Crash Bash
By: AnimeMaster
Version 2.0
I. Crash Bash Walkthru
A. Introduction
1. About Me
2. My Opinion of This Game
3. My Opinion on the Crash Bash Series
4. Legal Disclaimer
5. Version
B. About this game
1. The Layout
2. The Characters
3. The Arenas
       C. The Adventure Walkthru 
1. Warp Room 1
a. Crash Ball
b. Polar Panic
c. Pogo Painter
d. Jungle Bash
e. BOSS - Papu Pummel
2. Warp Room 2
a. Beach Ball
b. Tilt Panic
c. Pogo-A-Gogo
d. Space Bash
e. Desert Fox
f. BOSS - Bearminator
3. Warp Room 3
a. N. Ballism
b. Melt Panic
c. El Pogo Loco
d. Snow Bash
e. Metal Fox
f. Dot Dash
g. BOSS – Big Bad Fox
4. Warp Room 4
a. Sky Balls
b. Manic Panic
c. Pogo Padlock
d. Drain Bash
e. Jungle Fox
f. Toxic Dash
g. Ring Ding
h. BOSS – Oxide Ride
5. Warp Room 5 
a. Splash Dash
b. Dragon Drop
       D. Miscallaneous
       1. Thanks! 

I. Crash Bash Walkthru
A. Introduction
1. About Me

    Well I am 13 years old, and I play a LOT of video games.  I was a 
nintendo buff up until the release of Playstation™ by Sony™.  I mainly 
enjoy Rpg's and stradegies.  However, I like a good party game now and 
then.  I only like games that test skill basically, although most 
people would say rpg's aren't challenging.  
2. My Opinion of this game

      Crash Bash™ is a decent party game.  I like that it tests skill, 
which I have tons of.  Mwhahahaha.  I beat it in two days.  But yet I 
played it again, and again, and again. It really doesn't live up to the 
Crash name, because N. Brio became a good guy.  And they had so many 
bad guys to chose from.  Why'd they bring in Rilla Roo?  But besides 
that it's good. 

3. My opinion of the Crash Series

   One of the first games I got with my playstation (I got three) was 
Crash Bandicoot. I have all the Crash titles, because of the basic 
"cartoon" feel of it.  I think they went overboard with CTR, there are 
two many Kart games out there. Above all, thumbs up.

4. Legal Disclaimer

   This Faq is property of AnimeMaster ( under 
copywrite law.  All Crash Bandicoot and its affiliates are property of 
Eurocom™ Software.  Replecation for personal use must be permitted by 

              5. Versions

Version 1 - Initial Release

Version 2 – Current Release
-	Fixed Grammatarical And Spelling Errors
-	Updated Current Standings
-	Added first two stages of Warproom 5
-	Fixed Text Corruption errors

B. About this game
1. The Layout

   At the main menu, there are 4 menus:

1.	Adventure Mode
-New Game: Starts a new game
-Load Game: Continues game that has been saved on a memory card
2.	Battle Mode
-First, choose the amount of players
-Next, choose characters
-Then, choose stage from unlocked levels
-Select whether it is team play or free-for-all
-Finally, choose difficulty and number of cups needed to win
3.	Tournament
-First, choose the amount of players
-Second, choose characters
-Next, choose the type of arena (All 4 levels must be unlocked)
-Then, choose difficulty and number of cups needed to win    
4.	Options
-Change sound and controller settings here.

2. The Characters

   Here are a list of characters and their stats:


Crash: In Crate crush, he can spin mulitple boxes at once. He picks up 
boxes slowly, and throws them slowly.  In polar Push, his bear can 
unleash two not powerful charges in a row, and manuevers fairly well.  
No one really has an advantage in Pogo Pandemonium, but if you must 
know he uses a pogo stick. In ballistix, no one has an advantage.  In 
tank wars, shoots one medium speed, medium range, medium damage shots.  
And in crash dash can get bumped easily.

Coco: Ha.  In crate crush same as crash, in polar push, manuevers good, 
but INCREDIBLY weak. Uses a pogo stick. Same as crash in tank wars, and 
Crash Dash, be very, very passive, she's very WEAK!

Tiny:  Roar baby!  This is my personal favorite.  Why?  Here's the low-
down.  Crate Crush, kicks boxes, but who cares?  Picks em up and throws 
them before Coco can say "hahaha".  And they go FAR!  Polar push, one 
charge takes up almost the whole bar, but delivers one heck of a wammy. 
Pogo Pandemoium uses springs… Tank Wars shoots one VERY powerful blast 
with short range and slow speed. Crash Dash, can bump his way to the 
front at record time.  And besides, hes &$@#&@% HUGE! Like the book 
says, good thing he's on Crash's side.

Dingodile:  Grrr my butt, he stinks.  Crate Crush, same as Crash, 
except when he spins boxes he can't move. Polar push, takes the whole 
bar, but's on the wimpy side like Cortex. Uses a pogo. Two volley shots 
are pretty pointless, they're just like crash's basically. Crash Dash, 
has medium resistance.


Cortex: Pshaw.  Crate Crush, picks up and shoots them quick, but short 
range.  Polar push same as dingodile.  Pogo.  Tank wars – LONG range 
(Very annoying) fast, yet weak.  Crash Dash, wimpy.

N. Brio: Same as Cortex.

Koala Kong: Same as Tiny.

Rilla Roo: Same as Dingodile.     

3. The Arenas

    Here are all the different types, they're controls and what-not.

Crate Crush:  My favorite besides Ballistix.  Pick up boxes and throw 
them at opponents.  You can also Kick/Spin boxes at them. There are 
three types of Boxes:

Stone Crate: Standard box, small blast radius.

TNT: If you pick up/ jump on/ hit these, they will count down to three 
and then explode. You can still pick them up and throw them when 
they're counting down.

Nitro: TOUCH IT AND IT EXPLODES! Simple as that.  Hurts the most among 
the three.  A little tip: if you're enemy is near a NITRO, throw/ hit a 
box into it. Heheheh, it's the simple things in life you treasure.

And Wumpa Fruit: Give Health

The controls are:

[ ]: Kick/ spin boxes
 O : Pick up, press again to throw
 /\: Cheer (Pointless, but it raises your EGO points)
 X : Jumps (Most useful in Future Bash)

 I'll explain the solitary stages in the Walkthru

Polar Push: You ride on your trusty polar bear, and charge the 
opponents off the ice you run on.  ALL the stages are slippery, so be 
careful.  Pretty simplistic. Until you see the floating thingy.  IT 
shoots down a beam that will do different things. It also gives you the 


Lightning: When time runs out whoever has it is safe, but all OPPOSING 
players are shocked and incapicitated.  Take advantage and push em' 

Weight:  Whoever has it when time runs out is squashed and immediately 

The beam also:

Inflates you:  You're bigger and stronger, but easier to hit and slower
Shrinks you: You're smaller and weaker, but harder to hit and faster.


[ ]: Charge (Only if you have enough charge meter)
[ ] + Direction of stage: To kick yourself back on while hanging off 
the edge. 

Pogo Pandemonium: I HATE THIS GAME.  My least favorite as you can tell.  
Move around on a PogoStick/ Springs and color the floor with you're 
feet. Get boxes to add the colored tiles to you're score.  Pretty 
simple right? NOT! 


Fast Boots: Your most valuable item.  Makes you faster.  Abuse it.

Missle:  Shoot people and stun them.  DUH!

Arrows: Everything the arrow is pointing to turns your color.  Only the 
tiles that is!

Boxes: Get them to add your tiles to your score.

Ballistix: First Pong, then air hockey… or was it the other way around?  
Anyway,  this is the ULTIMATE test of reflexes.  It may seem like you 
can just twiddle your thumbs and win when its on easy.  But then you 
set it to hard and see what Pong Hell really looks like…


[ ] :  Shoots a kicker that knocks the ball back with more force.  Your 
greatest asset.
 /\ : Cheer (Pointless, but it's better than the one in Crate Crush) 
R1/L1: Either one does the same thing.  Makes you faster.  Once you 
know how to use the kicker affectively, hold this.

Tank Wars:  Whoa.  This is fun.  Shoot them.  Make sure to get use to 
moving and changing the turret at the same time.  And know how to 
bounce your shots.  The mines in the 2nd and third stage are pointless.


Wumpa Fruit: Gives health
Mines: Put them down and watch them explode.
Missle: Shoots long range with power
Bomb: Shoots over walls.


[ ] :  Shoot
O  : Lay Mine
L1, R1: Rotate Turret

Crash Dash:  Difficult controls at first, but you get use to it.  
Learn ot stasy on the inside by pressing the direction button 
slightly.  Weapons usually don't help.

Wumpa Fruit: Needed for speed boost
Weapon: Varies per stage


[ ]: Boost (Need Wumpa fruit)
O : Shoot weapon
R1: Move
Left and right: Turn

       C. Adventure Walkthru
1. Warproom 1

       First Select your character.  This is actually an important 
decision.  I Recommend Tiny, but it's your choice. Koala's Stupid. 
Remember, this Walkthru is written by AnimeMaster. 

a. Crash Ball

Trophy:  No added rules from the original.  This is my favorite 
ballistix stage, because of the air hockey feel.

Gem:  Win with only 9 health.  OR, if your playing two players, a 
combined score of 18.  If your teammate stinks this could be a problem. 

Crystal: Win without the kicker! It's not as hard as it looks, though 
the enemy will now use the kicker A LOT! Same rules but without the 


b. Polar Panic

Trophy: No added rules.  But there's ice around the stage, so you have 
to break it before pushing them off.                         

Gem: Win Quickly. In 30 Seconds.  You have to be aggressive. Now you 
know why I like Tiny.

Crystal: The Floating thing shoots lighting at you and knocks you off 
the stage.  It also gives them power-ups. BE VERY QUICK! Stay away from 
it and be careful of the power-ups.
c.  Pogo Painter
Trophy: No added rules. 

Gem: Deplete your score to zero, while your score is at 120 while there 
are at 90.  Your score goes backwards.  This one does double combined 
with the 2-players like Crash Ball.

Trophy:  Win without touching the mushrooms.  They tend to pop out on 
front of you, so be careful. Especially with the speed boots.

                         d. Jungle Bash
Trophy: No added rules.

Gem:  Kill them quick! No running away from them. Keep throwing as 
fast as you can with TNT.  

Crystal:  Beware the Idols rath?  Oh ok, the idol shoots nitro boxes 
at you.  Ok.  Keep Moving. OF course, there is always a way to use it 
in your advantage.  Go near them, Let it fire, and then Jump away 
(even though jumping moves the same as running)!

                        e. BOSS – Papu Pummel

Tips:  Ok, he will shake the ground.  When the tiles flip over, stay 
away from them.  Then he'll make a crash clone.  Just hit them, don't 
bother throwing things at them. When They're all dead, hurry up! Throw 
a TNT at papu when you're close enough.  Then Stay away from the 
crates.  They'll explode.  He'll do the same thing again.  Lather. 
Rinse.  Repeat.

               2.  Warproom 2 

                          a. Beach Ball

Trophy: New variation.  Heh, no there's magnetic power.  Press X, and 
when a ball hits your cart, it will stick.  Realease X, and it shoots 
it out with more force than a kickback.  It eventually runs out of 
power, so don't hold it to long. Also, after being hit by two 
kickbacks, the ball will slow down. You can hold multiple balls at 
once, and then let em' all rip!  You now have only 12 points, which 
calls for a slightly shorter game.

Gem: Win with a handicap… you have 9, they have 15. Do NOT, under any 
circumstance think you're gonna win even after you have more points 
than them.  It's not over 'til it's over. This handicap goes double 
"Team Score" under two players also.

Crystal: Who comes up with this crap! Enemies have alternating sheilds, 
and there will always be one enemy that can't lose any points.  Whewn 
there's one enemy left, he occassionally gets it. It seems real HARD, 
and for the first few times, it is.

b. Tilt Panic

Trophy: Not as hard as it looks.  If a fish comes on the stage, stay 
away from it.  A walrus will jump on where it is, and tilt the whole 
friggin' board in the process.  Heavier players like tiny will actually 
tilt the board more than lighter ones, so if you're using tiny, be 
careful!!!  OF course, there are always advantgeous handicaps…

Gem:  30 seconds… Tilt the board and let em' fly!

Crystal:  Beware the Storm! Whoa, it tilts a lot!  All tilting on your 
part is pretty much non-existant, so don't even try.  Try to keep in 
the center though… And you better know how to pump the square button…

c. Pogo-A-Gogo

Trophy: Hmm… Slightly different. NOT! There are no more point boxes.  
You must make squares on the floor, not filling in the center. Also 
Rectangles. If you make one, you get all the points for it.  Any other 
space you have, though, will also add to your score.  Missles shoot 
four ways now, so be extra alert. 

Gem: Down to zero, you start with 150, they start woth 90.  Double 
combined score with 2 players, also.

Crystal: Whoever has the biggest total wins.  Meaning, this isn't like 
a game of football, but now more like a fishing contest.  Whoever gets 
the biggest catch.  Speed boots are a neccesity.  Over 25 points should 
suffice, they rarely get higher than that.

d. Space Bash

Trophy: This is my favorite box stage. You need to jumnp here.  TNT and 
NITRO blow up the floor.  Blow up as much as possible, because their 
stupid and will falll in the holes you make.  If you touch a Nitro, you 
die.  That simple. 

Gem: Kick Stone crates into Nitro that's are near them.  TNT works 
better actually.  But you have to beat them in 30 seconds.

Crystal: !!! The first time I played through the game, I used Crash.  I 
had JUST gotten use to picking up the crates.  And now this… There are 
only Nitro and TNT now, and you can't pick up boxes.  Not as hard as it 
may seem if you have someone that spins. The enemy can pick up boxes. 
Keep Settin' off TNT until they all fall through the floor. 
e. Desert Fox

Trophy:  Ah, this is the first Tank Stage.  Beating this means you can 
now play it in battle mode.  There are 4 rows and 4 Vertical columns.  
I suggest not stayting on the edge.  Mines don't help, unless the enemy 
uses them.  Then they blow themselves up. No added rules.

Gem: 40 seconds, same rules.

Crystal: The water square in the center has a submarine in it.  It will 
shoot those overhead bombs.  But the enemy will be hurt by these too.  
Not too much more difficult.

f. BOSS – Bearminator

Tips: Ok, this is like tilt panic.  At first, the bear will send out 
one lil mettalic cub. It will remain still, but you can't push it.  It 
has a missle, that will shoot straight, so keep moving, and when it 
shoots… DASH! Then simply push it off.  It's not that hard to push off.  
Then you will be given a missle.  Get it, and shoot at the bears ugly 
mug.  Then, stay away from the upper-left portion of the arena.  
Because he blows it up!  Then he'll send two bears at you.  They both 
have missles, so this is gonna be hard!  Dodge and attack.  Even though 
there's two, it's not that hard to knock them off.  Then you'll get a 
missle.  Do it again.  He'll blow up the upper-right portion, so 
there's only half the arena left.  He'll send THREE bears (ARE THEY 
INSANE!) that will ALL have missles. Dodge them, than use your Christ 
like powers to knock them off.  If you don't know miracle powers, rely 
on luck with a lil bit of skill on the side. Get the missle, and blow 
his sorry butt away! If you miss with that missle, I am not at fault 
for any serious physical injury you cause yourself.

     3. Warp Room 3

Aha, now you're getting fired up! But, oddly enough, this warproom 
holds basically the hardest stages!  But the fourth warproom has insane 
Gem and Crystal challenge, so this one is gonna be slightly easier.
a. N. Ballism

Trophy: Added rules? YEAH!  Sometimes, a lil electricity will appear in 
the corners.  If it is one of the two corners near you, grab it!  It is 
a reppelent sheild, which will ward the balls away from you for a short 
period of time. There is also N. Gin, who will appear and shoot balls 
everywhere. Be on the alert, and make sure you know when you're Firce-
Field wears off!

Gem: Once again a handicap, same 2 player rule… You have 15 they have 

Crystal:  N. Gin will only shoot his balls at you're goal.  BAD!  Well, 
if you know how to use the kickback effectively, you can use that as an 
oppositional handicap! The persons to the right and left of you won't 
know what hit em'!

b. Melt Panic

Trophy: My least favorite Polar Push game.  Uka Uka will only harm you. 
He will turn you to ice, a snowball that can slightly move around, only 
give you the weight (Not the lightning), and melt the stage!  After a 
certain point, he'll stop melting the stage.  He'll get the other 
players most often though.

Gem: Beat them in the alloted time, same story.

Crystal: Win without the ability to save yourself.  STAY AWAY FROM THE 

c. El Pogo Loco

Trophy: So Ripper Roo did make an appearance. He's still as psychotic 
as ever, and basically doing what he did in Crash 2.  He'll put TNT on 
the floor, which will explode after 3 seconds or when somebody jumps on 
them. He will also occasionally shoot  missles everywhere, so if you 
get hit by nobody, you know who did it.

Gem: You have to decrease your score to zero, same stuff.  You have 
120, they have 80.

Crystal:  Nitro.  Now he uses Nitro, and if you step on it you lose.  
Kinda like the mushrooms, except these also have a blast radius of 1 
square.  So don't try any heroic stunts in order to grab a box.  It 
won't help.

d. Snow Bash

Trophy: My least Favorite Crate Crush stage.  You slip around, and the 
penguin is irritating.  If you want to try something risky, hit the 
penguin. Stay on the outside until it starts making a BIG circle. Then 
go to the center, and wait for it to slow down.  When it does, go to 
the outside. VIOLA!

Gem: Go with the penguin stradegy, and be reckless.

Crystal: Slippery Shoes? IT doesn't make much of a difference for me, I 
don't even notice it.

e. Metal Fox

Trophy: Well, here's a twist! The boxes will change in different 
formations.  Sometimes, only horizontal or vertical passages are open.  
But sometimes, there's an outer and inner ring, and sometimes there's a 
"bone" in the center.  You'll see what I mean.  Oh, and just to let you 
know, it starts off with only vertical passage.


Crystal:  The lil' parachute thing you CANNOT touch.  They will kill 
you.  Just keep in mind the phrase "HEAD'S UP!".

f. Dot Dash

Trophy: The first Dot Dash Stage. At first the controls are annoying, 
but you get used to them.  Remain away from the rest of the crowd, and 
when you pass someone, NEVER go directly in front.  This is due to 
misslesd and the "boost" ability.  Don't concentrate on getting 
missles, get the wumpa fruit.  Stay on the inside and turn lightly.  
That's about it!

Gem: They start of at 8 laps, you have 10.  You HAVE to finish before 
time runs out.

Crystal: Stay AWAY from the front of other carts.  Missles kill you.  

g. Big Bad Fox

Tips: The Komodo brothers are back from Crash 2 and they're looking for 
you!  First, they'll run like sissy's into their building.  Then, 3 
Different Cannons will shoot the same thing tiny and koala shoot at 
you.  By the way, this is a tank boss.  Aim carefully, because you have 
bombs.  You have to hit them each twice.  When they're gone, the 
building will sink and you have to deal with 4 cannons that shoot 
Cortex's and Brio's blasts. Two shots each again.  Keep an eye on 
health.  Then, the final level comes down.  Two missle launchers will 
shoot missles at you, so be careful.  Although they don't mean instant 
death, they do do maximum damage, and at this point you might not have 
full.  Two shots each.  Now here come the Komodo's!  It's exactly like 
fighting Cortex and Brio.  You now have MISSLES. If you are at low 
health and they kill you, don't sweat it.  When you retry, their fort 
will already be dead, and you'll be at full health!  Just take em 

4. Warp Room 4

MWAHAHA. If you think you were good and beat EVERYTHING in the first 
three warprooms, you're wrong.  Now it's time for GOLD RELICS!  GO back 
to any old stage and try for them.  You have to beat the computers two 
times while their on hard.  In ballistix, wimpy pong babies become the 
ultimate reflexive opponents! In Polar Push, Cubs become 
Catastrophically powerful!  In Crate Crush, Pansies become persistantly 
annoying!  It's really hard. I actually like the idea though, because 
you win because of skill.  Those stupid handicap Gem and Crystal 
matches are annoying, not challenging.  So buckle down, and here's the 
4th Warp Room! 

  a. Sky Balls

Trophy: Pretty Much like the original, except the stage tilts when 
engines fail.  Like Tilt Panic mixed with Crash Ball.  20 Points.

Gem: 9 to 15.

Crystal: AHHHHHHH!  This is so annoying.  They're kickbacks have a new 
feature that's a red kickback.  This makes the ball red (AKA "makes it 
hot"), and if the ball touches you, you die! Everybody else can touch 
it, and you all start with 10 points.  If you hit it with your kickback 
I think you still live, but I'm not sure (Verification on this, you do 
die, because the #%#$#&% kickback doesn't work)!  Very irritating. The 
red balls do not count, just to let you know.  So just let them go by 
your goal.

      b. Manic Panic

Trophy: My favorite Polar Push Stage.  You can get bombs and shoot them 
with O.  This kills their polar bear, putting them on skates.  On 
skates, you can't save yourself, and you become severely weaker. If you 
get hit again with a bomb, you explode!  So even if you're Crash or 
Coco, you can easily win!

Gem: 45 secs.  You can't blow them up, it takes too long.  Just try and 
push em' off.

Crystal: You start off on foot.  No biggie. Just blow everybody else 

c. Pogo Padlock

Trophy: Few added rules. If you step on a square of your own color, you 
lose all your SQUARES.  IF you step on a padlock, no one can steal your 
squares (AKA repaint them their color) and you can't lose your squares 
by stepping on them. But if someone shoots you, they get all your 
squares on their color, even with the padlock.  So watch where your 

Gem:  They start off with 90, you 120.

Crystal: You can't color by yourself.  You're pogo is out of paint. You 
can only get squares by shooting other players and stealing theirs.  I 
found out if you step on a square of your color you don't lose it.  
Also, after shooting someone you must quickly break a box or they will 
re-color your stolen squares.

   d. Drain Bash

Trophy: There are now extra items that you get from purple boxes.  
That's about it. If you're hit when holding an item you lose it. Here 
they are:

Electric Ball: 3 shots.  Homes on the enemy.

8 way missle: 2 shots.  Hits Basically everyone in range.

Sheild: 1 shot.  Makes a barrier around you for a very short time and 
you can hit the enemy with it.

Gem: Forget the weapons, just take TNT and take them out!

Crystal:  If you kick the purple boxes you die.  Throw them or don't 
bother getting weapons.

 e. Jungle Fox

Trophy: Now there are no more boxes.  You are allowed to move freely.  
The mines do not spread out in all four direction but are simply 
proximity mines with a small blast radius. Not very useful.  But the 
missles are.  Get them when you see them.  The idol will eventually 
come down in two pieces and start running around, which hurts you.  The 
first one goes down to the bottom-left, the other the bottom-right.

Gem:  Get the missles and kill em quick!

Crystal: The idol spits something that kills you, beware!

   f. Toxic Dash

Trophy: Instead of missles they have sheilds that bounce your opponent. 
The slime balls spin you out, and the barrels explode.

Gem: Ugh, same as previous.

Crystal: Falling off will cause goop in your engines that will stall 
you for a while.  Stay in the center.

    g. Ring Ding

Trophy: This is the first medieval mayhem.  But all the medieval 
mayhem's stages are different.  So most people don't consider them to 
be the same game.  This one involves busting balloons of you're color 
to gain points.  The Controls are:

 X  : Jump
[ ] : Attack

There are also item boxes you break open.

Boots: Allow you to run at the same speed regardles of the stages 

Vacuum:  Sucks all balloons of your color (and the black balloon) 
toward you.  When you have this, people tend to run over to you and hit 

The Black Balloon either

-Changes Stage Rotation
-Blows Up other people's balloons
-Turns all balloons your color (Ecspecially useful with the vacuum) 

1st player is Yellow
2nd player is Red
3rd player is Green
4th player is Blue

Gem:  Kinda like Pogo Pandemonium. Deplete your score to zero.

Crytal:  Breaking balloons of the wrong color don't stun you but KILL 

a.	Oxide Ride

Tips: First, You will chase him through a big field, like Star Fox™.  
He will leave Nitro Crates and shoot missles at you.  If you run into 
anything you die.  Once this Hectic game is over, you have a one-on-one 
game of ballistix with Oxide.  In this game, you have health.  Like 
Big-Bad-Fox, if you die now you stay in the ballistix game.  He will 
lose more health than you when he let's a ball by, but you have your 
own problems.  There is one red ball, dodge it and that's one problem 
down.  Missles will shoot at you, and on top of all that, OXIDE IS 
GOOD!  But I beat em', and you can too (Eventually).

               5. Warp Room 5

After that, you have Access to the fifth warp room with the remaining 
locked games. But in order to play them you have to have enough 
Crystals, Gems, or Gold Relics.  I Have unlocked some of them with 
116%. (24 Trophy's, 21 Gems, 20 Crystals, 19 Gold Relics, and all 
bosses beat).  I'll update when I beat more!

a. Splash Dash

Trophy:  This is a Crash Dash Stage.  The new controls are:

 X : Jump

There are no missles or stars, and you ride sea animals.  The controls 
are kinda sloppy, so I don't like this stage.  Why do you need to jump? 
Oh, that's simple.  There's an object in the center that will push out 
poles.  You have to jump em'. They can also push you off.
Gem: Same as the previous basically.

Crystal: Things speed up?  Try things go Insane! The thing in the 
middle will now spin… FAST!  The poles will come out randomly and 
continuosly.  Prepared to be pushed off a lot! Good Luck…

b. Dragon Drop

Trophy: NOW THIS GAME IS FUN!!! You're on a Dragon.  You have to get a 
jewel, by either picking it up, or knocking it OUT of somebody and 
picking it up. Then you haver to throw it at a target that moves back 
and forth.  Depending on where you shoot from you can get from 1 to 5 
points per shot.  Here are the controls:

[ ]:  Dash (slide?) Attack
[ ]:  Hold to power up Dash Attack
[ ]:  Shoot Jewel (While Holding Jewel)
Pretty complicated controls eh?  I think that the power of the dash 
attack depends on who you are.  Highest point total wins.

Gem: First person to reach zero wins.  They start with 15, you start 
with 20.  Not very hard, you get a minute.
Crytal:  You can only shoot from the flashing point area.  Varies.

D. Miscallaneous
1. Thanks!

-To Myself, for actually finishing something I…, for posting my site 
-The Makers of the Crash Series, for persistantly pumping out more 
-That guy… um… I'm done!