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Can and how i go back to the other temple ?

I want to get anima, but i only have the item on that ice temple and bevelle temple, i want to go back and collect item in other temple, please help me, ya ?

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AZorro007 answered:

After Zanarkand you will get access to the Airship and be able to move about using its destination list. Go to the Highbridge destination and speak to Mika. After interfacing with Mika you will be able to return to all of the temples.
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Trentos487 answered:

Unfortunately, if you have the international version, you will not be able to revisit besaid temple without a painful battle against dark valefor.
The only other temple with a dark aeon gaurding it is macalania.
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gt4maniac answered:

Yes dark valefor is annoying, but if you get wakka's and tidus' strength up, blitz ace and attack reels will kill him easily.
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LongLiveLegos answered:

Uh, FYI, Bevelle Temple is closed. Sin fell on Bevelle, so now it`s closed.
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Go_FinalFantasy answered:


PLz pay attention before posting. he already did the BEvelle Temple one. he doesnt even need to go back there!
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catastrophy15 answered:

After you beat Yunalesca and get free use of the airship you can just head to the other temples.
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