Boss FAQ by Odge

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/01/70 | Printable Version

Vagrant Story Boss Walkthrough (Version 1.0)
By Odge (

i) First Play Bosses

Minotaur – Beast
Dullahan – Evil
Golem – Evil
Dragon – Dragon
Duane + 2 Crimson Knights – Human
Wyvern – Dragon
Fire Elemental – Phantom
Ogre – Beast
Giant Crab – Beast
Earth Dragon – Dragon
Father Grissom and Dark Crusader
Jan Rosencrantz – Human – Demi Boss
Dark Elemental – Phantom
Weakness: Earth
Shadow – Evil – Demi Boss
Wyvern Knight – Dragon – Demi Boss
Iron Golem – Evil
Harpy – Beast – Demi Boss
Lich – Evil
Nightstalker – Evil – Demi Boss
Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger – Humans
Minotaur Zombie – Undead – Demi Boss
Water Elemental – Phantom
Air Elemental –Phantom – Demi Boss
Earth Elemental – Phantom – Demi Boss
Ogre Lord – Beast
Snow Dragon – Dragon
Last Crusader – Evil – Demi Boss
Minotaur Lord – Beast – Demi Boss
Kali – Human
Marid – Phantom
Ifrit – Phantom
Iron Crab – Beast
Djinn – Phantom
Flame Dragon – Dragon – Demi Boss
Arch Dragon – Dragon – Demi Boss
Dao – Phantom
Nightmare – Phantom
Romeo Guildenstern Part 1 – Evil – Last Boss
Romeo Guildenstern, Dark Angel – Evil – Last Boss

ii) Second Play Bosses

Marid and Ifrit - Phantoms
Damascus Crab – Beast
Damascus Golem – Evil
Wyvern Queen – Dragon
Dark Dragon – Dragon
Ravana – Human
Dragon Zombie - Undead
Ogre Zombie –Undead
Death – Evil
Asura – Human
3) Legal stuff and credits

1) Introduction
Just as the likes of Ehrgeiz (5/10) and Chocobo Racing (3/10) disappoint 
many, you might think that Square is a lost cause. How wrong you are. 
Vagrant Story, perhaps one of their best games ever was recently released, 
to wow audiences in Britain, America, and Japan alike. It was awarded a 
perfect score of 40/40 by the gaming bible of Japan, the weekly Famitsu, 
which has only previously been achieved by classic games Zelda 64 and Soul 
The game combines RPG antics with an action twist, and all the battles are 
in real time, but kept fair by a "targeting sphere" system (I think used 
previously by Zelda...heh heh.) There are many other features you can use to 
enhance your attacks, many of them borrowed from Square’s other games. For 
instance, there is the Break Art, which bears some resemblance to the Final 
Fantasy Limit Breaks. These do an enormous amount of damage and expend your 
HP. There is magic, as well, as is usual in a Square RPG. However, magic is 
learnt by reading books called Grimoires, and then the spell is transferred 
into your magic list. There is also a welcome return of MP, which is used 
for casting the spells. Among the magic and in other parts of the game some 
will be pleased to see the return of Secret of Mana elementals such as 
Undine and Gnome and such Final Fantasy ones as Diablos and Ifrit.
There are also Chain and Defence Abilities. Chain Abilities allow you to add 
extra damage or status abnormalities onto your attack. You can chain 
repeatedly to do a lot of damage, but this increases your RISK (as your RISK 
increases, your chance of hitting decreases.) Defence Abilities allow you to 
benefit from an enemies attack, either reflecting some of the damage done to 
you back onto the enemy, or cancelling an effect that is cast onto you. Both 
defence and chain abilities require you to tap a button at exactly the right 
time, so don’t think that these abilities are a pushover.
You may also see that Vagrant Story bears remarkable resemblance to the 
Ehrgeiz RPG, The Forsaken Dungeon. Once entering a workshop, you may combine 
and repair weapons, restoring their DP back to full (much like in the 
Blacksmith’s in the Forsaken Dungeon.) Also, the long series of rooms and 
variety of enemies has been adapted to fit Vagrant Story. However, 
thankfully, the pitiful ‘Materia’ magic system has been removed. The Hunger 
gauge (that goes down slowly as you move around; you eat food in various 
forms to refill it) has been scrapped. The lack of bosses taken care of 
(there are more bosses packed onto one disc than any other game I have 
chanced upon). The rather random real time battle system removed… I could 
spend all day remarking on the Forsaken dungeon's faults. What’s worth 
taking has been taken by Vagrant Story.
But the most remarkable thing about the game is that you weapons and armour 
mould themselves to adapt to what you are fighting. For example, if you 
repeatedly fight Beast-type enemies, then your weapon type will do more 
damage to beasts. However as one status goes up, another (or others) go 
down. For example, if you repeatedly fight human enemies, your attack 
becomes less for undead enemies.
Anyway, enough with the pre-emptive flannel. I’ll list all the bosses in the 
order I have done them and give a few hints. Note that this is the complete 
version with every boss in the game listed.

2) Bosses

First Play Bosses

Minotaur – Beast
This guy is a bit of a pushover, and since you probably haven’t got any 
Break Arts, Chain Abilities, Magic, etc. it’s just a case of hacking away 
until you kill him. Equip your best beast weapon, and simply hack away at 
his weak spot (the head) until he blows up and dies. You probably won’t need 
a Cure Root or Bulb, but if you do feel you need one [amateur] then use one. 
There are plenty more to be found later on...

Dullahan – Evil
An Evil guy with a pretty massive blade, the Dullahan might prove a tad 
tough for the novice who can’t chain or defend. Set chain and defence 
abilities to your buttons if you haven’t done so already, Heavy Shot and 
Reflect Damage in particular are useful. Equip a weapon who’s Evil statistic 
isn’t too bad (you won’t have fought an Evil enemy before, so the highest 
you’re gonna get is probably gonna be 0.) Go in there and start chaining 
with short Heavy Shot combos on his abdomen, and reflecting his damage back 
onto him. Heal yourself using the Heal spell (obtained using one of the 
Grimoires from the Minotaur battle) should you start to ail. Soon (well, 
after a long time), he’ll be dead.

Golem – Evil
Another Evil guy, this is a living hell if you don’t know what to do. Most 
of your attacks will do zilch damage, so the real key to this battle is 
reflecting damage (so, you’ll need Reflect Damage then...) Equip the Bosom 
Cleaver with Braveheart attached, and this will do some damage. Keep 
reflecting his Granite Punch and normal attacks, and healing using the Heal 
magic, popping in the occasional quick combo using the ‘Cleaver, and he’ll 
be down before you know it.

Dragon – Dragon
An easy boss, but you have to know what to do. As with most dragons, he has 
a deadly breath [grumble] so simply walk underneath his head and he can no 
longer use the breath. The only other attack he has is a pathetic tail 
attack and a bite, which you should reflect back onto him. Get out your 
Rusty Nail (still one of my favourite weapons, by the way...) and equip it 
with the Dragonite. Now just start chaining on his head to knock off about 
30-40 damage off per hit (heh heh.) He should be down in no time, but if 
you’re having trouble, use Break Arts.

Duane + 2 Crimson Knights – Human
Stay where you are when the battle starts and choose your best Human weapon 
(probably the Fandango) and a nice shield. The crimson knights will come to 
you, but Duane won’t, so you can take them out in comparative safety. The 
knights aren’t too much to worry about but you may need to use a piercing 
weapon to do some decent damage.
Once the knights are taken care of, proceed on to Duane. He is mostly a 
magic user and has a lethal spell called Explosion, which you can’t reflect 
unless you have Reflect Magic [unlikely.] Just get in close and hack away 
using your weapon. Break Arts are probably unnecessary. He should soon draw 
his final breath...

Wyvern – Dragon
I found this guy a bit tough, but not seriously hard. Equip a nice dragon 
weapon (preferably Edged) and go for the tail, chaining generously. I found 
the most damaging way to kill him was to reflect his attacks back onto him 
and Heal afterwards. Don’t let your RISK get too high and use Vera items. 
Just general hints really.

Fire Elemental – Phantom
Weakness: Water
You should have obtained Reflect Magic by now, so equip it to one of the 
buttons. Also in a treasure chest nearby there is a spell called Frost 
Fusion. This is extremely useful in this battle. Equip a good Phantom weapon 
with the Undine Jasper, and the Quad Shield with the Salamander Ruby. Head 
into battle, casting Frost Fusion onto your weapon. This actually makes the 
weapon do some damage. Start chaining and wearing his HP down. When he casts 
Flame Sphere be sure to reflect the damage, knocking off roughly 1/6 of his 
health each time.

Ogre – Beast
Weakness: Fire
If you kept a specific weapon for killing beasts before, you will thank the 
heavens that you did! Your best bet is to equip this weapon (piercing 
weapons such as the Rusty Nail are the best) and continually use Break Arts 
(Ruination and Scythe Wind do lots of damage) to kill him off. Keep healing 
whenever you do a batch of Break Arts as each one drains your health. He 
should only get in about three hits (which you should reflect as well) 
before dying.

Giant Crab – Beast
Weakness: Fire, Air
Not easy, but fairly simple if you know how. Equip a fairly good Beast 
weapon (piercing is, as always, best) and start chaining. Reflect his Tidal 
Rush special attack and regular attacks. The Crab is weak against both Fire 
and, to a certain extent, Air, so I equipped the Rusty Nail and repeatedly 
did Scythe Wind to take him out. This does roughly about 50-60 damage per 
attack, and should lead to a quick death.

Earth Dragon – Dragon
Weakness: Air
The most annoying thing about this guy is that once you have actually found 
him (which can take some time...) he will usually just use Acid Breath as 
soon as you come near. This will usually kill you in one hit, meaning that 
you have to do the whole area again...its enough to make you scream. So, 
before you go in, make sure you have Terra Ward as one of your Defence 
Abilities (along with the usual Reflect Damage.) When he uses Acid Breath, 
use Terra Ward to prevent death, and quickly sneak under his head. This 
tactic usually works for all dragons, preventing them from using their 
lethal breaths. Cast heal and Luft Fusion and select a good Dragon Weapon. 
Again, any type of polearm is good as his head is vulnerable to piercing 
attacks, and you can use the Break Art Scythe Wind, which is pretty lethal 
to him, as he is weak against air. To begin with, use a couple of Break 
Arts, then when your RISK increases, start chaining until your RISK gets to 
around 50. Use a Vera Bulb, and then use a couple of Break Arts. Keep up 
this cycle until he is dead. And don’t forget to reflect his Tail Attack and 

Father Grissom and Dark Crusader – Human, Evil
Dark Crusader Weakness: Air
This is a bit difficult, but Sydney’s on your side for this battle. This is 
basically a one-on-one with Grissom, as the Dark Crusader’s a bit rubbish. 
Equip your best human weapon with a Haeralis gem and just go in for Grissom, 
Chaining where possible. Grissom has a lethal Thunderburst attack, so you 
probably should have Windbreak as one of your Defence abilities, to counter 
this. Draining his magic is a must; so chain abilities such as Mind Assault 
and Mind Ache are useful. Once he has no magic he’ll start using piss weak 
attacks (Reflect them) and running around like a woman. Sydney will probably 
spend all his time doing similar things, only he will cast Prostasia on you 
after a while, which will allow you to cause some real damage to Grissom.
Soon he’ll be out of it, and you can focus on the Dark Crusader, who has 
probably spent all of the time messing around repeatedly casting Prostasia 
on itself and vainly trying to attack Sydney. All you need is a piercing 
weapon and Scythe Wind. The Scythe Wind does roughly about 50 damage plus it 
eliminates the effect of Prostasia, effectively casting Tarnish. The Dark 
Crusader is so slow you can just run around him, healing and popping in the 
occasional Scythe Wind to finish him off nice ‘n’ easily.

Jan Rosencrantz – Human – Demi Boss
Okay, so he’s not officially a boss, but he’s a bit tougher than your 
average enemy and has 400 HP. Since he isn’t an elemental enemy, you won’t 
have any Enchanter spells to boost your attacks. Not to worry though. Cast 
Prostasia on yourself and equip your best Human weapon (piercing weapons are 
generally better.) Now just lay into him with short chain combos, and don’t 
let your RISK get too high. Once he has tired of attacking you with his 
Break Arts (all of which you should reflect using Reflect Damage,) he will 
continually use Cure Roots on himself (probably once for every two attacks 
you make), recovering 50HP per time. So you need each attack to take off at 
least 25 damage to actually hurt him, as I fear that he has unlimited 
supplies of Cure Roots. Chaining works nicely, and if you have any Break 
Arts, try them as well. Soon he will give up and inform you of your past.

Dark Elemental – Phantom
Weakness: Light
This guy is the worst boss you’ll find yet, as he is Dark-aligned, meaning 
you cannot enhance your attacks except by using Prostasia, and this doesn’t 
do much, to say the least. If you have a good weapon against Phantoms then 
equip that with some Demonia gems attached, then cast Prostasia. He is, of 
course, weak against Light attacks, so if you have any Light Break Arts, use 
them against him.
Of course, if you don’t have any of these and no good weapons against 
Phantoms, then you are a tad stuck. But there is a way. Equip a suitably 
powerful weapon at magic casting (I used a Norse Sword (Fandango/Katana 
blade combo with a knuckle grip) and make sure you have at least 56 maximum 
MP (you should have by now, due to Elixirs and end-of-boss bonuses.) You’ll 
also need at least 4 Cure Bulbs and a Mana Tonic.
Go into the boss room and immediately fire off the spell "Spirit Surge" 
(which you should have got off of the Dullahan way back at the beginning of 
the game.) Then cast it again immediately. You should at least be doing 
80-90 damage. The Dark Elemental should now take the chance and 
counterattack with Meteor or Dark Chant. Meteor is a seriously nasty spell, 
doing roughly 150-200 damage. Dark Chant is less powerful, doing around 100 
damage. Try to reflect whichever he casts, then use Cure Bulbs to recover to 
at least 200 HP. Now use a Mana Tonic to recover 100 MP (which will probably 
be more than your max.) Immediately fire off another two Spirit Surges. He 
should now be on around 60 HP (unless you reflected his first spell, in 
which case you can celebrate now.) You can now attempt to finish him off 
either by reflecting his spells or just hacking away with whatever you got. 
Soon he will die (hopefully), and you can be on your way.

Sky Dragon – Dragon
Weakness: Earth
Another easy dragon, this time of the air variety. As per usual, rush under 
his head before he can use his Thunder Breath on you. However, just in case 
he manages to fry you before you get under cover, have Windbreak as one of 
your defence abilities.
Now it’s just a matter of time before he’s a dead duck (sorry Soo.) Cast 
Soil Fusion (Grimoire Gnome) and start hacking away at the head using a high 
dragon-affinity (piercing) weapon equipped with Dragonite. Unfortunately the 
chance of actually hitting his head is small even when your RISK is zero. 
Employ a similar tactic as you did for the Earth Dragon (i.e. hit him with a 
couple of (preferably Earth related) Limit Breaks, then start chaining until 
your RISK reaches around 25, then use a Vera Root. Then use a couple of 
Break Arts again etc.) It is useful to have Gain Magic as one of your Chain 
Abilities as you will need Heal quite a lot during this battle. When he uses 
the bog-standard Dragon attacks (Bite or Tail Attack) be sure to reflect 
them and Heal afterwards. After some severe beating, the Dragon should fall, 
dead. That was one easy boss!

Shadow – Evil – Demi Boss
Now you have the Tearose Sigil, you can make your way back to the Iron 
Maiden B1 and open the door into the dungeon. Not far after entering the 
dungeon you will probably meet one of these magic – oriented demi bosses – 
it looks like a pair of purple translucent hands waving about in the air. 
These Shadows are not hard to beat, but a novice gamer may find these guys a 
tad tougher than the normal Skeletal muck. They have strong Dark and Light 
affinities, but are quite weak in other elemental attributes. However, 
knowledge of this is unnecessary, as the Shadow is weak enough to be 
polished off using your average-type blade. Get in close, and hack away 
using a suitable Evil weapon with several Demonia and Braveheart gems 
attached. With a couple of ten-hit long chains, the Shadow should soon be 
dead. However, should you fail to knock the 170 HP off him, then be prepared 
to be hit by an elemental spell. Each Shadow you encounter possesses a 
different elemental spell, including Vulcan Lance, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, 
and Aqua Blast.

Wyvern Knight – Dragon – Demi Boss
A tougher version of the Wyvern you fought in Abandoned Mines B1, the Wyvern 
Knight’s head is weak against Blunt weapons, its neck and body are 
vulnerable against Edged weapons, and the hard-to-reach tail is weak against 
Piercing. As with all Dragons, run under its head to avoid any potential 
problems with its Flame Breath. Since getting to the tail is so hard, you’re 
best off equipping a nice Dragon edged weapon set up with Dragonite and 
Braveheart gems. Then chain on the neck and body, popping in a Break Art or 
two, and reflecting his various attacks. You should have a reasonable chance 
of hitting, so you probably won’t need to use a Vera item. Magic attacks are 
useless as this guy’s INT rating is pretty colossal, and he has no elemental 
weaknesses, disabling your enchanter spells. If you’re having a rough time, 
you can always use Sorcery spells such as Prostasia, Herakles (if you have 
it), Degenerate and Tarnish to tip the scales in your favour. After 
receiving 520 HP worth of damage, the dragon should fall, and you can get 
the very useful Chest Key.

Iron Golem – Evil
The first proper boss of the Iron Maiden, this Iron Golem is a descendent of 
the Golem you met at the very beginning of the game, and this guy hasn’t 
learned much either, so you should find it easy to do him in. You’ll need a 
Blunt weapon with a high Evil affinity. Attach some Demonia and Braveheart 
gems to this, then cast Luft Fusion, and you should be cleaving off good 
chunks of his health without effort. If you’re packing a one-handed Mace, 
then Glacial Gale will come in handy, as will any other Air affinity Break 
Arts or Spells. Seeing as you should be doing 100 damage per shot now, he 
should go down in about five hits, and you can get some decent items along 
with the regular bonus slot machine.
After this guy you won’t be able to get a great deal further in your first 
play, so any other bosses in here will be documented at the bottom, under 
Second Play Bosses.

Harpy – Beast – Demi Boss
Weakness: Light
This guy is dead easy as well. Equip a good beast weapon, preferably with 
Braveheart and Demonia attached. Then just lay into it, chaining using Heavy 
Shot, Crimson Pain, and other such heavy damage dealing chain abilities. 
Reflect its Devitalise attacks, and try to nullify the Curse status caused 
by its Blasphemous Howl, but beware of its Banish attack. It rarely hits, 
but if it does, then you instantly die. Nasty. After receiving about 210 
damage, the Harpy should go down (this should be roughly around 3 hits.) You 
will get some nice items after killing him, including the Herakles spell.

Lich – Evil
Weakness: Physical
Very easy as well. However the Lich (a dedicated magic user) has a spell 
called Radial Surge, which does roughly around 240-250 damage. Try to 
reflect it, as this should cause massive damage to the Lich (around 100) 
which is a lot, considering he only has 130 HP. Try to equip a good Evil 
weapon with two (or more) gem slots, so that you can put two Demonia gems 
into it. If you have more room, then the Lich is weak against Physical, so 
Talos Feldspar, Titan Malachite, and Polaris gems are all useful. This 
should enable you to do some serious damage. Chain to kill him quickly.
Nightstalker – Evil – Demi Boss
This guy is very easy...what a run of easy bosses, eh? Basically, all he 
will do in this battle is continually cast Degenerate on you. There is no 
point in casting Dispel or Herakles to counter this; he will just cast it 
again. Simply equip a powerful Evil weapon with Demonia gems attached, and 
then use Break Arts against his Abdomen. If he casts Prostasia or Herakles 
then counter them with Degenerate and Tarnish. Reflect its regular attacks 
and Solid Shock magic attack. Once you’ve knocked 260 HP off the 
Nightstalker, you can move on. By the way, there’s a Dark Elemental 
nearby...heh heh heh.

Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger – Humans
Neesa Weakness: Water, Tieger Weakness: Fire
Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger have 800 HP between them… all you have to do is 
knock 800 HP off one or both of them and they will both submit. Equip a good 
Human weapon and boost it using Haeralis, Braveheart, and Undine 
Jasper/Salamander Ruby gems. You’ll probably want to choose one of the pair 
and focus your attacks on them. So, if you want to fight Lady Neesa, cast 
Spark Fusion (if you have it; it can be found in Bandits Hollow in Abandoned 
Mines B2 behind a door locked using the Iron Key) and equip the Salamander 
Ruby to your weapon. If you want to fight Sir Tieger, cast Frost Fusion and 
equip the Undine Jasper to your weapon.
Both Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger will use a variety of Break Arts, but Lady 
Neesa likes to use Bonecrusher, and Sir Tieger often uses Accursed Umbra. 
Lady Neesa’s attack isn’t much to worry about, it only does around 100 
damage, but Sir Tieger’s Accursed Umbra is much more dangerous. It causes 
around 150 damage plus causes the Curse status, meaning you both have to 
cure yourself and use an Angelic Paean, which gives him the chance to reel 
off another attack on you.
I found that generally it was a better idea to attack Lady Neesa. She 
usually hangs out on a platform at the edge of the arena. Jump up there and 
try to position yourself behind her. Then equip necessary items, cast Spark 
Fusion, Prostasia, and Herakles, and hack at her body and head. You should 
be aiming to try to take some of her MP using Gain Magic, to replenish MP 
for Heal spells. You should Reflect Lady Neesa’s Break Arts, and if you’re 
standing in the right place, Sir Tieger’s Break Arts will hit Lady Neesa, 
causing more damage.
After a lot of hacking, they both will die and you can be out of here.

Minotaur Zombie – Undead – Demi Boss
Weakness: Light
It looks as if the Minotaur, shamed from a good hiding at the beginning of 
the game, has resurrected and is gonna try to kill you once more. You can 
find this demi-boss by teleporting to Blackmarket in the Wine Cellar (the 
first area in the game) and then using the Stock Sigil on the door to get 
into the lair of the previous Minotaur. This guy has an increased HP and the 
same Giga Rush attack, but this is nothing to worry about. Equip a good 
Undead weapon and boost it up using Braveheart and Iocus gems, then just 
chain on his head and he’ll die fairly quickly. None of his attacks are much 
to worry about, but try to reflect them, this guy has a load of HP… He 
should soon die after a few hits, and you will be given pretty good Rune 
Earrings (+10 Affinity for all elements except for Physical), a few Cure 
Bulbs, and an Elixir of Queens. Plus, the chest at the end of the room has 
been re-stocked with goodies for you to take. Not bad, I suppose.

Water Elemental – Phantom
Weakness: Fire
Another elemental, this one has a bucket on his head and flippers. Equip a 
good phantom weapon with Braveheart, Demonia and Salamander Ruby gems. Then 
cast Spark Fusion. If you haven’t got Spark Fusion, then you’re in trouble. 
Go for the body, chaining generously, and popping in the occasional Break 
Art. The elemental has only one attack, Aqua Blast, which does a negligible 
amount of damage plus can easily be reflected. The elemental should soon 
concede as he has only around 380 HP.

Air Elemental –Phantom – Demi Boss
Weakness: Earth
You’re unlikely to have any problems on this guy, as he’s only a demi-boss 
guarding a chest, but you’ll need the right equipment. Equip a good Phantom 
weapon with the Gnome Emerald, Braveheart, and Demonia gems attached, and 
cast Soil Fusion. This should allow you to do 30-40 HP damage per hit. Chain 
attack him, and reflect his Lightning Bolt attack. He should die quite 
quickly. You may also find this guy as a real boss in the Abandoned Mines 

Earth Elemental – Phantom – Demi Boss
Weakness: Air
Another easy demi-boss, which looks a bit like a certain greasy papa. If you 
have a Djinn Amber, equip that on your weapon, but if you don’t, then a 
Sylphid Topaz will do. If you have any gem slots left, equip the usual 
Demonia and Braveheart gems. Then cast Luft Fusion and chain away, 
reflecting his pathetic Vulcan Lance attack. This guy is as easy as the Air 
Elemental, and can also be found in the Abandoned Mines B2 as a real boss.

Ogre Lord – Beast
Weakness: Fire
Since this guy has a slight weakness against fire, cast Spark Fusion, along 
with general boosters like Prostasia and Herakles, and this should allow you 
to do some damage. Equip a good beast weapon with Braveheart and Salamander 
Rubies attached, then chain on him, throwing in a Break Art when necessary. 
His attacks are a bit weak. He has attempted to master Tornado magic, but 
has failed and it only does roughly 50 damage. His other attacks, Surging 
Balm and Degenerate, aren’t much to worry about either. Just keep up your 
attacks, healing frequently and you should easily win.

Snow Dragon – Dragon
Weakness: Fire
I bet you’re glad you got Spark Fusion, eh? Another monster weak against 
fire, the Snow Dragon possesses many qualities similar to the other dragons 
(i.e. Breath, Bite, Tail attacks) except that this time it’s head is weak 
against edged weapons, so put away that polearm, and root out a reasonable 
dragon sword/axe. Equip it with Dragonite and two Braveheart gems. As the 
battle begins, run under its head to avoid the Frost Breath, and then cast 
Spark Fusion. Start the usual routine for dragons, i.e. start with a couple 
of Break Arts, then chain until your RISK reaches 25, then use a Vera Root 
and start the cycle again. The dragon has the usual Tail Attacks and Bite, 
but these aren’t life threatening and can easily be reflected. After some 
severe beating, the dragon will fall over and die.

Last Crusader – Evil – Demi Boss
Weakness: Physical
Before you go into the boss room, check the container outside and choose a 
weapon with a high STR and Physical affinity, then put Demonia gems and a 
Talos Feldspar in it. The Last Crusader’s chief weakness is Physical, so by 
equipping a Talos Feldspar, you are capitalising on that. Enter the boss 
room and cast Prostasia and Herakles, then Silence the Crusader before it 
casts its Sorcery spells. Now it’s just a matter of chaining and using Break 
Arts until he dies, reflecting his attacks for extra damage. Note that if, 
on second play, you wander into Tormentium Insomniae in Iron Maiden B2 with 
less than 150 health, then there’ll be one of these guys in here. He 
holds...Excalibur, the Holy Win that Guildenstern wields in the final battle 
(!) with a Spiral Hilt grip, and with two of the most powerful gems ever, 
the Arturos gem, giving +20 everything. If you continuously beat him down, 
then eventually he might give you this, but I’ve spent a fair time in there 
and got nothing. Hmmm...

Minotaur Lord – Beast – Demi Boss
Pretty much the same as the first Minotaur, except with marginally more HP. 
He has Giga Rush, and the big club attack, as always… Equip a good beast 
weapon, you’ve probably got a pretty tasty one by now, and equip it with the 
Orion and Braveheart gems. Now just lay into his head, using extensive 
combos to do him in quickly. You shouldn’t need any Break Arts or spells, 
but you can use them if you really want. Once he’s dead, check the chest in 
the corner for the Silver Key. If you leave the area (i.e. go into the 
Limestone Quarry using the nearby Silver Key Door) and then come back in, 
then the Minotaur Lord will have regenerated and you can fight him again. 
Fight him continuously and you might obtain the fearsome "Hand of Light" 
that he wields. Note that if you obtain it, it is still enormous and makes 
Ashley look tiny in comparison! In combat terms, the attack power of the 
blade is 36, I think that’s better than the Destroyer, and the range is 
unimaginably good – 7! You can take out things on the other side of the 
screen with this baby, and boy does it feel good...

Kali – Human
Technically a God, Kali is pretty fearsome, what with four arms each 
wielding weapons, and two heads. But to you, she’s a human, and a pretty 
weak one at that. Equip a good human weapon with Haeralis and Braveheart and 
attack the arms and legs using chain combos and Break Arts. Cast Leadbones 
on Kali and boost your equipment using Prostasia and Herakles. She’ll soon 
be out like a light. Watch out for her attacks and reflect them if possible.

Marid – Phantom
Weakness: Fire
The lord of the water elementals, Marid gets to wear a pointy bucket on his 
head as a mark of superiority. Hmm…. This guy is very similar to water 
elementals except that he has a dangerous Avalanche Level 3 attack, which 
does quite a lot of damage. Heal after this one. You’ll need to dig out that 
Phantom weapon again, equip it with the Salamander Ruby, and cast Spark 
Fusion as before. Blunt weapons are generally best, and attack the chest to 
do maximum damage. Throw in the occasional Break Art and reflect his Aqua 
Blast and he’ll soon be back with the fishes again.

Ifrit – Phantom
Weakness: Water
The infamous Ifrit resurfaces again, looking much as he did in Final Fantasy 
VII – more Human-like than Bull-like. As per usual he is fire-aligned, 
casting spells such as the usual Fireball and a mildly dangerous Level 3 
Flame Sphere. As you do with the Fire Elementals, equip the Undine Jasper to 
your weapon, and cast Frost Fusion. Then just hack away at his weak chest 
and he’ll soon be dead. Attempt to reflect his magic attacks and get in a 
Break Art or two.

Iron Crab – Beast
Weakness: Fire
Get out your Beast weapon again and equip it with Orion, Braveheart, and 
Salamander Ruby gems. If you are wielding a blunt weapon, then go for the 
body, but if you have a piercing or edged weapon, then get in close and 
attack the weak mouth. This guy only has around 375 HP so if you find 
yourself doing 50 damage a turn, then he should go down after about 4 decent 
combos. He has a regular attack as well as Aqua bubble and Tidal Rush, all 
of which do roughly 100 damage, and should be reflected before Healing.

Djinn – Phantom
Weakness: Air
Another regular elemental who increased his HP and attacks, Djinn looks a 
lot like a regular Air Elemental. You should employ the same tactics as 
well; equip the Gnome Emerald on a Blunt Phantom weapon, and cast Soil 
Fusion. Use chain combos and Break Arts on his chest, reflecting his 
Lightning Bolt and powerful Level 3 Thunderburst attacks. After receiving 
500 damage, Djinn will explode in a display of sparks and lightning bolts.

Flame Dragon – Dragon – Demi Boss
Weakness: Water
Another easy dragon to contend with, you should equip your best Dragon 
weapon with Dragonite, Braveheart, and an Undine Jasper. Run under its head 
to stop it from using Searing Breath, and start the usual routine. If you 
have a piercing weapon, attack the legs, and if you have an edged weapon, 
attack the head. Start with a Break Art or two, then chain away until your 
RISK reaches 25. Use a Vera Root, then start the cycle again. This guy has 
750 HP, so you’ll need to keep up your onslaught for quite a long time. As 
always, reflect his Tail Attacks and Bites to cause some bonus damage.

Arch Dragon – Dragon – Demi Boss
Weakness: Dark
Yet another Dragon rolls off the production line, this one being of the 
Light variety. This guy has 785 HP, the highest yet for a dragon. Equip a 
good dragon weapon with Dragonite, Braveheart, and Morlock Jet, and put some 
Angel Pearls on your shield (if you have one.) Your weapon will do vastly 
more damage if it has a dark affinity, so if a high dragon affinity weapon 
isn’t doing the job, try a high dark affinity weapon.
Before going into the boss room, do not draw your weapon but simply go 
through the door. This will allow you to run under its head in time and 
dodge it’s Divine Breath attack. If you have a weapon drawn, you will not be 
able to get under the head, and will be subject to the ultra-powerful 
Breath, sapping most of your HP and MP.
Once under the head, start chaining away on the limb that is weak to your 
weapon (the head is weak against Edged weapons, so the tail must be weak 
against Piercing attacks.) You should use the normal Dragon routine 
(described above.) You should have Gain Magic as one of your Chain Abilities 
to increase your MP flow for restorative spells such as Heal, and attack 
spells like Dark Chant or Meteor. He will, of course, use the regular Bite 
and Tail Attacks, but these are the same as they ever were, and by now you 
should know exactly when to reflect them.
After a lot of Break Arts, chain abilities, and magic assaults, the Dragon 
should fall forward and die.

Dao – Phantom
Weakness: Air
Another fatty bloke, Dao leads the Elementals of the Earth. Although he is a 
phantom, having a Blunt weapon is more important than having a good Phantom 
weapon. Equip this weapon with the Djinn Amber (should you possess it), a 
Sylphid Topaz, and a Demonia gem. Then cast Luft Fusion and be prepared to 
run after this guy as he floats around the arena.
If you have any air-affinity Break Arts use them, but if you don’t then just 
chain away using damage dealing abilities such as Heavy Shot, Temper, 
Crimson Pain, or Phantom Pain. Also, you could cast Thunderburst if your 
magic was really plentiful.
Dao has one attack, known as Vulcan Lance. Since this is a puny attack, plus 
can easily be reflected, its not too much to worry about. Simply follow Dao 
around the room, chaining away, and he’ll be dead before you know it.

Nightmare – Phantom
Weakness: Light
Brother of the Dark Elemental, Nightmare seemed easier to us than the 
Elemental. Maybe I was using the wrong tactics on the Dark Elemental … 
Anyway, equip a blunt weapon that has a high light affinity to maximise 
damage, and add Angel Pearl, Braveheart, and Demonia gems to it. Put a 
Morlock gem on your shield and boost your equipment using Prostasia and 
Herakles. Now you should be able to deal a fair bit of damage to the 
Nightmare. Light affinity Break Arts will get you off to a good start, then 
chain away, trying to reduce his MP using Mind Assault, and add to yours 
using Gain Magic. If you feel you’ve got some spare MP, then cast 
light-related spells such as Spirit Surge and Radial Surge.
The Nightmare has a few attacks up his sleeves; the first being Curse (which 
causes the curse status; you’ll need to use Blessing after this), the second 
Dark Chant, which is no real threat, and can easily be reflected, and the 
third Level 3 Meteor. Now he doesn’t do this move often, but it does some 
serious damage, so be ready with Demonscale.
Once you do 500 damage to this guy he’ll go down with a bang, and there’s 
nothing between you and Guildenstern…

Romeo Guildenstern Part 1 – Evil – Last Boss
The first form of this last boss, Guildenstern can prove to be a real 
nuisance if you haven’t got the right equipment. You’ll need a suitable 
edged weapon with a high attack power. A two-handed one is usually best, as 
they have a greater attack power and range than one-handed weapons; you’ll 
need at least a +30 attack weapon to deal any damage at all. I used a Great 
Sword with the Shiavona blade (found in the Limestone Quarry) and the Power 
Palm grip, which had +39 attack.
If your weapon doesn’t have a high evil affinity, then increase it by 
repeatedly attacking the training dummy (an Evil Gremlin) in Gharmes walk 
(Town Centre East). You’ll then want to equip the weapon with two Demonia 
gems and one Braveheart gem before going into the boss room.
When the battle starts, cast either Prostasia or Herakles; don’t cast them 
both, as this will simply provoke Guildenstern into casting Dispel to remove 
both of these. Its probably best to cast Herakles, as casting a Prostasia 
will induce a retaliation of Tarnish from Guildenstern.
Any attack spells (Warlock or detrimental Sorcery) are, of course, useless, 
so use only beneficial Sorcery and Shamanic spells.
Now start using Break Arts on him, as much as you can between his attacks. 
See which one does the most damage and stick with it, repeatedly using it on 
the boss. For the Great Sword, the Thunderwave attack does more damage than 
either the Swallow Slash or Sunder moves (I hadn’t got the fourth Break Art 
for this weapon.) You should be doing roughly around 50+ damage per turn. 
Keep up a routine of doing 2 Break Arts, then Healing. If you’re quick, then 
Guildenstern should only get in an attack after each Heal.
As for Guildenstern’s attacks, he has quite a few. He has the Sorcery spells 
Tarnish, Degenerate, Dispel, and Stun Cloud. He tends to use Dispel and 
Tarnish on you much more frequently than Degenerate. He uses Stun Cloud on 
you very frequently, so be ready with Yggdrasil's Tears or the magic 
Restoration or Clearance to nullify the Paralysis effect. Other than this, 
he has his regular attack and the Break Art ‘Last Ascension.’ His normal 
attack takes off around 100-200 HP damage, but his Last Ascension is 
slightly more dangerous, taking off around 250-300 damage, so be ready with 
Impact Guard/Reflect Damage, and Heal afterwards.
Soon you can chuckle as Guildenstern explodes on the roof of the Great 
Cathedral. But you haven’t completed the game yet. Oh no. That easy boss 
wasn’t sufficient for Square. After a short cut sequence, you’ll have to 
face the Dark Angel…

Second Play Comments
After combining my humble Shiavona blade into a powerful Nodachi sword, and 
then equipping a Power Palm grip with three Demonia gems onto it, I was able 
to fairly comfortably kill Guildenstern's first form. My regular attacks did 
about 80-90 HP damage per hit - more when improved using Sorcery spells. It 
was here, and when fighting Asura, that I was able to appreciate the 
formidable Swallow Slash move. It seems to do roughly double the damage that 
you would normally do with a regular attack, which meant around 200 damage 
per hit with Guildenstern. Hehehe...

Romeo Guildenstern, Dark Angel – Evil – Last Boss
Now this guy is the hell that you expected from a high ranking Square game. 
Safer Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII 
were ******* hard, so why shouldn’t Guildenstern be?
Equip a good one-handed weapon here, with a high Evil affinity and attack 
power. Also, equip your best shield, as you’ll need it for Guildenstern’s 
most powerful spells. Put some Demonia and Braveheart gems on your weapon, 
and the Angel Pearl and Morlock Jet gems on your shield. If you've got some 
extra space, then some Dao Moonstones/Gnome Emeralds are also useful.
Warlock or detrimental Sorcery spells are, as usual, useless against the 
Dark Angel, so the only spells you want to use are beneficial Sorcery spells 
or Shaman spells.
As the battle starts, recover your HP, but don’t bother casting any Sorcery 
spells; they’ll run out before you get any hits in on him. Simply run to one 
side of the combat ring, and Guildenstern should go to the other side, and 
repeatedly sway around. Don’t bother running after him, as you won’t manage 
to catch up with him as he flees around the circle. Now wait until he goes 
red and approaches you, then run towards him. If he casts the spells 
Apocalypse (Dark aligned) or Judgement (Light aligned) then try to Reflect 
the damage (using Reflect Magic,) but you won’t be able to get near enough 
to get any hits in. If he casts Gravity or Poison Rain, then reflect the 
damage, and then run in. You should be able to get a few hits in before he 
flies off. However, if he casts one of his Sorcery spells (he has many 
including Tarnish, Degenerate, Psychodrain and Leadbones), then he will have 
to fly right up close to you, allowing you to cause more damage with either 
Chain Abilties or Break Arts. Don’t attempt to counteract these spells, as 
it will reduce your MP that could be used for Heal spells, and he will just 
cast them again before you know it.
If you have any Break Arts that actually work, then use them as much as 
possible, Healing afterwards. However if this doesn’t work, then you’ll have 
to resort to Chains (like I did.) Don’t be discouraged if the information 
bar says that you’re going to be doing 0 damage; as you chain, the damage 
you do goes up slowly. Use Crimson Pain and Heavy Shot alternating to do a 
lot of damage. Try to stop chaining as soon as you get to 8 Chains, as if 
you chain further, then your RISK will jump up in steps of about 25 per hit, 
which you don’t want. Use Vera Items afterwards to clear the built-up RISK.
Soon, after you have slashed off around a quarter of his HP, he will use his 
ultimate attack, the Bloody Sin. You will be given fair warning that he’s 
going to do this attack by a fairly obvious camera angle change. Press and 
hold R2 and shortly you will regain control. Heal yourself back up to full 
and equip a shield if you haven’t one already. Then cast Prostasia to boost 
up your armour statistics. This done, Bloody Sin should do around 20 Damage 
in total (ha ha) which you can reflect using Reflect Damage. [The right time 
to reflect is after his wings rain down blue spears of light, and when the 
camera zooms into Ashley’s face.] I'm not entirely sure that you can reflect 
this using Reflect Damage, as when I used this after the Bloody Sin I just 
came up with misses. You can probably use Absorb Damage though.
After this mega attack, Heal and then go to the edge of the arena. Now 
Guildenstern won’t use any other spells other than Sorcery spells, so you 
can take advantage of the fact that he now has to zoom right next to you to 
cast the spell to get off some serious chains or Break Arts. After reducing 
him to around one third of his health, Guildenstern will use Bloody Sin 
again. Use the same tactics as you did for the previous Bloody Sin and 
you’ll be fine. Now he’ll continue using the usual Sorcery spells, and you 
can chain or use Break Arts to kill him off.
After 700 HP worth of damage, the final boss will fall and you can enjoy the 
dramatic end sequence.

Second Play Comments
After defeating this guy for the second, third, and fourth times, I realised 
some alternative strategies. By the second time, you should really have some 
good Battle Abilities and weapons, so Guildenstern will be that bit easier. 
However, unless you want to take 20 hours out of your spare time to traipse 
round Iron Maiden B2 on 150HP trying to get Rhomphaia and Holy Win Blades, 
then its not going to be that much easier (as I found out.) However, if you 
pick out your best weapon and then cast Prostasia and Herakles onto it, then 
some of your Break Arts might now do some very reasonable damage. If they 
don't, and you have a decent array of Battle Abilities, then you can use 
them. A good idea is to obtain Phantom Pain and Instill, and fight with 
enemies in the Wine Cellar to get the PP of all your weapons up to maximum 
levels. Then go into the boss room and unleash all the PP of your weapons 
onto the boss to do a lot of damage. While fighting the boss, you can use 
Instill to recoup your PP for another attack. If you have a lot of HP and 
Crimson Pain and Raging Ache, then you can get your HP down to about 200 
using either your Crimson Pain or the Dark Angel's various attacks, then use 
Raging Ache to kill the boss in no time.

Second Play Bosses
If you fancy going through the game a second time (and you should – you 
retain all your ultra – powerful weapons from the first time through, so you 
can beat enemies and bosses alike with great ease and pleasure. Believe me, 
dropping that Golem and the Dark Elemental in a couple of hits makes you 
feel a lot better…) then you might come across the bosses described below. 
Most are easy by the second time through, but some are seriously tough 
cookies. Here, I will add to the normal account, where you can find the 
boss, as some are quite a bit out of your way:

Marid and Ifrit - Phantoms
Weakness: Ifrit - Water, Marid - Fire
Location: Escapeway, through Rood Inverse gate in Town Centre West, requires 
Iron Key
Okay, okay, so we've seen these guys before, but now there are two of them, 
and one of you. Its best to start with Marid, so equip any Ifrit 
Carnelians/Salamander Rubies that you may have, in conjunction with 
Trinity/Demonia gems, to your best Blunt Phantom weapon. Try to position 
Marid in front of you in relation to Ifrit, so any spells that he casts will 
be relayed onto Marid, for spectacular results... Now cast Spark Fusion, and 
lay into Marid. He should die within a couple of chain combos.
Now go for Ifrit. You must change all of your set-up, otherwise he'll make 
mincemeat of you. Change all the Ifrit Carnelians/Salamander Rubies on your 
weapon for Malid Aquamarines/Undine Jaspers, and replace Spark Fusion with 
Frost Fusion. Now employ similar tactics as you did for Marid and Ifrit 
should soon be dead, and you'll get a Grimoire Avalanche as well as another 
Grimoire Flamme. I assure you, by the end of the Second play, you'll have 
about 5 more of these than you actually need...

Damascus Crab – Beast
Weakness: Fire
Location: through Rood Inverse door in City Walls East, in Snowfly Forest 
Great. Another crab. This one has a shell of Damascus, and 500HP, so is a 
little tougher than any of the crabs you’ve seen previously. Equip a good 
Beast weapon with Orion and Ifrit Carnelian Gems attached. Blunt weapons 
obviously have the edge here, so if your beast weapon is Blunt, then you’ll 
do even more damage. Piercing and Edged weapons are at a general 
disadvantage. Cast Spark Fusion and then just lay into him with various 
attacks; intersperse a few Break Arts among your usual chaining.
He has the normal Aqua Bubble and Tidal Rush attacks, but if you’re good, 
you shouldn’t even get a chance to Reflect them. After receiving that 500HP 
of damage, the Crab will surrender the Platinum key.

Damascus Golem – Evil
Weakness: Air
Location: Gold Key door in the Keep, in Forgotten Pathway
Another upgrade, the Damascus Golem hasn’t learnt new attacks or tactics. He 
has the usual Granite Punch and regular attacks, and these now cause less 
damage due to your superior armour. Just equip a Blunt weapon with a 
reasonably high Evil affinity, and soup it up using Djinn Amber, Demonia and 
Braveheart gems. Cast Luft Fusion, and you should be able to kill him within 
about three chains. Having killed this guy, you’ll get a lousy prize of only 
three Cure Tonics. Hmm…

Wyvern Queen – Dragon
Weakness: Magic of any kind
Location: Iron Maiden B1: After Platinum and Steel Key doors
Extremely tough if you don’t know what to do, the Wyvern Queen is the ruler 
of all Wyrms. However, if you do spot that chink in her armour, then she is 
extremely easy. However, you’ll need to bring along a Staff of some kind and 
some MP restoring items before you confront this boss. The staff I used was 
a Summoner Baton with Grimoire Grip, accompanied by two Ifrit Carnelians. 
You should now have a weapon with a seriously high INT that can capitalise 
on the Wyvern Queens weakness (an extremely low INT.) Go into the boss room 
and start firing off spells left, right and centre. Due to the extremely low 
chance of hitting (around 50% is about as high as you’re gonna get) you will 
often miss, but continue regardless. The average spell causes roughly about 
225 HP damage per hit, so after about 4-5 direct hits, she’ll cave in and 
As for the Wyvern Queen, she has a normal bite and a Flame Breath attack in 
her arsenal, but as long as you keep up a vicious assault and keep your 
distance, then you shouldn’t have much trouble with her at all.

Dark Dragon – Dragon
Weakness: Light
Location: Iron Maiden B2: Ordeal By Fire
If you were looking for the Arch Dragon’s Dark twin, this is your man. Equip 
a suitable dragon weapon with Dragonite and Angel Pearls attached. Once you 
see him, run under his head to avoid his dangerous Poison Breath attack, and 
start with the age-old routine. Use a couple of Break Arts (light affinity 
ones are super effective) then chain on his head until your RISK reaches 25, 
whereupon you use a Vera Root, etc.
This guy has even more health than the Arch Dragon, and this guy has 
probably got the most HP in the game. However, you shouldn’t have any 
troubles, as your main dragon weapon is probably quite powerful by now, but 
if you want to finish him off in style you could use Spirit Surge or Radial 
Surge. After receiving 850HPs worth of damage, the Dark Dragon will yield 
and you can progress on to the next challenge…

Ravana – Human
Location: Iron Maiden B2: Pressing
Remember Kali from the first time through? Well Ravana is a mechanical 
version of this boss, with a few more HP and a new special attack, Heaven’s 
Tear. Equip a suitable Human weapon boosted up using Orlandu and Haeralis 
gems, and then just hack away at her legs using this weapon. Leadbones is 
again useful, as it dispels the Surging Balm she often casts, plus slows her 
down. She’ll soon give up the ghost after receiving 750 damage, and you can 
keep going…

Dragon Zombie - Undead
Location: Iron Maiden B2: The Saw
Possessing none of the splendour and impressive headgear of its living 
partners, and a very suspicious ‘Untitled’ attack, you can be forgiven for 
laughing in the face of this boss. Indeed he is weak, with only 500HP, and 
slightly uncoordinated attacks. But his Rot Breath is slightly dangerous, so 
you’ll want to run under his head before he can use it. This time, equip a 
good Undead weapon, with Balvus and Iocus gems attached, and start chaining 
and using Break Arts on his already wretched body. He’ll give way 
surprisingly quickly, after maybe biting you a few times. On to the next 
boss then…

Ogre Zombie –Undead
Weakness: Fire
Location: Iron Maiden B2: The Shin Vice
You’ve probably had enough of this long run of bosses, but here’s another. 
This time it’s a partnership between pure muscle and magical knowledge, as 
you face both a Death [detailed below] and this Ogre Zombie. You’ll want to 
start with the Ogre Zombie first, as the Death will stay out of your way to 
begin with. Equip the Undead weapon that has had some use already, and keep 
the Balvus and Iocus gems on it. Firstly cast Spark Fusion, then cast a 
Magic Ward (to protect yourself from any attacks death may make) and lay 
into the Zombie. Since he can resist chain combos that actually damage him, 
you can either just go in for single hits, or use chain abilities that are 
beneficial to you (like Gain Magic and Gain Life.) You could also use Break 
Arts, but try to save your Magic Points for Magic Wards. Soon the Zombie 
will die and you can focus your attention onto Death.

Death – Evil
Weakness: Physical
Location: Iron Maiden B2: The Shin Vice
This guy is basically a very powerful Lich Lord, and has pretty much the 
same characteristics (i.e. has a weakness against Physical, wields only 
spells.) However, all of his spells are much more powerful and he has 360HP. 
So equip a nice Evil weapon, with Titan Malachite, Talos Feldspar, and 
Demonia gems attached, and maintain a Magic Ward at all times. Now you’ll 
have to catch him. Approaching him is usually a bad idea as he’ll simply 
fire off a Thunderbolt, Gravity, or Fire Storm and then warp away, 
chuckling. Try to stand away from him, out of his range, and he may warp 
right next to you, allowing you to chain on his legs or head. You should be 
able to kill him in one long eight-hit chain. Letting him get away is 
usually not a good idea, as you’ll have to catch him again.
When you’ve killed him, you can progress into the next room and go left and 
right for goodies in chests. Now you’ll have to tackle a long maze of 
tunnels before you can get to Iron Maiden B3 and the real head boss of this 

Asura – Human
Location: Iron Maiden B3: The Iron Maiden
As the name of this room implies, Asura is the master of the bosses in this 
dungeon, and therefore rock hard. Equip a nice Human weapon with Orlandu and 
Haeralis gems attached, and then boost this up using Prostasia and Herakles, 
and you probably won’t be doing any damage using normal chains. The best 
tactic to use are Break Arts, then Heal.
I was using a Great Sword, and so used Swallow Slash, which did about 50HPs 
damage per hit. The best place to go for is the legs, but you may often 
miss, as the chance of hitting is usually only 60-70%. Keep on hitting 
anyway, and Heal when your HP get low. Soon you’ll give her a Movement x50% 
injury, and she’ll be so slow that you can finish her off in comparative 
safety. She has a few special attacks Raven Eye, Caesar’s Thrust, and 
Heaven’s Tear, Guildenstern’s Judgement, and Surging Balm. If she casts 
Surging Balm, counter with Leadbones. It’ll distract her so that you can 
kill her easily.
After receiving roughly around 800-900 HP of damage, Asura will fall. Get 
the treasure in the left and right rooms before leaving.

3) Legal Stuff and Credits
All material © 2001 Odge

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things in order to be able to put this article on your site. Firstly, you 
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