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Need help finding a monster?

How come i can't find a black element or i think its the dark element in omega ruins its the only monster i still need to capture in omega ruins?

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Thank you everyone.

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falconesque answered:

Dark Element is found in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (or Sunken Cave), BTW. Black Element is the one found in Omega Ruins.

Other than methodically trying out different nooks and crannies, remember monster spawn rates also include a random factor that was set when your saved game was loaded. So when something's not showing up, don't drive yourself nuts. After ten battles without seeing a Black Element, save if needed, then soft reset, reload your game, and try again. The odds may improve markedly.
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Immature_Sage answered:

The find the Dark Element near the entrance of the ruins. I mean NEAR the entrance, the tend to be more common in the dark (darker than usual) hallways. The appearance rate for each monster changes according to where you are. For example, near the first cliff (has a very small ruin and lights) the Bombs tend to appear more. Walk around section by section and it will appear soon.
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AZorro007 answered:

Black Elements do appear in Omega Ruins. They always appear as a pair separated by a Spirit fiend. They are not the most frequent fiend type to appear but over time you should see a number of them.

When you enter the Omega Ruin you will appear near a Save Sphere and there will be a four-way intersection of passages a little distance up the passageway in front of you.

Move up to the intersection and find the passageway leading off to the left. Go left into the hallway and stay in the short section of hallway before the next "bend" and lighted area and move about for a time. They seem to appear there with "reasonable" frequency. If that is not working, you might wish to try deeper into the dungeon.

If the Black Element fiend does not appear within a "reasonable" amount of time, a soft reset to reinitialize the data load for the Omega Ruin could possibly produce a more frequent appearance of that fiend.
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ferdk16 answered:

There's no spots in the Omega Ruins, and all the encounters have the same probability of showing up with the sole exception of: Zaurus+Chest(Mimic) which has a greater chance of appearing.

Encounter rates are generated when loading a save, as stated, but soft-resetting won't change anything, to make a different outcome you have to hard reset, that is, reset the console (or turn it off, and on).
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falconesque answered:

A soft reset is enough to reshuffle the odds in FFX. Not in FFXII (which relies on the console's RNG and indeed needs a hard reset), but a soft reset is effective in FFX and every other Squaresoft game of that era.

Some fiends never appear by the entrance and some, like that zaurus, rarely stray far from the start. That'll look like "spots" to some players.

draco375, thanks for saying thanks. You can click an "Accept" link to close your open questions. Helps you since they limit your number of those. There's no karma awarded, but you help the next player who searches the questions, too.
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broken_angel_13 answered:

There is spots in the ruins. Ive been in the ruins for hours trying to find the right monsters. And soft reset or even a regular reset may work but there's no reason to here.
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