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Yu yevon explanation plz?

What was Yu Yevon summoning?
And what is he?
Also how did Jecht get to Spira?

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Luno4356 answered:

Yu Yevon was the leader of Zanarkand during the war with Bevelle. Because he was about to lose, he turned all remaining citizens into fayths. Afterwards, he gathered lots of pyreflies around him which became his "armor" and thus he became the first Sin. The instructions Yu Yevon gave Sin was to destroy machina and large settlements. He soon lost control over Sin and started to destroy Zanarkand. Because he told his daughter, Yunalesca, the secret to encounter Sin beforehand, she knew what to do and became the first High Summoner. From then on, the teachings of Yevon were created, Sin came back etc. (source:

And regarding Jecht: The only information given in the game is that Jecht was out at sea for training purposes, from which he never came back. I guess that's where he came into contact with Sin and therefore entered Spira.
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