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Omega Ruins?

I'm doing the monster hunt for the arena and most guides say that there is 10 monsters to be found there but in the game it says that theres 11 to be found. Wtf?

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Whoops. I miscounted. I found out that I needed to catch the Black Element

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AZorro007 answered:

Monster encounters in Omega Ruins will see fiends that the Monster Arena assigns to "Inside Sin" as well as those it assigns to Omega Ruins.

Omega Ruins: Zaurus, Floating Death, Black Element, Halma, Puroboros, Spirit, Machea, Master Coeurl, Master Tonberry, Varuna

Inside Sin: Wraith, Demonolith, Great Malboro, Adamantois, Gemini with Club, Gemini with Sword.

Also to be found are "Mimic" Monsters that come in four varieties. A "Horned Beast" variety, a "Machina" variety, a "Flyer" variety and a "Basalisk" variety.

There is no Monster Arena entry for any of the Mimic varieties.

So, depending upon your point of view, one could say that Omega Dungeon has 10, 14 or 20 different varieties of fiends. If you count the Mimics as a single fiend type, you could say Omega Dungeon has eleven fiend types (the others being assigned to "Inside Sin"). If you wish to go solely by the Monster Arean List, the number of "true" fiend types for Omega Dungeon is 10.

Don't believe everything you read in guides. they are useful but not always accurate or complete in their description.
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