Question from Axeldin

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I catch a chocobo?

Just as the title says how?

Additional details - 6 years ago

lol thats probly true since I was dumb enough to play the sequal before I finish the 1st >_>

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From: leumasllc 6 years ago

you can' can "train" one in the Calm Lands by talking to the Chocobo Trainer. Other than that, you can't actually catch one. You CAN catch one in FFX-2, though. That might be where the confusion happened.

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If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

Hope this helps. :D

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