Question from moon712

Asked: 5 years ago

What do I do with the candy i got in Matataki village?

I have it but dont know what to do with it. I can't sell it or eat it. what is it for?

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From: Majin_Buu420 5 years ago

When you complete Bunbuku's house you can trade it for an Ointment Leaf, give that to Basker in Queens for the Foundation, Give that to Jibubu in Muska Lacka for the Clay Doll and finally give that to Marina in Yellow Drops for a Sun Gem.

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Or you can use it to catch a rare fish at the waterfall

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Candy is a trade Item. You get one from Claude in Norune if you do his Event from Morning to before Dusk or from Couscous in Matataki (which is what you did) by selecting option 1.

Give the Candy to Bunbuku (so he can apologise to his sister, Kululu) for an Ointment Leaf. Continue as Majin_Buu420 said with the trades.

The Sun Gem at the end is a unique attachment, so save it for a Weapon you expect to Build Up and main.

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