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Asked: 4 years ago

Cloister of trials ?

Do you have to get the special treasures form every temple to get anima or do the spheres alone work?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Will do guess im starting the game for a third time this year lol, any other suggestions or info that may help?

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From: CaladbolgZERO 4 years ago

You need to get the treasures

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I seem to remember having asked myself the exact same question.

I believe the answer was that you need to use the Destruction Sphere to expose the hidden treasure but you do not need to open the chest and retrieve the item for the corresponding statue to illuminate in the Baaj Temple.

Do me a favor, try both and let me know what happens. It will save me a replay to check my memory.

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Need to Open.

: )

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I would recommend getting the Strategy Guide :P

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shame if you really did start over. You can always go back to the temples in any point during the game to get the destruction sphere treasures (except bevelle, but that's ok, you couldn't advance in the game without getting it so you should already have it.)

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