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How can I beat Seymour at Mt. Gagazet?

The fight with Seymour Flux at Mt. Gagazet is giving me a hard time. I keep getting a Game Over even though I trained a little bit. How can I beat him?

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CaladbolgZERO answered:

Easy way:
1. go to remiem temple and get the 30 wings of discovery for opening three chests in the chocobo race
2. if you dont have blitz ace or attack reels find some flame flans in calm lands or grenades in mount gagazet and steal fire gems from them
3. now use rikku's mix to combine two wings to discovery when fighting seymour. then use blitz ace or attack reels and that should kill him. if you dont have those then use the fire gems and two of them should kill him

smart way:
well remember to use shell so total annilation does 50% damage. cast haste and protect on your party. use zombie ward to block lance of atrophy. use bio or items to poison him.

after every time seymour uses lance of atrophy two times he will use dispel. so make sure you silence him with silence grenades or something each time he uses the second lance of atrophy or you will lose your buffs

finally give all your aeons full overdrive and spam them on him if you still have trouble.
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AZorro007 answered:

Here is one way. Customize a weapon with both Poisontouch and Poisonstrike. Poison Seymour with it. Watch him die.

Don't attack his buddy and don't do anything but heal your characters after poisoning him.
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LonelyRonso answered:

I KNOW! 1st way is if you Lvled up Yuna's NIRVANIA with the crest ONLY! then valefor can BDL(Break Damage Limit),but is Yuna is strong,so are the aeon's.maximize this overdrives:
Valefor:Energy BLAST ONLY BLAST!!!:Damage:9999.w/out Nirvania
Shiva:DiamontDust:Damage:I`m SURE:9999
Bahamut:Mega Flare(I like to call "Flarega"):Damage:About 20000~

Use them in order,once Seymour Takes.........well,9999 damage,he will Banish your aeon for the rest of the fight.then just kill him off.
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zelly24 answered:

The best way is that rikku should have her overdrive and mix 2 chocobo feathers to create a super mighty g and once you have done this you can now survive at his cross leave and total anahilation.make sure that you have your best characters or characters who have high damage and high hp.or if you want make sure that al of your aeons have their overdrives and use it all but beware because once you have executed a move using your aeon,seymour will automatically banish it
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