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Blitzball general advice?

I don't get this blitz crap. I can't win a single game because the game won't let me open up the command window unless I'm being guarded, which means it's impossible for me to shoot goals unless there are people who can (and will) block it. I never have problems with defense, but the offensive play in this game is totally broken.

How do I win games? Are there certain players I need on offense? How do I shoot when there isn't someone to guard me?

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Oh wait, I figured out how. I was pressing the wrong button. But still, can anyone recommend good offensive players and where to find them?

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From: most_games_r_ok 4 years ago

Have a look at the numerous Blitzball faws on the site.
If you want to get the hang of it then do some exhibition matches. For tournaments/leagues then having a stron midfield is key. Letty actually isn't that bad, but someone who is great for the majority of blitball is brother (airship driver). Also, try to recruit Nimrook if possible so that you can have the best keeper; his contract doesn't expire until after 17 games have been played though.

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Out of several playthroughs, Tidus and Letty always seem to work well for me when it comes to offensive. Letty id great for passing, especially as you level up. once you get stuff like Venom and Wither passes, you will have some great passing game.
As for Tidus, he is the best scorer. but thats really only if you managed to get the Jecht shot.

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Offense can be easily split between Tidus (if you got his Jecht Shot) and Linna (she's sitting at the entrance to the long path leading to Macalania Temple once you get past the snow). Just keep the ball around your side with Letty, then pass to Tidus once he isn't far from the goal. With two or less defenders, Jecht Shot takes care of them. If Tidus doesn't have enough health to use Jecht Shot, Linna comes with some pretty good skills like Nap Shot (2 or 3?) to use, but eventually Tidus will level up enough to be able to just keep spamming it.

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Second, take a look at the FFX Blitzball message board. Lots of good advice to read in the archived topics.

For a Q&A limited to learning blitz techs and obtaining Wakka's goodies, look for the Blitz Tech Primer (36K) at:

Endless_Dusk's excellent and very helpful blitz guides are found at:

(Swap each * with a t.)

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