FAQ for Popstar Maker
                           Author: Dan2000

Hey I have written this quick FAQ, because of all the E-Mails I have 
-0. My Review
-1. Options
-2. New Game
  a. Territories
  b. Band Members
-3. Game Main Menu
  a. My Diary
  b. E-mail
  c. My Popgroup
  d. Game Options
  e. Charts
  f. Contract
  g. My Money
  h. Awards
  i. Unlocking Territories
-4. Game Shark Codes
-5. Hints
-6. Thanks
-7. Disclaimer
-8. Contact

0.My Review
(This is found also at www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/review/R31918.html)
Popstar Maker is unique in many ways, and that its the first of its kind is one of them.
You see, Popstar Maker is a cross between Music 2000 and LMA Manager with pop music in it. 
Eidos have come up with a manager game that lets you have full control over all most
Firstly you must choose applicants for the band, each with different characteristics.
When that has been taken care of a name is needed and then your on your own. 
You have a diary and that must be filled with song releases, TV visits and live performances,
don't forget training your band is very important. 
To make this manager game come to life, Eidos have included a music editor where you can
create your own songs to release and hope to top the charts. 
It also includes songs to get off other people if your not confident to release your own yet,
but like most things in life, it costs. Yes you have a bank balance and while creating songs,
recording gigs you must try to keep your balance as high as you can. 
Don't expect your songs to get straight away, Popstar Maker is very realistic,
you need the public on your side you need them to buy your songs. IT WON'T BE EASY. 
As well as making your songs, you get to watch your band perform your song. 
There's really only one real problem with this game and thats after a while it will seem to
drag on a bit, it'll get very repetative. 
After you have your continent to your advantage the world will be drugged by your songs and
you'll finally be a Popstar*** 
There's mainly just menus and text but it is really colourful and the animation is done quite
well. The stages and characters could of been better designed. 
Well being a music game, Popstar Maker offers a variety of sounds to choose from for your
songs, including options like drums, guitar, bass, syth plus more. 
What's the life span of a pop carrer? well this game has a lot of replay value,
because you can just create a new song. BUT it does get repetative quickly and may be
boring for some. 
If you like popmusic then this is game for you and should be at the top of your shopping list,
but really this game won't appeal if you like Rock or Rap music. 
A pretty good game with outstanding replay value, but gets repetative quite soon. 
Also you must be patient it takes a couple of hours to get into it properly

After pressing start, you'll be taken to an option where you can choose from;
New Game- start a new game
Load Game- load a previous saved game
Settings- Sound = Choose stereo or Mono
          SFX = set the sound effects volume
          Music = set the music effects volume
          Screen Position = set the position of the screen to suit you.
NOTE: Triangle- cancel
      Start- Accept changes.

2.New Game
After selecting a new game you will taken to a series of screens where you will have to choose 
appropriate options.
          a. Territories
You will have to choose which territory will be your starting place and the place in which you
will try to conquer first. Obviously some are more harder than others so i have included a list
to help you. 
1. Europe
2. Australia
3. Asia
4. America
Note: 1 = easiest
      4 = hardest
         b. Band Members
After the territory option you will have to select up to 5 members to be in your band, you don't
have to have 5 you can have 1,2,3,4 or 5 members. I have listed the members below.
NOTE: Each member is rated on vocals (v)(vocals is the singing ability)
                              Dancing (d)(dancing is the dancing ability)
                              Fitness (f)(fitness is the fitness level) 
                              Energy (e)(energy is the tiredness level)
                              Mood (m)(mood is the level in which they preform)
                              Charm (c)(charm is the level in which they appeal to the fans)
                              Happiness (h)(happiness shows how happy they are)
the lower the level the worst that level is.
I have rated them using numbers out of 10, these are not shown in the game, they are my
observations and therfore may not be 100% correct. In the game they are represented by blue,
orange and black parts. Blue parts represent what level they are currently on, orange represent
the potential they have in that particualar section and the black part represents that the rest
of the knowledge has to be taught to them. Obviously you can train them, see section 3a) below.
---|                    v = 3    e = 10 
Doc|                    d = 8    m = 4
---|                    f = 7    c = 4    h = 5
--------|               v = 5    e = 6
Stevie G|               d = 5    m = 5
--------|               f = 5    c = 8    h = 5

---|                    v = 8    e = 6 
Naz|                    d = 5    m = 5
---|                    f = 5    c = 5    h = 5

-----|                  v = 7    e = 8 
Jamie|                  d = 8    m = 3
-----|                  f = 7    c = 2    h = 5

---|                    v = 9    e = 7 
Baz|                    d = 5    m = 5
---|                    f = 5    c = 5    h = 5 

----|                   v = 4    e = 8 
Pete|                   d = 4    m = 4
----|                   f = 4    c = 4    h = 5

-----|                  v = 2    e = 7 
Bruno|                  d = 2    m = 7
-----|                  f = 5    c = 7    h = 8

----|                   v = 6    e = 7 
Jack|                   d = 6    m = 6
----|                   f = 6    c = 6    h = 6
-----|                  v = 5    e = 6 
Penny|                  d = 5    m = 5
-----|                  f = 5    c = 5    h = 5

-----|                  v = 8    e = 6 
Jo Jo|                  d = 8    m = 4
-----|                  f = 4    c = 4    h = 5

-----|                  v = 3    e = 7 
Bobby|                  d = 3    m = 7
-----|                  f = 3    c = 8    h = 7

-------|                v = 3    e = 7 
Natalie|                d = 2    m = 7
-------|                f = 5    c = 7    h = 8

-----|                  v = 9    e = 6 
Kelly|                  d = 4    m = 8
-----|                  f = 4    c = 6    h = 7

------|                 v = 4    e = 9 
Lizzie|                 d = 8    m = 4
------|                 f = 7    c = 3    h = 5
After choosing your band, you will be asked to choose a name for them, 'Next Big Thing' is
already in you can keep this or choose your own.

3.Game Main Menu
At this screen there are various options to choose and at the top right side it will tell you
the day and date. To move day and date press start, this will continue the game.
                a.My Diary
As you will see days of the week are down the side and at the begining they are empty, but when
you get the hang of things and your when your band are popular you'll be very busy.
You will notice sundays are always free, so only six days a week are available to use. These 
days must be filled will single releases, trips to the studio, training etc.
NOTE: press X to choose options.
Studio - in studio there are again more options.
       - Music Editor         = Create your own songs
       - Purchase             = this is where you buy songs that have been done by other people.
       - Record Track         = once choosing a track you must record it, it costs 1000.
       - Create Single        = once recording you can create the single by choosing the front
                                cover and colour.
       - Create Album         = this is where you create an album, you must of had 8 singles
                                released first.
       - Library              = this is a section that has all the songs you've released in.
Release Single/Album - choose how much you want to market the single, the higher the amount,
                       the more popular the single will become. But when you start off you
                       haven't got that much so be careful. Even if you cheat of spend over
                       90,000 on marketing it wont be popular because your brand new.
Training - this section is where you can improve abilities of your popstars, the section above
           where i have included stats for band members, all of those area (v,d etc) can be 
           improved apart from happiness. This goes up and down depending on how much work there
           is for them.
Live Preformance - this is where you do a gig for them. Start on the lowest one all the time 
                   because if its your first one not many people will come it i best to do a
                   live gig when you get to No.1. The screen should look like (below):
          Live preformance                              |            Territory
                                                        |          ..........
Choose place: (this is the place where it is set.)      | Capacity = (how many people
Choose Ticket Price:(this is how much tickets will cost.|             it can hold)
Set design: (this is the deisgn look)                   | Deposit = the amount you have to
                                                        |              deposit)
Marketing (remember not to spend too much)              | Payment = (how much the venue costs)
Duration (how long will you be touring)                 | Marketing = (your marketing price)
                                                        | Total Price: .......

This section is blank until you actually recieve an E-Mail. E-Mail may be contract offers,
Interview offers, Music Shows offers. If you accept the shows eg interviews and music shows
they will automatically be placed in My Diary and that certain day, you can deleate them. 
Hint: If you get a music show offer and you have an interview on that day, take the music show
offer in place of the interview as this will give you more single sales. Increase your

                  c.My Popgroup
This section shows your popstars stats of happiness etc. Here you can also sack them and change
there clothes, which i do advise as if you dont there happiness goes down.

                 d.Game Options
Here you can: Save
              View Settings
              Views Credits
But also change your budget options. This is for travel and accomodation which will not be needed
until you can access another territory. But they consist of:
-Budget = Cheap Travel and acomodation
-Standard = Normal travel and acomodation
-Luxury = 1st class travel and 5* acomodation (expensive)

This shows this weeks singles and albums charts. (if your single.album is in the charts it will
be highlighted in Yellow). The No.'s show what postition the song/album is at, the numbers in 
the brackets show what position they were in last week. A Line shows they are new in.

This section shows:
Company = (the company you are contracted to)
Territories = the territory(ies) the company lets you travel to.
Break of Penalties = (the cost of breaking the contact)
Royalty Rate = (the rate in which they recieve of your income)

                g.My Money
This section shows your outgoings and your income. It is very straightforward and is easy to
understand (if you are stuck please contact me see section 8).
Here your awards are displayed. The awards and how to get them are shown below.
Best Single = Your single must be at the NO.1 postion more than any other song.
Best Albulm = "    album                                                      "
Best Live Group = Have about over 40 Live Preformances within a year.
Best Looking Male = Make sure the male is fully fit, Train him.
Best Looking Female = Make sure the female is fully fit, train her.
Best Popgroup = have a row of succesful singles and a succesful album.
Life Time Achievment = Have all territories unlocked and have at least 15 NO.1's in all.
                i. Unlocking Territories
1 Territory = You already picked this
2 Territories = Have at least 1,000,000
3 Territories = Have at least 2,000,000
4 Territories = Be Succesful in all of the three Territories.

4.Game Shark Codes
Extra money:
80021DB0 FFFF
80021DB2 00FF

These hints can also be found at Gamewinners.com

If you are a beginner, start with Europe as the territory. It is slightly easier to get
into the charts and earn some money.
Have at least one day free, with nothing on. If you book everything all the time,
your members will be unhappy and quit.
Have at least one day of the week for training. If you do not train, they will become unfit
etc. Sometimes money is needed for singles and albums, so have training at least once
every two weeks.
At the beginning of every territory, bring out singles from the section that you did not
create, already pre-made ones. For some reason if you get in the charts it is more likely
that these ones have more chance at the beginning.
Try not to have more than one interview type thing a week.
If you get the chance to go on A Music show and you have an interview on the day, delete
the interview and have the music show. You will get more singles sold on a music show
rather than an interview.
Even though it is costly, try and have at least one Live Performance once every two to three
weeks. It will boost your singles sales. However, do not have a live performance on the first
time of every territory until you have at least got in the charts with a single -- it will
just be a complete waste of a space for the week and money.
As for Live Performances, start on the lowest place and work your way up.
Do not push your luck too quickly. It takes about seven singles in the charts to
get a decent show up.

Do not waste money on marketing a single. You need to become known first; getting to number
one is not the first priority.
Change the band members clothes every month to keep their happiness from going down. 

I would like to thank
-Eidos    = for bringing out such a great game.
-GameFAQS = For being uch a great database and for showing my FAQ.
-You      = For reading this and using my FAQ

This FAQ is copyrighted by GameFAQS.com and is not allowed to be shown any where else without
the authors permission. Me, the author, is not legally resonsible for the way you use of
interprit this FAQ and i have not used information from other sources. I constructed this FAQ
entirly by myself.

If you would like to contact me i am very happy to help. 
Please Put the subject as GameFAQS Popstar Maker 
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