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"Once You Get Past the Learning Curve and Accept the Control, You'll Find A Great Game That Gives a Lot to Come Back To"

Well, even though Armored Core 2 was a sequel to a proven franchise and whatnot, it still wasn't that much of an anticipated launch game due to mediocre reviews and just plain lack of much mainstream appeal. Despite that, I still picked it up and haven't much put it down since. Here's why:

Graphics: The graphics aren't THAT amazing, but they do the job nicely and definitely aren't bad. The intro FMV and the small FMVs during the game are very well done and help progress the small story the game has very nicely. The game runs at about 30fps, which isn't BAD, but it would've been nice to have it at a smooth 60. Most of the textures also look pretty good. The main downfall for the graphics is that much of the game isn't anti-aliased and there is quite a bit of flickering during the menus which make reading some of the small text a little hard (the flickering isn't half as bad as say, Ridge Racer 5 though). Overall, it works fine, with a few downfalls, but it works. 8/10

Sound: The sound isn't amazing either, but also works. The sound of normal bullets sound kind of dumb but the sound of say, the various rocket launchers and the sound of your boosters sound very nice. It's quite the mixed bag to say the least, but more often than not the sound is a little above average. Before each mission your briefed with some pictures and some voices reading the background and objectives, this would've been ok if the voices were actually good, but they're not, so despite how nice the writing and everything looks, the voices make it sound pretty dumb overall. 7/10

Gameplay: This is where most people say the game goes down the crapper, but in my opinion this is where the game shines. If you're expecting fast paced, fighting game-esque gameplay then you're going to be let down. On the other hand, if your expecting slightly slower, simulation/strategy driven gameplay you're going to have a ball. There are a few spots where I wish something was done differently, but for the most part it's quite good! Basically, the controls are like this: shoulder buttons strafe, triangle changes your weapon, square shoots your weapon, hold X and a direction to boost and tap X to jump, and circle to use your melee weapon (ie, laser swords and the like). Anyway, this is just depends on what you're expecting, but for me it's exactly what I expected and I liked it a lot. 8/10

Replay: There is really a LOT of stuff to do in this game. Besides the arena where you can move up the ranks (starting from 50) gaining money and respect, there is also the main missions (there are 40 of them too!) where you earn the majority of your money and progress the story. Other than that, there are also 200+ parts or so that you can buy and use, and although it's a little complicated at first, when you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot of fun. 9/10

Overall, this game is very fun, and once you're hooked it will keep you playing for quite a while with plenty to do. If you can overlook the control (depending on your expectations, you can also enjoy the control thoroughly like I did) then there really is a lot to get out of the game.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 01/24/01, Updated 01/24/01

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