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   ###    # ## ## ###       ##    #  # ## ## #   ## ##  ##  ###
    ###    ##   ## ##   ### #####     ##   ##    ##  ## ##  ###
     ##   ##  #  ## ##   ## ##  ##   ##  #  ##   ##   ####  ###
      ## ####   #### ##### ####  ## ####   #### ####   #### ### 
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        ###                 By Desmond Xie                  ###
                             Version: 1.6                   ###
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              ####        ##    ##  ###  ## ##    #  # #     #
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                 #####    ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##
                   ####  ####      #####   ####  ## ####
               ##   ##                             #
              #  ###   
             ||F||I||G||H||T||I||N||G|| ||G||U||I||D||E||
Author     : Desmond Xie
E-mail     :
Version    : 1.6 (26th June 2000)
Next Update: 2nd July 2000 (Roughly)
Pages      : 18 pages
Website    :

Legal Notes:
This FAQ is Copyright 2000 by Desmond Xie. Please do not publish or 
record in any profitable way. However, please feel free to distribute 
among individual. This guide is meant to help all the vagrant story 
player to fight in the correct way. Please E-mail me of any mistake or 
comment. I will welcome EVERY e-mail except insulting, offending and 
plain e-mail etc. Feel free to get permission from me for posting this 
guide onto any website. All the information here is all researched and 
wrote by me after playing through a few times. There is only information 
associated with equipment combination in this guide. 

On the whole, I allow distribution between individual but if anyone 
wants to post this guide anywhere, please kindly inform me and I will 
most likely grant the permission. However ALL the text must be unchanged 
and untouched.

Note that this is the third walkthrough I wrote so please bear with any 
difficulty in reading this guide and bear with my mistake. DO correct me 
through E-mail. Previous Walkthrough: Thousand Arms and Chocobo's 
Dungeon 2.

Game Introduction:
This is a wonderful game. The weapon combination is a good Weapon 
system. It is a new and nice approach for a Role Playing Game. The 
character will develop as you play along depending on the game play.
*REVISION HISTORY                                                     *
*ASHLEY TITLE                                                         *
*SECTION 1 : COMBINATION GUIDE                                        *              
*        i : IMPROVING METAL                                          *
*       ii : CREATING MORE POWERFUL EQUIPMENT                         * 
*      iii : COMBINING TWO SAME EQUIPMENT                             * 
*       iv : COMBINING EQUIPMENT FROM SAME GROUP                      *
*      vii : AFFINITY CHANGES DURING COMBINATION                      *
*     viii : COMBINATION TABLE                                        *
*                                                                     *
*SECTION 2 : WEAPONS                                                  *          
*        i : DAGGERS                                                  *
*       ii : SWORDS                                                   *
*      iii : AXES                                                     *
*       iv : MACES                                                    *
*        v : GREAT SWORDS                                             *
*       vi : GREAT AXES                                               *
*      vii : HEAVY MACES                                              *
*     viii : STAVES                                                   *
*       ix : POLEARMS                                                 *
*        x : CROSSBOWS                                                *
*       xi : UNARMED                                                  *
*                                                                     *
*SECTION 3 : ARMOURS                                                  *          
*        i : BODY ARMOURS                                             *
*       ii : HAND ARMOURS                                             *
*      iii : LEG ARMOURS                                              *
*       iv : HEAD ARMOURS                                             *
*                                                                     *
*SECTION 4 : SHIELDS                                                  *
*        i : SHIELDS                                                  *
*                                                                     *
*SECTION 5 : MONSTERS                                                 *
*        i : MONSTER LIST                                             *
*       ii : MONSTER DESCRIPTION                                      *
*      iii : FUNNY THING ABOUT SOME MONSTER                           *       
*                                                                     *
*SECTION 6 : DUMMY GUIDE                                              *   
*        i : DUMMY LOCATION                                           *              
*       ii : GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE TRAINING                              *              
*CONTRIBUTORS                                                         *
*A lot more sections coming up...                                     *


Version 1.6 (26th June 2000)
-Added new risk breaker level

Version 1.5
-Correct a LOT of mistakes (13th June 2000)
-Added Monster list
-Added score required for each level
-A major update

Version 1.4
-Added two more level of riskbreaker rank.

Version 1.3 (12th June 2000)
-Added Riskbreaker title list
-Finishing the Monster list researching, putting it up soon.
-Started on hints and tips

Version 1.2 (9th June 2000)
-Make some correction.
-Corrected Kora to Khora

Version 1.1 (5th June 2000) :
-Combination guide is completed 
-Started to create a full monster list with their stats.
-Decided to create a Riskbreaker title list.

Version 1.0 (4th June 2000) : 
-This Guide is completed and on the way to GameFAQS

Anyone please help me with the Score requirement. However from Level 5 
onwards, its like 1000000 score make a rise in 1 level.

Level    Rank             Score required (roughly)
-----    ----             --------------
Level 1  Normal Agent     None, You start off as this rank
Level 2  Gladiator               500000  (Not very sure)
Level 3  DareDevil              1000000 (Not very sure)
Level 4  Berserker              2000000 (Not very such)
Level 5  Destroyer              3000000 (Confirmed)
Level 6  Spectrebane            4000000 (Confirmed)
Level 7  Paladin                5000000
Level 8  Mystic Wanderer        6000000
Level 9  Blade Master          12000000
Level 10 Master Gladiator      16000000
Level 11 Courageous Adventurer 24000000
Level 12 Dragon Slayer         32000000
Level 13 Raging Berserker      40000000
Level 14 Radiant Knight        60000000
Level 15 Grand Paladin         75000000
Level 16 Grand Master Breaker 100000000 

||C||O||M||B||I||N||A||T||I||O||N|| ||G||U||I||D||E||
The are basically seven different types of metal in Vagrant Story. They 
are wood, leather, bronze, Iron, Hagane, Silver and Dacasmus. Some of 
the equipments that you get from enemy are already make of some enemies. 
Only Dacasmus equipment is very difficult to obtain from enemies. The 
type of metal that the piece of equipment is made from determines its 
STR and every aspect. For example, a Hagane breastplate will be FAR more 
powerful than a bronze breastplate. Wood equipment is that kind of 
equipment that you can get easily early in the game. As you proceed, you 
will start getting equipments made from better metals.
Note that you can get new material if you combine two different type of 
metal equipment. Note that no matter how many time you combine an 
equipment, it will only become a better material and not a lousier 
material. For instance, EVEN if you combine a Hagane equipment with a 
bronze equipment, you will still get a Hagane equipment.

How to get Hagane equipment
Combining Bronze and Iron equipment will gives you a Hagane Equipment.
Sounds easy? Oh yes... It is really easy to get a Hagane equipment early 
in the game because Bronze and iron equipment are common items that you 
can get from enemies. Anyway aim to get at least a Hagane equipment for 
all the body parts.

How to get Silver equipment
Combining Hagane and bronze equipment will give you a Silver equipment. 
However this doesn't seems too easy. It is not a 100% chance that you 
will get a silver equipment even if you correctly combine a Hagane and a 
Silver equipment. In order to get a silver equipment, put the bronze 
equipment on the first combinant and the Hagane equipment on the second 
combinant. Silver equipment is the most powerful equipment in the game 
because Dacasmus equipment is too hard to get. Try to get every one of 
your Equipment to silver if you want to beat the game fast and easy.

How to get Dacasmus equipment
Combining Silver and Hagane equipment will give you a Dacasmus 
equipment!!! WOW!!! However don't be too happy. It is VERY difficult to 
get so be happy even if you have only one Dacasmus equipment. But if you 
replay the game, you will get Dacasmus equipment really easily. Note 
that Dacasmus is the STRONGEST metal in vagrant world. However I have 
not been able to confirm the exact way to combine a Silver and Hagane 
equipment to get a Dacasmus equipment but I am figuring it out.
Soon I will put it here...

Vagrant story involves a lot of time spent on combining or else you will 
find that a tiny bat flying around can also kill you by sucking you dry. 
There's no way to complete this game if you stick with the first or 
second weapon in that weapon class unless you choose to run pass all the 
enemies. However even if you do so, you will still not get pass those 
Bosses. The bosses in vagrant story are rather hard to defeat because of 
their high offense and your low HP and MP. Therefore it is VERY 
important to get new and more powerful equipment as you proceed through 
the game. Please refer to the <Combining table> for the full Combination 
list of every piece of equipment.

Don't think that combining two similar equipment will not give you a 
better one but in vagrant story, you can ONLY get the best equipment by 
combining various similar equipment. For example: If you combine two 
Hoplite armour, you will get a Jazeraint armour and if you combine two 
Jazeraint armour, you will get the BEST armour, the Dread Armour. The 
bad point is that Dread equipments are difficult to get.

What I mean is combining equipment from same armour, weapon or shield 
class. Combining one equipment with high DP or STR...etc with an 
equipment with low DP or STR...etc will give you an equipment at the 
average DP and STR...etc.

It is best to stick with the equipment that you get when you start the 
game. Just keep combining them with new equipment that you get while 
progressing further into the game because you will keep the affinity and 
stats if you do so. No matter what your equipment is make of, it doesn't 
matter much. As you progress, even a lousy wooden shield would become a 
mighty dascamus shield. I found out that a 'seasoned' silver shield 
could even be stronger than a Dascamus shield because of its bonus 

Basically this is the least useful method of combining. The final 
product will be very disappointing. Even mixing two strong weapons, you 
will most slightly end up with a weaker weapon. HOWEVER, there are some 
rare cases. There was once that when I combine a stinger with another 
weapon, I get a sabre mace which is stronger than both of them. (I 
cannot remember what is that weapon but I think it is a goblin club)
Combining weapons from different group will most slightly give you a 
sword or a dagger which is really useful. Daggers are the most difficult 
to get in Vagrant world so it might be useful to sacrify some of the 
weapons to forge a useful dagger.

Affinity changes as you combine two equipment together. The affinity of 
the new weapon will be the average of the affinity of the two weapons 
that you combined. Therefore it is important that you pay attention to 
the affinity point of the final product before confirming to forge that 
weapon. Note that affinity actually affect the offense of that weapon, 
so please do not think that forging a damaging weapon is the best. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dirk                    Scramasax                Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife          Scramasax                Kudi
Kudi                    Throwing Knife           Cinquedea
Cinquedea               Kudi                     Kris
Kris                    Cinquedea                Hatchet
Hatchet                 Kris                     Khukuri
Khukuri                 Hatchet                  Baselard
Baselard                Baselard                 Stiletto
Stiletto                Stiletto                 Jamadhar

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Scimitar                Rapier                   Spatha
Rapier                  Spatha                   Short Sword        
Firangi                 Short Sword              Shamshir 
Shamshir                Firangi                  Falchion 
Falchion                Shamshir                 Shotel
Shotel                  Falchion                 Khora 
Khora                   Khora                    Khopesh 
Khopesh                 Khopesh                  Wakizashi

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Francisa                Battle Axe               Tabarzin 
Tabarzin                Francisca                Chamkaq 
Chamkaq                 Tabarzin                 Tabar 
Tabar                   Tabar                    Bullova   
Bullova                 Bullova                  Crescent

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ball Mace               Spiked Club              Footman's Mace 
Footman's Mace          Ball Mace                Morning Star 
Morning Star            Footman's Mace           War Hammer 
War Hammer              War Hammer               Bec de Corbin 
Bec de Corbin           Bec de Corbin            War Maul 

|G|R|E|A|T| |S|W|O|R|D|S|
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Katana                  Broad Sword              Executioner 
Executioner             Katana                   Claymore 
Claymore                Executioner              Schiavona 
Schiavona               Claymore                 Bastard Sword 
Bastard Sword           Bastard Sword            Nodachi 
Nodachi                 Nodachi                  Rune Blade

|G|R|E|A|T| |A|X|E|S|
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sabre Halberd           Large Crescent           Balbriggan 
Balbriggan              Sabre Halberd            Double Blade 
Double Blade            Double Blade             Halberd

|H|E|A|V|Y| |M|A|C|E|S|
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Footman's Mace          Sabre Mace               Gloomwing 
Gloomwing               Footman's Mace           Mjolnir 
Mjolnir                 Mjolnir                  Griever 
Griever                 Griever                  Destroyer

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summoner's Baton        Clergy Rod               Shamanic Staff 
Shamanic Staff          Summoner's Baton         Bishop's Crosier
Bishop's Crosier        Bishop's Crosier         Sage's Cane

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Scorpion                Glaive                   Corcesca 
Corcesca                Scorpion                 Trident 
Trident                 Corcesca                 Awl Pike 
Awl Pike                Trident                  Boar Spear 
Boar Spear              Trident                  Fauchard 
Fauchard                Boar Spear               Voulge 
Voulge                  Fauchard                 Pole Axe 
Pole Axe                Pole Axe                 Bardysh 
Bardysh                 Bardysh                  Brandestoc

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Target Bow              Gastraph Bow             Light Crossbow 
Light Crossbow          Target Bow               Windlass 
Windlass                Target Bow               Cranequin 
Cranequin               Windlass                 Lug Crossbow 
Lug Crossbow            Lug Crossbow             Siege Bow 
Siege Bow               Siege Bow                Arbalest 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Targe                   Buckler                  Pelta Shield 
Pelta Shield            Targe                    Quad Shield 
Quad Shield             Targe                    Circle Shield 
Circle Shield           Quad Shield              Tower Shield 
Tower Shield            Quad Shield              Spiked Shield 
Circle Shield           Tower Shield             Spiked Shield
Spiked Shield           Circle Shield            Round Shield 
Round Shield            Tower Shield             Kite Shield 
Round Shield            Spiked Shield            Kite Shield 
Kite Shield             Round Shield             Casserole Shield  
Casserole shield        Round Shield             Heater Shield
Casserole Shield        Kite Shield              Heater Shield 
Heater Shield           Casserole Shield         Oval Shield 
Oval Shield             Heater Shield            Knight Shield 
Knight Shield           Oval Shield              Hoplite Shield 
Hoplite Shield          Hoplite Shield           Jazeraint Shield 
Jazeraint Shield        Jazeraint Shield         Dread Shield 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chain Coif              Bone Helm                Spangenhelm 
Spangenhelm             Chain Coif               Cabasset 
Cabasset                Spangenhelm              Sallet 
Sallet                  Barbut                   Basinet 
Basinet                 Barbut                   Armet 
Armet                   Basinet                  Close Helm 
Close Helm              Basinet                  Burgonet 
Burgonet                Close Helm               Hoplite Helm 
Hoplite Helm            Hoplite Helm             Jazeraint Helm
Jazeraint Helm          Jazeraint Helm           Dread Helm 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fusskampf               Chain Leggings           Poleyn
Fusskampf               Poleyn                   Jambeau 
Poleyn                  Chain Leggings           Jambeau 
Jambeau                 Poleyn                   Missaglia 
Jambeau                 Chain Leggings           Missaglia 
Missaglia               Poleyn                   Plate Leggings 
Plate Leggings          Missaglia                Fluted Leggings 
Fluted Leggings         Plate Leggings           Hoplite Leggings 
Hoplite Leggings        Hoplite Leggings         Jazeraint Leggings 
Jazeraint Leggings      Jazeraint Leggings       Dread Leggings 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reinforced Glove        Knuckles                 Ring Sleeve 
Knuckles                Ring Sleeve              Chain Sleeve 
Ring Sleeve             Chain Sleeve             Gauntlet 
Gauntlet                Vambrace                 Plate Glove 
Vambrace                Plate Glove              Rondanche 
Rondanche               Plate Glove              Tilt Glove 
Tilt Glove              Tilt Glove               Freiturnier 
Freiturnier             Rondanche                Fluted Glove 
Fluted Glove            Freiturnier              Hoplite Glove 
Hoplite Glove           Hoplite Glove            Jazeraint Glove 
Jazeraint Glove         Jazeraint Glove          Dread Glove 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Banded Mail             Cuirass                  Ring Mail 
Ring Mail               Banded Mail              Chain Mail 
Chain Mail              Ring Mail                Breastplate* 
Breastplate             Chain Mail               Segmentata 
Segmentata              Breastplate              Scale Armour 
Scale Armour            Breastplate              Brigandine 
Brigandine              Breastplate              Plate Mail 
Brigandine              Scale Armour             Plate Mail 
Platemail               Brigandine               Fluted Armour 
Fluted Mail             Platemail                Hoplite Armour 
Hoplite Armour          Hoplite Armour           Jazeraint Armour
Jazeraint Armour        Jazeraint Armour         Dread Armour 

*You need many Breastplates to get Dread Armour during the mid game. 
However if you decided to get the Dread Armour only during the end of 
this game, then you will not need any Breastplate because you can get 
Brigandine, Platemail...etc from many enemy. I highly suggest that you 
get at least a Hoplite Armour when you are half way through the game.

Daggers are powerful weapons due to its speed. Dagger is a strong class 
of weapon at the beginning of the game. It is stronger that the sword 
class until mid-game when the swords are actually far more powerful than 
daggers in term of STR and INT. Daggers are easy to chain so it RULES in 
battle. Daggers are weak in the beginning but as you continue to 
upgrade, the strongest dagger has high STR and everything. However, 
Daggers are only suitable in fighting Phantom or undead so do not use 
them to fight other classes of monsters. The setback is that daggers 
have incredibly short range so you will have to chase all those "chicky" 
undeads and phantoms if they keep running from you. When paired with a 
shield, magic casted by most phantoms can be reduced while you get into 
attack range. My record for daggers is 40 chains.

Swords are human killing weapon group. It is the most suitable weapon to 
use if you want to slice the knights into pieces. Its relatively high 
STR and INT made it a damaging weapon even against any other creature 
classes. When use together with a shield, Ashley can be both very 
offensive and defensive. The Fandango that you get in the beginning of 
the game is a good sword to begin with since there is a human dummy that 
can be found early in the game and you would have used the fandango to 
train your chaining skill on the dummy. As you proceed, be sure to 
upgrade the Fandango into stronger sword and not throwing it away. Even 
though it is not easy to get new sword to upgrade swords, but if you are 
patience and slice the same enemies over and over, you will eventually 
get those powerful sword that those knights wield. There are various 
grips for swords which can hold three gems, making it to be one of the 
strongest weapon classes. Sword is a very easy weapon to chain as it is 
easy to time. My record for swords is 36 chains.

There are some strong break arts for this weapon class that can really 
break the bones of any creature. This is another damaging one-handed 
weapon class. Its STR can be higher than swords, making it possible to 
kill some enemies in ONE hit. When paired with powerful shield like kite 
shield and etc, You will discover that most enemies will run from you. 
Axes have average range and if you practice enough, chaining with an Axe 
can be easy. For my case, I did not use Axes often, so I am not that 
good in chaining with it. My record for Axes is only 12 chains.

You can get some strong mace in the mid game from some human. Most human 
in the mid game wields a Mace. Maces are common from mid game onwards. 
So it is actually not a very good weapon class to use because I do not 
recommend that you throw your well-trained weapon away and start using 
Maces from the mid game onwards. Maces are good only when your other 
weapons are all on low DP and they deal little damage. However combining 
maces with other weapon classes can give you a strong weapon. My record 
for Maces is 13 chains.

Staves are really low damaging weapons for intense battle so it is 
suitable for battle against phantom since they are "Professional" magic 
caster. No matter what weapon class you are using, the damage deal due 
to magic will still be same. However staves got magic casting bonuses. 
Staves' high INT provides both magic defense and offense. When gems that 
raise INT are attached to it and Ashley is using a high INT shield with 
INT raising gems attached to it, Ashley can also be a "Professional" 
Mage. Phantoms are only good in CASTING magic and have a good defense 
only for a certain type of element (Fire, Air, Earth, Dark...etc) 
However Ashley can be an offensive and defensive mage so Ashley stands a 
very high chance of defeating phantoms if he uses staves. BUT DO NOT 
ever use staff against any other monster classes, you will stand little 
chances of defeating them. Staves are difficult to chain. You need to be 
very fast in order to chain. My record for staves is 15 chains.

WOW!!! you'll be surprise that how much damage this weapon class can do. 
A few strikes will send those idiotic lizard man and any creature that 
is in the dragon class flying to the Hell. Great Swords are two-handed 
which mean that is a penalty of the loss of a shield. However, when you 
have long range and HIGH OFFENSE, you will not need a shield.
The most efficient way to use a great sword is to get in range to attack 
an enemy and stick to THAT spot while attacking him with high offense. 
KILL the enemies FIRST so that they cannot hurt you much even though you 
don't have a shield. When using great swords, be sure to equip with 
reduce damage defense ability so that if the enemy attacks you, you can 
reduce the damage dealt on you. Great swords are surprisingly effective 
against dragon class and are easy to chain. My record is 25 chains.

Great axes are similar to great swords but it is a less AGL weapon 
class. If you are considering using great axes to kill dragon classes, 
please drop the idea because great swords are really better to slay 
dragons. Great Axes however can be used against the beast class since 
most of the beasts have high speed. It is rather difficult to catch up 
with a beast if it runs away from you. Great axes have long range, so 
you can easily kill of those blood sucking bats. Since quite a number of 
beasts dealt little damage, the shield penalty doesn't hurt much. Use 
the "Kill the enemy first" technique for best result. Great axes are not 
that easy to chain. My record for great axes is 16 chains.

Heavy maces are basically same with Great swords and axes. All the heavy 
maces in the game do as much damage as Great swords and axes unless you 
have the Minotaur's club which deal rather high damage and has an 
incredibly long range. Note that the destroyer and Griever are more 
damaging than the Minotaur's club. I suggest that you use heavy maces 
against the beast class. Use the same old "Kill the enemy first" 
technique when you are using this weapon class. My record for heavy 
maces is 12 chains.

Polearms have INCREDIBLE range. The "kill the enemy first" technique 
works the best for this weapon class. Its long range allows Ashley to 
kills off any enemy blocking his path. Ashley can often kills off any 
enemy before they get near him. The loss of shield is ABSOLUTELY nothing 
for this weapon class. Polearms rules!!! However, I do not recommend 
polearms against any creature class. It is suitable for slicing any kind 
so take one with you for backup if your weapon is low on DP. The Rust 
Nail that you can get early in the game is a good polearm for you to 
combine with new polearms into stronger polearms. Polearms are difficult 
to chain. My record was only 10 chains (HAHA).

Crossbows are projectile weapons that can be very powerful due to its 
EXTREMELY long range despite its weak offense. Crossbows are strong 
against evil so get a crossbow and use it against the evil. Its long 
range can prevent the enemy from hitting Ashley with physical attacks 
since most evil creatures dealt relatively high damage. Crossbows are 
easy to get and combine. The "Kill the enemy first" technique is 
possible if you keep a distance from the enemy so that even if you deal 
lesser damage, the enemy cannot hurt you. Another technique is that you 
can use crossbows to deal status aliment on the enemy (silence, 
paralyze, numbness, curse and poison) then move in with a melee weapon 
to finish them off. Crossbows are VERY VERY easy to chain. Furthermore, 
due to its weaker offense, more chains can be done before the enemy 
dies. My record for crossbows is 42 chains.

HAHA...!!! It is definitely nice to see Ashley fighting with BARE hands, 
the most with a shield on the left land against a carnivous Beast or 
Dragon. Fighting Unarmed is a risk because of the REALLY short range. 
However it has no creature class affinity so it is as powerful against 
any creature. It is as easy or as difficult to chain as the staves. Its 
break arts are quite powerful. My record is 11 chains.

Body Armour is the MOST important armour. It affect the overall defense 
of Ashley although it seems that it only protect the "body" part of 
Ashley. Just because it is so important, it is the hardest Armour to 
combine. It is difficult to find new and more powerful armour to combine 
to get a stronger one. Therefore I suggest that you try your best to get 
a strong armour.

Hand Armours are armours that protect the left and right hand. A total 
of two hand armours is needed to protect the right and the left land. 
Note that Right hand is VERY important than left hand because EVERY 
enemy attacks the right hand. Your attack will -50% if your right hand 
is greatly weakened and becomes red in colour. Therefore always put the 
more powerful glove on your right hand and the less powerful glove on 
the left hand.

Leg armours are not so important than hand armours because enemies 
seldom attack your legs. However DO put in effort in combining a strong 
leg armour too. IF your legs happen to get red in colour, your movement 
will -50% causing you to be vulnerable to attacks.

Head Armours are the LEAST important armours. Enemies hardly attack the 
head. But some rare cases happen, sometime it is because you are 
standing on a low area and the enemy is standing on a ledge and he can 
only attack your head. Therefore do not ignore your head armour, just 
combine one if you get new helmets.

Shields are an important equipment that you should spend time to 
strengthen it. It protects the WHOLE body of Ashley. It is responsible 
for all those "misses" that occurs when enemy attacks you. Shields are 
relatively easy to combine. You will get new shields easily from enemies 
as you proceed further into the game.

Monster list:
1.  Zombie 
2.  Mummy 
3.  Ghoul 
4.  Ghast 
5.  Zombie Fighter 
6.  Zombie Knight 
7.  Zombie Mage 
8.  Skeleton 
9.  Dark Skeleton 
10. Skeleton Knight 
11. Ghost 
12. Wraith 
13. Goblin 
14. Goblin Leader 
15. Orc 
16. Orc Leader 
17. Lizardman 
18. Blood Lizard 
19. Lich 
20. Lich Lord 
21. Death 
22. Gargoyle 
23. Imp 
24. Gremlin 
25. Mimic 
26. Shadow 
27. Silver Wolf 
28. Hellhound 
29. Bat 
30. Stirge 
31. Slime 
32. Poison Slime 
33. Dark Eye 
34. Basilisk 
35. Ichthious 
36. Harpy 
37. Quicksilver 
38. Shrieker 
39. Minotaur 
40. Minotaur Lord 
41. Minotaur Zombie 
42. Dullahan
43. Dark Crusader 
44. Nightstalker 
45. Last Crusader 
46. Golem 
47. Iron Golem 
48. Damascus Golem 
49. Ogre 
50. Ogre Lord 
51. Ogre Zombie 
52.Giant Crab 
53. Iron Crab 
54. Damascus Crab 
55. Air Elemental 
56. Djinn 
57. Fire Elemental 
58. Ifrit 
59. Earth Elemental 
60. Dao 
61. Water Elemental 
62. Marid 
63. Dark Elemental 
64. Nightmare 
65. Wyvern 
66. Wyvern Knight 
67. Wyvern Queen 
68. Dragon 
69. Sky Dragon 
70. Flame Dragon 
71. Earth Dragon 
72. Snow Dragon 
73. Arch Dragon 
74. Dark Dragon 
75. Dragon Zombie 
76. Kali 
77. Ravana 
78. Asura 

Monster Description:

This sections shows The monster information which may be useful to find 
out their weakness. Note that those which i leave blank is currently not 
available in my Encyclopaedia but will be available soon.

No Monster          Information  
-- -------          ----------- 
1  Zombie           Once the inhabitants of Lea Monde,
                    zombies emerge from the dark to attack
                    the living

2  Mummy            Ancient Kildean corpses infused with 
                    the power of the Dark. 

3  Ghoul            Ghouls lurk in the catacombs, longing 
                    for human flesh. Attacking their head 
                    proves effective. 

4  Ghast            The living dead, given power by demons
                    of the underworld.

5  Zombie Fighter   Corpses of lea Monde's soldiers, brought 
                    back to life through the Dark's taint.

6  Zombie Knight    Zombies of the Knights of the cross, still 
                    in possession of potent martial skills.

7  Zombie Mage      Zombies of Lea Monde's mage, who employ 
                    powerful offensive magic.

8  Skeleton         Skeletal remains of zombie corpses. They 
                    lurk in darkness to attack the living.

9  Dark Skeleton    Skeletons the Dark has bestowed with more 
                    power and better defense.

10 Skeleton Knight  The bleached skeletons of former Kingsguard 
                    knights. Still possess great skill with 
11 Ghost            Souls of the deceased that attack any 
                    living thing in sight.          

12 Wraith           Ghosts of the underworld capable of casting 
                    potent magic.

13 Goblin           Stocky demihumans that form bands to attack 
                    their prey.

14 Goblin Leader    Goblins endowed woth the ability to use 
                    magic. They make their abode in the 

15 Orc              Porcine demihumans that are able to use 
                    magic spells and any weapom they can find.

16 Orc Leader       Commanders of the orcs. Like their goblin 
                    kin, they attacks in packs with weapons and 

17 Lizardman        A species of demihumans known for their 
                    agility and strength.

18 Blood Lizard     A subspecies of lizardman woth superior 
                    protection against fire and heat.

19 Lich             Evil mages who have gained powerful magic 
                    and eternal life through demonic pacts.

20 Lich Lord       

21 Death 

22 Gargoyle         Sculptures of mythical creatures that come 
                    to life.

23 Imp              Messengers of the Underworld that swoop down 
                    to attack with weapons and magic.

24 Gremlin         

25 Mimic            Large insects that mimic chests of tresure 
                    to lure unawary treasure hunters

26 Shadow           Shadows bereft of bodies, commanded by the 

27 Silver Wolf      Wolves, twisted into ferocious man-hunters 
                    by the Dark influence.

28 Hellhound        These hounds once gaurded the gates of the

29 Bat              Large, agile bats that swoop down to strike 
                    from the air.

30 Stirge           Giant vampire bats rumored to drain a 
                    victim's life in a single blow.

31 Slime            These normally slothful and large amoeba-
                    like creatures can leap to assault their 

32 Poison Slime     Slime with the ability to spew poisonous 

33 Dark Eye         Often called 'the Devil's Eye,' these 
                    monster are well versed in magic.

34 Basilisk         Powerful jaws give these small, agile 
                    reptiles a savage attack.

35 Ichthious        Fish-like forest spirits with armored 
                    heads. Their magic gives them an extra 
                    edge in battle.

36 Harpy            Birds of thje Underworld feared for their 
                    unmerciful spell of death.

37 Quicksilver      Dolls possessed by the souls of children 
                    who lost their lives to war or illness.

38 Shrieker        

39 Minotaur         Half-beast, half-human monster well known 
                    for its expert use of a viciously heavy mace.

40 Minotaur Lord   

41 Minotaur Zombie 

42 Dullahan         Knightly armor possessed by the Dark and 
                    capable of magical and physical attacks.

43 Dark Crusader    An armor relic of holy wars. Its only 
                    weakness is the gap below its chect plate.

44 Nightstalker    

45 Last Crusader 

46 Golem            Creatures molded from granite, they deliver      
                    tremendous physical attacks.

47 Iron Golem       Golems crafted from iron. Their strong bodies 
                    are impervious to physical attacks.

48 Damascus Golem 

49 Ogre             Demons that fought humans in mythic times. 
                    Extremely agile and strong.

50 Ogre Lord   

51 Ogre Zombie    

52 Giant Crab       Giants crabs whose acidic breath can melt 
                    even the strongest armor.

53 Iron Crab      
54 Damascus Crab  

55 Air Elemental    Lesser air spirits. Use earth affinity spells
                    against them. 

56 Djinn 

57 Fire Elemental   Lesser fire spirits. Vivious opponents with 
                    fiery magic at their disposal.

58 Ifrit   
59 Earth Elemental  Low-level earth spirits. Originally benevolent    
                    spirits, magic has twisted them to evil. 

60 Dao 

61 Water Elemental  

62 Marid 

63 Dark Elemental   Lesser spirits of darkness. More powerful than 
                    any other elemental spirits in Lea Monde.

64 Nightmare 

65 Wyvern           Lesser wyrms with deadly breath attacks.

66 Wyvern Knight    A ferocious sub-species of dragon. They rarely
                    appear above ground.

67 Wyvern Queen    

68 Dragon           These legendary creatures possess curel and 
                    cunning intellect.

69 Sky Dragon       Large dragons inhabiting clouds, they are also
                    known as Thunder Dragons.

70 Flame Dragon     

71 Earth Dragon     Also known as Land Dragons, their tough hides 
                    are nigh impossible to pierce.

72 Snow Dragon      

73 Arch Dragon 

74 Dark Dragon 

75 Dragon Zombie 

76 Kali 

77 Ravana 

78 Asura

Funny thing about some monster:

1) The way undeads holds a shield and the weapons.
2) The way undeads attack with weapons.
3) A undead actually holds a crossbow one-handedly.
4) The way they stand sucks.

||D||U||M||M||Y|| ||G||U||I||D||E||
Dummy Location:
CLASS   CREATURE         AREA                    PLACE               
-----   --------         ----                    -----              
HUMAN   Crimson Blade    Blackmarket             Wine Cellar           
        Crimson Blade    Worker's Restroom       Wine Cellar 
BEAST   Ogre             The Dark Tunnel         Abandoned Mines B1 
UNDEAD  Skeleton Knight  Hall of Sworn Revenge   Catacombs 
PHANTOM Ghost            From Boy To Hero        City Walls North 
DRAGON  Lizardman        The Boy's Training Room City Walls South 
EVIL    Gremlin          Gharmes Walk            Town Centre East

Human   - 1090
Beast   - Still a Mystery
Undead  - Still a Mystery
Phantom - Still a Mystery
Dragon  - Still a Mystery
Evil    - Still a Mystery

Effective Training
1) Try not to chain too much or else you will destroy the dummy easily.
2) Be Patience, Try to stay awake to power up your weapon, It will pay    
3) Drink a cup of beverage before attempting to power up your weapon.
4) Remove all gems attached to the weapon before training so that the      
   dummy can withstand more hits.
5) Do not cast any Enchanter or Sorcery if not you will destroy the   
   dummy really soon.
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