s dancin’ freaks of the light skin shade groove.

ShadowTag4-Karate duo same as karate with the lights darker.

ShadowTag5-Kung Fu darkness same as Kung Fu

ShadowTag 6-Edge and Christian’s posing entrance with the lights darkened 
(with the lights up it’s known as Take Photography!).

Start-the team lines up and races each other down to the ring.

Sumo-E what’s his face and a partner doing the Sumoriffic Shuffle.

Synch-One partner walks out and stops and then begins moving his torso in a 
circular let’s work those love handles motion which reveals the other 
partner doing the same thing behnind him. A few arm motions and then down to 
the ring for this in synch team.

Take Photography-see note on ShadowTag 6 but if you’re too lazy to go up a 
few lines, it’s Edge and Christian’s 5 second pose intro.

Two Motorcycles Note-These are just like the regular Motorcycle intros in 
individual entrance, but at the end, one person gets off the bike and walks 
over to their partner who is still sitting atop their bike and then they 
both look at the ring and stare.

Two Motorcycles 1-one bike is red and the other is blue with orange flame 

Two Motorcycles 2-one bike green, the other pink.

Two Motorcycles 3-one bike black, the other red for that Undertaker/Kane 
let’s be friends and American Bad Asses together story arc.

Two Motorcycles 4-one bike peach/light orange, the other pink.

Two Motorcycles 5-one blue with orange flame detailing, the other black.

Two Motorcycles 6-one green, the other peach/light orange.

Woman 1-womanly walk and blows kiss as she’s walkin it down.

Woman 2-muchly the same more womanly (beauty contest)  type walk and kisses 
being blown while the shadow/darkened effects are on.


Well that’s it for now folks! Thanks for lookin’ it up and the email 
requests that I received to send it out. Of course you all know the 
copyrights and trademarks and restrictions on the character names like Al 
Snow, Undertaker, Kane, etc do belong to the WWF and Titan Sports 
Entertainment, and while I have spoken with none of the McMahon family to 
request the use of said characters in my FAQ, I’m sure everything will be 
alright. Well take care kids, I’m gonna go back to playing and try and make 
up for the few hours I’ve been away from the game. Take it easy.

The Will.