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Wher are all of the Destruction sphere treasures?

I Managed to get Bevelle (DUH), Zanarkand, And Macaliania, But..... Im Stuck on Besaid Killika And Djose

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I managed to get the D spere, in besaid, And Djose, but wher do they go?

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AZorro007 answered:

Try reading the "Cloister of Trials Walkthroughs" section of the posted "Aeon Faq" by PFriedman for a description of what needs to be done.
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GenesisSaga answered:

It's hard to give an exact answer to this question, as the Destruction Spheres go in different places for each Cloister of Trials. Just know that the D spheres go in pedestals with D glyphs surrounding them. Here are some maps that will help you out with specific locations:




I hope this helps.
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ffx_for_life answered:

In all of the temples you have visited.

The sixth one is in the zanarkand temple but you have to complete it and then defeat lady yunalesca, exit then go back in and do the final part (the white squares that annoyed you before ^^).

Then you take it out of the hole in the wall in the small room, put it in the right pillar in the big room where the kilka sphere was, the screen will explode and behind it will be a cheat with magiscal rod inside it. DONT SELL IT, you'll need it to obtain Anima.

You're very welcome and i hope this helps.

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