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Wakka Overdrives?

I Have won 218 Blitsball games straight without 1 loss and only have His First 2 Overdrives and am 800 Hrs with all ultimate Weapons along with most of them fully upgraded and just need 2 beat Jecht but i dont seem 2 be getting his Overdrives any ideas on how 2 speed it up?

crazedxerio provided additional details:

my Wakka has been in pretty much em all lol

crazedxerio provided additional details:

Azorro al try it out lol (I dont use wakka i find it abit weird as for the levels i go against why he has a not bad shoot he wouldnt get a goal lol al accept the answer if it works so i got bout 200 left 2 go

Accepted Answer

AZorro007 answered:

From your description I assume you have Wakka's Element Reels and Attack Reels overdrives only.

The next overdrive that will appear will be the Status Reels overdrive. It will appear as the first place prize for league play. There are two prerequisites for its appearance: (1) you must have previously won the Attack Reels overdrive in tournament play and (2) Wakka must have participated in 250 or more battles.

Assuming you have met the prerequisites, finish the current league season and be sure to [Save] immediately after the last game of the season. Next reopen the blitzball menu and check the league prize list. If the league prize list shows Status Reels as the first prize (and only if), [Save] to fix the league prize list. If the league prize list does not show Status Reels as the first prize, [Soft Reset] to try again. Continue until you see the first prize you want.

After Status Reels have been acquired, the next overdrive will be Aurochs Reels. There are two prerequisites to be satisfied for Aurochs Reels to appear as a tournament first prize: (1) you must have previously won Status Reels in league play and (2) Wakka must have been involved in 450 or more battles.

Assuming you have met the prerequisites, watch for the next available tournament after the current league season completes. Check the prize list to see if Aurochs Reels appear as the first prize. If so [Save] to fix the prize list and play the tournament. If Aurochs Reels does not appear as the first prize, use [Soft Reset] until the prize you want appears.

And, finally, after all four overdrives have been obtained, the Jupiter Sigil will appear as the first prize in league play. The league season must begin after the tournament in which the Auroch Reels overdrive was won. Apply the procedure discussed against the Status Reels overdrive acquisition to set the league first prize to the Jupiter Sigil.

And, just in case you are wondering, Wakka does not have to be on your blitzball team for all the overdrive prizes to appear.
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Kiro_kun answered:

Rather than continuing to play each and every tournement and league, save before you see the prize, and soft reset until the prize you want shows up.
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heavens__cloud answered:

Or reset all data until the prize you want appears...
(By the way, it's linked to how many fights Wakka has appeared in, so keep going :) )
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