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How do I beat Forest keeper giant monkey dude thing in wise owl forest?

How do i beat the giant ape????


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Kraleck answered:

Complete the Georama 100% for Goro's Battle Axe. It'll help.

Smash Master Utan's feet with Goro, switch to Toan, slash him up, and repeat. Run around Utan to escape from his seed spitting.
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fusionbolt2 answered:

This is how i did it. First of all i jacked up Xiao wepon Pretty high about 25 att 50 ed 50 spd. Then i used a stamina drink on Xiao and just kept shooting him with the Sling shot( Forgot what sling shot i had) and just kept shooting him. When i used up my stamina drink i just used another one. By the way his name is Master Utan.
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

First of all his name is master utan.Second i would use th serpent slicer that you get erlier in the game...thats what i used...
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Dekiddie answered:

you have to smash the ape's feet with Goro and then when he is stunned attack him with Toan.
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