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Overdrive modes victim and avenger?

For avenger does it count if I keep killing my allies and then reviving them? And for victim is it possible to get it from casting silence with silence grenade to myself and then cure it with al bhed potion etc? These tactics should be fastest but i'm not sure if it works...

If the tactics above won't work, then what's the best enemy to battle with to get avenger? I figured out that for victim it could be great malboro.

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AZorro007 answered:

Note to LongLiveLegos and the questioner - Check the posted FAQs on overdrives (and other topics) for information on these and other matters.

Avenger increments only when an enemy kills an ally other than the character of interest. So, killing your friends will not help you get the Avenger overdrive mode. Any enemy that can be counted on to kill characters will work. Cactuars?

Victim increments when a character has a turn while under a (sleep, silence, darkness, poison, slow, confuse, zombie, doom) status effect. So, inflict a status effect but do not cure it for the quickest result.
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LongLiveLegos answered:

What exactly are those? Never heard of `em.
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