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How do I beat sin?

I need help defeating sin can someone tell me some cheats or tell me a easy way to kill sin for final fantasy x please

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Glacoras answered:

Wakka's Blitzball can attack Sin from any range with his normal attack. Buy a Blitzball from Kilika (or customise Piercing to one of his weapons) and keep attacking. Magic Spells also work with ranged enemies.

If Lulu (or Yuna) has Doublecast and any Black Magic (prefer Ultima, -aga or Flare), use that against OD Sin. Once you get closer, you should just keep attacking with whichever characters do the most damage.

I can not remember if Armour Break works against OD Sin, but Wakka should learn and use it against OD Sin in case it does work
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RPAnderson answered:

If you mean Overdrive Sin, then the easiest way would be to obtain one of the secret aeons (Anima and/or the Magus Sisters). If not, I'd suggest going into battle with overdrive. Then hastega to increase turn counts. Focus all your attacks on Sin because he will kill you after a certain amount of turns. There are guides that give a more in-depth strategy though. Good luck.
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Magiark1 answered:

I summoned Bahamut and had him use Ga-spells like mad
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_A_S_H_ answered:

I have an extremely easy way, you dont even need [Break Damage Limit]. Just do nothing until you get to melee distance, make sure Tidus has Blitz Ace and a full OD. Have Rikku mix up a 'Trio Of 9999', which you can do with 2 Gamblers Spirits. Then have Tidus hit him with a Blitz Ace. Each hit dealing 9,999 damage, Sin should be pretty much dead and you should have NO PROBLEM finishing him off.
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crimson2knight answered:

Have any of your fastest character that usually go first in battle to cast Haste on your whole party. Use Wakka and Lulu as your other 2 characters on the line-up and pummel Sin with Wakka and your Lulu's strongest magic. It really depends on how far in the sphere grid you've at and how much your strength is compare to Sin's defense.
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Magiark1 answered:

i just redid the game and am fighting sin. my strategy was: armor break, put auron, tidus and wakka in party. if rikku has full overdrive mix two things to get a Quartet of 9 and have tidus use blitz ace or slice and dice if it went to him, wakka use attack reels,or rikku use fire gems or any multiple attack weapon. if the character dies, attack quickly and it should die before it destroys the airship. you can use bahamuts overdrive for an overkill if you want it
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DemonSlayer92 answered:

Use Bahamut and Anima's Overdrive's and pummel the sucker.
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lazinicki answered:

Hasteaga, flare and holy w/ best magic charters realry heal, quick hit ant end
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