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How to recruit on blitz ball?

I need to know how to recruit on Blitzball? If someone could please help me because playing Blitzball is my favorite thing to do on FFX

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Do you know where the best blitzball players are?

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Thanks dude now I can be a better blitzer by the way im still at the maester Seymour battle any thughts of an easy way to beat him I was able to destroy anima but not him

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Thanks now i can get out of that dumb lvl and yea ur thinkin of the right fight

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From: kirkinout 6 years ago

I hope I'm thinking of the right battle here. Haste Yuna and try to cast all of the nul magic spells (like nulfrost, nulshock, etc), so that when Seymour attacks, he won't damage you. After he attacks, immediately put up the null spell he used last so that he won't have a chance to get damage off. While Yuna does this, have Tidus and Auron (or whoever you like to use) attack him. Heal with Yuna when necessary. Also, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but at the beginning of the fight, use Rikku to steal the potions from the Guado Guardians and they won't heal themselves. It makes the battle a little easier.

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If you approach a person in the game, and press Square instead of X, you can see if they are a Blitzball player. When you start off, all you can see is their salary when you talk to them, but as you win more games your scouting level improves. With higher scouting levels, you can see player's attributes, their techniques and the techniques they can learn. If you find a player you want on your team, press Square to see their Blitz stats, and then choose Sign Player.
You will have to pay them a salary for each game they play. Don't worry if you can only afford them for a few games, you can get more money and resign them when their contract expires. You can't sign a player if they have a contract with another team, though.

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Nimrook is the best goalie and can be found on the Airship: Corridor. You want to hope his contract expires at some point and his team doesn't re-sign him.

Early on:

Tidus (LF)
Brother (MF)- Airship: Bridge
Shammi (RF)- Luca Harbor: Bridge
Ropp (LD) - Mi'ihen Highroad: Travel Agency
Wedge (RD) - Luca Stadium: Main Gate

Later on (past level 50 or so):
Tidus (LF)
Larbeight (RF) - Kilika Port: Docks
Vuroja (MF) - Kilika Port: Docks
Ropp (LD) - Mi'ihen Highroad: Travel Agency
Kulukan (RD) - Kilika Port: Tavern

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Also you should refer to the Blitzball FAQ as it has much more information than I could write, but the character I listed are pretty much the only ones I recruited throughout the game.

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If Wakka has Status Reels or Kimahri has Stone Breath, use it. The Guado Guards will be petrified.

As previously mentioned, Yuna's Nul-Spells are useful and Tidus and any other character can just focus their attacks on Seymour.

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Kyou(Outside Djose Temple) and Miyu (Moonflow - near Guadosalam) are very useful for me.

If you have a lot of Hi-Potions or similar - then use reflect instead of the Nul-Spells.Dispell is useful against his Shell/Protect.

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