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How does overdrive mode tactician work?

For example, would triple foul (if all its statuses connect) fill your overdrive bar three times more than, say, dark attack?
(I currently don't have the game, but I am curious)

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OK, thank you, but 1 more thing comes to mind... what about bad breath (kimahri) and status reels (wakka)? When statuses are inflicted on multiple enemies on a single turn?
(I am sorry, but I don't have the game right now so I can't check myself, and I'm curious...)
I remember using tidus's energy rain with slayer overdrive mode and double overdrive, using the overdrive and filling it in the same turn, so I wonder if you can do the same with one of the attacks mentioned above and triple overdrive

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AZorro007 answered:

The Tactician Overdrive mode is obtained by attempting to inflict status ailments on opponents.

The number of turns required to obtain this mode for use varies by character. Tidus 75 turns; Yuna 100 turns; Wakka 80 turns; Lulu 75 turns; Kimahri 60 turns; Auron 110 turns; Rikku 90 turns.

When it is used, it fills the character's overdrive guage at the rate of 16% per application and can inflict status ailments on the opposition drawn from the following: sleep, silence, darkness, poison, petrify, slow, zombie, power break, magic break, armor break, mental break, threaten and doom.

Special attacks such as Triple Foul do not override the "ordinary" overdrive mode turn-base increment feature so an attack on a single opponent using Triple Foul will increment the overdrive guage fill 16% only.
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AZorro007 answered:

Under the Tactician overdrive mode, the guage will advance when a status attack attempt succeeds.

Thus, for Bad Breath (or Status Reels), since an attack is made on multiple enemies at the same time, the guage will advance 16% for each enemy that experiences a status effect as a result of the attack. If, in addition, a weapon is equipped that can have a status effect on an enemy (e.g., Sleep) other than those resulting from the Bad Breath attack (Silence, Darkness, Poison, slow, Confuse, Berserk), the guage can be additionally advanced as that weapon inflicts its status effect as well.

As for Double and Triple overdrive, they will have the usual effect of increasing the fill rate of the overdrive guage.
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