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What do the big gems do?

By big gems i mean the topaz sapphire and those kind of gems

i used a diamond before witch only brought up a few of my "anti" stats does each gem add on to different types of stats?

if you could please tell me what each gem raises?

Accepted Answer

SaiyanNinja answered:

Here's what the gems do to your stats as far as I know.

Amethyst: Main Statistics- NONE Element- Ice+10 Anti Monster- Dragon+10, Mage+10
Aquamarine: Main Statistics- NONE Element- Ice+10 Anti Monster- Sea+10, Sky+10
Diamond: Main Statistics- NONE Element- NONE Anti Monster- Metal+10, ALL OTHERS+5
Emerald: Main Statistics- Magic Power+10 Element- NONE Anti Monster- Dragon+10, Plant+10
Garnet: Main Statistics- Attack+5 Element- Fire+10 Anti Monster- Beast+10, Rock+10
Opal: Main Statistics- Endurance+10 Element- NONE Anti Monster- Mage+10, Metal+10
Pearl: Main Statistics- Endurance+10 Element- Thunder+10 Anti Monster- Undead+10
Peridot: Main Statistics- Attack+5 Element- Holy+10 Anti Monster- Beast+10, Plant+10
Ruby: Main Statistics- Speed+10 Element- Fire+10 Anti Monster- Mimic+10
Sapphire: Main Statistics- Magic Power+10 Element- Wind+10 Anti Monster- Sky+10
Topaz: Main Statistics- Attack+5, Speed+10 Element- NONE Anti Monster- Undead+10, Sky+10
Turquoise: Main Statistics- NONE Element- Ice+10 Anti Monster- Mimic+10, Rock+10

This last one you can recieve through a quest. There is only one available in the game.

Sun: Main Statistics- Attack+10 Element- ALL+10 Anti Monster- ALL+3
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