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Asked: 6 years ago

What's the difference between DOA2: Hardcore and DOA2?

Is there any difference between this and the normal one without the "Hardcore"?

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From: shazraile 6 years ago

* Characters, pictures and moves were altered to appear more realistic, lessening the anime look.
* Some fighting animations were elaborated upon and some were cut.
* New stages were added
* More character outfits were added.
* Survival mode now only took place in the "Danger Zone" arena.
* Overall gameplay speed was increased. The entire game, including cut scenes, now runs at a full 60 frames-per-second (In the Dreamcast version, the game ran at 60 fps while the cut scenes ran at 30).
* A special "Items Collection" feature and menu section was added to appeal to video game collectors. New artworks were added compared to the first update.
* A CG Gallery section, featuring renders of the female characters, was added.
* The player history files were enhanced and now included statistics on how often the player used each character and tag battle pairing.
* Several special moves were added, but left undocumented.
* English voiceovers were added in the U.S. PlayStation 2 version, in addition to the original Japanese voiceovers.

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