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How do you make the qactuar stones on the thunder plains glow?

I've made the first one glow but I've spent half an hour and none of the others will glow.

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AZorro007 answered:

They "glow" as you enter the Thunder Plains and continue "glowing" until you have "prayed" at three of them.

Which of the stones glow varies as time is spent moving about Thunder Plains. Each stone will glow in an on and off fashion. All seem to glow at one time or another for me but some are more persistent than others in their "glowiness". Catching up with the stones while they are glowing is the trick to it all.

Usually the first stone you capture is easy to see and approach and is near to the South Thunder Plains Save Sphere. The "next" candidate can be the one stone in Thunder Plains South that seems to always be glowing. Its "hidden" so youy will have to search a bit to find it.

Once you get the second stone, there should be "glowers" available in North Thunder Plains available to capture a third and final qactuar stone.
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