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How do I beat the Sanctuary Keeper?

I am having some major problems beating this guy. Please help

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CaladbolgZERO answered:

Read this:
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WaveRipper2010 answered:

Oh yeah,this a**hole gave me trouble too.First of all you need Hastega,Protect,Armor Break,Mental Break,Reflect(cast on Santuary Keeper)because it casts Cureaga on itself eventually,whichever Aeons you prefer(in overdrive)cause they only get one shot,and have armor pieces that have the abilities of Sleep,Silence,Dark,and Confuseproof(if you can).That should help,but if it doesn't let me know OK friend!! :D XD
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Roy_strife answered:

Kill him quick, kill him AS FAST AS YOU CAN. First, cast hastega, then use rikku's overdrive mix. Mix [musk] and [grenade] to inflict status aliments including poison (poison works very well here, but i suggest don't cast bio, 'cause everytime i cast bio it usually miss). While that big damn dragon is poisoned, swarm him with everyone's overdrives and all aeon overdrive (yuna's overdrive is really helpful here). No time for casting protect, shell, slow, reflect, scan, and steal because you have to kill him before he cast curaga, regen, esuna, and protect. So GO ALL OUT!!!.
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