Boss FAQ by Last Avenger

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/01 | Printable Version

                               Eternal Ring Boss FAQ
                                By the Last Avenger
Revision History
1.0: Finished FAQ, will add more as a play more

Table of Contents
I: General Hints
II: Water Demon
III: Werewolf
IV: Evil Angel
V: Cockatrice
VI: Wind Dragon
VII: Golden Knight (Bone Emperor)
VIII: Evil Angel (returned)
IX: Soulus (Homonculus)
                               -GENERAL HINTS-
First off, the best and easiest way to defeat any boss is using long-
range magic. Your sword just doesn't have the strength or range your 
magic does, and it also leaves you wide open for retaliation from the 
boss (which is often heavily damaging.) Secondly, master the use of the 
R1/L1 buttons. If you hold them down, you dodge left and right, and 
that is the safest and quickest way to dodge any missile attacks.
Lastly, always come with full HP/MP, and it's a very good idea to have 
restorative items on hand. These bosses have more hit points than most 
of the monsters in their dungeon, and you don't want to still be 
fighting them running low on health and magic, and having no way to 
restore it.
With these tips in mind, read on. 

                               -WATER DEMON-
Found: Water Temple
Items Needed: Fireball Ring
When you first enter the area that he's in, you'll see Cain walking 
into a large chamber with a few inches of water on the floor. He'll 
look around a bit, but then the camera will focus on a dark shape with 
glowing red eyes. This creature will jump down in front of you, then 
the control will be turned over to you.
The Water Demon has two main attacks. The one that he uses the most is 
to spit some sort of blue stuff at you. It had good range, but is easy 
to dodge and anticipate.
Far less often, he will charge at you and then slide. Dodge him in the 
same way.
Since you don't have a lot in the way of magical rings right now, the 
only thing you can do is Fireball him to death. He has this very 
annoying habit of jumping to one side and dodging it. The best times 
are when he's recovering from his dash attack (easiest, but somewhat 
rare) and when he's winding up for his spit attack. The latter is much 
harder to time, but it occurs more frequently. Just be sure not to get 
hit by his projectile.
I didn't count how many fireballs it took me to kill him, but if I had 
to guess I'd say around 15. I recommend being at about level 6-7 before 
challenging him, and be sure to pick up the two flowers and crystals 
before you enter his room (they're in branching corridors.)

Found: Investigation Camp
Items Needed: Fireball
Here we are, against another boss so soon. After this, though, you 
won't fight one for quite some time…
Anyhow, after exiting the temple you find the place in ruin and 
practically everyone's dead. You can look around, and then cross the 
bridge. Walk through the canyon, and make toward the house at the end.
The camera will spin around as a burning log blocks the way back. A 
werewolf will spring from somewhere, and start making his way toward 
First of all, move forward a bit and give yourself some more room. This 
guy doesn't actively dodge your fireballs, but he runs around a lot so 
he's pretty hard to hit.
I found that the quickest way to beat him is to wait until he springs, 
then dodge and shoot him with a fireball while he's recovering. You 
won't be able to hit him more than once or twice, but just repeat and 
you shouldn't have much trouble. His only attack is a flying lunge; 
don't try to use your sword to ward him off, you'll take damage anyway. 
If you get below 50 hit points, you should use a Golden Grass because 
he can take off a big chunk of HP.
                                 -EVIL ANGEL-
Found: Iron Mill
Items Needed: Sonic/Tornado
When you open the red door in the Iron Mill and walk forward, you will 
be confronted with an evil angel who will accuse you of following him, 
and then tell you to die. Dodge his Sonic attack by dodging left and 
right, and hit him with your own Sonic or Tornado, if you have it. Once 
you get too close, he shoots Bombers at you, so be sure to stay out of 
the way. Alternately, you can use your sword, but this takes forever 
and I don't recommend it. 
Once you beat him, you get the rarest gem in the game, the Sunbeam Gem.
Found: Magic Laboratory
Items Needed: Tornado/Earthy Axe/Projectile
The giant chicken boss can be either very easy or very hard. Be sure to 
have some Sahagin Thorns and Cockatrice Feathers. If he hits you with 
his multi-colored fireballs, you will be paralyzed, poisoned, none, or 
both. Always hold down the dodge weapons, and stand back if you need to 
in order to give yourself more dodging room. Tornado works well, but 
you have to be really close and only hits twice. If you have been 
observant, you will notice that the Flame Rats and Chimera drop level 
four gems; put six of them in one ring to make a strong attack spell. 
Once he's dead, you'll go up a level and will receive a Dead Gem.

                               -WIND DRAGON-
Found: Tower of Storms
Items Needed: Fiery Avenger
For some reason, I've always found the Wind Dragon to be a pushover. 
His tornadoes, once you get the hang of it, are easy to dodge, and his 
dive bomb attack is almost impossible to get hit by. His only strength 
is his large number of hit points. For that reason, hammer away at him 
with Fiery Avenger, and be sure to equip rings (Ring of Inferno, etc.) 
to bolster your fire stat. He shouldn't take long to beat.
When he's dead, you'll get the Wind Key.
                              -GOLDEN KNIGHT-
Found: Sealed Labyrinth
Items Needed: Any Dragon Ring
This boss has the most hit points in the game, but is a lot easier than 
you probably think. Any Dragon spell, while MP-consuming, works well on 
him, though he'll take about 15 or so to finally kill (needless to say, 
it is very important to have MP-restoring items on hand.) His ghost 
friends cast lightning bolt at you, but all you have to do is use a 
Dragon spell on the Golden Knight, then hit them with the Hunting Sword 
or Kaizer Knuckle with Animate Sword. Don't actually go for the boss 
himself with your melee combat; he can kill you very quickly.
Once you finally kill him, you'll get a Ring of Magic and the strongest 
weapon, the Eternal Sword.
                          -EVIL ANGEL (RETURNED)-
Found: Eternal Dimension
Items Needed: Any Dragon Spell
The Evil Angel has triple the hit points he had previously, and uses 
much the same strategies. Simply hit him with a Dragon spell or two and 
he's dead for good. Otherwise, use the same attacks as before, though 
why you'd have Sonic at this point is beyond me…

Found: Eternal Ring
Items Needed: Any Dragon Spell
As soon as you beat the Evil Angel for good and enter the door, Soulus 
will ask you what happened to Lyla. He'll then do this yell, and combat 
will begin.
He has two floating orbs that shoot laser beams at you, like the 
monsters from Disposal Valley that follow you around. He himself will 
charge up blast of electricity, and hurl it at you. Fortunately, you 
can dodge it, but if you do get hit you're paralyzed and will take lots 
of damage besides. Do not step up on the raised area, or lightning 
bolts will strike you to do damage. 
Sounds hard, doesn't it? Don't worry, he really isn't. Just use the 
Dragon spells, and he'll die really quickly. The only challenge is 
staying alive until the second/third one recharges… that is, unless 
you're really cheap and used Dragon Fangs to maximize your stats.