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VAGRANT STORY                      VAGRANT STORY
Magics List: North American Version
by pnguyen
email at
written on 6/25/2000

Version 1.0 (6/25/2000)
-list all the magics in all spell category that 
 I have found (from Shanman Spell -Antidote- to 
 Warlock -Meteor-)

Version 1.1 (6/26/2000)
-list the next set of spell (from Warlock -
 Meteor- to Sorcerer -Magic Ward-)
-finish the Special Thanks section
-start on the Spells Location section and finish

Version 1.2 (6/27/2000)
-add one more spell in Spell Location
-correct a few mistake on the faqs

Version 1.3 (6/28/2000)
-correct some minor error

Version 1.4 (6/29/2000)
-correct Warlock -Fireball- location
-add the spell Warlock -Solid Shock- and it 

Version 1.5 (7/3/2000)
-add the the Teleporation magics and it 

Version 1.6 (7/5/2000)
-add the following spell location-leadbones,
 spark fusion, exorcism, and poison mist

Version 1.7 (7/12/2000)
-I've just finish the game yesterday. If anyone 
 needed some help on how to defeat Romeo both 
 form, just email me.
 correct flame sphere spell location. add 
 silence, dispel, drain heart spells location.
 add the mysterious Grimoire of solid shock 

NOTE: This faqs contain only magic spell. It has magics with it description in 
the game only. It contain no walk-through or secret or anything els beside 
You are free to use and print this faqs. If you want to do anything more than 
that(like putting it in your website), please email me at pnguyen@mailcity. 

ALSO: This is my first faqs so please be patient. If you want to help me or to 
correct me, please fill free to email me.

-How to attain and learn spells
-> Shaman Spells
-> Enchanter Spells
-> Warlock Spells
-> Sorcerer Spells
-> Teleportation
-Spells Location 
-Special thanks

How to attain and learn spells
^^^In this game, you get spells from item called Grimore. You can find them in 
treasure chest and by defeating bosses. Once you have the item, use it and you 
learn it automatically. 
There are certain amount of MP to cast it.

Shaman Spells 
~Shaman's spells focus on healing and cure 

Spell Name     Description         Grimoire   MP
Andote         Cures poison        Antidote    3
Restoration    Cures paralysis     Mollesse    3
Heal           Restores some HP    Guerir      5
Clearance      Cures status        Purifier   15
Blessing       Cures curse         Benir      17
Surging Blam   Regenerates HP      Vie        20

Enchanter Spells
~Enchanter's spells focus on increasing your
 affinity against specific classes.

Spell Name     Description        Grimoire   MP 
Terra Guard    Armor increase      Rempart     9
               in Earth Affinity
Aero Guard     Armor increase      Parebrise   9
               in Air Affinity
Pyro Guard     Armor increase      Ignifuge    9
               in Fire Affinity 
Aqua Guard     Armor increase      Barrer      9
               in Water Affinity
Frost Fusion   Weapon increase     Undine     10
               in Water Affinity
Light Fusion   Weapon increase     Sylphe     10
               in Air Affinity 
Soil Fusion    Weapon increase     Gnome      10
               in Earth Affinity
Spark Fusion   Weapon increase     Salamandre 10
               in Fire Affinity

Warlock Spells
~Warlock's spells focus on damaging enemy.

Spell Name     Description         Grimoire   MP
Drain Mind     Steal MP            Deamance    2
Drain Heart    Steal HP            Egout      12
Exorcism       Exorcise the        Exsorcer   22
Banish         Instant Death       Banish     25
Fireball       Hit enemy with      Incendie   25
Aqua Blast     Blast enemy         Glace      25
               with water
Solid Shock    Strike enemy with   Zephyr     25
Spirit Surge   Attack enemy        Lux        28
               with light
Dark Chant     Enemy feel pain     Patir      28
Explosion      Hight damage        Demolir    36
               of force
Flame Spere    Ring of flame       Flamme     36
ThunderBurst   Lightning strike    Foudre     36
Avalanche      Upgrade an aqua     Avalanche  36
Gaea Strike    Gravity-based       Gaea       36
               attack on enemy
Meteor         Meteor shower       Meteore    38
               hits target
Radial Surge   Light-based attack  Radius     38

Sorcerer Spells
~Sorcerer's spell focus on raising your 
 attribute and lower enemy attribute.

Spell Name     Description         Grimoire   MP
Unlock         Opens magical       Clef        3
               lock chests
Fixate         Freeze cloudstones  Halte       3
               in their places
Analysis       See enemey's stats  Analyse     5
Eureka         Traps are visible   Visible     6
Stun Cloud     Paralyses enemy     Paralysie   7
Degerate       Enemy's strenght    Debile      7
               down for a limit
Psychodrain    Enemy's intel       Naugeux     7
               down for a limit   
Lead Bones     Enemy's agility     Tardif      7
               down for a limit
Silence        Enemy's can't cast  Muet        7
               magic for a limit  
Tarnish        Enemy's equipment   Deteriorer  7
               weaken for a limit
Dispel         Cancels magic       Dissiper   10
               on target
Poison Mist    Cause poison        Venin      11
Invigorate     Increase target     Agilite    12
Enlighten      Increase target     Eclairer   12
Herakles       Increase target     Intensite  12
Prostasia      Target's equipment  Ameliorer  15
               are strengthens
Curse          Casts curse         Fleau      17
Magic Ward     Protect against     Annuler    21
               next magic that 
               is cast.

~Teleportation is a spell that allow you to 
 teleport to any save point that you have been
 through. The cost of MP is different. The 
 farther the save point, the higher the MP is 
 cost. You can only teleport on the save point 

Spells Location
~Here are the list of magics and their location 
 that I can remember. NOTE that not all of the 
 spells and their location are giving. Also,
 the way I list them are the order that I found
 them. I believe that you can get the same magic
 from different location and different enemy.
 The spell that I've list 1) or 2), that mean 
 that there are one way or the other way to get

Spells Name      Location
Healing          you must defeat Minotaur

Degenerate       you must defeat Minotaur

Spirit Surge     you must defeat Dullahan

Solid Shock      must defeat the Ghost 

Antidote         you must defeat Lizardmen

Fixate           in a treasure chest around the
                 begining of the Sanctum

Protasia         you must defeat Golem

Analysis         you must defeat Dragon

Explosion        you must defeat Brother Duane

Unlock           you must defeat Brother Duane

Eureka           find in a treasure chest at 
                 the begining of the Abandones
                 Mines 1

Pyro Guard       you must defeat Wyvern

Frost Fusion     in a treasure chest when you 
                 have defeat the Wyvern

Flame Sphere     1)you must defeat Fire
                 2)defeat Ifrit of the Great

Terra Guard      you must defeat Orge

Fireball         must killed the Phantom in the
                 room before the boss fight
                 with Giant Crab

Light Fusion     must killed the Giant Crab

Aero Guard       after defeating Earth Dragon

Invigorate       found in the treasure chest
                 in the Snowfly Forest.

Magic Ward       you've to killed the Father

Soil Fusion      you've to killed the Father

Tarnish          after defeating Dark Crusader

Thunderburst     1)get after you've kill Phantom
                 2)defeat Djinn

Surging Balm     in the Abandoned Mines B2, at
                 the start of the maze, go 
                 then east (treasure chest)

Gaea Strike      1)must defeat Earth Elemental
                 2)after killing Dao

Drain Mind       must killed Sky Dragon

Herakles         get from Harpy

Teleportation    get after you defeat the first
                 Lich in the Undercity East

Psychodrain      get from a chest in Undercity
                 East under the area "Weapon
                 not Allow"

Enlighten        must killed Nightstalker

Leadbones        in a treasure chest in the room
                 "Sale of the Sword" in Under-
                 city East

Spark Fusion     in a treasure chest in Abandone
                 Mine B2 in room "Delusion of 

Exorcism         defeat the phantom Wraith in 
                 the Iron Maiden B1 in room "The

Poison Mist      defeat the phantom Wraith in
                 the Iron Maiden B1 in room 

Silence          treasure chest in "The House
                 Khazabas" of Town Center South

Dispel           treasure chest in "The Children
                 Hideout" of Undercity West

Drain Heart      found in a treasure chest of 
                 "Stone and Sulfurous Fire" in 
                 Limstone Quarry

Meteor           1)fight Dark Elemental
                 2)killed Nightmare

Stun Cloud       when you get to the first save
                 in Adventures in the Undercity,
                 go to the back room (treasure)

Avalanche        1)defeat the Water Elemental
                 2)defeat the Marid

Blessing         in a treasure chest that appear
                 after defeating Air Elemental

Aqua Guard       fight against the Snowy Dragon

Clearance        you must defeat Minotaur


Special Thanks
~Thanks to the following people: for posting this on his site
-my sister for lending her computer to me
-Squaresoft for creating this great game

If you have any question, comment, suggestion, or anything else about this faqs, 
please email me at

Squaresoft 2000.  This is the North American version.