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How do I beat the Ice Queen ?

the last board in the Queens area

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RoxasANobody answered:

I personally cornered La Saia. Then I attacked her with Toan's sword. If she charged up an ice attack, I'd run behind a pillar and switch to Ruby. I'd attack her with Ruby, then I repeated the process until she was dead.
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Gunsandredroses answered:

Queen LaSaia...
Hmmm...been a while, but if I'm certain, I alternated between fire and holy magic and fire and holy stones. You can try using Toan's sword, but you'll prolly get killed that way.
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Monkephant answered:

If a remember correctly after hitting her with a weapon she becomes immune to whatever attribute you use for that weapon so, what i did was use Toan's sword with a very high fire attribute, attack her change to Ruby attack, change to Toan attack, etc. And run behind pillars when she decides to attack back. Also don't forget lots of health items help.
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xiao32 answered:

I've discovered that the THUNDER attribute is like twice as effective,or at least it was for me. It only took me two hits to beat her.
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RiverWraith answered:

I've used bombs against LaSaia and found it to be effective. Just buy as many bombs and you can afford and put them in on of your active items slots.
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PlatypusShaman answered:

You destroy her blue shield thing with Toan's sword and switch to Ruby using fire or thunder.
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brianmsmom answered:

I just lob her with fire gems. :D
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Weejiez answered:

I lobbed fire gems as well, i also switched between ruby and xiao while attacking from behind a pillar.
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JasonGhost answered:

To beat every boss in the game you have to use at least one ally. Ruby is essential to this battle because you have to break her immune spell which will activate her shield. I used Goro's Magical Hammer and Last Judgement to defeat her.
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ridleyx1290 answered:

i went through divine beast cave again with Toan and had my thunder to about 45. I always went through divine beast cave with ruby and levelled up the platinum ring to about 15 fire. I attacked with Ruby and when the shield broken i used toan and well after the power leveeling i killed her in 4 hits. Come prepared bring 2 Drans feathers at least and lots of stand powders and revival and bring lots of cheese and some water. If you lose like i did the answer is to level up more.
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