Fishing FAQ by Alexander

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Fishing FAQ
By Alex
Version 3.0
Last Updated 9-1-01
This document copyright 2001 to Alex Gibney.
No reproduction of this document is allowed without explicit permission from
Alex Gibney.


I.  Version History

II.  Overview

III.  Controls

IV.  How to Get Started
    a. Getting a Rod
    b. Getting Bait
    c. Getting a Pond

V.  Fishing

VI.  Tips

VII.  Bait

VIII.  Fish

IX.  The Legendary Fish

X.  Exchanging Fish Points

XI.  Get Rick Quick!  (It really works!)

XII.  Record Catches

XIII.  Closing

I.  Version History
9-1-02:    [v3.0]  Whoa!  It's been a while!  Yeah, I've kinda stopped playing
Dark Cloud recently, but I continue to get fish records.  Posted some, keep 'em

8-19-01:   [v2.7]  Sorry I haven't updated, I've been on vacation for a while.
^_^  Loads of new things, including MANY fish records, info on the Mardan, and
some bait stuff.

7-25-01:  [v2.0]  Today I posted how to steal Poisonous Apples, thanks Derrick!
 I also updated the Diamond's stats.

7-22-01:  [v1.8]  Today I got some information about the Aquamarine and the
Turquoise, thanks Willy Death!

7-20-01:  [v1.5]  Busy today! I got info about the Mellow Banana, thanks Willy
Death!  I also got some more record catches, check them out!  Additionally, I
received info on the price of a Potato Cake, thanks to
Moreover, I learned about the Tarton, thanks Joseph!  Finally, I put in where
you can buy Poisonous Apples.  (Lana's Store)

7-19-01:  [v1.0]  Today I got some info pertaining to the carrot and the
Umadakara, as well as the potato cake, from SpectralDragon.  We also got some
more Record Catches!  Send 'em in, folks!

7-13-01:  [v.94]  Today I filled the Legendary Fish section, and started the
Record Catches section.  Send in your best!

7-12-01:  [v.9]  Well, CJayC still thinks there isn't enough content on my Faq,
and I agree.  I added a Tips section, hopefully I'll get that full of great
ways to improve your fishing skill.  I also added the Get Rick Quick section.
It really works!

6-25-01:  [v.6]  Added a Fish section, as well as updated the Bait section with
different combat items that also work as bait.

6-24-01:  [v.4]  Started a Fishing FAQ for Dark Cloud.  Added all the sections.
 Hope to add a section for the various fishing places.

II.  Overview

     In Dark Cloud, you can take a break from defeating bad guys and building
towns, and go fishing!  Fishing, when you know how, can be a fun way to get
items, rare weapons, or even pass the time.  When you fish, depending on how
big the fish is that you catch, you get FP, or Fish Points.  After you
accumulate a fair amount, you're then able to spend them on Items, such as
Revive Powder; Gems, such as Diamonds; and Weapons, such as the Matador
slingshot for Xiao.  Your catches are recorded in the Fishing Log, helpfully
placed on every fishing sign.
III.  Controls

     In this section I'll outline the controls used for fishing.
[R1]-Rotate Camera Right
[R2]-No Use
(R3)-No use(Square)-Select/Change Bait
[L1]-Rotate Camera Left
[L2]-No Use
(L3)-Turn Left or Right
(Circle)-Stop Fishing
(X)-Cast/Reel In
(Triangle)- No Use
{Select}-No Use

To Initiate Fishing:
Walk up to a Fishing sign, and press (X).
IV.  How to Get Started

     a.  Getting a Rod
          Before you can fish, you need a rod, right?  Right!  Pike, Paige's
father, is extremely into fishing.  Yet, he doesn't have a rod for you.
Actually, you get the rod from Alnet.  After you finish her house (which means
collecting and placing her actual house, Alnet, Cabin, Carl, Lamp, Llama, and
the Stairway), she gives you a fishing rod in a scene.  Alright!
     b.  Getting Bait
          Ok, so you have your rod.  Now you need bait.  Some bait can be
easily found in the dungeons.  Open up some chests, or defeat some enemies that
drop bait.  A great place to buy bait is Queens.  Look around in all the
different shops.
    c.  Getting a Pond
          Now you have a Rod, some Bait, all you need is a Pond!  For Norune
Village, the Pond is encased in Atla, in the dungeon.  In Matamaki Village, you
can fish at the Waterfall.  You can also connect the rivers and fish at Peanut
Pond, the pond near the entrance to the Wild Owl Forest.  In Queens, you can
fish in the ocean near Rando? shop.  In Muska Racka, you can fish at the
Oasis, found in Alta in the Sun/Moon Temple.  Place or find your pond, and
you're ready to go!
V.  Fishing

     This is it, the moment you've been waiting for... FISHING!  ^_^  Here I'll
discuss how to fish.

First:  Get to a pond.  Of course, you must have the Fishing Rod.  Walk up to
the sign near the pond and press (X) when there is an exclamation point above
your head.  There will be 4 choices:  Fish, Exchange FP, Fishing Log, and Quit
Fishing.  Move the pointer to Fish, and press (X).

Second:  You should now be in a similar screen, only you can't walk a certain
distance away from the pond.  You'll notice in the lower left corner there is a
little menu.  It has 3 choices, (X) Cast, (Square) Change Bait, and (O) Quit.
Below the last choice is a picture of a hook and the word Bait.  To the right
of that, your current bait is displayed.  It should say 'No Hook' right now.
Press (Square).  Your Inventory will be brought up.  Find and select a bait;
any bait will do for now.

Third:  Now your choice of bait will be shown on the bottom of the menu.  Walk
along the edge of the pond, until you see a fish or two.  Position yourself so
you are facing straight towards them, and press (X).  You'll cast your line
out, and your bait will sink to the bottom, with the bobber on top of the

Fourth:  Now you wait.  If the fish swim around your bait, wait until your
controller starts to rumble.  It should be a soft rumble, not the huge
vibration one.  You should see the floater bob up and down.  Look closely at
the bobber.  When it goes underwater, press (X).  If you timed it right, the
fish will start to tug the line away from you.  Now tap (X) as fast as you can,
to reel it in.  And there you have it!  You've caught a fish!  When you catch
it, it's name will be displayed, along with the size in centimeters and the
record for the biggest fish of that type that you have caught.
VI.  Tips

In this section, I'll list several tips that should help even the worst
fisherman land good sized fish, or even the Legendary Fish.

1...If the fish don't seem to be biting, you have a couple of option.  First,
you can try a different bait.  Many fish only eat certain types of bait.
Second, try moving the rod around while it is cast.  You can do this be using
the Left Analog Stick.  Lastly, you could reel the line back in, and move to a
different spot around the body of water.

2...Want to catch a legendary fish, but it's not anywhere near the right time?
Don't worry,there's plenty you can do.  You can enter the dungeon, and collect
some more Atla.  Or,if you've collected it all, you can place it around your
village.  You can also go into the dungeon to level up while you're waiting for
time to tick by.  Another trick is to go into the Options menu and set the
Clock Speed to 'Fast'.

3...Many people say their game is screwed up somehow, because they reel their
line in when the bobber is underwater but they never catch anything.  What they
are actually doing is pulling the bobber under when the fish is just nibbling.
When it is nibbling, the bobber bounces up and down but doesn't go COMPLETELY
underwater.  However, when the fish has swallowed the hook, THEN the bobber
will go underwater, COMPLETELY, for seconds at a time.

4...Ever drop in bait, only to have it all eaten by the fish?  Avoid this by
quickly reeling your line in if fish start to nibble but don't bring the bobber
completely under. If they eat your bait, you lose it!
VII.  Bait

     In this section, I'll talk about the various types of bait, their
advantages, and their disadvantages.

     Batton:  An average bait, except for catching Tarton.
!Catches!  Negie, Nonky, Tarton.

     Bomb Nuts:  Surprisingly, this attack item can be used as bait.
Unfortunately, it will not catch many fish.  You'll be lucky if you can catch
one of the three fish that like it.
!Catches!  Negie, Niler, Nonky

     Carrot:  A pretty good bait, it can catch the alternative to Legendary
fish, Umadakara.
!Catches!  Gummy, Umadakara

     Evy:  This bait is only good for catching fish at the ocean in Queens.
Don't try to use it anywhere else; fish won't go for it.
!Catches!  Kaji, Piccoly

     Gooey Peach:  Originally an attack item, the Gooey Peach can catch a few
fish as well.
!Catches!  Negie, Nonky

     Mellow Banana:  A recovery item, the Banana can also be used to catch
!Catches!  Gobbler, Negie

     Mimi:  This bait is only good for catching Gummys at Matataki Village's
Peanut Pond.
!Catches!  Gummy

     Minon:  This particular bait has one purpose: determining if a fish is a
legendary.  If you suspect a fish in water is legendary, simply cast in a
Minon.  If the fish is attracted to the Minon, then it is not a legendary fish.
 Other than that, the Minon is just a basic bait.
!Catches!  Negie, Niler, Nonky

     Mopper:  A poor bait.  Sell it.
!Catches!  None So Far

     Petite Fish:  This bait has received much praise from most people; it
attracts a variety of fish in different waters.
!Catches!  Baku Baku, Hama Hama, Heela

     Poisonous Apple:  This is the only bait that will catch the Mardan
Garayan.  All other fish hate it.
!Catches!  Mardan Garayan

     Prickly:  The most common bait, Pricklys are most useful in Norune.  The
fish there seem to like it, especially Gummys.
!Catches! Gummy

     Throbbing Cherry:  This attack item is also a decent bait.
!Catches! Den, Gummy, Negie, Nonky
VIII.  Fish

Baku Baku:  Found in Matataki Village's Peanut Pond.  Likes Petite Fish.

Baron Garayan:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Potato Cakes ONLY.  Legendary

Bobo:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Potatao Cakes.

Den:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Throbbing Cherries, Potato Cakes.

Gobbler:  Found in Matataki's Peanut Pond, Norune Village.  Likes Mellow
Banana, Prickler.

Gummy:  Found in Norune Village Pond, Matataki Village's Peanut Pond.  Likes
Prickly, Throbbing Cherries, Potato Cakes, Mimis.

Hama Hama:  Found in Queens.  Likes Petite Fish.  (n.b. The Hama Hama is the
only fish in Queens that likes bait OTHER than Evy.

Heela:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Petite Fish, Potato Cakes.

Kaji:  Found in Queens.  Likes Evy.

Mardan Garayan:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Poison Apples ONLY.
Legendary Fish.

Negie:  Found in Muska Racka pond.  Likes Throbbing Cherries, Bomb Nuts, Mellow
Banana, Minon, Batton, and Gooey Peach.

Niler:  Found in Norune Village Pond.  Likes Bomb Nuts, Minon.

Nonky:  Found in Norune Village Pond, Matataki Village's Peanut Pond.  Likes
Minon, Gooey Peach, Potato Cakes, Bomb Nuts, Batton, Throbbing Cherries.

Piccoly:  Found in Queens.  Likes Evy.

Tarton:  Found in Matataki Village's Peanut Pond.  Likes Batton.

Umadakara:  Found in Matataki Village's Peanut Pond.  Likes Carrot.
IX.  The Legendary Fish

      The Legendary Fish are the Baron Garayan and the Mardan Garayan.  In this
section,       I'll list ways of catching both of them, and which are the most

      The Baron Garayan has the potential to give you the most FP in the game.
It is a huge fish, found in the Muska Racka pond at Dusk.  You can catch it
with a Potato Cake, which can be bought at Brooke's shop in Muska Racka for 400
Gilda.  You better buy a few, because you're probably going to mess up and
catch a bad fish.  You see, the Baron will only go for Potato Cakes, but the
other fish in the pond (Heela, Den, Bobo) will eat them too, so you have to be
careful.  When you see a real Baron Garayan, you'll probably be able to tell
because of it's huge size.  Even so, you had better check by casting in a
Minon.  If the fish goes for it, then it is NOT a Baron.  However, if it
doesn't, then it's a Baron.  Toss in a Potato Cake as close to it as you can.
If other fish start trying to get to the Potato Cake, simply reel it in and try
again.  When the Baron bites your hook, reel him in and gaze at the amount of
FP you get, which can be anywhere from 300-800.

     The Mardan Garayan is easily confusable size-wize with other fish in the
pond, yet it is actually much easier to catch.  The Mardan only eats Poisonous
Apples.  It is the only fish in the game that eats them, so you can catch one
every time.  It is also caught at Dusk.  If you suspect a fish is a Mardan,
just toss in a Poisonous Apple. If it is, it'll bite, and you can reel it in.
Mardans generally give 200-500 FP.   Poisonous Apples cost 120 Gilda.  There's
a great trick to getting rich later in my FaQ, in section XI.

      The Baron Garayan will give you more FP usually, but it can be hard to
catch.  However, the Mardan Garayan is extremely easy to catch, even if it can
only give you up to 500 FP.  Even better, when you catch a Mardan Garayan, it
will speak to you when you try to open a chest with a trap.  It will tell you
what trap the locked chest is locked with.

     Overall, I would try to catch as many Mardan Garayans as I possible.  They
are easy to catch and can easily give you 450 FP, which is great.
X.  Exchanging Fish Points

       Once you've caught a variety of fish, you'll probably have plenty of
Fish Points saved up.  You can spend them on many things.  The following is a
list of what you can exchange, and how many Fishing Points they require:

Antidote Drink.....5 pts.  Restores a poisoned character to normal status.
Holy Water.........5 pts.  Deals major damage to the Undead.
Soap...............5 pts.  Heals 'Gooey' condition.
Mighty Healing.....15 pts.  Heals all conditions.
Dinoslayer.........50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Dino' attribute.
Undead Buster......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Undead' attribute.
Sea Killer.........50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Sea' attribute.
Stone Breaker......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Stone' attribute.
Plant Buster.......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Plant' attribute.
Beast Buster.......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Beast' attribute.
Sky Hunter.........50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Sky' attribute.
Metal Breaker......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Metal' attribute.
Mimic Breaker......50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Mimic' attribute.
Mage Slayer........50 pts.  Boosts 'Anti-Mage' attribute.
Amethyst...........100 pts.  +10 Ice, +10 Dragon, +10 Mage
Aquamarine.........100 pts.  +5 Ice, +10 Sea, +10 Sky
Diamond............100 pts.  +5 to all 'Anti-' attributes.  +10 to Metal
Emerald............100 pts.  +10 Magic, +10 Dragon, +10 Plant
Garnet.............100 pts.  +5 Attack, +10 Fire, +10 Beast, +10 Rock
Opal...............100 pts.  +10 Endurance, +10 Metal, +10 Mage
Pearl..............100 pts.  +10 Endurance, +10 Thunder, +10 Undead
Peridot............100 pts.  +5 Attack, +10 Holy, +10 Plant, +10 Beast
Ruby...............100 pts.  +10 Speed, +10 Fire, +10 Mimic
Sapphire...........100 pts.  +10 Magic, +10 Wind, +10 Sky
Topaz..............100 pts.  +5 Attack, +10 Speed, +10 Undead, +10 Sky
Turquoise..........100 pts.  +10 Ice, +5 Rock, +5 Mimic
Tsukikage..........1100 pts.  Sword with sacred power of moon beam.
Matador............1400 pts.  Slingshot made of ox horn.  Very powerful.
Magical Hammer.....1800 pts.  Hammer with magical power.  Makes attributes more
Fairy's Ring.......1300 pts.  Legendary armlet made by fairies.
Scorpion...........1400 pts.  Lance with poisoned blade.  Puts enemy in poison
Blessing Gun.......1500 pts.  Device emits magical attribute.  Attacks various
Mardan Eins........2500 pts.  Sword dwelled in by Lucky Mardan Garayan.
XI.  Get Rich Quick!  (It really works!)

     Ever wanted to be the richest guy in Norune Village?  Well now you can,
following the guaranteed path to riches, exclusive to my FaQ.  You can post
on a webpage or another FaQ, AS LONG AS you give full credit in the following
manner:  "This method copyright Alex Gibney (".  As long as
you've got that, great.  Now, the actual method!

     If you've ever caught a Mardan Garayan, you know that they can easily give
you 200-500 Fish Points.  Well, if you notice on my list of exchangeable items,
you'll notice that you can get a Mighty Healing for 15 FP.  Now, a Mighty
Healing can be sold to any store for 150 Gilda.  So, say you catch a Mardan
Garayan worth 300 FP.  The most Mighty Healings 300 FP can buy is 20 (300
divided by 15).  Then, if you sell your 20 Mighty Healings for 150 Gilda each,
you end up with 3000 Gilda (20 multiplied by 150).  What's great is that a
Poisonous Apple, the bait which the Mardan Garayan goes for, only costs 120
Gilda.  So, if you catch a 300 FP fish, you make a profit of 2880 Gilda!  This
can be spent on gems, healing items, or more Poisonous Apples, to make more
money!  Try it out
for yourself!  Look in the Legendary Fish section of my guide, and use that to
help you catch a Mardan Garayan.

     The Potato Cake, as I've been told, can be stolen from Moon Diggers on the
9th level of the Moon Sea.  Simply use anyone with a weapon with Steal ability.
 They can also be killed for moderate Abs.  Thus, you have an easier way to
catch Barons.  I still think it's a bit easier to catch Mardans, but you can go
your own way.

     The Poisonous Apple, a vital part to this plan, costs 120 Gilda and can be
bought in Lana's Store, in Queens.  You can also steal it from the witches in
the Wise Owl Forest, the Moon Sea, and the Demon Shaft.

     Now, why is it that I say to catch Mardan Garayan, and not a Baron
Garayan, which can get you more FP?  I'll tell you why.  Baron Garayan are
caught with Potato Cakes.  To begin with, these things cost 400 Gilda each.
What's worse is that other fish go for the Potato Cake too.  You can easily
lose a valuable Potato Cake if you aren't careful.  However, Mardan Garayan are
the ONLY fish that go for Poisonous Apples, so it is completely safe.

XII.  Record Catches

     What's the largest fish you've caught?  Want to share with the rest of us?
 E-mail me with your largest size fish in centimeters, and I'll put it up in
here.  My E-mail address is  I no longer ask for pictures, as
not one person sent one.  *wince*  So instead, I provide each record owner's
email address.  If you don't believe them, chew them out.  ;)

Baron Garayan.....278 cm (
Baron Garayan.....268 cm (
Baron Garayan.....265 cm (
Baron Garayan.....253 cm (Oppius
Baron Garayan.....251 cm (
Baron Garayan.....242 cm (
Baron Garayan.....242 cm (
Baron Garayan.....236 cm (
Baron Garayan.....231 cm (
Baron Garayan.....228 cm (
Baron Garayan.....226 cm (
Baron Garayan.....226 cm (
Baron Garayan.....225 cm (
Baron Garayan.....217 cm (
Baron Garayan.....216 cm (Masa
Baron Garayan.....214 cm (
Baron Garayan.....207 cm (
Baron Garayan.....203 cm (
Baron Garayan.....199 cm (
Baron Garayan.....198 cm (
Bobo..............117 cm (
Den...............179 cm (
Den...............173 cm (
Den...............171 cm (
Den...............171 cm (
Den...............169 cm (Masa
Den...............165 cm (
Den...............160 cm (
Den...............159 cm (
Gobbler...........157 cm (
Gobbler...........144 cm (
Gobbler...........132 cm (
Gobbler...........120 cm (
Kaii..............163 cm (
Mardan Garayan....146 cm (
Mardan Garayan....132 cm (Masa
Mardan Garayan....131 cm (
Mardan Garayan....127 cm (
Mardan Garayan....126 cm (
Negie.............155 cm (
Negie.............140 cm (
Negie.............131 cm (
Negie.............121 cm (
Nonky.............163 cm (
Nonky.............150 cm (

XIII.  Closing

     In ending this FAQ, I'd like to acknowledge several people...

     CJayC, for eventually accepting this FAQ.  (

     My friend Dave for helping out on so many aspects of the game.

     SCEA, for making a great game.

     SpectralDragon, for informing me about the Umadakara and stealing Potato
Cakes from Moon Diggers.  (

     Willy Death, for informing me about the Mellow Banana, the Aquamarine, and
the Turquoise.  (

     PAE82575, for alerting to me the price of the Potato Cake.

     Derrick, for informing me about the Diamond and where to steal Poisonous

     Seeker, for telling me that the Gobbler is caught with a Mellow Banana in
Peanut Pond.  (

     Jason, for telling me that the Negie is caught with a Mellow Banana in
Muska Racka.  (

     DashRLEBOT, for letting me know I didn't specify where to buy Poisonous
Apples.  (

     Mike, for informing me that Gobblers may be caught in Norune Village with
a Prickler.  (

     Myself, for taking the time to write this.  (

     If you want to contact me for comments, suggestions, questions, concerns,
befuddlements, raves, rants, arguments, therapy sessions, or if you just need
someone to talk to, I'm there.

     Email me at, or IM me.  Thanks!