FAQ/Walkthrough by Syonyx

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 O *     *                      Play  with  the             *              * O
 |                    *                           *                          |
 O   *       *              *    TELETUBBIES!           *             *      O
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                          A complete FAQ/Walkthrough
                               by ::~Syonyx~::

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 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                   GAME INFO
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1) Introduction                                Title: Play with the Teletubbies
2) Characters                                        Platform: Sony Playstation
3) Controls                                     Genre: Children's entertainment
4) Walkthrough/Activities                                  Number of players: 1
 4A) Teletubbyland                            ESRB Rating: EC (Early Childhood)
     4A-1) The Hiding Game                      Developer: Asylum Entertainment
     4A-2) What's That?                          Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
     4A-3) The Magic Drum                 Under license from: BBC Worldwide ltd
     4A-4) The Cloud Event          Teletubbies created by: Ragdoll Productions
     4A-5) The Train Event                            Release date: 08-Aug-2000
     4A-6) Favorite Thing
     4A-7) Tuning In                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~
 4B) Tubbytronic Superdome                                          GUIDE INFO
     4B-1) Control Panel                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~
     4B-2) Chase the Noo-noo
     4B-3) Tubby Toast                                      Version number: 1.0
     4B-4) Tubby Custard                           Completion date: 10-Mar-2006
5) In Closing

                               1) INTRODUCTION

Welcome to the ultimate (possibly due to its being the only) guide to 'Play
with the Teletubbies' for the Sony Playstation.  This game is intended for
children ages 2 and up.  Requirements for playing include an attention span of
no greater than fifteen seconds, and the manual dexterity to mash buttons on a
controller (hey, it's an important developmental milestone).  It is based on
the BBC television show 'The Teletubbies', which stars four colourful, child-
like alien entities that live in some kind of pastoral utopia where they
crashed their spaceship (which still doubles as their home) and continue to
make the best of their situation under the watchful eyes of the baby sun god,
occasionally receiving radio transmissions and chasing their pet vacuum cleaner
around in a Benny Hill-like fashion.  If they ever effect the necessary repairs
to their ship, they will fly off to challenge their mortal enemies The Boohbahs
to galactic combat, with the winner gaining total domination of the universe.
Personally, I hope that the Boohbahs win that particular battle, because
they're much trippier and would make better overlords.

This guide will fully explain in far too much detail everything you need to
know to complete all activities in the game.  Why did I bother?  Honestly, I
just wanted to see if I could produce a guide that would get even fewer hits
than my one for Miss Spider's Tea Party (which, I must tell you, is a vastly
more challenging game).  Due to the greater popularity of the Teletubbies
versus Miss Spider, however, this plan may backfire.  Only time will tell.

                                2) CHARACTERS

The Teletubbies, in alphabetical order of colour:

    :: Dipsy ::  The green one with the fully erect antenna.  His favorite
    ~-~-~-~-~-~  thing is his jaunty cow-spotted hat.  Dislikes phonies.

    :: Tinky Winky ::  The purple one (I could have called him 'violet' and
    ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~  placed him after Po in this list, but I'm not that
                       fancy), with the down-pointing triangular antenna.  His
                       favorite object is his red purse.  This particular
                       preference has landed him in trouble with Jerry Falwell,
                       who thought it was a suspiciously feminine quality.  Now
                       why would he think that?  Tallest of all Teletubbies.

    :: Po ::  The red, shortest Teletubby with the circular antenna.  Thought
    ~-~-~-~-  by many to be the most athletic of the bunch.  Likes to ride her
              scooter around, tearing deep ruts in the otherwise flawless
              grass.  Needless to say, this upsets the other Teletubbies to no

    :: Laa-laa ::  The yellow one with the curled pig-tail antenna.  If you ask
    ~-~-~-~-~-~-~  her how it got that way, she'll only go into her room and
                   cry, then emerge hours later pretending nothing happened.
                   Finds endless entertainment in bouncing her favorite ball.
                   Not the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean.

And the other characters:

    :: Baby sun god ::  Fiery, celestial disembodied head and supreme Overlord
    ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-  of Teletubbyland.  Some surmise that its intervention
                        caused the Teletubbies to crash their ship here in the
                        first place, in order to satisfy its need for sadistic
                        entertainment.  Nothing that the Teletubbies do
                        escapes its gaze, it giggles insanely when amused.
    :: Noo-noo ::  Artificially intelligent creation of the more technically
    ~-~-~-~-~-~-~  skilled Teletubbies, they cruelly programmed it to feel
                   pain.  Always hungry, it is only allowed to feed on the
                   scraps that the Teletubbies drop on the floor.  The
                   Teletubbies then chase it around, calling it fat.  Needless
                   to say, this has created no end of self-esteem issues for
                   the Noo-noo.

                                 3) CONTROLS

The controls for this game are surprisingly complex, with many different
context-dependent uses.  Here they are:

At the title screen:  Press Start to begin the game.

Selecting a Teletubby:  Laa-laa: Square button
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Dipsy: Triangle button
                        Tinky Winky: X button
                        Po: O button

Exploring Teletubbyland:  D-pad up: walk further back into screen
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   D-pad left: walk left
                          D-pad right: walk right
                          D-pad down: walk towards Teletubby Superdome (press
                                        any button to cancel once Superdome is
                  Alternate controls: use the Left Stick to move around
                               Start: pause game and give instructions

  When just standing around:  Triangle: giggle
                              Square: tilt head and say 'oooohhh'
                              X: hang head in shame and say 'uh-ohhh'
                              O: wave right hand and say 'eh-oh' (Teletubby
                                   equivalent of 'hello')

  When object is highlighted with stars:  Any button: begin activity

  When game is paused:  Square: select new Teletubby (press X to confirm,
                                  Triangle to cancel)
                        Start: resume game
                        Select: end game (press X to confirm, Triangle to

Exploring Teletubby Superdome:  All same as when exploring Teletubbyland,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   except for D-pad down (since you're already in
                                the Superdome).  To exit the Superdome and
                                return to Teletubbyland, move to the exit door
                                on either the upper right or upper left side to
                                highlight it, then press any button.

During videos and cut-scenes:  Start: skip video/cut-scene (not all can be
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            skipped)

During activities:  Start: pause activity
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      While paused: Start: resume activity
                                     Square: choose new Teletubby and restart
                                               game from outside (press X to
                                               confirm and Triangle to cancel)
                                     Select: end activity (press X to confirm
                                               and Triangle to cancel)

  At end of activity:  Any button: play activity again
                       Do nothing: exit activity after Teletubby says 'Again,
                                     again!' twice

All other controls specific to particular activities will be provided below in
the corresponding section.

                          4) WALKTHROUGH/ACTIVITIES

After the title screen, you must choose a Teletubby.  Choose wisely, based on
each one's strengths and weaknesses and your own playing style.  With that out
of the way, it's on to the game...

                              4A) Teletubbyland

This is the area where the game will always begin.  Walk around the sunlit
grassy knolls.  Most of your travel will be in the left or right direction to
discover new objects of interest as you circle the Teletubby Superdome.  You
can also move up to reach objects that are further away, and move down to come
closer to the screen.  Don't move down too far unintentionally, however, or
you'll start to enter the Superdome.  If this happens, press any button to
cancel your walk and return to the starting point.

As you move around, there are several items to approach.  Some of these provide
the opportunity to begin an activity, while some merely provoke a non-committal
response.  The latter such objects are:

   -Other Teletubbies: The remaining three members of your clan will wander
      around the idyllic outdoors.  Walk close to one and you and they will
      greet each other by name.  You can then continue on your merry way.

   -Bunny rabbits: These poor creatures will hop away from you in fear.  You
      have no hope of actually catching them, since they grossly outsmart you,
      but you can keep chasing them while making sounds that approximate the
      words 'Bunny, bunny' said over and over again until you give up.

   -Flowers:  They always grow in pairs, and come in either blue or red.  Being
      alien flowers, each will produce a brief musical tone, based on which
      colour of flower they are.

While these interactions may keep you entertained for hours on end, they don't
do much to advance the game.  This is where the activity-related objects come
in.  These, when approached, will sound a musical tone and will flash brightly,
accompanied by a shower of red stars/fairy dust/whatever.  Press any button at
this point to engage the object, beginning the appropriate activity.  The red
cascade (and thus the option to begin an activity) will continue until you are
about five steps away.  The objects to be found and their activities are:

   -Evergreen trees: "The Hiding Game"
   -Clump of blue grass: "What's That?"
   -Green leafy plant: "The Magic Drum"
   -Low-flying cloud: "The Cloud Event"
   -Toy train: "The Train Event"
   -Your favorite object: "Favorite Thing" (specific to each Teletubby)
   -Pinwheel windmill: "Tuning In" (videos)

You will always start in front of the windmill, and your favorite object will
always be found very close by.  However, if you walk in one direction and keep
on going, you'll see most of the other objects repeating without ever passing
by the windmill again.  This can give the impression that the windmill and
favorite object disappear and that you end up in a shorter loop containing only
the remaining objects, but this is not the case.  There just happens to be four
of each other object, and only one windmill and favorite object.  So keep going
in the same direction, and you will eventually return to the windmill.

And now for the Teletubbyland activities...


   --Activated by highlighting any evergreen tree and pressing any button--

In this game, you must find one of your fellow Teletubbies hiding behind a
tree.  Wait for the narrator to finish telling you about who's looking for whom
(with specific narration based on which character you're playing... I'm
impressed!), then use the D-pad or Left Stick to move around.  When you
approach within a few steps of the hidden Teletubby, they will be found and
both you and he or she will be very excited.

Look very carefully at each tree to see if a Teletubby might be hiding behind
it.  The most difficult one to find is Dipsy, since he's green and blends in a
little better with the foliage.  But since they all seem to be fatter than the
trees are wide, it doesn't make for very challenging hiding.  Also, since you
really don't need to be close at all to the hiding Teletubby for it to count as
a find, you could basically play this activity with your eyes close.

After finding a Teletubby, you will be prompted to play 'Again, again'.  Press
any button to do so.  After playing three times in a row and finding all 3
other Teletubbies, the whole gangs joins together in a great big group hug!
Isn't that sweet?

To stop playing, press Start, then Select, then X, or simply wait until after
your Teletubby says 'Again, again' two times and you'll automatically return to

  4A-2) WHAT'S THAT?

 --Activated by highlighting the clump of blue grass and pressing any button--

"One day in Teletubby land, something appeared from far away..."  And indeed,
something does, always in the bottom left corner of the screen.  Have your
Teletubby walk up to it, at which point he or she will ask, "What's that?"  The
narrator will answer, and then the object will magically teleport to a
different area on the screen.  Your job is to hunt it down over and over again.
Each time it moves, wait for your Teletubby to stop giggling and oohing over
it, then walk to it.  You'll know you're there when you are unable to move the
Teletubby away again.  You must approach the object a total of 5 times, and it
always appears in the same order of locations on the screen: bottom left, top
right, top left, top right again, and bottom left again to finish.  Once you've
caught it all 5 times, a wet farting sound announces the appearance of a voice
trumpet, and you hear a short nursery rhyme related to the object.  Game over!

Of course, Teletubbies always want to play 'Again, again', so press any button
to do so.  On subsequent plays, your Teletubby will always start in the bottom
left corner (where it found the previous object for the first time), so it will
automatically be in contact with the new object when it appears, meaning that
you only need to find it four more times!  Thank the game designers for making
your life 20% easier.

There are a total of eleven different objects in this activity, and they will
all appear in turn if you keep playing.  The objects to be found and their
associated nursery rhymes are as follows:

PUDDLE  Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
------  In a shower of rain.
        He stepped in a puddle right up to his middle
        And never went there again.

SHEEP  Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
-----  And doesn't know where to find them.
       Leave them alone and they'll come home
       Wagging their tails behind them.

STAR  Twinkle twinkle little star,
----  How I wonder what you are,
      Up above the world so high,
      Like a diamond in the sky,
      Twinkle twinkle little star,
      How I wonder what you are.

WALL  Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
----  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the king's horses and all the king's men
      Couldn't put Humpty together again.

WATERING CAN  Mary mary quite contrary,
------------  How does your garden grow?
              With silver bells and cockle shells
              And pretty maids all in a row.

  Note that this rhyme doesn't explicitly mention a watering can.  We can only
  presume that it is indeed used to make Mary's garden grow.

DOG  Hark, hark, the dogs do bark,
---  The beggars are coming to town.
     One in rags, and one in tags,
     And one in a velvet gown.

DUCK  Duck goes quack.
----  Quack quack quack.
      Duck goes quack quack quack.

  Am I the only one who feels like the duck is mocking me when it quacks?  And
  what the hell kind of nursery rhyme is that?

GUITAR  All around the cobbler bench,
------  The monkey takes the weasel.
        The monkey thought 'twas all in fun,
        Pop goes the weasel.

  Okay, there is absolutely no involvement of a guitar in this rhyme.  I don't
  know what they're trying to pull, but I ain't buying it.

KITE  Blow wind, blow wind blow.
----  Where do you come from, where do you go?
      Blowing low, blowing high,
      Take me with you to the sky.

MIRROR  Look in the mirror, what can I see?
------  Look!  In the mirror, I can see me!

PIG  This little piggy went to market,
---  This little piggy stayed at home.
     This little piggy had roast beef,
     This little piggy had none.
     And this little piggy cried 'Wee wee wee' all the way home.


  --Activated by highlighting the green leafy plant and pressing any button--

This activity is somewhat similar to the 'What's That' activity at first, in
that an object appears, and you have to periodically chase it down.  But the
object is always a drum, and you can do a lot more with it than with any of the
objects in the previous activity.  Walk up to the drum once you can move (i.e.
after the narrator shuts his pie hole).  You'll hear a drum roll and will now
be unable to walk any more.  You can, however, play the drum by pressing any
button once standing at it, causing all manner of things to magically appear.
Such fun!

You will need to hit the drum a total of 25 times to complete the game, and
will occasionally also have to walk to the drum again as it changes locations.
Here are, in order, the events that occur whenever you strike the drum:

  1st hit: Red flower appears in lower right corner of screen.
  2nd hit: Another red flower appears in upper left corner of screen.
  3rd hit: A third red flower appears in the upper right corner of screen.
  4th hit: Drum moves to right side of screen.  Walk up to it to continue.
  5th hit: Cloud appears in left part of sky.
  6th hit: Second cloud appears in middle of sky.
  7th hit: Third cloud appears on right side of sky.
  8th hit: Drum moves to center-rear of screen.  Walk up to it to continue.
  9th hit: Blue flower appears in bottom right corner of screen.
  10th hit: A second blue flower appears along left edge of screen.
  11th hit: A third blue flower appears in the upper right corner of screen.
  12th hit: Drum moves to right side of screen again.  Walk up to it once more.
  13th hit: A fellow Teletubby appears in the upper left corner of screen.
  14th hit: Another fellow Teletubby appears in the lower left corner.
  15th hit: The final Teletubby appears in the center-rear of the screen.
  16th hit: The drum moves back to the front-left of screen.  Go to it again.
  17th hit: All flowers, clouds and Teletubbies will be rearranged.
  18th hit: Everything gets rearranged again.
  19th hit: The flowers all switch from blue to red and vice-versa.
  20th hit: Everything rearranges.
  21st hit: Everything rearranges again.
  22nd hit: Once more, everything rearranges.
  23rd hit: Again, all objects change position.
  24th hit: Can you guess what happens on this hit?
  25th hit: All flowers, teletubbies and clouds vanish, as if they never were.

If you want to play again, press any button when prompted.  You will start
already in front of the drum's initial position, so you won't have to walk to
it to start drumming.


  --Activated by highlighting the low-flying cloud and pressing any button--

After the Teletubbies all walk like zombies to the top of a hill, the view will
shift to a Teletubby-less perspective.  Four clouds will be distinctly visible
just over the horizon.  These are special musical clouds, and you are in
control of the orchestra!  Each cloud represents a particular musical
instrument.  Each cloud can also be moved up and down between 4 different
heights, and each increasing level makes that cloud's instrument louder.  So in
essence, this is a sound mixing activity.  Go DJ Cloud!  And just to keep
things exciting, there are actually four different sets of instruments, so when
you play "Again, again" you'll get something altogether different.

Each cloud is controlled by a different button on the controller.  Each press
of a button moves the corresponding cloud first up one level, until it reaches
the top, after which each button press will move the cloud back down one level
until it reaches the bottom, and the whole cycle begins again.  Note that at
the bottom, the volume level for each cloud instrument is zero, so you'll need
to raise each one up at least a little to hear all of the clouds' musical
offerings, which all together make a nice little tune.

 |   Cloud position   |    Left     | Center-left | Center-right |  Right    |
 |   Controlled by    |   Square    |  Triangle   |      X       |     O     |
 |    Percussion      | Kettle drum | Tambourine  | Wood block   | Xylophone |
 |     Woodwinds      |  Piccolo    |  Oboe       |   Flute      |  Bassoon  |
 |      Strings       |  Xylophone  |   Piano     |  Harpsichord |   Harp    |
 |  Mixed instruments |  Clarinet   |    Tuba     |    Banjo     |   Piano   |

Wondering how the game finishes?  It's simply on a two-minute timer, after
which your Teletubby will implore you to play again.  The set of instruments
changes after each play.


     --Activated by highlighting the toy train and pressing any button--

The train appears atop the never-ending viaduct that for some reason I never
noticed in Teletubbyland before.  I guess the magic pinwheel made it appear.
The train is composed of four cars of different colours (well, an engine and
three cars, I guess).  Like the cloud event, this activity is musical in
nature, and there are two ways in which to manipulate the music.  First of all,
you will notice a lovely tune already playing when the train appears.  You can
alter the key of this tune, and also slightly increase or decrease the rate of
beats.  In addition, you can make each car on the train play a different,
surprisingly discordant pair of notes.

First, the train speed and musical key.  From the motionless starting position,
you can make the train go forwards at up to three higher speeds, or backwards
at the same speeds, or each in turn.  Basically, the train has seven speeds:

         Train Speed        | Music speed and pitch
     +3: Fast forward       | Highest
     +2: Normal forward     | Even higher
     +1: Slow forward       | Higher
      0: Stopped            | Low
     -1: Slow backwards     | Higher
     -2: Normal backwards   | Even higher
     -3: Fast backwards     | Highest

To move the train UP one speed in the list, press the D-pad right, R1, or R2.
To move the train DOWN one speed, press the D-pad left, L1, or L2.
Note that the music speed and pitch goes up regardless of whether you're
speeding up in a forward or backwards direction.

And of course, there is still the musical abilities of the train cars
themselves to address.  There's not much to say here, other than that each car
makes a different sound, and the engine car's sound is a little different in
quality than the others and sounds twice in a row.  The buttons that make each
car produce their sound is as follows:

         O: Engine car
         X: Blue second car
  Triangle: Green third car
    Square: Pink rear car

Press them all at once to hear a really awful sound.  Honestly, I don't know
why the designers let them sound so bad.

Now, unlike in the cloud event, there's only one song to be heard here.  But
for some reason, I just like the train event a lot and could listen to that
tune for a long time.  Call me weird if you must.  Exactly like in the cloud
event, this activity is over after two minutes, whether you do anything or not.
Note that if you choose to play again, the train and music will continue at the
most recent speed, so it's more of a continuation than a starting-over type of


   --Activated by highlighting the current Teletubby's favorite object and--
                          --pressing any button--

Ah, the favorite thing.  By far the briefest activity in the game.  The current
player Teletubby's favorite object will always be found down and slightly to
the left of the windmill, making it very easy to reach from the starting
position.  Walk to it and choose to do this activity, and then watch as your
Teletubby uses the item, then prompts you to do it again, and again, and

Four Teletubbies, four objects, four actions:

 |  Teletubby  |  Favorite object   |  Action taken                        |
 |    Dipsy    |  Cow-spotted hat   |  Wears it.  That's all.              |
 | Tinky Winky | Not-so-manly purse | Swings it around showing it off,     |
 |             |                    | the little fashionista.              |
 |      Po     |     Push scooter   |  Scoots around the field twice,      |
 |             |                    |  while honking the scooter's horn    |
 |   Laa-laa   |   Big orange ball  | Bounces it on the ground eight times |
 |             |                    | without actually letting go of it.   |

This game is forcing me to take Dipsy's intellect into serious question.


     --Activated by highlighting the windmill and pressing any button--

If the favorite thing activity was the least time-consuming, this one is the
least player-input-requiring.  From the starting position in Teletubbyland, to
which you will return after choosing a new Teletubby or ending any activity,
walk straight up to the 'windmill' (really, it's a pinwheel) and away you go.
Sit back and watch first a little Teletubby cut-scene, then a real-life video
featuring one of the eleven objects that be found in the 'What's That?'
activity will play from your chosen Teletubby's stomach.  Sure, the videos are
mostly dull and the frame rate is stilted, but at least you have a chance lay
down the controller and rest your weary hands.  Hey, gamers are vulnerable to
carpal tunnel syndrome, didn't you know?

There are a total of eleven videos, and they will each air in turn each time
you 'play' this 'activity'.  Even if you don't continue when prompted "Again,
again", if you leave and come back later the sequence of videos will pick up
where it left off.

                          4B) Tubbytronic Superdome

Two will enter, one will leave... wait, that doesn't sound right.  Where was
that from again?  Anyway, you can get to the Tubbytronic Superdome at any time
while in Teletubbyland by walking straight down.  Your Teletubby will
automatically walk along the entrance pathway and make its way inside.  And
once inside, the real fun can begin.

The Superdome is the home base of the Teletubbies and the housing place of
their bizarre alien technology.  Once again, there are several objects to
interact with, initiating various activities.  Note that there is another
screen to this area, found behind the central column.  The objects and their
related activities are as follows:

   -Central panel at the hub of the Superdome: "Control Panel"
   -Round table at rear: "Chase the Noo-noo"
   -Box-like machine with row of pink lights: "Tubby Toast"
   -Pink and blue machine along right side: "Tubby Custard"

Walk up to any of these objects and they will flash various colours.  Press any
button at this point to begin the appropriate activity.

When you've had your fill of fun indoors, you can leave the Superdome via the
doors at either end.  Walk to them to highlight them and press any button to


   --Activated by highlighting the central column and pressing any button--

This is a highly interactive panel that you can manipulate using every button
on the controller to perform many functions.  Note too that each button press
creates a different sound as well.

  |  Controller input   |   Function                                       |
  |  D-pad left, or L2  | Rearrange order of coloured lights along left    |
  |                     | side of panel.                                   |
  |  D-pad right, or R1 | Change pattern of vertical flashing lights to    |
  |                     | the right of the central panel.                  |
  |   D-pad up, or L1   | Change pattern of moving lights around top       |
  |                     | of control panel column.                         |
  |  D-pad down, or R2  | Change pattern of lights around base of control  |
  |                     | panel column.                                    |
  |       Triangle      | Change colour of lights in top section of        |
  |                     | central panel, scrolling through black (off),    |
  |                     | red, green, yellow, blue, violet, teal, and      |
  |                     | white, in that order.                            |
  |       Square        | Change colour of lights in second section from   |
  |                     | top of central panel, scrolling through the      |
  |                     | same colours as listed for the Triangle button.  |
  |          O          | Change colour of light in middle section of      |
  |                     | central column, scrolling through the same       |
  |                     | colours as listed for the Triangle button.       |
  |          X          | Change colour of light in second section from    |
  |                     | bottom of central panel, scrolling through the   |
  |                     | same colours as listed for the Triangle button.  |

SECRET: You may have noticed that you cannot change the colour of the lights in
the bottom section of the central panel.  If, however, you set all of the other
lights in that panel to the same colour as the bottom section, using the
Triangle, Square, X and O buttons, then your Teletubby will exclaim "Yay!", and
the entire panel will flash through all colours until randomly stopping on a
new set, at which point you can again set all sections to match the lower one.

The activity will automatically finish after two minutes, since that's as long
as the Superdome can continue to supply sufficient power.  Play again if you
like, or just wait to return to the wider Superdome area.


 --Activated by highlighting the round table in back and pressing any button--

After the Noo-noo eats the forbidden Tubby Toast off of the table, the
Teletubbies give chase, as the Noo-noo must be punished!  Your Teletubby will
automatically follow the Noo-noo in a clockwise circle around the central
column of the Superdome.  Each time they pass behind the central column,
another one of your Teletubby companions, having heard of the Noo-noo's
naughtiness, will also join in the chase.  Once all four vindictive Teletubbies
are present, the Noo-noo must make just short of three more full rotations
around the dome before the Teletubbies are able to catch up to in and exact
their revenge.

So what do you do during all of this?  Well, by pressing and holding down any
button, both the chase and the rousing chase music will accelerate.  Release
the button to return to regular speed.  You don't expect them to keep up that
pace forever, do you?

After the activity, your Teletubby will implore you to play 'Again, again'.  If
you have any sympathy for the Noo-noo at all, please don't give in to this


--Activated by highlighting the weird box in the rear and pressing any button--

Once engaged in this activity, the camera will pan to show you, the round table
behind you, and the strange gray box, which apparently is a Tubby Toast
ejector.  Right away, the poor half-starved Noo-noo will sneak up into the
bottom of the screen.  Your Teletubby can only move back and forth between the
Tubby Toast machine and the table.  To walk to the table, press the D-pad right
or down, and to walk back to the machine, press the D-pad left or up.

While standing at the Tubby Toast machine, press any button to make a slice of
Tubby Toast, which will be launched over to the table.  Each time that you do
this, the Noo-noo will sneak just a little bit closer to the table.  Press any
button at the Tubby Toast machine again to add a second slice of Tubby Toast to
the table.  The Noo-noo will sneak even closer.

At any point, you can walk over to the table and press any button to eat
however many slices of Tubby Toast are there.  If you get greedy, however, and
make too many slices of Tubby Toast at once, the Noo-noo will sneak close
enough to the table to eat all of your toast, ruining your hard work.

The secret to winning this game is to make just enough Tubby Toast so that you
can eat your fill, without letting the Noo-noo get close enough to suck it all
up his nose hose.  The magic maximum number of Tubby Toast slices that will let
you achieve this goal is.... (are you ready for this?)... Four!  Make four
slices of Tubby Toast and eat them all at once, and you'll be a fat Teletubby
for a long time to come.  Make more than four slices, however, and the Noo-noo
will reign victorious!

The game will end whenever either of you eat Tubby Toast, even if you've only
had one slice and are still hungry.  Them's the breaks.


--Activated by highlighting the blue and pink machine and pressing any button--

This is another activity that is a little short on actual interactivity.  Upon
beginning, your Teletubby will automatically start up the Tubby Custard machine
(apparently the machine is activated by farting), absent-mindedly neglecting to
put a bowl in place to catch the ensuing custard flow.  As a result, the
custard spills all over the floor.  What is a foresight-lacking, user's manual-
less Teletubby to do?  Apparently, it's to spread the mess around even further.
I seriously hope that the Teletubbies never get into scat play, because that
stuff would end up just everywhere.  But on that note, do Teletubbies even have
excretory systems?

Anyway, under no control of your own, your Teletubby will merrily trod in the
spilled custard and prance about, leaving a disgusting pink trail all over the
Superdome floor.  So much for the bib.  It seems to really enjoy this, and
continues to do so for quite some time.  When you're tired of the Teletubby's
self-indulgent behavior, you can press and hold any button to speed up its
walk, getting the matter over with much more quickly.

Once the Teletubby is satisfied with the mess, along comes the Noo-noo to clean
it all up.  It will glide about in a reasonably efficient pattern, sucking up
all of the Tubby Custard that your Teletubby has spread about.  It's probably
the best meal the Noo-noo has had in weeks.  If you want to sate his hunger
more quickly, you can again speed up its travels by pressing and holding any
button.  Once most of the Tubby Custard has been removed, excepting the
original spill in front of the machine and the custard directly under the
waiting Teletubby's feet, the activity is over.  Play 'Again, again' if you
really feel like it.  At this point I'd think that you would be glad to just
put the whole situation behind you.

                                5) IN CLOSING

Well, that's it.  You've played every activity, watched every 'Tuning In'
video, exhausted every Teletubby and taunted the Noo-noo to no end.  The baby
sun god is satisfied.  Really, there's no end to the game, as you can wander
around forever playing activities or not ad nauseum.  But if you feel like a
winner, then you have indeed won.  Congratulations!

And with that, I must bid you adieu.  This guide turned out to be quite a bit
bigger than I anticipated.  Who knew that Teletubbyland was such a richly fun-
filled environment?  At least this guide didn't turn out to be larger in kb
size than any of my legitimate game guides (you know, for games where there's
actually some goal or other to accomplish).  You can attest to this fact for
yourself by viewing my complete collection of video game guides at:


Yes, shameless self-promotion, I know.  But I'm proud of my body of work to
date, which mostly covers semi-obscure Sony Playstation titles (a group to
which Play with the Teletubbies definitely belongs), so I have no compunction
over spreading the word.

Now for the obligatory legal disclaimer:

*** This document was produced by and is copyright (c) to Marc Lalonde, a.k.a.
Syonyx.  It may not be used in whole or in part for financial profit or in hope
of such profit.  Any public display of this document must contain intact all
original indications of authorship.  Webmasters may post this guide on their
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available for unlimited viewing by non-paying visitors to that site.  Any
violation of these rules will make the Teletubbies cry, and believe me, you
don't want to see that happen.***

And if for some unfathomable reason you wish to contact me regarding this
guide, I suppose you may do so via e-mail at [syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com].

A great big Teletubby Bye-Bye to you all, and good night.

Syonyx 2006.