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Where can I find any weapon with double or triple ap that isnt one of the ultimate weapons?

I found a weapon for tidus that had double ap is is there other places to get double or triple ap weapons for the rest of the cast?

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Magiark1 answered:

If you want easy ones kill One-eye over and over.
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rizo23 answered:

Beast arena monsters drop different, and varying equipment and items. I wrote down some info I gathered form other faqs and from playing. The "ultima buster" often drops weapon with triple ap, and sometimes with triple overdrive and overdrive->ap as well, which really boosts how much ap you get. "th'uban" often drops weapon with just triple ap. both monsters are in the "original monsters" category at the beast arena, and a certain amount of creatures must be captured for the beastmaster to create them and others. there are a few faqs on this board which will tell you the specifics on how many and what kind of monsters to get and other conditions to unlock the monsters in the beast arena.
there may be monsters in the omega ruins or inside sin that drop weapns with triple ap, but i dont know of any.
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Phoenixrefire83 answered:

Kill One-Eye..... If you have wakka's world champion unlocked.... I was able to take him out with one attack reel with all 2 hits... weapons droped have Triple AP
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Bissomoneybags answered:

Yeah, the easiest way to gain double and triple ap weapons fast is to repeteadly kill one-eye and he will eventually start dropping triple ap weapons. Also if you defeat some of the original creations like nemesis and something like Neslug they drop Triple OD weapons so you don't have to customize it and waste all of your items. Be warned though when I say that Nemesis and Neslug are EXTREMELY powerful and that you have to have good stats (like 200 and above at least) and good abilities on your armor like Auto Potion, Auto Haste, Auto Phoenix, and Auto Protect. But what I did to beat these guys is level up Yuna and use my Magus Sisters to kill of Nemesis and Neslug. It worked pretty well. My stats were 255 for attack and defense and also mag defense. But anyway my main point is that to get TRIPLE AP WEAPONS just repeadetly kill One-Eye. If you kill One-Eye with say Auron you have a better chance of getting a triple ap weapon for Auron etc. Good luck with your game spectrobes_guy and hope that you do well::))
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M4rch3 answered:

The Monster Arena, or Customizing your own weopons.
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foyah answered:

One weapon is Tidus's Ascalon that can be found by locating the Sanubia Sands on the map using the "Search" option when you have control of the airship and it will be in a chest. The weapon gives Double AP
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raith018 answered:

You can customize it onto weapons, double AP by using megalixers, and triple using wings to discovery (which have much better uses)
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