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Medal of Honour Underground Version 1.6
Mission 8 Walkthrough

My nick: DeEpBluE
My Board nick: DEpBluE (someone already take the nick:)
Email me at: DeepBlue@trust-me.com 
Medal of Honor Underground is a FPP (First Person Perspective) game. It is 
created by Electronic Arts and is the Prequel to the very popular Medal
of Honor where you play as Patterson. Like many other games, the first few 
missions trains your coordination, aiming skills and character controls.
The story is completed on finishing Mission 7, but the game 
continues in a wacky sense on Mission 8, where you fight dancing dogs, dogs
driving half-tracks, welding Panzers or machine guns. Mission 7 was tough,
especially level 3 and level 4. But Mission 8 is totally Insane. To those
who can complete the mission without dying once, I have only a sentence to say - 
Hehe, no offence.
One point to note is that there is NO MOVIE SEQUENCES for completing this 
mission. It is a bonus mission.
This is the walkthrough, for others, like me, who have spent countless hours 
trying to butcher those dogs. 

 Version Changes
Updated the Motor-Sidecar info. Thanks to those who emailed me the name.
Updated the Contributions section also. Updated Frequently asked questions.
Added more codes.
Added scenario 3 (Mission 7 Level 3 walkthrough)
If I keep adding walkthroughs like this, I might complete the whole MOHU 
walkthrough. GameFaqs will have to put my FAQ under a different section.

Well the date is interesting :) Happy new year to you guys out there.
Added General Tatics. Added Contents section.

Made a few minor corrections to spelling mistakes, made minor adjustments to 
format changes. Created Version Changes Section. Added Codes section.

Well, my first attempt on creating a walkthrough, so please forgive me if I left 
things out, made spelling errors or any stupid jokes :)
I have finished the original MOH and now this. IMO MOH was much easier then MOHU. 
The toughness I guess, comes from the "bonus" level from completing all the 
first 7 levels. I have read X-Dragon's FAQ and found it to be quite good. 
However, its a pity he has not finished the game and hence the remaining of his 
FAQs. Since I found this level difficult to finish, I decided to write a detailed
FAQ on how to complete this level. Just be prepared to keep restarting the level
though. Its hard - but not impossible. The levels are long, and the enemies
extreme. :) Enough already ! On with the game...

 Contents : To get to a section, Hit <CTRL><F> and key in the section name.
Version Changes
Mission 8 Level 1 Where Beagles dare.
		- General Tatic
		- Walkthrough 
Mission 8 Level 2 Rotten to the Corps
		- General Tatic
		- Walkthrough
Mission 8 Level 3 I, Panzerknacker
		- General Tatic
		- Walkthrough
In-Game Strategies (for all missions)
		- Dogs
		- Dogs (MG equipped)
		- Dogs (Panzer equipped)
		- Riflemen
		- Machinegunners
		- Panzer-men
		- Motorcycle-sidecar
		- half tracks
		- tanks
		- scenario 1
		- scenario 2
		- scenario 3 (Mission7 Level 3 Walkthru)
Frequently Asked Question

Level 1 Where Beagles dare.
Mission Objectives: Get journel. Find Paznerknacker arms. Find Panzerkancker legs.

General Tatic
This mission is insane. IMHO, this is the hardest level in the whole game.
Be prepared to repeat this at least 5 times. The dogs here require 8 pistol
shots to kill them. Head shots dont seem to work for me. If you noticed, 
your pistol can only hold 7 rounds of ammo before you need to reload - but you 
need 8 shots to kill so all I could recommand is when u see a dog running 
towards you, fire a pistol shot then reload immediately and feed the puppy some
the remaining 7 rounds of lead. 
This works if theres only a dog running towards you - if there are 2 or more - 
use a shotgun. Fire a shot (at close range, further its useless), it should take
out a dog. If it doesnt, reverse when it pouces at you - you should not take any
damage. Fire again - taking out another dog. You should be taking out a dog with
each shot ! Shotgun shells are as I mentioned, very valuable in the level.
The dogs dont deal much damage with each bite. But usually you'll be surrounded
by about 2 or 3 dogs. RETREAT and fire a shotgun. You will also encounter 
panzer-dogs and machinegunner dogs. These are priority targets !!

You start out outside the castle wars, immediately a dog runs out. Equip your
pistol and fire at the dog running towards you. 3 shots aimed at the head will 
do the trick. Go forward until you see the gate. There you will see two dogs 
dancing on the bridge. Switch to a grenade and straft left, throwing it 
once you reach the opening. At the same time, the dogs should run towards you,
frying the dogs at the same time.

Walk past the bridge near the castle entrance. You could go down the opening 
(to under the bridge) to get some ammo and a medicine canteen. Go near the opening
near the wall, strafting right slowly until you see the 3 dancing dogs. Toss a 
grenade and make toast of them. 

Now walk down the hall way - keeping to the left wall. You should see an opening 
right ahead. Toss a grenade and kill the dog hiding there. You should change 
to a shotgun just in case it runs out. Walk futher down and do the same thing
for the next opening. 

You will see a clearing next. Look up and you will see a panzerdog walking. Take 
you pistol and squeeze off a few rounds at him. Sometimes he will fire at you,
but blowing itself up instead. Now for the half-track. If you look carefully,
there is a dog manning a machine gun on the half track. Switch to a pistol and 
snipe it from a safe distance. Once it's dead, wait until the vehicle's back is 
facing you, run to the back and toss a couple of grenades until you destroy it.

Forward past the fountain, you should see a couple of dogs dancing. Straft until
you are in front of the dogs and toss a grenade. Grab the stuff there. Proceed to 
the window where you will see 2 dogs running like mad - switch to a pistol or toss
in another grenades frying the 2 dogs. Jump in and switch to a shotgun for the 
rest of the mission.

A Panzer dog and a normal dog will run in front of you. Its imperative that you 
kill the panzer dog first. The panzer-dog will kneel and aim before firing. Once 
you see that - you better shot him dead or else kiss your ass goodbye :P.
Grab the journel in the room. Objective 1 completed.

Proceed on and you will notice a small room by a side. Once you enter the doorway,
the dog in the room and another from the hall behind you will start to chase you.
Retreat back to the first room, pumping them full with lead as you retreat. 
Proceed to grab the grenades and ammo in the room. Now go to the hall. You
will see another room on the left. This part is slightly tricky. Equip a grenade
and hold X. Go creep forward until you hear barking sounds and throw to the 
direction of the doorway, quickly switching to the shotgun. About 4 dogs will run 
from the room and the hall right in front of you - pray that the grenade explode
right on target, killing at least 2. Kill the rest with the shot gun. There should still 
be one last dog in the room. Enter and grab the panzerknacker leg. Exit and 
continue the hallway. 

Before you carry on, you will notice a junction, to the left is an empty room,
with ammo, a machinegunner dog and another normal dog. To the right is another
dog. This is what you should do - walk forward into the junction, reverse back
when you hear barking sounds. The 3 dogs will carry out their attack and move 
right into your targeting cursor. Take out the machinegunner dog first. 
Carry on to the room on your right. You will see 2 dancing dogs. Throw a grenade 
into the room to kill the 2 dogs. With your back facing the door, reverse into
the room. Aim the right of the door way and a Panzer dog will soon go into target.
Shoot him and the other 2 or 3 dogs that will run in. Grab the shotgun shells 

Continue into the main hall, and you should see a room on the left. Like 
previously, Toss a grenade into the door way and hope for the best. Equip a shotgun
and shoot the dog in the room. Get the Panzerknacker arm (sorry can't remember if 
its here or another room similar to this ahead). Turn and face the doorway and 
shoot the dog that comes running in.

Proceed on and you will see 2 more dogs. You will then see another junction. 
Walk forward, attract attention, reverse, fry dogs, then go right to a room. Grab
the shotgun ammo, and go to the left branch. Shoot the 2 dogs. Beware, as you 
go on, there are 2 dogs on the left side of the room. One is a Panzer and the 
other is a MG (machinegunner). Shoot them both with a shotgun. Get the 
Panzerknacker leg. 2nd Objective completed. Get the grenades, shoot the window,
and toss a grenade out, sending the 2 dogs outside to Oblivation. With your left 
facing the wall, head straight and you will find a door. There is a Panzer here,
shoot him quickly.

Go past the window. There is a Panzer and a MG plus another dog at the end. The
Panzer will run around. Take him out first then the MG or you will regret it.
You are almost done... Now shoot the windows, and toss another grenade to kill
the dogs in the room. Jump in, and you will see Panzers running in. Shoot them 
quickly. Get the last Panzerknacker arm. Proceed cautiously into the stairway. 
Shooting panzers if you encounter any. Go up the stairs into the door.
 Level complete ! Take a breather for a few seconds and REMEMBER TO SAVE !!!

Level 2 Rotten to the Corps
Mission Objectives: Find Panzerknacker Torso. Find Panzerknacker Head.

General Tatic
Well, at least thats the end of those pesky dogs. But truth is, it got worst.
Still, this level is easier then the previous. I only restarted about 7 times 
(hehe). Now, you will probobly find shotguns and pistols unless. The weapon of 
the game - BAR. Thats right, the accurate rapid fire machine gun of MOH. The
enemies you encounter here are MGs (these explode after dying like grenades!).
The MGs (which are robots like the dogs) process incredible marksmanship. If you
see them, SHOOT LIKE CRAZY. They take your life away very rapidly! Also they 
explode when they die. So make sure you do not go near them after killing them.
Another to note is the armoured knight. Remember those you fought earlier on ?
Quite harmless in my opinion. Aim at their helms and squeeze off the BAR. If you
encounter both at once (quite frequently) shoot the MGs (machinegunners) first.

Go up the stairs. Grab the grenades - you'll need the 2 medikits really soon :P
equip the grenade and toss one into the hall ahead. Use a shotgun and shoot the 
MGs that come running in. Take them out with your shotgun and grab their weapon.
Change to BAR (YESSsss). Oh yeah, take out that knight. By now you should have
noticed that I did not exgerrate on the deadly MGs. Grab your 2 Medikits if you
are not dead already, and grab the remaining ammo on the ground. 

As you continue to the stairs, a MG and a knight will run down from a distance.
Shoot the MG first. Continue up the stairs. There is a MG hidden on the right at 
the end of the stairs. Straft and shoot him. Another will appear at the doorway.
Straft Left out of the door way and you will see a MG and another knight in front
of you. Take them out. Round the corner, there is another MG.
A motor-vehicle will then appear. Try to get them with a grenade or from the room 
with BAR. Try not to get heavy damage but I guess its kinda hard.

Proceed on and you will find another room. A MG will run out, followed by a knight.
If you use a shotgun here, you can take out the MG with a shot, then engage the
knight. The knight will use the shield to block, but the explosion of the MG
will kill him anyway :). Enter the room. Grab the box of ammo, look out of the 
window and you will see a MG and a knight running about. Take them out with a 
shotgun. Head into the next room and engage the MGs and a knight. If you do it 
right, you could straft right into their face and fire a shotgun. Killing both 
MGs at once.

Exit the room and carry on. A motor will appear - switch to a grenade and throw 
it a them. A MG and a knight will follow behind them. Take them out with 
prejudice hehe. Enter a room to the left and get the Panzerknacker Torso.
Objective 1 completed.

Before you turn round the corner, switch to a grenade. As soon as the 2 knights
come into view, release the X button and blow them away. Proceed forward and 2 MGs
and a knight comes into view. Target the MG quickly and fire off your BAR. Target 
the other and kill him too. Finish off the knight last.

Ok. There are 2 knights in the left room. As usual, Straft right to the door, 
release X button and throw a grenade in. Get the box of grenades in the room.
There is another room slightly up ahead to the right. There are 2 MGs in this one.
Hold your Bar and send them for the metal works. Theres nothing here except for
the ammo the MGs were carring.

Go forward and there is a room to your left. Hold X (grenade) and straft Left.
Send the 2 MGs and the knight to their makers. Make sure you THROW it AT them, not
on the floor, or else they will kick the grenade away. If you prefer it safe, back 
out into the hallway and use your BAR. Now, enter the room, taking the left turn.
You will encounter 2 more MGs. Finish them off and get the Panzerknacker Head. 
Objective 2 Complete. Turn back quickly and kill the 2 MGs that come running in.
Exit the room to the main corridor.

Forward is another room. Kill off the MGs and as you proceed up the stairs, you
will see 2 more MGs running. Shoot them before they shoot you. On the left, is 
a room. Toss a grenade in to kill the 2 knights and grab the box of grenades there.

Carry on and you will notice the 2 MGs and a knight. Finish them and proceed down.
Shoot the knight at the far end and continue. From here on, its gonna get really 
messy. Go a step a time, and the sudden appearance of MG or knights would not 
bother you that much. Enter the first room on the left. This is rather tricky, 
once you enter, there will be a knight on your right, a MG and a knight on your
left. Kill the MG first then the knight closest to you. 

Proceed on and you will finally reach a corridor again. Kill off all those pesky 
MGs and you will find 3 Knights at then end. Take them out with shotgun or a 
pistol if you like, but you should be on a healthy side for ammo. Especially BAR.

Ignore the first room on the corridor. Be ready for MGs you will face. Keep 
retreating the corridor if the knights or MGs swarm you. And keep those bullets 
going. Go down the stairs and PHEW... wasn't so hard was it ? End of level.

Level 3: I, Panzerknacker
Mission Objectives: Build Panzerknacker. Escape castle.

General Tatic
Only one kind of enemy here. Panzerknacker. These are just like the MGs earlier on.
Except they are slightly bigger (which makes easier targets). Oh yeah... did
I mention the tank at the end...?
Relatively straight forward stage - I deem this the easiest of the 3 levels. Still
be ready for the enemies.

No enemy encounter until you build the Panzerknacker, so have a relaxing stroll
down the corridors to the room. Press SQUARE button as you approach the table.
Take care not to wonder off too far, or else you will attract the attention of
the Panzerknacker (MGs ok ? Troublesome to spell that everytime). Your 
Pazerknacker will do a little dance and activate. Make sure you protect him - but
he wont last long anyway. Still its nice to have some bullet fodder. He can last 
quite some damage. As soon as he is finished, he will engage a MG. Support him 
BAR fire. 

Carry on supporting him. You will see a room with plenty of meat hanging. Prone
down and crawl into the room to get the items in it. Follow your Panzerknacker
into the next room later. One good point is that, because of their size, you can 
easily target them when they are hiding behind the doorway. Just support your 
Panzer to enter the next room easily. 

Enter the corridor with bluish hew. There are 3 MGs in the corridor. It would be
sucidal if your Panzer walk in, or you in any case. So just go near the door and 
toss a grenade. Switch to BAR quickly. As soon as your Panzer walks in, support 
him with heavy fire. Its recommanded you keep him alive here. Cause the next part
will be more or less of insane proportions.

Now you are in a room. You look through the door way and can see a seemly empty 
room. There is a doorway to the front and another to the right of the room.
This part is EXTREMELY dangerous. I died many times here in fact :P Enter the 
room quickly to attract attention of enemy. Then reverse back to the original 
room. Get your BAR working. Keep repeating until you have cleared the room, 
or at least you think so. Be wary of the doorway on the right. Likely an MG there.
I sacrificed my Panzerknacker here - let it die a worthy cause :P

Theres only a box of ammo in the room on the right, so I suggest skipping it.
Instead press forward and take good care of the pesky MGs running about. Put
an end to their misery I say :). There is quite a number here, so I suggest using 
the retreating and engage tatic. 

You will reach a hall with quite a number of meat slabes hanging about. Just 
around the corner are a few MGs (as always). Do them quickly and advance.
You will see a crawl space and a way leading forward. IMO its better to skip to
the crawl space immediately, as there is quite a number of enemies otherwise.

Crouch and crawl, then stand up immediately. Carry on down the corridor.
There is a MG hiding behind the doorway. Shoot him immediately. See the steps
leading up to a room ? There is another MG there. Shoot him. That part is 
optional. There is a Panzer equiped Panzerknacker there so I dont really recommand
that place. However there is a medikit there too.

Proceed on and you will see an MG. Kill him and advance. Be wary at the corridor.
On both sides of the doorway are 2 MGs. Kill them FAST! Now hide behind the 
fountain. I hope you have plenty of shotgun, BAR ammo left, as well as a couple
of grenades. That tank gonna take some time and ammo to take out.

Start by using your shotgun. Keep strafting left and right behind the fountain.
Its very safe there - I substain zero hits from the tanks in fact. Keep firing 
your shotgun. Its gonna hit the tank hard. Switch to BAR when shotgun ammo is 
gone. And when you have taken out the turret, its safe to come out of your hiding 
place. When you see the tank stopping - TAKE NOTE its adjusting its turret at you.
Straft to the very back of the fountain and cease fire. Repeat until tank is 
destroyed. If you have enough grenades, Life (and guts) left, go ahead and scrape 
it with grenades. 

Remember this place ? It was where you started out. Run down the corridor and 
through the gate. There is no more enemies. You have escaped. Objective 2 
completed. Run to the very end and level ends. Pat yourself on the back for 
completing the toughest mission on MOHU. Pat yourself a second time if your
Panzerknacker is still alive! (well mine wasnt :P)

I got these codes from the Message Boards in Gamefaqs.com. Thanks to Crispy311
who posted this on the boards. Couldn't get to you to ask permission though.
Sorry about that and hope you dont mind. 
From the Main menu, Enter the Options selection, and select the Passwords Section.
Select the corresponding letters on the machine and select SEND when done.
If you did it right, the SEND button will be green in colour when you select it.
Otherwise it will be red in colour and a Beep will be heard.
You should hear a click sound and will automatically exit the section. Check the 
boxes in the Codes Section to activate/deactivate the codes.

PUISSANCE  - Invincibility
BALLESVITE - 4x Firing rate
RICOCHET   - Bullets bounce from walls
LATIREUSE  - One shot kills enemy or you
AUTODINGUO - Game ends in 1 minute. Extend countdown by killing enemies. Each 
             enemy killed adds 10 seconds to countdown.
ENTREZVOUS - Enter this then... 
PORTECLEFS - Re-enter Passwords and enter this code. It enables all multiplayer
		 characters, secrets and missions. It enable codes like unlimited
		 ammo, Civil War mode (I like this one, try it out.) and all of the 

These codes only work after you have completed the level and is replaying that
level. So too bad for those of you out there who wish to complete an "impossible"
level the cheating way.

 In-Game Strategies 
I'm going to list the more commonly encountered enemies, strategies on defeating
them with minimum loss of life and ammo.

Dogs (normal)
You only encounter these in mission 8. These dancing dogs are a pain in the butt.
Refer to my walkthrough on how to defeat them.

Dogs (MG equipped)
You only encounter these in mission 8. Refer to Machinegunners sub-section.

Dogs (Panzer equipped)
You only encounter these in mission 8. Refer to Panzer-men sub-section

Basically these troops are quite harmless. If you encounter them, simply take out
a pistol and do a headshot. Or if you prefer, you could also pump them full of
machine gun fire. If you hear the sound of an item being dropped - a "tok" 
sound, RUN. Grenades aint exectly very healthy. Also equipped with grenades.

These troops are a pain. But one point to note is that, they are often very
inaccurate. If you encounter them, Crouch immediately and pump them full of MG
bullets. In Mission 8 however, their machinegun fire becomes very accurate due to
their BAR weaponary. Also equipped with grenades.

OK. These deal instant death, have high blast radius and long range. They have a
slow reload but who cares - one kills. These when encountered, will kneel down,
bring the tube over their shoulders and take aim, then fire. Kill them ASAP. 
Once you see them fire, its usually too late to do anything but you could try
side strafting, jumping and proning.

Try to take cover for this one. Their MG fire can deal constant heavy damage to 
you. A grenade will take care of this one, or you could try to snipe the drivers
from a safe distance. If you prefer to confront them directly, use a machinegun
and keep firing at them. Note though, you die instantly if they knock you down
or if you are caught in the explosion. A panzer will easily take out this one.

Half tracks have a vunurable back point. If you could run behind them, then you
can deal damage to them with relative ease. Take out the gunner on the vehicle
first though. Throwing a grenade on the halftrack will do the trick.
Try not to use weapons other then grenades, oil bottles and panzers. Normal gun
fire deals almost neglictable damage to armoured vehicles.

Just thank the game producers that they are not plentyful in the game. Tanks 
consist of one main turret and a machine gun attached. The main turret fire
will take out 50% of your life, but is very easy to avoid. Your main concern 
would be their MG though. If you see the tank stopping and turret moving in your
direction... get the @!#$!#$ out of there.
Their blind spot is their back. Get behind one of these and you would have no 
problem. 4 - 5 panzer shells should blow them up good. If not, use grenades. 
What is worst is usually, these are accompied by ground troops. You will usually
encounter at least a MG and a Panzer troop with these. Kill the troops from a 
distance first so that you could concentrate on the tank later.

Scenario 1
  |        x  			o = you
  |                 		x = enemy troops
  |      __x_____________	
  |     |
  |     |
  |     |
  |  o  |   ->  You are facing into the wall in the direction of the arrow.
  |     |

This is quite a common situation. You go around the corner and there are 2 enemy
troops in wait to pump you full of bullets. Face the wall as shown in the diagram.
Equip grenades or oil bottles. Hold X, then straft left (as in the diagram).
Once you see the enemies, release X. You should throw the grenade right into 
their faces and NOT on the floor. If you practice, it'll be relatively easy to
perform this move. I cant emphiese enough on the importance of strafting.
Alternatively, you could also just straft left and spray machine gun fire on them.
A common mistake is people tend to target the head area when spraying machinegun
fire. This will miss ALOT as MG is inaccurate. Instead, aim the NECK area. Only
target the head when you are equipped with a pistol or a sniper rifle.
Another tatic if there were more troops would be to just directly run forward 
to attract the enemy attention. Then immediately reverse to original position, 
crouch and wait for the enemy to run around the corner. This is especially 
effective when there are concentrate numbers of troops ahead the bend.

Scenario 2
  |     |      __________
  |     |     |          |
  |     |_____|x         |   o = you
  |                      |   x = enemy troops
  |      __1__           |   1 = enemy troop
  |     |     |x         |
  |     |     |          |
  |     |     |__________|
  |  o  |
  |     |
  |     |
This is another common scenario. A room beside a corridor. The room is usually
optional but may sometimes contain objectives. They ALWAYS have enemies though.
x refers to the likely position of the enemy troops. Like in situation 1, 
you could straft left, hold and release grenade. BTW whenever I encounter a
seemly empty room (I cant see all of the room), I would toss a grenade in. 
This is useful by that 1) You directly take out troops in the blast radius 
2) You attract enemy attention - they run and pick up grenade then get shot in 
the leg by your machine gun (try that seriously hehehe) 3) The result explosion
attracts enemy to investigate - then get blown up by another grenade thrown :)
If you know that there is an enemy standing in the doorway (1) Try tossing a 
grenade in front of the door. Its almost certain that the enemy will try to 
kick it away.

Scenario 3 (Walkthru Mission7 Level 3)

   __   _____           T=tank,half-track or Motor
  |     o    |          o=you
  |          |
  |          |
  |          |

In this case, you are in a room and moving to a clearing. There is a tank moving 
around outside the room. The first thing to do is kill off all the enemy troops.
How ? 1) Throw a grenade outside and hope that enemies come to kick it away. 2)
Run out to attract attention, then draw back into the room and wait for them 
to come running in. Its that simple. Just make sure you kill off all the ground
troops before taking on the tank(s). In mission 7, after you engage the traitor,
3 tanks will come. This part can be extremely easy or difficult depending on your
tatic. This is what I did - At the start of the mission, I equip an oil bomb, hold
X, face the wall, then straft right to the faces of the 2 enemies.

   to section 3
    |       |                   SECTION 1
    |  p  x |                  p=Panzer (danger!)
    |       |                  x=MG
    |       |__________        o=you
    |            o     |
    |        __________|
    |       |
    |       |
    |__   __|
       | |
   to section 2

Release X when you see them. Maybe run a little forward so as to catch both at 
once. You might take a little damage, but there are PLENTY of medikit up ahead.
Now move to section 2.

           |  |
           |o |                   SECTION 2
           |  |                  (sorry but i think it looks a little like this)
   _______2|  |
  | x     1   |
  |           |
  | x         |

just wait about 5 steps from the corner. They will run and hide at the corner (1)
Just throw a grenade aiming at position (2). You will get one. The other will 
foolishly repeat the same mistake. Just throw another bomb :)

   |                                          |
   |							    |
  _|							    |
 |t							    |
___|							    |
 T |2							    |
 T |							    |
___|							    |
   |							    |
   |							    |
   |							    |
___|_______________     ______________________|
                   |1   |
                   |    |
                   |    |
                   |    |			SECTION 3
                   |    |			o=where you started out
                   |    |			t= traitor
                   |    |                 ok ok, I know its rather inaccurate,
                   |    |			but it looks something like this ok ?
                   |    |
                   |    |
                   |    |__________
                   | 3        o    |
                   |               |

Ok this part is hard. You will have plenty of practices strafting section 1 
cause you will keep dying :P. Ok, so now, go to 1 - Take out your sniper rifle
and aim at the traitor (at 2). Dont even bother to rendezvous with that guy, 
because once you do, he will take out his pistol and start shooting you. 
(Does it remind you of yourself going undercover as the photographer?)
So much for the spoiler. 
Once you shoot that guy, enemy troops will start popping out everywhere. At my
last count, I got about 18 kills in this part already! So... just run back to
3, take out your sniper rifle, crouch, and aim at position 1. hehe.. you wont 
believe how many troops will have their heads there. Just make sure you snipe
those Panzers first. If no more troop comes, then equip your MG. Run forward to 
1 to scout. If no troops are alive, run to position 2 and grab the Panzer. 
Run to the midpoint between 1 and 3, aim your panzer at the tanks that go past.
You wont have enough Panzer Ammo to kill off all the tanks. Use oil flask after 
taking out 1 tank. (there should be 2). After killing both tanks, another will
pop out. Just swipe to a panzer and take care of it.

GameFAQs for posting this FAQ.
Dreamworks EA for creating such a great game.

If you have anything to contribute in addition to my FAQ, would like to point out
mistakes, thank me for my work, or send me death threats (hey no death threats!)
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If you have any querys regarding the other levels as well as this, please feel 
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Crispy311 for his codes on the message board.
Craig Lovette and Romy Barrientos for telling me about the Motor-Sidecar

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