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How do I beat kings curse?

How do i beat level six boss?

KTCangelofpeace asked for clarification:

This is in the Tombs yes? The Sun and the Moon Temple? You're asking on how to beat the final boss?

If so, what you need is Ungaga, switch to him immediately, then have him target-lock onto the kings curse, this will make him use his special attack which creates a wind that will blow away the protective curse, causing the black smoke to go in a circle around the tomb. I would then switch to Ruby or Xiao (holy attribute attached!) and launch a blow (powered up if possible with Ruby) at him. Then immediately switch back to ungaga and repeat until he's dead.

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fusionbolt2 answered:

All i did was use Ungaga Spiral attack thing and had Toan with his best sword equipped and set it to holy. Oh, also put him against a wall it will be easier. With Toan i powered it up all the way(charge attack) and got 2 hits!!So, it helped.
Hope it helps you =).
Oh and good luck.
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Kraleck answered:

Ungaga's Spin Trick will blow away the black smoke so his allies can hack King's Curse apart. Toan's Sword and Xiao's Slingshot (with Stamina Potion's Effects up for her) will make short work of the boss.

Here's a video of an "un-hit wonder" run (2 minute, 40 second video, only 40 seconds are the actual fight):
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