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Monster hunting bug? Need serious help now please!

Okay. So i have caught every monster in spira except for 1.

The ahriman inside sin. Everytime i try to catch it it says, youve already caught to many of this, when in actual fact i have caught max in other areas but this area i have caught none! I cant get Aurons full weapon power without it can someone please help and tell me how to fix or what to do.


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LoveCowboy2024 answered:

To clarify, some enemies appear in multiple areas, but they only count for one in the Monster Arena. Your 10 Ahrimans count for Gagazet. You cannot, nor do you need, to capture 10 more for Inside Sin. In fact, if you had caught them there in the first place, they'd still count for Gagazet.

If you're missing 1 enemy from Inside Sin, it's probably Barbatos. It only appears in the area after where you fought Seymour Omnis, not the earlier place. I hope this actually answers your question unlike the above replies.
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TidusWakkaAuron answered:

Try going to the monster arena and kill 1 of them thats in the different area, not sure if it will work, but doesnt hurt to try.
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t3p4 answered:

first of all, ahriman is an enemy originally in Mt.Gagazet, not an enemy inside sin, although you can find them inside sin also. Maybe you already caught max of each enemy at Mt. Gagazet.
Plus you don't need to catch fiends inside sin in order to max the power of masamune, you can max the power even before you fight sin on the airship. you just need to capture 10 fiends of 10 species which are all in ten seperate areas of Spira.
1. besaid
2. kilika
3. miheen
4. mushroom rock
5. djose
6. macalania
7. thunder plains
8. calm lands
9. Mt. gagazet
10. Bikanel

its done, you even still have spare area : sunken cave
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